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  1. The Mark Christopher Show Music & Politics 82009/08/11

    Another thirty plus minutes of all original songs by Mark Christopher, themes of God, Love, Politics, and Freedom. A "Day In The Life", so to speak. Listen for the newest song, "What Can I Do, What Could I Say", a rockin' country song that is sure to please. Taking the "one man band" concept to a new level.....
  2. The Mark Christopher Show Music & Politics 72009/07/07
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  3. The Mark Christopher Show Music & Politics 62009/03/15
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  4. The Mark Christopher Show Music And Politics 52008/12/08

    Six great new songs by Mark Christopher, a little insight into their meaning, and a whole lot of post-election fun.... Whoooopa!!
  5. The Mark Christopher Show Music And Politics 4 2008/09/29

    It's been a couple weeks... I have some new material for you, "Down In Houston", a song about the recent disaster. Some other new stuff and the usual smattering of political intrigue. A little Zydeco, a little Folk Rock.... and material by Desert Son, and others
  6. The Mark Christopher Show Music And Politics 32008/09/04

    Another five of the best songs that have influenced my music and my newest song, "Can You Relate In 2008", about my amazement at the political process. A pleasant "oh, well" type of song kind of relating to Palin, our newest hero. Fun stuff...
  7. The Mark Christopher Show Music And Politics 22008/08/29

    Actually more music than politics.... I just get a little political lyrically... But if you like mellow folk rock with alot of 3 part harmonies.... this is it. This week is a blend of my originals and some from other artists that have influenced my style. Niiiice....
  8. The Mark Christopher Show Music and Politics2008/08/04

    Mark Christopher is a Musician/Singer/Songwriter that expresses his opinion by way of music, concentrating on the modern issues and themes of God, Love, and Country. Sit in awhile, and listen to some cool tunes, and rant about a couple of American Issues, and Freedom.
  9. The Mark Christopher Show 122008/07/22

    Solo artist Mark Christopher is a singer/songwriter on a mission to write music with a purpose and message, well most of it, anyway........... Show 12 is full of new material. The best show yet...
Mark's podcast

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