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IRrelevant Astronomy HD

  1. Spitzer Space Telescope: The Musical2010/03/09
    A singing NASA supervisor uses song to explain about NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, and how infrared astronomy differs from visible-light telescopes like Hubble.
  2. Behind the Scenes: When Galaxies Collide2009/10/26
    Felicia Day explains some of the science behind galactic "collisions," including the upcoming collision between the galaxy Andromeda and our own galaxy, in this mock behind-the-scenes look at the making of an educational video. Sean Astin also stars.
  3. Talk Show: Back in Time2009/08/24
    Linda Hamilton attempts to foil the robots' plans of Universal conquest; meanwhile, Dean Stockwell explains the concept of ''looking back in time'' at objects in space, and how it helps astronomers understand how the Universe has evolved. Starring Ed Wasser as the voice of IR-2.
  4. Part Two: The Warm Mission2009/06/22
    In this spoof of old TV action shows, Sean Astin, Osa Wallander, and Betty White search for a way to help the Spitzer Space Telescope after it runs out of coolant.
  5. Talk Show: Gravity and the Great Attractor2009/04/23
    George Takei, Mark Hamill, and Ed Wasser provide voices as IR-2 and the robot crew take a look at the Great Attractor, a massive hidden object that is pulling in every nearby galaxy in the local Universe (including our own).
  6. Talk Show: Twin Brown Dwarfs2009/03/11
    While trapped in an interdimensional portal between two brown dwarfs, IR-2 and the robots encounter their evil twins from an alternate universe.
  7. M51 and Gizmo: Half-Baked Plan2009/01/23
    Hoping for his birthday to come around sooner, innocent alien M51 moves the Earth into a closer, faster orbit around the sun, and learns an important lesson about life in the Universe.
  8. Spaceship Spitzer: The Slowlian Web2008/11/25
    During a tense face-off with a sinister (but extremely slow-moving) alien race, Dr. Michelle shows IR-1 how scientists can determine what extrasolar planets are made of, even when the planets are too far away to see.
  9. Talk Show: Sculpting With Stars2008/10/22
    IR-2 opens diplomatic relations with the Earth, as a first step toward ruling over all humans on the planet.
  10. Psych Out2008/08/25
    Does the Helix Nebula look like a human eye? Why do we think we see well-known objects in nebulous images from space? An astronomer and his therapist clash over the issue in this comedic but educational animated short.
  11. Talk Show: The Building Blocks of Life2008/07/21
    IR-2 and his crew learn about PAHs, which may be the building blocks of all life in the Universe, and decide to put them to good use.
  12. Talk Show: Omega Centauri2008/07/02
    While the robots are away, a sad and lonely man calls in with a beautiful image of the Omega Centauri globular cluster.
  13. Talk Show: Baby Stars2008/05/16
    Where do stars come from? IR-2 analyzes recent Spitzer imagery to find out, while an imposing Ratings-bot oversees the broadcast.
  14. Dub'ya: Mountie Martin and the Space Diamonds2008/04/21
    Are tiny diamonds really common in the Universe? Join the intrepid Mountie Martin as he endeavors to find out, while on the trail of the sinister Sammy the Smuggler!
  15. Talk Show: Water in the Universe2008/03/13
    Astronomers have discovered huge amounts of water around baby stars; IR-2 and his crew plan to make use of it.
  16. Talk Show: Asteroids2008/03/04
    Robot Astronomy Talk Show asks if an asteroid strike the Earth and wipe out all life as we know it. IR-2 and his robotic crew make random phone calls to find out.
  17. Skinfrared #2: Water and Ice2008/02/08
    Viewing liquids in extreme temperatures in both visible and infrared light, this episode of the Skinfrared series gives viewers a perspective on how infrared observatories like the Spitzer Space Telescope view the Universe.
  18. Spaceship Spitzer: Enemy Mine2008/01/17
    While in battle around the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy, Dr. Michelle teaches IR-1 the science behind these giant singularities.
  19. Skinfrared #12008/01/15
    What is infrared light? The Skinfrared series contrasts the world around us in both visible and infrared light, giving the viewer a perspective on how infrared observatories like the Spitzer Space Telescope view the Universe.
IRrelevant Astronomy HD
It's the series Aint-It-Cool-News calls ''the most (intentionally) hilarious series of educational films you'll find...the pieces carry a Muppets-esque charm.'' Alan Dyer at Discovery.com says it's ''a lot of fun, and breaks the mold for NASA videos.'' Recently a top-10 finalist for ''Best Science/Technology Podcast'' at the 2008 Podcast Awards, IRrelevant Astronomy is packed with CG animation and snarky humor, all wrapped around the latest astronomy news and science from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. It's infrared-relevant! Formatted for 720p HD players (also available in standard definition in a different feed).

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