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English Idioms, Slang and Useful Vocabulary

  1. Real Talk #029 – Don’t you think it’d be better if we?2018/11/12
    What happens when someone comes to you with a suggestion you really don’t like? That could be awkward. In this Real Talk episode, Andrew and Suzanne discuss ways of politely offering alternative options. Fun facts Native English speakers often contract don’t you to sound like don’t cha. In fact, Don’t Cha is the name ofRead More
  2. Chatterbox #218 – Oregon2018/11/08
    In this episode, Suzanne talks to Andrew about her recent trip to the state of Oregon. While Oregon is not the most well-known state in the union, Suzanne tells us it has so much to offer. Have a listen! Fun facts Nike Inc., one of the world’s largest sports apparel companies, has its world headquartersRead More
  3. Real Talk #028 – Asking for something at a restaurant2018/11/03
    Have you ever wanted to ask for something at a restaurant, but weren’t sure of the best way to phrase it? In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne introduce a phrase that allows you to politely ask for anything at a restaurant. Look out for some useful pronunciation tips, as well! Fun facts The world’s largestRead More
  4. Chatterbox #217 – California2018/10/28
    Where do you like to go when you have a vacation? In this Chatterbox episode, Suzanne talks with Andrew about her recent trip to the most populous state in the United States, California. Fun facts If California were an independent country, its economy would be the fifth richest in the world! Expressions included in theRead More
  5. Catch Word #208 – Through the roof2018/10/21
    What can you say when you see or experience something that is spectacular and beyond what you expected? In this episode, Andrew and Jeremy share two expressions for you to use during just such an occasion. Fun facts An expression used in this episode, TGIF, is so common that it was borrowed by the foundersRead More
  6. Real Talk #027 – Asking about a product2018/10/14
    Calling customer service over the phone can be scary in a second language. In this episode, Andrew gives you key expressions to help you communicate over the phone when asking about a product. Fun facts Have you ever noticed that telephone numbers in American movies usually start with the number 555? That’s because they don’tRead More
  7. Simplified Speech #046 – Drawing2018/10/08
    Are you a creative person? Are you curious about learning some new vocabulary about art and drawing? Then listen to this Simplified Speech episode, in which Andrew and Jeremy talk about their attempts at drawing. Fun facts Did you know that Pablo Picasso, the famous Spanish artist, was also an animal lover? In his lifetime,Read More
  8. Chatterbox #216 – Forest fires2018/10/03
    Forest fires have been ravaging the western coast of the United States and Canada for several months now, with devastating consequences. In this Chatterbox episode, Jeremy and Andrew discuss the terrifying results of these natural disasters and how the fires affect those who live within the burn zones. Fun facts On average, more than 100,000Read More
  9. Catch Word #207 – Ending a sentence with though2018/09/28
    It might only be one little word, but putting though at the end of a sentence can make a big difference. Join Andrew and Jeremy as they run through the many ways of ending a sentence with though. Fun facts In this episode, our hosts talk about expressions that are interchangeable. In English, strangely, theRead More
  10. Chatterbox #215 – Airbnb2018/09/22
    Would you open your home to total strangers? Sounds bizarre, but it is the basis of a thriving business. Join Andrew and Morag as they talk about their experiences with Airbnb. Fun facts Throughout the world, there are all kiAlthough Airbnb was founded only 10 years ago, it now has revenue of over $2 billion!ndsRead More
  11. Simplified Speech #045 – Attending summer camp2018/09/17
    Attending summer camp is a very North American experience. Join Andrew and Morag as they share their memories of attending summer camp. Fun facts Throughout the world, there are all kinds of summer camps. You can go to an English camp, a music camp, a theatre camp, even a weight loss camp! Expressions included inRead More
  12. Catch Word #206 – Heavy hitter2018/09/11
    Are you a very important person? Do you deal with VIPs all the time? In this Catch Word episode, Andrew and Jeremy discuss expressions that will help you in the world of heavy hitters and big shots! Fun facts Canada is closelBaseball player Babe Ruth is the epitome of a heavy hitter. In 1920, heRead More
  13. Chatterbox #214 – Canadian food2018/09/04
    Poutine, maple syrup, Nanaimo bars—all great Canadian food! In this Chatterbox episode, Andrew and Morag talk about typical Canadian food. Join them—but beware, you might get hungry! Fun facts Canada is closely associated with maple syrup. Globally, around 70% of maple syrup is produced in the province of Quebec alone. No wonder the maple leafRead More
  14. Catch Word #205 – Whatever floats your boat2018/08/28
