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  1. Computerization - My Body2010/05/16

    Some more great stuff I found over on CLLCT ! Computerization features electronic-style
    instrumentation fused with some more traditional elements (like guitar, &c.) it’s all very cool!

  2. Your Yellow Dress - Hymn for Separated Lovers2010/04/02

    I found Your Yellow Dress on CLLCT and fell in love. They are just awesome, take a listen!

  3. Episode 6: (Indie) Rock City2009/12/09

    Welcome to (Indie) Rock City! Today we’ll be featuring some of the best and free Independent
    Rock artists around. And I’d also like to apologize for the massively long time between Episode
    5 and 6. Hopefully that wont be happening too often any more. This episode features:

  4. Johnny Hoodoo - Future Blues2009/08/13
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  5. Episode 5: Spotlight: My Light Sweet Fire2009/08/02
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  6. Robin Grey - The Finchley Waltz2009/06/19
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  7. Onalaska - Bird in the Night2009/06/11
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  8. Episode 4: Spotlight: Jeff Schram2009/06/09

    Today we’re listening to Jeff Schram and New York-based Blues guitarist. He is said to
    sound like a cross of The Racontours, 70’s Eric Clapton, and the Foo Fighters. I would say he
    sounds like Clapton, John Mayer, and the Martial Arts. Either way you have a great sound coming
    from this talented guitarist/vocalist.

  9. Josh Woodward - The Pawnbroker's Stepdaughter2009/04/01

    Here’s another great song by Josh Woodward ! Listen to these great lyrics, it’s some
    pretty profound stuff. And, as a little news, I’m in the process of looking at a great
    band called AM that I’m planning to review for Episode 4. So stay tuned!

  10. Episode 3: Spotlight: Entertainment for the Braindead2009/02/20

    Welcome to the long awaited Episode 3 of Indie Invasion! I’m truly sorry that it took so long
    to get around to recording this but finding free time is rather difficult. But enough of that,
    today we are spotlighting a superbly talented musician from [Cologne, Germany][2] named Julia

  11. Ben's Imaginary Band - Underwater Waltz2009/01/23

    Have this nice taste of some great music to hold you over until I record
    Episode 3! This is [Ben’s Imaginary Band][1] with Underwater Waltz.

  12. Episode 2: Acousticality2008/10/27

    And we’re back! This is Episode 2 and it is entitled Acousticality, (Don’t ask me where that
    name came from, I don’t know) featuring some of the best Indie Acoustic/Folk artists on the
    web, they include:

  13. PeerGynt Lobogris - Rumbo a Riel2008/08/08

    Introducing [PeerGynt Lobogris][1], an amazing metal guitarist from Spain. He
    is simply awesome, look out for a full episode dedicated to him some time soon.

  14. The Heavens - This Beautiful Machine2008/07/24

    It’s time for another little snack for all you music lovers. I’m still incapable of
    clear speech so I won’t be recording anything for this pseudo-episode. I’d really like to
    but, what do you do? Today we’ll be listening to [The Heavens][1] playing a song titled This
    Beautiful Machine. I rather like it, I hope you do to.

  15. Cirilo Adriazola Salas - Corazón2008/07/13
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  16. Episode 1: Stellar Vector2008/06/26
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  17. I.T.B.A. - Into the Blue Abyss2008/06/20

    This song is going to be a little different than anything that I’ve posted to Indie Invasion, I.T.B.A. is an ambient
    rock band, this song is purely insturmental and very cool. Check them out at the [You are Not Stealing Records][6]

  18. Pourquoi me Reveiller - Divided by Four2008/06/03

    Imagine this, a Dutch band, with a French name, that sings in English. They’re cool, in
    fact I would consider them to be eclectic rock. (amirite?) Check them out and I will
    guarantee that you will enjoy the mix.

  19. Emilsson - Another, part IV2008/06/03

    Check out [Emilsson][0], an indie techno composer. This song is from his album [Almost][1] which includes four
    techno songs that appear to be somehow connected. Check out the link for more.

  20. Josh Woodward - She Dreams in Blue2008/06/02
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  21. Lorenzo's Music - Down the Stairway2008/05/29

    I just gotta say that Lorenzo’s Music (this being the name of the band, if you where wondering) is awesome. I mean what
    could be better than rock combined with a saxophone? Seriously? But don’t let me tell you, find out for your self. By
    the way, check out their [website][1].

  22. Jonathan Coulton - I Feel Fantastic2008/04/17

    Check this out, its [Jonathan Coulton][1], he’s awesome. Just check out this song and you’ll agree.

  23. Scott Andrew - More Good Days2008/03/23

    Today we have Scott Andrew playing More Good Days, he is a singer-songwriter form
    Seattle who is a proponent of releasing music under the Creative Commons license. If you
    are familiar with singer-songwriters you’ll recognize that signature sound in Andrew’s
    music. Enjoy!

  24. Brad Sucks - Overreacting2008/03/23

    Brad Sucks is the stage name for Brad Turcotte one of the first artists to distribute their
    music freely under the creative commons license. This song is from his album I Don’t Know
    What I’m Doing which is rather good so check it out at his website . Enjoy!

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