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Ape Reality

  1. Long Funk Simulcast 52. Early Easter Egg [April 10, 2019]2019/04/10
    Tom offers a number of scatter ideas. http://www.longfunk.com/archive.html#52
  2. Long Funk Simulcast 51. A Shared Language in nobleape.io [March 31, 2019]2019/03/31
    Tom discusses the background and potential of Noble Ape in the cloud with JSON. http://www.longfunk.com/archive.html#51
  3. Long Funk Simulcast 45. Bob Mottram and Leeds [February 12, 2019]2019/02/12
    Noble Ape banter is a real luxury. http://www.longfunk.com/archive.html#45
  4. Simulcast Long Funk 25. Constants in Noble Ape [August 18, 2018]2018/08/18
    It turns out open source is still fun. To subscribe go to http://www.longfunk.com/
  5. Noble Ape Sub-Project: EcoSim [April 2, 2018]2018/04/02
    Tom Barbalet, the creator of Noble Ape, talks about the EcoSim sub-project.
  6. Noble Ape Sub-Project: the Mushroom Boy [April 2, 2018]2018/04/02
    Tom Barbalet, the creator of Noble Ape, talks about the Mushroom Boy sub-project.
  7. Noble Ape Sub-Project: Noble Warfare [April 2, 2018]2018/04/02
    Tom Barbalet, the creator of Noble Ape, talks about the Noble Warfare sub-project.
  8. Noble Ape Sub-Project: Planet Noble Ape [April 2, 2018]2018/04/02
    Tom Barbalet, the creator of Noble Ape, talks about the Planet Noble Ape sub-project.
  9. Noble Ape and Probability [April 1, 2018]2018/04/01
    Tom Barbalet, the creator of Noble Ape, talks about probability.
  10. Early Morning Weather Development [April 1, 2018]2018/04/01
    Tom Barbalet, the creator of Noble Ape, talks about what he's working on at 3am.
  11. Why is Noble Ape Free? [March 31, 2018]2018/03/31
    Tom Barbalet, the creator of Noble Ape, talks about why the software and documentation is free.
  12. On Noble Ape [March 31, 2018]2018/03/31
    Tom Barbalet, the creator of Noble Ape, introduces the Noble Ape video series.
  13. Simulcast Long Funk 4. High Desert War Games [December 27, 2017]2017/12/27
    Tom is puzzled by the few war gamers who live in the High Desert around Victorville, California. To subscribe go to http://www.longfunk.com/
  14. Simulcast Long Funk 1. Introducing the Format [December 9, 2017]2017/12/09
    Tom introduces the podcast by discussing his many podcasts and what he has learnt from all these recording. To subscribe go to http://www.longfunk.com/
  15. Simulcast Short Funk 507: Naming Territories [September 5, 2016]2016/09/04
    Something simple can help Noble Apes. http://shortfunk.com/archive.html#507
  16. Simulcast Short Funk 499: Narrative and Noble Ape [August 28, 2016]2016/08/27
    Speech as a programming language. http://shortfunk.com/archive.html#499
  17. Simulcast Short Funk 471: Learning From Noble Ape Brain Code [July 31, 2016]2016/07/30
    Can executable code learn over time? http://shortfunk.com/archive.html#471
  18. Simulcast Short Funk 427: Noble Ape Podcasts 2006-09 [June 17, 2016]2016/06/16
    Communicating with a community is novel.
  19. Simulcast Short Funk 426: Noble Ape Survival 2005 [June 16, 2016]2016/06/15
    Returning can be painful.
  20. Simulcast Short Funk 425: Nervana Project Dream-like 2002-04 [June 15, 2016]2016/06/14
    Carbonizing the Simulation has some rewards.
  21. Simulcast Short Funk 423: Nervana Project Survival 2001 [June 13, 2016]2016/06/12
    Escape and redefinition seem like constants.
  22. Simulcast Short Funk 422: Nervana Project Reality 2000 [June 12, 2016]2016/06/11
    A start up takes elements of the project.
