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Super Cool Stuff Show!

  1. Episode 18: Maya's Here2009/12/01
    Check out as I, Hayley Keller and Ethan Howard discuss the fall of the ratings, our favorite bands getting back together and Summer Blockbusters
  2. Episode 13: Radio:ACTIVE Porno2008/11/12
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  3. Episode 12: Totally Rad Feylin2008/10/14

    Jeff and Dan from the Totally Rad Show stop by for an interview and Tina Fey's Sarah Palin is crazy awesome!
  4. Episode 11: Moving Monkeys2008/09/29

    Jonathan Coulton stops by for an interview and I get a domain!
  5. Episode 10: Stripped Marriage2008/09/16

    Interview with Zebrahead, new fall t.v. on the raise and one of my best friends got married!
  6. Episode 9: Roasted Felspar2008/08/25

    I talk with the super cool band Mission to Felspar, as well as talk about the Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget and a strange message from Fall Out Boy.

    Show notes:

    Citizens for Our Betterment
    Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget Recap
    Mission To Felspar on Myspace
    Getting to know me:
    My Last.fm page
    My Myspace
    My Twitter Page
  7. Episode 8: Here Comes The Super Cool Stuff Show2008/08/18

    John Flansburgh, one-half of They Might Be Giants talks to me, also I talk about Pam Anderson's new tripy reality show and the use of letterbox on television shows.
  8. Episode 7: This is Energy2008/08/04

    An interview with the super cool band This is Energy. Topics covered include but aren't limited to chasing your dreams, warped tour and BBMak. Check out their myspace.

    This is Energy on Myspace .
  9. Episode 6: Reality's Back2008/07/21

    Big Brother, Dr. Horrible isn't horrible at all, and This is Energy
  10. Episode 5: Metal Independence2008/07/07

    Independence Day, Wall-e, and Dethklok goes on tour.

    Show Notes


    Dethklok's Myspace

    Doctor Who on Sci-Fi

  11. Episode 4: Extras2008/06/30

    My interview with Blue Eyed Grass when they came to Marshall University
  12. Episode 4: Back to My Roots2008/06/30

    You know you're from Colorado when . . . ., McFly's New CD Radio:ACTIVE, Instant Star's Swan Song and Blue Eyed Grass.

    Show Notes

    McFly's Super Records at audiotube

    McFly's Official Website

    McFly's Myspace

    Instant Star on The N

    Alexz Johnson's Myspace

    Blue Eyed Grass
  13. Episode 3: Carnivals and Comedies2008/06/23

    The Coal Festival, Camp Rock: Brilliant or Bust?, Get Smart and Persepolis

    Show Notes:

    Camp Rock
    Get Smart Official Site
    Persepolis at Amazon
  14. Episode 2: Apologies2008/06/17

    Hey Guys! I'm back! I'm sorry for taking so long, my of my relatives recently passed away, that's what this podcast is all about, feel free to take a listen if you've ever been there, or if you just wanna know what its like.
  15. Episode 1: Origins2008/06/06
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Super Cool Stuff Show!

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