    In this week’s episode, Andrew and Jeremy teach you two new idioms about preferences. These idioms do not describe your own preferences, but rather are phrases you can use when describing other people’s preferences, interests, and quirks. Let’s find out what they are! Fun facts Do you know why boats float? It’s because of aRead More
  15. Simplified Speech #044 – Summer memories2018/08/20
    What do ice cream, air conditioners, and sunscreen all have in common? You can find them all in summertime! In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Morag take a walk down memory lane by reminiscing about their childhood summer adventures. Join them in their trip to discover how they spent their summer vacations. Fun factsRead More
  16. Simplified Speech #043 – Sleep tips2018/08/12
    Who doesn’t love sleep? In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Jeremy talk about sleep patterns and helpful tips for getting a better night’s sleep. Fun facts Did you know that 12% of people dream entirely in black and white? Also, the longest recorded period of no sleep was made by Randy Gardner in 1964.Read More
  17. Catch Word #204 – A buzzkill2018/08/05
    Is there someone in your life who is boring and pessimistic, and ruins all of your fun? Have you ever wondered what you could call that type of person in English? Well, look no further! In today’s Catch Word episode, Andrew and Jeremy give you some perfect expressions to use. Fun facts Buzz is anRead More
  18. Chatterbox #213 – Interview with John: Part 22018/07/31
    This is another special episode with a returning guest, Andrew’s brother John. Andrew and John discuss the struggles of finding an apartment to rent in the increasingly expensive Kelowna area of British Columbia. Fun facts As of 2017, the average cost of a home in Kelowna was $725,000, and up to $10 million in theRead More
  19. Chatterbox #211 – YouTube2018/07/23
    Are you a YouTube addict? What’s your favourite channel to watch these days? In this interesting episode, Andrew and Morag talk about YouTube, what they love about it, and some unique content one can’t find anywhere else. Fun facts The first YouTube video was uploaded on April 23rd, 2005. Now, in 2018, every minute ofRead More
  20. Real Talk #026 – Buying a bus ticket2018/07/18
    Navigating public transportation in a new area is stressful enough without a language barrier. But have no fear! In this much-requested episode, Andrew and Suzanne introduce natural expressions used when buying a ticket at the bus terminal. Fun facts The word bus comes from the Latin word omnibus, meaning “for all.” This is fitting, becauseRead More
  21. Chatterbox #212 – The World Cup2018/07/11
    What do you know about the beautiful game? The beautiful game, otherwise known as soccer or football, is probably the most popular sport in the world. This year marks the 21st World Cup season and, as such, Andrew and Jeremy thought it would be a perfect topic to discuss in this Chatterbox episode. Enjoy! FunRead More
  22. Simplified Speech #042 – Yoga2018/07/09
    Feeling tense? Yoga can help! Our yoga instructor Jeremy speaks with Andrew about the practice and benefits of the ancient art of yoga. Come loosen up and have a listen to this episode of Simplified Speech. Fun facts Yoga is a part-time activity for some. But if you want beat the world record for theRead More
  23. Speak Easy #005 – Sentence stress: Part 12018/07/03
    Knowing which words to stress in a sentence (and which words not to stress) is an extremely important part of English pronunciation. In this episode, Suzanne and Andrew teach you all you need to know about sentence stress. Take a listen and make your English pronunciation sound more natural. Fun facts English is a stressed-timedRead More
  24. Chatterbox #210 – Interview with John: Part 12018/06/28
    In this special episode, Andrew interviews his brother, John. This is the first episode of a two-part interview. In this first episode, John talks about his unique job as a forklift operator with a mining company in remote northern Canada. Fun facts Thanks to its mineral-rich soil, Canada is one of the largest mining nationsRead More
  25. Catch Word #203 – In a pickle2018/06/22
    What does it mean to be in a pickle or in a jam? It sounds strange, but these are helpful expressions to use when you’re in trouble. In this Catch Word episode, Andrew and Jeremy show you how and when to best use these idioms. Fun facts Pickling food has been done for almost 4500Read More
  26. Chatterbox #209 – Luxury products2018/06/19
    Have you ever wished you were rich and could buy anything you ever wanted? In this episode of Chatterbox, Andrew and Morag discuss different types of luxury goods and why people buy them. Fun facts The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse is made of 18 karat gold and encrusted with 4,500 diamonds. It sold forRead More
  27. Real Talk #025 – How to give a compliment2018/06/12
    “Thanks so much for your effort!” “It’s all thanks to you!” The art of giving a compliment is sometimes difficult in a second language. In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne explore the best ways to give and receive compliments. Fun facts Early in this episode, Andrew talks about his coffee plant. Coffee has a longRead More
  28. Chatterbox #208 – Horoscopes2018/06/04
