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  1. Can Your Credit Cards Be Stolen With A Wireless Skimming Device?2014/08/27
    In this episode, I discuss my latest article on how RFID chips embedded in some credit cards may make your card vulnerable to hackers. Also, is there any value in buying an RFID shielded wallet?
  2. Pinterest For Bloggers2014/08/19
    If you are a blogger or have a website of your own, in this episode I share some insights from my recent article on how to use Pinterest to generate traffic. Here is a link to the full article http://blog.christianmoney.com/2014/08/how-to-cash-in-with-pinterest.html
  3. New Sources Of Money To Pay Off High Interest Rate Credit Cards2014/08/13
    New options are opening up for low interest rate loans through peer to peer lending. Are subprime mortgages back? How one couple got sucked into a financial nightmare after underpaying their mortgage by 70 cents and the importance of properly completing your IRA beneficiary designation.
  4. How To Do A Nationwide Job Search In 5 Seconds2014/07/23
    http://www.christianmoney.com On this episode Jim shares a new tool that allows you to do a nationwide job search in just five seconds. Find out what areas of the country currently have the highest number of openings for your occupation. Point and click to find job openings that are related to your current job to find even more opportunities.
  5. New App Saves Amazon Shoppers Money2014/07/16
    In this financial tip Jim Paris discusses a shopping app for your Google Chrome browser that will automatically let you know if Amazon.com has the best deal or not.
  6. Are You Ready For Higher Interest Rates?2013/06/21
    In this episode - Are you ready for higher interest rates? What moves to make now on your mortgage, investments, and more. Should you buy long term care insurance? Social Security - claiming retirement vs. spousal benefits. Hosted by James L. Paris and Robert G. Yetman, Jr. of ChristianMoney.com
  7. Chicago Lawyer Fights For Adopted Son's Inheritance2013/05/18
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  8. Worldwide Ponzi Scheme Targeting Christians Shut Down2013/04/26
    In this episode - An update on Profitable Sunrise, the worldwide Ponzi scheme that has been shut down by regulators. The value of Bitcoin continues to rise after recovering from a recent crash. How to protect yourself from online identity theft, and when does it make sense to get dump your old car and buy a new one? Hosted by James L. Paris and Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editors Of ChristianMoney.com
  9. Talk Show Host Conspiracy To Crash Bitcoin?2013/04/12
    In this episode - Is there a conspiracy to crash the Bitcoin? You might be surprised to learn who one of the largest holders of Bitcoin is? An update on the suspension of trading of the Bitcoin this week, and is a Bitcoin exchange traded fund coming soon? Hosted by James L. Paris and Robert G. Yetman, Jr.
  10. Profitable Sunrise - The Jim Paris Investigation Continues2013/02/27
    In his ongoing investigation of Profitable Sunrise, Jim Paris brings on the program Lynn Edgington a fraud investigator with Eagle Research. More shocking information about Profitable Sunrise, its promoters, and the shadowy past of many of those involved.
  11. How To Pray For A Financial Miracle Book Interview2013/01/16
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  12. How To Save 30% to 50% On Auto Insurance2013/01/04
    How to save 30% to 50% on your auto insurance, how to invest post fiscal cliff, save money with a same day hotel booking app, and how to select a financial planner. Hosted by James L. Paris and Robet G. Yetman, Jr. or ChristianMoney.com
  13. The Shocking Secret About The U.S. National Debt2012/11/30
    In this episode - A shocking secret that the government is hiding about the national debt. Also, do you really need ID theft insurance? Is it too late to get a seasonal job? How to deal with unrealistic job demands at work. Hosted by James L. Paris and Robert G. Yetman, Jr.
  14. How To Pray For A Financial Miracle2012/11/02
    James L. Paris and Robert G. Yetman, Jr discuss the new book, How To Pray For A Financial Miracle. How to pray when you are going through a financial crisis. How to enlist God's help in solving everyday financial problems.
  15. How To Find Lost And Unclaimed Funds2012/09/28
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  16. How To Protect Yourself From A Run On The Banks2012/08/31
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  17. Conservatives Support Chick-Fil-A2012/08/03
    In this episode, James L. Paris and Robert G. Yetman, Jr. discuss Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day, Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminars, are they a scam? Is a college education worth the cost? Does it make more sense to buy or rent a home?
  18. The 2012 Opportunity2011/11/29
    Jim discusses his worldwide event, 'The 2012 Opportunity' coming on December 7. The website for the event is www.2012opportunity.us

    Hosted by James L. Paris, Editor-In-Chief of www.ChristianMoney.com
  19. How To Make Money With ClickBank2011/11/16
    In this episode Jim discusses his regrets about not integrating ClickBank products into his early business model. He explains what ClickBank is, how you can profit from it, and he recommends his favorite training programs. The website referenced in this episode is:


    Hosted By James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief of www.ChristianMoney.com
  20. Make Money Cleaning Foreclosures2011/11/08
    In this episode Jim Paris discusses the opportunity to start a foreclosure clean up business. Earn money cleaning out foreclosed homes for the big banks. Some people are earning as much as $500 per day.

    Jim Paris is the Editor-In-Chief of www.ChristianMoney.com
  21. Make Money Teaching English As A Foreign Language2011/11/03
    In this episode I discuss a fantastic training program on how to make money teaching English as a foreign language. You can do this online and make money working from home or you can launch a new career teaching in a foreign country. You don't have to be a certified teacher!

    Hosted By James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief of www.ChristianMoney.com
  22. Jim Discusses $5 Debit Card Charge2011/10/03
    In this episode Jim discusses Bank of America's new $5 debit card fee, Herman Cain's presidential run, the new Kindle Fire, Facebook tracking controversy, and cable TV coming to the Internet. Hosted by James L Paris, Editor-In-Chief of ChristianMoney.com
  23. Jim Discusses Scam Charities At Grocery Store Entrances2011/09/10
    Jim discusses his frustration with a local grocery store that allows scam charities to solicit donations at the entrance, also his own thoughts on the President's speech and what he really thinks the solution is to the ailing economy, and some unusual news this week about a confrontation between Rick Perry and Ron Paul.
  24. Jim Melts Down Over $800,000 Roytalty Paid To King Family2011/08/26
    On this episode, why should the family of Martin Luther King get $800,000 from the U.S. Government for licensing fees? Jim discusses a little know strategy to repair credit. What the consequences could be of someone hacking into your e mail account and how to manage passwords so this can't happen. The new documentary about Bernard Madoff whistle blower Harry Markopolis.
  25. Christian Financial Planner Directory Announced2011/08/20
    Jim announces his new Christian Financial Planner directory and online classified ad website training. Also discussed - Bank Of American laying off 10,000 employees this year, Hewlett Packard gets out of personal computer business and stock drops 22%, Standard & Poors under investigation, is it simply retribution. Live calls.
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