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Angie's podcast

  1. Episode 1422008/09/26
  2. Episode 1412008/09/26
  3. Episode 1402008/09/26
  4. Episode 1512008/09/16
    God works as things are going on around us. He always shows Himself faithfull.
  5. Episode 1502008/09/15

    The Battle Belongs To The Lord 1 Samuel 17:47
  6. Episode 1502008/09/01
  7. Episode 148 We Worship And Adore Thee2008/08/21
    Take a moment to worship our Hevenly Father
  8. Episode 147 Magnifying Snall Sacrifices2008/08/21
    God gave us His very best and He wants us to give our best
  9. Episode 146 Bishop TD Jakes2008/08/10
    This has come from the Potters House CD. This always ministers to me and I pray that it will minister to you too. God will meet our needs in our cituations.
  10. Episode 145 It's time to surrender2008/08/09
    God is waiting for you
  11. Episode 143 video2008/08/07
    Daniel singing at our church launch
  12. Episode 142 This Is My Friend Danies2008/08/07
    Singing one of his songs
  13. Episode 135 The Ultimate Sacrifice2008/07/30
    God is up to something don't miss out
  14. Episode 134 Everyone Deserves To Be Heard2008/07/30
    A good leader is a good listener
  15. Episode 133 A Prayer2008/07/03
    My prayer is that God will help us walk through our valleys praising Him. I tell you the valley is hard but we have a creater who can see us through. Amen
  16. Episode 131 The Importance Of Family2008/06/30
    Sometimes we take family for granted and sweat the small stuff. What I mean is we let the little things in life seperate us frome one another. Let your family know that you love them through the good and through the bad.
  17. Episode 130 Steve Preaching (The Body Of Christ)2008/06/30
    We all make up the Body Of Christ. The body finctions because we all have a part.
  18. Episode 130 Always Welcome2008/06/25
    short video
  19. Episode 128 He Told Me Different2008/06/24

    God changes us from inside out. Alls we have to do is receive Him.
  20. Episode 127 Lord Heal My Heart2008/06/24

    God is our way maket
Angie's podcast
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