    Do the planets influence our lives? In this episode of Chatterbox, we find out what Andrew and Morag think about the subject of horoscopes and astrology. Fun facts Cultures have long been trying to understand the stars. The oldest known system of astrology comes from ancient Mesopotamia and dates back to more than 4000 yearsRead More
  29. Catch Word #202 – With a grain of salt2018/06/02
    Don’t believe everything you hear! But you can trust our hosts Andrew and Jeremy when they talk about key expressions regarding skepticism. Believe me! Fun facts Skepticism is very important in Western philosophy. In fact, since 1992, there’s been a popular US magazine called Skeptic. Expressions included in the study guide Grain of salt SeeingRead More
  30. Simplified Speech #041 – Cooking2018/05/29
    Everyone needs to eat, but not everyone is a good cook! Join Andrew and Jeremy in this episode of Simplified Speech and find out how well our hosts cook. You might get hungry! Fun facts Kimchi is a popular fermented food from Korea. You can find restaurants that serve the spicy cabbage that has beenRead More
  31. Real Talk #024 – How to cancel a plan2018/05/24
    It’s not always a fun thing to do, but sometimes we need to cancel plans we have already made. Doing it tactfully is very important. In this episode of Real Talk, Andrew and Suzanne give you the best expressions for cancelling plans. Fun facts Early in this episode, Suzanne mentions she recently switched from drinkingRead More
  32. Simplified Speech #040 – Home remedies2018/05/21
    If you ask five people for the best remedy for a sore stomach, you might get six different answers! It seems everyone has their own ideas when it comes to medicine. Join Andrew and Suzanne for this episode as they talk about their favourite home remedies! Fun facts Did you know that the cocktail ginRead More
  33. Real Talk #023 – Returning a missed call2018/05/17
    What should you do when you pick up your phone and notice a missed call? Andrew and Jeremy can help you! In this episode of Real Talk, they share the most natural ways English speakers return a missed call. Fun facts Even though companies like Apple and Samsung are leaders in the smartphone industry, theyRead More
  34. Speak Easy #004 – How to pronounce “s” endings2018/05/14
    In this Speak Easy episode, Suzanne and Andrew teach you how to make your English sound natural by mastering “s” endings on plural nouns and third-person singular verbs. Fun facts Did you know the letter “s” can be pronounced three different ways? Learn the pronunciation rules by listening to this episode. he London Underground holdsRead More
  35. Catch Word #201 – Emotional baggage2018/05/11
    Not all of our experiences in life are positive. Sometimes life is difficult or even traumatic. In this Catch Word episode, Andrew and Jeremy discuss English terms to use when speaking about emotional baggage and our past experiences. Fun facts The emotional baggage of the brothers in the film The Darjeeling Limited was not justRead More
  36. Chatterbox #207 – Homelessness2018/05/08
    Homelessness is a big problem throughout the world. In this Chatterbox episode, Andrew and Suzanne discuss the causes and the social implications of this serious issue. Fun facts Although homelessness is no laughing matter, Charlie Chaplin had a stellar film career making people laugh with his tramp character. Expressions included in the study guide ToRead More
  37. Speak Easy #003 – Linking2018/05/04
    In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne teach you a connected speech feature called linking, or connecting one word to the other, in order to sound more fluent. Fun facts Linking can be found in many languages. In French, it is called using the liaison. Expressions included in the study guide Transcript Pronunciation exercises Bonus listeningRead More
  38. Catch Word #200 – Beats me!2018/05/01
    Nobody likes admitting they’re no good at something. But if you must, in this episode of Catch Word, Andrew and Jeremy explore two sayings that will help you express yourself: beats me and to not have a clue. Fun facts Clue is the name of a movie from the 1980s, based on the board gameRead More
  39. Chatterbox #206 – Creativity2018/04/26
    Everyone is creative to some degree, but what makes some people more creative than others? This question has fascinated artists and thinkers for centuries. In this episode of Chatterbox, Andrew and Morag add their own two cents. Fun facts The London Underground holds claim to the oldest subway system in the world. When it openedRead More
  40. Simplified Speech #039 – Gettin’ around2018/04/14
    In this episode of Simplified Speech, Andrew and Suzanne discuss the various ways of navigating a city. Should you travel by public transportation or go your own way? Find out how our hosts get around. Fun facts The London Underground holds claim to the oldest subway system in the world. When it opened in 1863,Read More
  41. Real Talk #022 – You got the wrong number2018/04/09
    Have you ever called the wrong number and didn’t know what to say? Don’t worry! In this Real Talk episode, Suzanne and Andrew discuss the best ways of dealing with these awkward situations on the phone. Fun facts Inventors Innocenzo Manzetti, Charles Bourseul, Johann Philipp Reis, and Antonio Meucci all had claims on the inventionRead More
  42. Catch Word 199 – To die for2018/04/03
