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  1. EPISODE 08.04 - Dan Abelon of SpeedDate.com2008/05/08
    Join Dave and Darwin as they interview Dan Ebelon, CEO and Founder of SpeedDate.com.

    SpeedDate.com combines online dating and round robin-style speed dating, where singles spend [3 minutes] interviewing potential matches.
  2. EPISODE 08.03 - Suneet Wadwha, CEO of Engage.com2008/05/01
    Dave and Darwin sit down with Suneet Wadwha of Engage.com.

    On Engage.com, you get to seek friendsâ?? feedback and advice. Learn what someoneâ??s friends say about them. Let the people who know you best make introductions on your behalf. And best of all, you can feel out an attraction before fast-forwarding to that first exciting real world get-together.
  3. EPISODE 08.02 - OKCupid's Founder Sam Yagan2008/04/24
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  4. EPISODE 08.01 - Introducing CupidCast2008/04/17
    Find out what Dating Ticket is all about and what's hot in online dating.
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