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  1. OCL 37 Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord2011/01/04
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  2. OCL 36 Feast of Christ the King2010/11/16
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  3. OCL 35 Sts. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus2010/09/01
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  4. OCL 34 Queenship of Mary2010/08/22
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  5. OCL 33 The feast of the Assumption2010/08/16
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  6. OCL 32 Feast of the Chair of St. Peter the Apostle2010/02/23
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  7. OCL 31 Ash Wednesday2010/02/18

    We celebrate the beginning of Lent, Prayer Intentions, Kids, and an interview with the ‘Catholic Weird Al’ - Nick Alexander. Check out Nick’s new video This Time of Forty Days on YouTube


    Thanks Deacon Tom for a question for Andrews Answers


  8. OCL 30 Presentation of Our Lord2010/02/03
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  9. OCL 29 Feast Of Saint Thomas Aquinas 2010/01/27

    We are in the winners circle as we get ready for the Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Katherine’s birthday, and Lost. The joy of art plus 2 new segments – Andrews Answers and Emily’s story time.

    Music is Only Prayers Away Charity Angel from http://www.musicalley.com
  10. OCL 28 Rosary. Joyful Mysteries2010/01/17

    A family Rosary offered for the people who are suffering in Haidi
    for the family and for religious.

    Paul Lisney sings Ave Maria
  11. OCL 27 Feast of the Baptism of the Lord2010/01/10

    In adoration of the Feast today we remember our own

    Thank you Rev. William Dewan
  12. OCL 26 Epiphany Sunday2010/01/02

    Happy New Year everyone.

    A holiday show late in coming.
    Kids Christmas
    music and Epiphany Sunday.
  13. OCL 25 All Saints Day2009/11/02

    Family happenings and the kids are back. Great news about
    Macey. Dr. Paul Camarata from Saintcast.org tells us about the Saints.



    The song Perfect Sacrifice is by Annie Karto

  14. OCL 24 Praying for 100 Percent Healing2009/10/21
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  15. OCL 23 Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross2009/09/15
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  16. OCL 22 Statue of Our Lady of Fatima2009/08/19
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  17. OCL 21 Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen2009/08/02
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  18. OCL 20 The Rosary. Sorrowful Mysteries2009/03/04

    A Rosary for Macey King and family.
    The Sorrowful Mysteries.

    Thank you Donna Cori Gibson for sharing your sung Liturgy of
    Loretto, called "Mother".
  19. OCL 19 Ash Wednesday2009/02/24

    A short show this week to discuss Lent.
    Also the amazing musical talents of the ‘Catholic Weird Al’ Nick
    A CD that will not disappoint.

    Kids will be back next week.
    www. nickalexander .com/
  20. OCL 18 Presentation of Our Lord2009/02/03

    Family happenings and kids segment.
    Email from Marnie Falcan and discuss discipline.
    Interview with Sr. Anne Flanagan.Music:
    Te Joseph and O
    by Sr. Anne Flanagan
    and http://www.daughtersofstpaul.com/



  21. OCL 17 Epiphany of the Lord2009/01/05
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  22. OCL 16 Feast of the Holy Family2008/12/31
    I have a special fondness for this feast, largely because of my fervent prayers to the Holy Family for my family. Our family Christmas WinterWonderland and Andrews contest winner.

    Music is Family by Jonathan Roberts and Angels Watching Over You by Sharmane. From Podsafe Music Network.
  23. OCL - Catholic New Media Advent December 232008/12/23
    contribution to Catholic New Media Roundup Advent Calendar

  24. OCL 15 Third Week of Advent2008/12/16

    Third Week of Advent. Short test show
    more or less with new microphones and I’m speaking too close. Thanks Matt
    MacPail from the group News at 11 for all your advice.December 17 St. Lazarus.

    Music from Merry
    Ellen Kirk - O Come All Ye Faithful at Pod Safe Music Network.

  25. OCL 14 The Beginning of Advent2008/12/02

    Advent calendar, Kids
    segments, and chitchat. 101 Fun things to do at Wal-Mart from listener Brandi
    Yohn. We gratefully introduce Ann and Matt MacPhail with the group News At
    Eleven with the song ‘This Little Light Of Mine’



  26. OCL 13 Solemnity of Our Lord Christ The King2008/11/23

    Feast of Christ The
    King .
    Stay with us Jodi.
    Emilys birthday. Andrews Christmas contest.
    GREAT Music from the Pod Safe Music Network:
    Robert Lund - I Heart Thanksgiving
    Stellavato -Thanksgiving
  27. OCL 12 Archangels2008/09/28

    In this episode we rejoice in the Feast of the Archangels, kids
    segments, basically just chit-chat. Thanks goes out to Romeo K. Escuyos Jr. for sharing his music and is at

  28. OCL 11 Martyrdom of John the Baptist 2008/08/30

    In this episode we discuss the John the Baptist, Facebook
    blues, family happenings, kids segments, and great podcasting friends. Music by
    Paul Lisney – Our Father from http://music.podshow.com/


  29. OCL 10 THE ASSUMPTION OF MARY2008/08/16

    In this episode we discuss the Assumption of Mary, family happenings, kids segments, and feedback.
    Music by Susan Bailey - Hail Holy Queen
    Johnny Proctor - Hail Mary


  30. OCL 9 The Transfiguration2008/08/06
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  31. OCL 8 Feast Of St Anne2008/07/22

    In this episode we discuses the Feast of St Anne and enjoy
    Dr Paul’s talents. Family happenings, kids segments, as always podsafe music and

  32. OCL 7 The Rosary. Luminous Mysteries.mp32008/07/03
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  33. OCL 6 The Pauline Year and Marriage as a vocation2008/06/30

    this weeks episode we talk about our family happenings, the start of the Pauline Year, the Sacrament of Marriage as a
    vocation, and we send our prayers and thoughts to Macy and the
    King family!



  34. OCL 5 Unfolding Of An Icon_vocation interview 2008/06/10
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  35. OCL 4 Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus2008/05/30
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  36. OCL 3 Corpuse Cristi and Vocations2008/05/25
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  37. OCL 2 Jodis Conversion2008/05/19

    Jodis Conversion

    This weeks show we celebrate with the Church Trinity Sunday.
    Enjoy our childrens segment and Jodi talks about her conversion. We are now on
    Itunes. Contact us: OurCatholicLife@gmail.com or call the comment
    line at 206-984-2980. This weeks song is The Trinity Song by Paul

  38. OCL - 1 Intro2008/05/14
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