    In this episode, Andrew and Jeremy talk about the expressions to die for and to kill for. Don’t worry, it’s not all about death—it’s about wants and desires! You won’t want to miss this episode! Fun facts Food truck festivals are popular the world over. The one in Brussels claims to be the world’s largest,Read More
  43. Chatterbox #205 – Conspiracy theories2018/03/29
    In this episode, Morag and Andrew share their thoughts on popular conspiracy theories. You may agree or disagree with some of these, but you will surely learn some new words! Fun facts NASA scientists say that the US flag planted on the moon should still be standing, although you probably wouldn’t find colour on it.Read More
  44. Simplified Speech #038 – Jeju Island2018/03/25
    Andrew tells Suzanne all about his recent trip to Jeju Island, South Korea, and his trek to the top of Mount Halla. Fun facts The last time that Mount Halla erupted was in the year 1007. Expressions you’ll learn in this episode To be jam-packed To rough it A way away That stinks Smack dabRead More
  45. Real Talk #021 – How would you like your burger?2018/03/21
    Do you like eating hamburgers and steak? If so, this episode is for you! Join Suzanne and Andrew as they talk about how to order a hamburger or a steak at a restaurant. Fun facts The word burger is short for hamburger and, although the word hamburger originates from Hamburg, Germany, Americans eat the mostRead More
  46. Catch Word #198 – Dating slang2018/03/16
    Andrew and Jeremy teach you some funny and modern slang expressions about online dating. Fun facts According to the Pew Research Center, only 5% of Americans who are married or in a committed relationship say that they met their partner online. This means the majority of couples in the United States met the old-fashioned way,Read More
  47. Speak Easy #002 – Three tips for pronouncing the past tense2018/03/03
    In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne teach you three tips that will help you master how to pronounce regular past tense verbs in English. Fun facts The overwhelming majority of verbs in English are regular. There are only about 200 irregular verbs that are commonly used. Expressions you’ll learn in this episode Transcript Pronunciation exercisesRead More
  48. Chatterbox #204 – Andrew’s big week2018/02/23
    Andrew tells Morag all about his crazy, busy week in this Chatterbox episode. Expressions you’ll learn in this episode To get renovicted To jump through hoops To get screwed over A support system To get moving To be in mint condition A whirlwind [something] In store for [somebody] Credit: Something Elated by Broke For Free
  49. Simplified Speech #037 – Netflix2018/02/15
    In this episode, Andrew and Morag talk about Netflix—the extremely popular TV and movie streaming service. Find out which shows the Culips hosts think you should watch! Fun facts Although Netflix is famous for its online streaming services, it started off as a DVD sales and rental company. In fact, you can still order DVDsRead More
  50. Catch Word #197 On the fence2018/02/10
    Join Andrew and Jeremy (our newest Culips host) for a lesson about how to use two everyday English expressions about decision-making. Fun facts In this episode, you’ll be introduced to our newest Culips host, Jeremy. To learn more about him, check out his YouTube channel and podcast, Sponge Mind. Expressions you’ll learn in this episodeRead More
  51. Simplified Speech #036 – Online shopping2018/02/02
    In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Morag talk about the wide world of online shopping. Join them! It might change the way you shop! Fun facts In this episode, Morag says that Amazon is one of the best ways to shop online. Apparently, a lot of people agree. Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, is currentlyRead More
  52. Real Talk #020 – How to say no2018/01/28
    Andrew and Suzanne teach you how to say no in this Real Talk episode! Fun facts Even native English speakers sometimes feel anxious when having to say no to a request or an invitation. In fact, there are tons of self-help articles giving tips about how to refine this interpersonal skill! Expressions you’ll learn inRead More
  53. Chatterbox #203 – Instagram2018/01/25
    Are you addicted to social media? So many people are these days! Hear Andrew and Suzanne talk about their experiences with Instagram in this episode of Chatterbox. Fun facts The Instagram account with the most followers in the world is … The Instagram account! The rest of the top five is made up of SelenaRead More
  54. Catch Word #196 – At all (part 2)2018/01/22
    Andrew and Morag continue their lesson about the expression at all in part 2 of this Catch Word episode. Fun facts The Collins Dictionary ranks at all as one of the 1000 most commonly occurring expressions in their dictionary! Expressions you’ll learn in this episode At all Frivolous A badass “Us” as a subject ToRead More
  55. Catch Word #195 – At all (part 1)2018/01/16
    At all looks like a simple expression but, in this Catch Word episode, Morag and Andrew find out just how versatile it really is. Fun facts At one example in this episode, two friends talk about visas used to travel abroad. Did you know that Singapore issues the most powerful passport in the world? SingaporeansRead More