  23. Simulcast Short Funk 421: Nervana Project Redefinition 1999 [June 11, 2016]2016/06/10
    Modification sets a trajectory.
  24. Simulcast Short Funk 420: Feral Cat Philosophy [June 10, 2016]2016/06/09
    Pay attention is the best advice to offer.
  25. Simulcast Short Funk 419: Nervana Project Survival 1997-98 [June 9, 2016]2016/06/08
    Escape and a grant change the perspective.
  26. Simulcast Short Funk 418: Nervana Project Ursula 1996 [June 8, 2016]2016/06/07
    Some monkeys get stuck in cages.
  27. Simulcast Short Funk Bonus: Broken Mic [June 8, 2016]2016/06/07
    Dud tools really suck!
  28. Simulcast Short Funk 415: Bob's Questions - Conclusion [June 5, 2016]2016/06/04
    Rounding out the questions from Bob Mottram.
  29. Simulcast Short Funk 413: Bob's Questions - Communications [June 3, 2016]2016/06/02
    How to provide this information to the public.
  30. Simulcast Short Funk 411: Bob's Questions - Graphics [June 1, 2016]2016/05/31
    What direction will the Noble Ape graphics take?
  31. Simulcast Short Funk 246: Code and Kickstarter [December 19, 2015]2015/12/18
    Good things coming next year. http://www.shortfunk.com/ for more audio.
  32. Simulcast Short Funk 241: Yesteryear Audio - Shoot On Crowds [December 14, 2015]2015/12/13
    Strategic shift for satire. http://www.shortfunk.com/ for more audio.
  33. Simulcast Short Funk 240: Yesteryear Audio - It Ain't Here [December 13, 2015]2015/12/12
    Sometimes funk doesn't need a downstroke. http://www.shortfunk.com/ for more audio.
  34. Simulcast Short Funk 239: Yesteryear Audio - Plain Insane [December 12, 2015]2015/12/11
    They sit in their cafes listening to Portishead. http://www.shortfunk.com/ for more audio.
  35. Simulcast Short Funk 238: Yesteryear Audio - Water in Creation (Shed Eviction Mix) [December 11, 2015]2015/12/10
    A remix for a bleaker reality. http://www.shortfunk.com/ for more audio.
  36. Simulcast Short Funk 237: Yesteryear Audio - The Originator [December 10, 2015]2015/12/09
    A true collaboration effort. http://www.shortfunk.com/ for more audio.
  37. Simulcast Short Funk 236: Yesteryear Audio - Feline/Noble Ape March [December 9, 2015]2015/12/08
    Experiments sometimes leave regrets. http://www.shortfunk.com/ for more audio.
  38. Simulcast Short Funk 235: Yesteryear Audio - Genetics [December 8, 2015]2015/12/07
    Most successful track to-date amongst classical music heads. http://www.shortfunk.com/ for more audio.
  39. Simulcast Short Funk 234: Yesteryear Audio - Semblance [December 7, 2015]2015/12/06
    An exploration of early audio starts with Semblance. http://www.shortfunk.com/ for more audio.
  40. Simulcast Short Funk 231: Learn From Failure: Community Divergence [December 4, 2015]2015/12/03
    What can you learn about a community that goes their own separate ways. http://www.shortfunk.com/ for more audio.
  41. Simulcast Short Funk 226: On the Cutting Room Floor [November 29, 2015]2015/11/28
    Sometimes music is thrown away. http://www.shortfunk.com/ for more audio.
  42. Simulcast Short Funk 206: Something Different [November 9, 2015]2015/11/08
    Tom talks about adapting Noble Ape for something flat. http://www.shortfunk.com/ for more audio.
  43. Simulcast Short Funk 169: Simulating Conflict [October 3, 2015]2015/10/02
    Can simulation methodology be useful? http://www.shortfunk.com/ for more audio.
  44. Simulcast Short Funk 162: Noble Ape Twentieth Music [September 26, 2015]2015/09/25
    It's been a long time coming. http://www.shortfunk.com/ for more audio.
