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Augustus Arnone -- Journal

  1. Schubert Impromptu in G Flat Major, Opus 90 no. 32014/07/25
  2. Milton Babbitt: Tableaux2014/03/12
    Live Merkin Hall, 2008.
  3. Charles Wuorinen: Trio For Piano, Flute, and Bass Clarinet2014/03/11
    Performed Live at a Collide-O-Scope Music Concert, 4.13.14 at the Greenwich House, New York City. Augustus Arnone, piano, Patricia Spencer,flute, Marianne Gythfeldt, bass clarinet.
  4. Sitting In A Room With Milton Babbitt2013/07/20
    The first piece of Milton Babbitt’s I ever played was “Tutte Le Corde.” I did this in 2007, the year after I finished my doctorate and left Cornell, as part of a 3 concert solo recital series at Merkin Concert … Continue reading →
  5. Michael Finnissy’s “The History Of Photography In Sound” (article excerpt 2)2013/05/17
    [Excerpt from an article forthcoming in Issue 15 of Open Space Magazine] The Disembodied Spirit: The History Of Photography As A Study In Myth. It is evident by now that the main thrust of this article is to begin … Continue reading →
  6. Michael Finnissy’s “The History Of Photography In Sound” (article excerpts -1)2013/05/17
    [Excerpt from article on Michael Finnissy’s “A History Of Photography In Sound,” forthcoming in Issue 15 of Open Space Magazine] The Ear Is Not A Camera: The Divide Between Visual And Acoustic Perceptual Habits In Finnissy’s The History Of Photography … Continue reading →
  7. North American Spirituals (live)2013/03/14
    Here’s a live recording from a recent Collide-O-Scope Music Concert in Red Bank, NJ. This is Michael Finnissy’s “North American Spirituals,” which is the third movement from his massive eleven movement solo piano cycle “The History Of Photography In Sound.” … Continue reading →
  8. More Natural Selection2012/11/11
    I’m very excited to have another chance to perform some improvisation with Edmund Campion’s Natural Selection MIDI processing environment. It was April of 2010, at the Collide-O-Scope Music debut concert, that I first got a chance to perform this. The … Continue reading →
  9. Karlheinz Stockhausen: Spiral (1968) live at Issue Project Room2012/02/27
    Here’s a recording of myself playing a segment from Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Spiral, for soloist (on any instrument or combination of instruments) and shortwave receiver. This is a live performance that took place on February 24, 2012 at the Issue Project … Continue reading →
  10. Eroica Variations2011/07/26
    Here’s a recording I did in my studio of Beethoven’s Variations and Fugue on an Original Theme in E Flat Major, Op. 35, nicknamed the “Eroica Variations.” This is a piece I struggled mightily with when I first learned it. … Continue reading →
Augustus Arnone -- Journal
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