  56. Simplified Speech #035 – Plastic bags2018/01/11
    Plastic bags are a major source of pollution. In this episode, Andrew and Morag talk about how people use bags in Kenya, Korea, and Canada. Take a listen and learn some great English expressions! Fun facts A centipede is an arthropod with many, many legs—so many that its name comes from the Latin words forRead More
  57. Speak Easy #01 – [y] and [w] insertion2018/01/06
    In this episode, Suzanne and Andrew teach you a pronunciation trick that will make your English sound smooth and natural. You’ll learn how to link words together by inserting a [y] or [w] sound. Additional audio related to this episode: Credit: Something Elated by Broke For Free
  58. Simplified Speech #034 – 2017 in review2017/12/31
    What a year 2017 was! Some people loved every moment of 2017, and some people wished it never happened. Find out what Andrew and Morag have to say about this year as we say goodbye to 2017 in this special Simplified Speech episode! Expressions you’ll learn in this episode A good tip A turning pointRead More
  59. Simplified Speech #033 – Fear2017/12/27
    In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne teach you three tips that will help you master how to pronounce regular past tense verbs in English. Fun facts The overwhelming majority of verbs in English are regular. There are only about 200 irregular verbs that are commonly used. Expressions you’ll learn in this episode To break aRead More
  60. Catch Word #191 – Get a hold of yourself!2017/12/25
    English expressions can be tricky, especially if they sound the same but have different meanings. Don’t worry, because Andrew and Morag are here to help! Join them for this Catch Word episode as they explain three uses of the expression to get a hold of. Fun facts Depending on the dictionary or grammar website thatRead More
  61. Chatterbox #202 – Christmas traditions2017/12/23
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the holiday season! And, in this podcast, Andrew and Suzanne talk about Christmas traditions when they were growing up. Come and join the fun! Fun facts The idea of Santa Claus has been around for many centuries, but the modern jolly old man dressed in redRead More
  62. Chatterbox #201 – Naoshima – the island of art2017/12/18
    In this special Chatterbox episode, Andrew talks to Suzanne about his trip to the island of Naoshima. Join them as they chat about public art installations, electric bikes, beaches, and galleries! Fun facts Naoshima, an island located in the Seto Inland Sea, is known for its modern art and architecture. In fact, one of itsRead More
  63. Simplified Speech #032 – Dancing2017/12/14
    Are you a good dancer, or do you have two left feet? In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Morag talk about dancing and share fun expressions you can use to talk about dancing. Fun facts In the 1920s and 1930s, dance marathons were a popular craze. Couples would try to win prizes by seeingRead More
  64. Catch Word #194 – Easy on the wallet2017/12/10
    Should you buy new shoes? Will the shoes be easy or heavy on the wallet? We can’t help you with whether you should buy the shoes, but we can help you talk about it! In this episode, Suzanne and Andrew discuss expressions involving wallets and money Fun facts Wallets can be cheap or expensive, andRead More
  65. Real Talk #019 – Complaining at a restaurant2017/11/30
    Have you ever received cold food at a restaurant? In this Real Talk episode, Andrew and Suzanne explain important expressions and phrases to help you deal with this problem. Join them to learn how to politely voice a complaint at a restaurant. Fun facts Many restaurants in Quebec have poutine on their menu. Poutine isRead More
  66. Chatterbox #200 – Hiking up Mount Fuji2017/11/26
    In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne talk about Andrew’s summer trip to Japan and his hike up Mount Fuji. Join them and improve your conversational English skills! Fun facts Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and has been designated a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)!Read More
  67. Simplified Speech #031 – School lunches2017/11/21
    What kind of lunch did you eat when you went to school? In this episode, Morag and Andrew take a trip down memory lane and discuss the school lunches of their youth. Come learn about the ins and outs of the cafeteria. Fun facts In this episode, Morag says she’s a slight goth. The GothicRead More
  68. Chatterbox #199 – A day in Beijing2017/11/17
    In this Chatterbox episode, Andrew talks to Suzanne about his whirlwind day in Beijing, China! Join them and learn all about Andrew’s crazy adventure! Fun facts Beijing is the capital city of China and is populated by over 21 million people! Expressions you’ll learn in this episode To get a taste of [something] To pullRead More
  69. Chatterbox #198 – Interview with Andrew’s dad2017/11/11
    In this special Chatterbox episode, Andrew interviews his dad, Terry. Join Andrew and his dad as they take a trip down memory lane and talk about Hamilton, Ontario, and the War of 1812! Fun facts The Rust Belt refers to an area around the Great Lakes. The area was very well-known for its booming steelRead More
