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Anime Rocks!!!

  1. Anime Rocks Music Mix 62010/01/07

    In this music mix i do one review... i know thats boring but i have included some great songs with it.
    And after alot of searching on my computer i have found the file for this podcast. something happened and the file did not go were i wanted it to go so. i had to find it by searching my thousands of files.
  2. Anime Rocks Music Mix 5 Chipmunk Edition2009/09/01

    Finally I have released a new episode Of my music mix. This is a very special one indeed. It has been chipmunked. I hope you like it. New episode will be out next week so dont worry. And for all my fans out there please send me some feed back on this stuff i need to know how i am doing. e-mail me at byxman_89@yahoo.com. If you dont you will make the evil ninja mad. XD
  3. Music Mix 42009/07/20

    finaly after a my computer broke down i have made you a new episode sorry for the wait and I hope you enjoy the music.
  4. anime rocks!! episode 62008/11/09

    i took a new aproch to this with two guest speaker i think youll like it
  5. Anime Talk 52008/09/18

    In this episode i am depressed so i dont talk much. Due to a review i will almost stop doing the anime reviews and do about one or two during the show the rest of the time i will be playing music. plus i will have a guest speaker on my next podcast so i beg of you please help spread the word of this podcast. Thank you. (byxman)
  6. Anime Talk Episode 42008/06/14
    sorry for the wait heres episode 4 hope you like it
  7. Anime Talk Music Mix 22008/05/11
    I would just like to say thanks to all my listeners and enjoy the music
  8. Anime Talk Music Mix2008/05/06
    Music mix
  9. Anime Talk 32008/05/04
    this is the longest podcast yet it has music in it and me making a fool of my self enjoy
  10. Anime Talk 22008/04/27

    This is a weird episode cause Im talking about video games because of feedback.
  11. Anime Talk2008/04/27

    this is for anime lovers every were
Anime Rocks!!!
We talk about anime and manga we may also incude some japanese into the mix

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