  45. Simulcast Short Funk 79: Ecosim [July 5, 2015]2015/07/04
    An interesting byproduct of Noble Ape. http://shortfunk.com/archive.html#79
  46. Simulcast Short Funk 60: WWDC Metaphysics [June 16, 2015]2015/06/15
    Does Apple's new AI engine make existential claims? http://shortfunk.com/archive.html#60
  47. Simulcast Short Funk 35: Hello Terminator [May 22, 2015]2015/05/21
    Hasta la vista, Tommy. http://shortfunk.com/archive.html#35
  48. Simulcast Short Funk 16: Noble Ape (Part 1) [May 3, 2015]2015/05/02
    An introduction to a major project in Tom's life. http://shortfunk.com/archive.html#16
  49. Simulcast: Crime Fighting Noble Apes [February 02, 2015]2015/02/02
    Tom Barbalet presents a new project using Noble Ape to provide analysis of murder crimes with agent and language simulation.
  50. Slides: Crime Fighting Noble Apes [February 02, 2015]2015/02/02
    Tom Barbalet presents a new project using Noble Ape to provide analysis of murder crimes with agent and language simulation.
  51. Untitled Project #3: Sophistry All the Way Down [November 25, 2014]2014/11/25
    Tom starts the discussion talking about the Forensics Science book. http://www.meetup.com/Conscious-in-the-Cloud/events/218785595/ is the meet-up for Tom's talk. What about the philosophy of the deteriorating mind? Don't look for qualia in the trees in Australia, they are in the National University. Hey hey hey, it's Folk Ethics. They digress into some discussion of race and homelessness.
  52. Untitled Project #2: Kant or Won't [November 11, 2014]2014/11/11
    Liz and Tom start discussing an improved sound and recovered health. Liz plugs her next book project and Tom talks about his mis-spent yoof. Tom poses a metaphysics problem from simulation. They digress into Kant. Science fiction provide mixed blessings as does virtual reality. They explore applied philosophy and assistants versus publicists.
  53. 162. March 2014 Update [Mar 30, 2014]2014/03/30
    Info (Show/Hide)
  54. Simulcast: Tom Barbalet on Self-Conscious Noble Apes [October 28, 2013]2013/10/28
    Tom Barbalet presents the final talk at Conscious in the Cloud in response to the prior Conscious in the Cloud talk with Larry Yaeger.
  55. 161. Troop Report #2: Bob and Tom [May 12, 2013]2013/05/12
    Tom and Bob chat about a number of developments in the simulation. They then digress into a discussion about Stone Ape and Wilmslow.
  56. 160. Troop Report #1: Bob and Andy [April 6, 2013]2013/04/06
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  57. 159. Audio and Events2012/11/17
    A slightly under the weather Tom Barbalet talks about adding audio and captured events to the Simulation with the help of some video.
  58. Musical Interlude: This is Achmed [2007]2012/09/16
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  59. 158. Musing Season2012/09/08
    Tom discusses a bit about ALIFE XIII and some of the current development of Noble Ape.
  60. 157. Noble Ape Seminar at the Beacon Center, Michigan State University [July 27, 2012]2012/07/27
    This is a talk given primarily to biologists on the Noble Ape Simulation. The academics who don't introduce themselves are Prof. Fred Dyer, Dr. Aaron Wagner and Prof. Robert Pennock.
  61. 156. Demo/Discussion of Noble Ape at ALIFE XIII [July 19, 2012]2012/07/19
    This is an impromptu discussion between Tom Barbalet, Dr. Arend Hintze and Carlos Anderson (both at MSU) about Noble Ape.
  62. 155. Some Current Thinking2012/05/28
    Tom goes through some of the current aspects of the simulation with emphasis on the OpenGL implementation and the potential in the near term to introduce a network version of the simulation.
  63. Special: Tom Barbalet gives a Short Talk on the Open Source Aspects of Noble Ape2012/05/23
    A short talk on the open source aspects of Noble Ape.
  64. Special: Old Source Code (Part II)2012/04/19
    Tom finds some old source code a presents a narrative wander through it.
  65. Special: Old Source Code (Part I)2012/04/19
    Tom finds some old source code a presents a narrative wander through it.