  70. Catch Word #193 – In a jiffy2017/11/03
    In this Catch Word episode, Andrew and Suzanne discuss two idiomatic expressions that you can use to talk about being speedy: in a jiffy/in a jiff and in a flash. Join them to learn how to make your English sound like a native speaker’s! Fun facts A jiffy is used not only in English idioms,Read More
  71. Chatterbox #197 – Interview with Andrew’s mom2017/10/27
    Are you ready to get to know Andrew and his family better? In this special Chatterbox episode, Andrew interviews his mom, Fiona. Join them as they chat about immigrating to Canada and Oakville, Ontario! Fun facts Oakville, located in Ontario, is only about 30 kilometres away from downtown Toronto (Canada) and 123 kilometres away fromRead More
  72. Simplified Speech #030 – The beach2017/10/23
    Do you like the beach? That’s the topic in this Simplified Speech episode. Join Andrew and Suzanne as they talk about everything under the sun. From beachcombing to nude beaches, you’ll be sure to laugh! Fun facts Canada has the longest coastline in the world, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Artic Ocean. ExpressionsRead More
  73. Chatterbox #196 – Kitchen renovation2017/10/15
    Do you dream about renovating your kitchen? In this Chatterbox episode, Andrew and Suzanne discuss Suzanne’s changes to her kitchen. Join them as they have a natural and fun conversation all about renovations! Fun facts Over the past decades, kitchens have changed. In the 1930s, kitchen countertops were custom-built based on the height of theRead More
  74. Catch Word #192 – Late to the party2017/10/09
    Have you ever felt left out because you were behind the times? In this Catch Word episode, Andrew and Suzanne explain two fun expressions related to being late and missing out: to be late to the party and to miss the boat. Fun facts Canada’s largest national park is Wood Buffalo National Park, which isRead More
  75. Chatterbox #195 – Apps2017/10/01
    Do you love technology and the latest apps? If so, this episode is for you! Sit back, relax, and listen to Andrew and Morag as they chat about the devices and apps they’ve fooled around with. Fun facts Apple is one of the most successful companies worldwide, generating more money than Google or Facebook. AfterRead More
  76. Real Talk #018 – Fill ’er up!2017/09/17
    Running out of gas is one of the most stressful things that can happen when you’re travelling—so it’s always best to make sure that your car has a full tank. But what vocabulary and phrases should you use when talking to a gas station attendant? Don’t worry, Andrew and Morag are here to explain everythingRead More
  77. Chatterbox #194 – A Maritimes road trip2017/09/11
    The Maritime provinces—Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island—are known for their simple beauty and rich history. In this episode, Suzanne shares with Andrew memories of her road tip across the Maritimes. Be sure not to miss this gem of an episode! Fun facts Green Gables, a farm located in Prince Edward Island, isRead More
  78. Chatterbox #193 – Interview with Andrew’s sister2017/09/05
    Meeting someone’s family and learning about their hometown is a great way to get to know them better. So get ready to learn all about Andrew! In this special Chatterbox episode, he interviews his sister, Heather. Join them as they talk about British Columbia and the best places to study English in Canada. Fun factsRead More
  79. Catch Word #190 – All the fixings2017/08/28
    Learning English can be a blast! Laugh along with Andrew and Morag as they share three fun expressions that you can use when talking about condiments or toppings: all the fixings, all dressed, and the works. Join them to learn all about these three expressions. Fun facts Ketchup is one of North America’s most popularRead More
  80. Chatterbox #192 – Alternative medicine2017/08/24
    While no one likes going to the doctor, it’s still very important to take care of your health. Luckily, going to a Western doctor isn’t the only option. In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne discuss alternative medicine! Join them to hear Suzanne’s story about how she fixed her health troubles using alternative and non-Western medicalRead More
  81. Spoken interview2017/08/24
    In this special bonus episode, we talk to our friends at Spoken about an exciting way to improve your professional English on your phone! Spoken is offering Culips listeners an amazing deal: two free lessons and a 20% discount off your first month of using Spoken. Help support Culips and improve your English at the sameRead More
  82. Simplified Speech #29 – Veganism2017/08/21
    Do you eat meat and dairy? Many people all over the world avoid eating or using animal products—vegans. In this episode, Andrew and Morag have a slow but natural conversation all about veganism. Join them to learn about this growing trend. Fun facts Vegan is a relatively new term. Until about 1994, vegans were simplyRead More
  83. Real Talk #017 – Getting clothes altered2017/08/14
    Do you have an item of clothing that you really like, but it doesn’t fit quite right? Luckily for you, that’s a problem with a simple solution! In this Real Talk episode, Andrew and Morag walk you through all the English vocabulary and expressions you’ll need get an item of clothing altered to fit youRead More
