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  1. 52 Interview with Penny Zenker on Energy Management2016/01/16

    Listen in as I interview Penny Zenker as we take a look at the essential elements of energy management: using your physiology, self-talk, purpose and focus.

    You can find more about Penny at http://pennyzenker360.com
  2. 51 Dr. Melanie Wilson Interview on SkedPal2016/01/16
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  3. 50 Tanya Dotson Interview on Coaching in Time Management2015/06/09

    Tanya Dotson is an expert coach who focuses on helping clients implement new behaviors. In this interview she gives me some insight into one of my own practices and its source. Visit her website at http://180degreetimemanagement.com/
  4. 49 Michael Einstein on Managing Email Overload2015/05/09
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  5. 48 Dawna Ballard Interview2015/03/23

    Prof Dawna Ballard is a sociologist who is an expert in the connection between time and communication. In this interview we look at a number of issues related to changing productivity in corporations.

    We also examine what change agents who want to change their companies need to address if change is to stick.
  6. 47. Brigid Schulte of Overwhelmed - Interview2015/03/02

    How has the world changed so that life appears to be so much more hectic? Why aren't we coping? Should we be? Are women at a disadvantage due to inherited cultural expectations?

    These aren't easy questions to answers, but my guest Brigid Schulte, author of Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No-One Has the Time tackles them all in this interview. http://www.brigidschulte.com/
  7. 46 Josh Lyman of IORG Interview2014/07/11

    Josh Lyman recently attended the Information Overload Research Group's annual conference in San Francisco - http://iorgforum.org/2014/03/09/overloaded-2014-june-7/

    It's a fascinating group of like-minded professionals and this discussion takes us right into the heart of the event.

    Take a moment to visit his website at - http://www.joshualyman.com/
  8. 45 Time Demands II - The Advanced Model2014/05/30
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  9. 44 Interview with Jeremy Burrus of ACT 2014/05/10

    Jeremy Burrus led a team of researchers at the Educational Testing Service that produced a report entitled "Examining the Efficacy of a Time Management Intervention for High School Students." Their project was one of the rare studies that focused on teenagers and their time-based productivity skills.
  10. 43 Pat Brans of Master the Moment2014/03/24
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  11. 42 Maura Thomas on Attention Management2014/04/11

    Maura Thomas joined us on this special episode focusing on Attention Management. She works with corporate clients who are challenged by the distractions around them to become way at saying focused and producing results.

    Her book is available at amazon and her website can be found here .

  12. 41 Julie Dirksen on Adult Learning.2014/03/27
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  13. 40 Mark Horstman of Manager-Tools on CEO Productivity2014/03/12

    Mark is one of the voices behind the very influential Manager-Tools and CareertTools podcasts. In this episode we discuss the techniques that CEO's use to manage their time, and zero in on how they use their calendars to manage the time-scarce nature of their jobs
  14. 39 Dr. Melanie Wilson Interview2014/01/23

    in 2013, Dr. Melanie Wilson spent almost the full year testing one new productivity approach or method each week. She documented the results on her blog in a fascinating journey through some of the best ideas available for improving time-based productivity. Tune in as I interview her on this unique adventure and then visit her blog at Psychowith6.com
  15. 38 Interview by Jacob Paulsen of 12 Books Group2014/01/05
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  16. 37 Judith Kolberg on The Era of Endless2013/10/29

    Judith Kolberg is a pioneer in the field of chronic disorganization and in this interview she shares the key insights from her book - Organizing in the Era of Endless. Listen in to learn how to manage the excesses and downside of endless information, interruption, work, and stuff, while reclaiming your time.
  17. 36 Interview with Tony Murphy on Diagnostic Tools2013/10/14
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  18. 35 Big Ideas! Time Demands vs. Stuff2013/08/28

    What is the difference between trying to manage time, struggling to manage stuff and managing "time demands?" A time demand is an individual commitment to complete an action in the future - but that definition is just the start. I share all that there is to know (at this time) about one of the key discoveries behind the work we do at 2Time Labs.
  19. 34 Val and Jayne on the Power of Time Management Diagnosis2013/08/23

    Doing a diagnosis of your current time management methods is the natural next step if you don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions for your personal productivity. Join Val and Jayne from Queensland, Australia as they return to talk about the power of starting with insight about what you really need at the start of your efforts to become more productive.
  20. 33 Val and Jayne on Why One-Size-Fits-All Solutions Don't Work2013/06/10
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  21. 32 How Caribbean Executives Can Raise Their Standards Using Time Management2013/06/10
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  22. 31 Individual Time Management for Project Managers2013/04/17
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  23. 30 TVJ Interview on Time Management and Working from Home2013/03/18

    Recently, I gave an interview on TVJ outlining the impact of work at home policies on companies in Jamaica. I looked at the issue from a time management / productivity perspective and brought in some lessons from "Bill's Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure"

  24. 29 NewsTalk93 Radio Interview on Productivity in the Jamaican Workplace2013/03/01

    What would it take to make a more productive Jamaican workplace?
    This interview on March 1, 2013 took place on a radio show and addressed this question, using ideas from my book, Bill's Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure.
  25. 28 Smartphone Productivity in Jamaican Companies2011/08/06

    Why do professionals seem to be using new technology such as email or smartphones so badly? I addressed this question in a speech given to the Jamaica Employers Federation Convention 2011.  I spoke about the fact that as mobile and other technologies spread, companies need to put in place policies to safeguard employee productivity and safety.
  26. 27 Smartphone Era Productivity - FirstCuts ezine 342010/06/27

    Smartphones are about to become ubiquitous in the workplace. What will happen when many of the unproductive and even dangerous habits that have arisen become widespread? What will Caribbean companies do about the drop in productivity that is likely to ensue?

    To read this issue of FirstCuts, visit http://issuu.com/firstcuts/docs/firstcuts34
  27. 25 The Problem of Caribbean Time: FirstCuts 16.02007/11/07

    Caribbean Time Management? Is this just an oxymoron, or are there ways to impact the productive skills of our professionals, knowing that we can't just send them to a course in New York and hope for the best. If not, what exactly can we do?


    Click here to be taken to the text of the original article in FirstCuts
  28. 24 - The Untaught Fundamentals of Time Management (Part 1) FirstCuts ezine 20.02008/02/29

    This recording is the first in a two part series covering the 7 Fundamentals of Time Management.

    For more details, see http://2time-sys.com and download the report: The New Time Management - Focus on the Fundamentals and Toss Away the Tips.
  29. 23 The Untaught Fundamentals of Time Management (Part 2) - FirstCuts 21.0 - 2008/03/29

    This recording is the second in a two part series covering the 7 Fundamentals of Time Management.
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