  84. Catch Word #189 – Go ape2017/08/10
    Anger is a strong emotion, and in English we have some equally strong idioms you can use to talk about it! Join Andrew and Morag in this episode to learn some ways you can describe behaving angrily: to go ape and to chew someone out. Fun facts The strangest things can make people angry. DidRead More
  85. Simplified Speech #028 – Things we can’t leave home without2017/08/03
    What are the items that you can’t leave home without? That’s the topic of conversation in this Simplified Speech episode. Join Andrew and Morag as they talk slowly and naturally about the items that are a big deal to leave behind. Fun facts Did you know that the average person spends 153 days over theirRead More
  86. Catch Word #188 – Thunderstruck2017/07/26
    English has a lot of strange and amusing expressions! Join Andrew and Morag in today’s episode to learn how to use two colourful expressions related to being surprised: to be blindsided and to be thunderstruck. Don’t keep living under a rock; start listening and learn about these fun expressions today! Fun facts If you sayRead More
  87. Simplified Speech #027 – Advice2017/07/18
    Giving and taking advice can be tricky. In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Morag share their thoughts on both giving and taking advice. Take our advice, and tune in right away! Fun facts There’s a lot of great advice, or guidance or recommendations, out there. For instance, a great piece of advice about learningRead More
  88. Real Talk #016 – Calling tech support2017/07/12
    When you can’t get a computer or device to work it can be a real emergency! If you’re stuck trying to solve a tech problem, you might have to call tech support. This can be a difficult task, even in your native language. But don’t worry, because in this Real Talk episode Andrew and MoragRead More
  89. Chatterbox #191 – Luck2017/07/05
    Do you believe in luck, or do you believe that there is no such thing as luck? In this Chatterbox episode, Andrew and Suzanne talk all about luck, and explain some interesting and useful expressions related to luck. Don’t miss your chance to join them! Fun facts The horseshoe is associated with good fortune inRead More
  90. Catch Word #187 – To make bank2017/07/01
    In today’s episode, Andrew and Suzanne give detailed explanations of two expressions related to making lots of money: to make bank and to rake it in. Do you dream of making a lot of money through working hard, or would you rather just win the lottery? Either way, this is the episode for you! FunRead More
  91. Simplified Speech #026 – Math2017/06/28
    Love it or hate it, many people have a strong opinion about math. In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne share their memories of taking math in school. Join them and learn some interesting new terms and expressions! Fun facts Because language is fluid, the meaning of words can change. For example, the word hundred, whichRead More
  92. Chatterbox #CB190 – Lindsay Does Languages2017/06/23
    In this very special Chatterbox episode, Andrew interviews Lindsay from Lindsay Does Languages. Join them as they talk all about using social media to learn English and share a lot of great tips and advice to inspire and help you! Fun facts Lindsay Does Languages began in 2012 and has continued to grow from there.Read More
  93. Simplified Speech #025 – Writing2017/06/20
    Writing is one of the most important forms of communication! In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Morag have a slow but natural conversation all about writing. Fun facts John Steinbeck, an American author, reportedly used 300 pencils while writing East of Eden, a famous novel published in 1952. Apparently, he was known to sometimesRead More
  94. Real Talk #015 – Ordering a drink2017/06/13
    Ordering drinks in a foreign country can sometimes be tricky. Don’t worry, because Andrew and Morag are here to help! Join them for this Real Talk episode as they explain some useful questions and phrases related to ordering drinks. Fun facts Frederick the Great, King of Prussia from 1740 to 1786, enjoyed alcohol so muchRead More
  95. Chatterbox #189 – Safety2017/06/07
    As many wonderful things as there are in the world, there are also many dangers. In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne have a conversation about an interesting topic: safety. But don’t worry: It’s safe to jump the gun and start listening right away! Expressions you’ll learn in this episode: A close call To jump theRead More
  96. Catch Word #186 – I’m from the sticks2017/06/02
    As many wonderful things as there are in the world, there are also many dangers. In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne have a conversation about an interesting topic: safety. But don’t worry: It’s safe to jump the gun and start listening right away! Fun facts In Canada, an area is considered rural if it isRead More
  97. Simplified Speech #024 – Roommates2017/05/22
    Apartment hunting can be an extremely stressful activity. Never fear, Andrew and Suzanne are here to help! In this Real Talk episode, they explain the words and expressions that you need to successfully find an apartment in an English-speaking country. Fun facts Did you know that Vancouver, a city in British Columbia, is the mostRead More
  98. Real Talk #014 – Apartment hunting2017/05/15
    Apartment hunting can be an extremely stressful activity. Never fear, Andrew and Suzanne are here to help! In this Real Talk episode, they explain the words and expressions that you need to successfully find an apartment in an English-speaking country. Fun facts Did you know that Vancouver, a city in British Columbia, is the mostRead More
  99. Simplified Speech #023 – Doin’ the laundry2017/05/05
    In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne trade stories about a chore that everyone can relate to: doing the laundry. Since no one likes doing the laundry, today’s episode is full of colourful vocabulary and expressions that our hosts use when swapping laundry horror stories! Fun facts Doing your laundry is important! Did you know thatRead More
  100. Catch Word #185 – Stat!2017/04/26
    We’re all in a hurry sometimes! In this Catch Word episode, Andrew and Morag explain three terms that you can use when you are in a rush: pronto, stat, and ASAP. Don’t delay and listen today! Fun facts ASAP, which stands for as soon as possible, was coined by the United States Army. Its firstRead More
  101. Chatterbox #188 – Leadership2017/04/20
    In this episode, Andrew and Morag tackle a difficult but interesting topic: leadership. What makes a good leader? How can you describe a good leader using idiomatic English? Join us in this Chatterbox episode to learn some of the answers to these questions! Fun facts When talking about leadership, you’re likely to hear someone say,Read More
  102. Real Talk #013 – At the bakery2017/04/15
    Many Canadians tend to get sick in winter. In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Morag explain germs and how to avoid getting sick. Join them and laugh along as they talk about hand sanitizer and germophobes! Fun facts Germs are impossible to avoid. Did you know that there are more bacteria on most smartphonesRead More
  103. Simplified Speech #022 – Germs!2017/04/09
    Many Canadians tend to get sick in winter. In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Morag explain germs and how to avoid getting sick. Join them and laugh along as they talk about hand sanitizer and germophobes! Fun fact Germs are impossible to avoid. Did you know that there are more bacteria on mostRead More
  104. Chatterbox #187 – Interview with Jeremy from SpongeMind: Part 22017/04/02
    In this special two-part episode, Andrew interviews another ESL podcaster: Jeremy from SpongeMind! Join them in Part 2 to learn useful ideas, activities, and advice for creating successful language exchanges. Fun facts In addition to SpongeMind, Jeremy runs a YouTube channel and a website, both called Motivate Korean. If you’re interested in tips for languageRead More
  105. Chatterbox #186 – Interview with Jeremy from SpongeMind: Part 12017/03/27
    In this special two-part episode, Andrew interviews another ESL podcaster: Jeremy from SpongeMind! Join them in Part 1 to learn about their experiences learning a second language, doing language exchanges, and teaching English. Fun facts Did you know that SpongeMind is a podcast about language learning that is published in both English and Korean? ToRead More
  106. Catch Word #184 – It’s water under the bridge2017/03/21
    In English, bridges are a common image used to represent relationships between people. In this episode, Andrew and Morag explain two expression that are useful for talking about relationships: it’s water under the bridge and to burn your bridges. Fun facts The world is full of interesting little coincidences. For example, the first recorded useRead More
  107. Chatterbox #185 – Sue’s big gig2017/03/19
    Have you ever imagined what it would be like to play music in front of a crowd for the first time? In this Chatterbox episode, Suzanne talks about her band’s first live performance. So jump in and join Suzanne and Andrew to learn what it’s like to play music in Montreal! Fun facts To learnRead More
  108. Real Talk #012 – At the drugstore2017/03/14
    Getting sick is a real pain, especially if you have to get help in English! In this episode, Andrew and Morag teach you everything you need to know to get help from a pharmacist. Unfortunately, getting sick when travelling is very common. So if you’re thinking of travelling to an English-speaking country, don’t miss thisRead More
  109. Simplified Speech #021 – Winter activities2017/03/06
    Canada in the winter can be a blast! In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Morag discuss their favourite winter activities. Join them and learn about how much fun you can have in the snow! Fun facts Ice hockey, usually called just hockey, is undoubtedly the most popular sport in Canada, and one of Canada’sRead More
  110. Catch Word #183 – They’re well off2017/02/24
    Do you dream of being rich one day? If you do, this episode is for you! Andrew and Suzanne explain two phrases you can use to talk about being wealthy: to make six figures and well off. After all, while money might not buy happiness, almost everyone would be happy about making more money! FunRead More
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