  66. Special: Look at Longterm Command Line in Run and Code2012/04/13
    Tom Barbalet shows the latest long term command line version of the Simulation.
  67. Special: Overview of the Current GUI Development2012/04/06
    Tom Barbalet provides a basic walkthrough of the GUI version of Noble Ape.
  68. Bonus Content: Conclusion of the Chat with Bob Mottram2012/03/21
    Tom and Bob rap on honor and reflecting outside of conversations.
  69. 154. Chat with Bob Mottram for the 0.694 Release2012/03/18
    Tom talks with Bob Mottram about some of the ideas currently circulating in the Noble Ape development.
  70. 153. First Thing in the Morning2011/12/04
    Tom wakes to a burning question from Bob Mottram that indicates there is a substantial need for an updated podcast. Tom covers the new higher res graphics view, some missing code, an outstanding bug, auto updates, what is going on with ApeScript and a future chapter. If you have any questions or comments please contact tom via tom at nobleape dot com
  71. 152. Okay, Time for an Update2011/09/03
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  72. Update [September 2, 2011]2011/09/02
    Tom announces he will be moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. Sorry for the lack of content in recent months.
  73. 151. Fifteen Years: Douglas Rushkoff2011/07/15
    Celebrating fifteen years of the Noble Ape development, Tom chats with Douglas Rushkoff about how to set up a project like Noble Ape now, how things have changed since Cyberia, simulations, open source and the human versus the project.
  74. 149. File Can't Handle It2011/06/09
    The discussion begins with basic changes to the Noble Ape file format but no XML for now. Tom talks briefly about a new popular science book on Noble Ape and a future recording with Douglas Rushkoff.
  75. 148. Fifteen Years: Bo Daley2011/05/27
    Celebrating fifteen years of the Noble Ape development, Tom chats with Bo Daley about the early development, the Simulation's impact on ecology and philosophy and Bo's music.
  76. 147. The Original Manuals of Noble Ape in Their New Form2011/05/08
    Testing out the new laptop's webcam, Tom records a little piece about the Original Manuals of Noble Ape now on lulu.com and the CD/CDROM the text originally came from.
  77. 146. The Continued Work of Bob Mottram2011/05/05
    Tom talks about a number of the changes Bob Mottram has introduced to the Simulation recently, the parity of the Linux version of the Simulation and the newly re-released Original Manuals of Noble Ape available on lulu.com.
  78. 145. Return from the Field of Chaos2011/03/21
    Now his book Field of Chaos has been launched, Tom returns to Ape Reality to discuss getting out the Original Manuals in a cheaper form and the next two years of the Noble Ape development working through the social graph code.
  79. Special: Tom Barbalet on Salt Lake City K-Talk's Sector Five [February 19, 2011]2011/02/19
    Tom appears on Sector Five on Salt Lake City's K-Talk. The audio is taken directly from their archive including regional radio ads (for some local flavor). This audio is being distributed on both the Ape Reality and Stone Ape podcasts. Sorry for any duplication.
  80. 144. Source Code Walk-Through: social.c with Bob Mottram2010/12/22
    Tom talks with Bob Mottram about his changes in the Noble Ape source code with sim692/universe/social.c.
  81. 143. Not Dead2010/10/21
    This podcast provides some update in Tom's work with Noble Ape and other related projects.
  82. 142. Brace for Impact2010/08/12
    Tom talks about a new podcast, some candid discussion about his time in the Bay Area and the SecondLife Client/Noble Ape Web Server update.
  83. 141. Tom Barbalet at Intel2010/07/13
    A recording of a talk Tom Barbalet gave at Intel, July 13, 2010. The slides from the talk are available via http://www.barbalet.com/talks/barbalet_intel_talk.pdf
  84. Musical Interlude: My Name is Tom [1999-2000]2010/06/26
    Taking a break from the Noble Ape talk, this piece of music is one of the many 'anthems' that has defined sections of the Noble Ape development. The orchestration is of an athemic theme through Tom Barbalet's move from Australia to the US highlighting perhaps a defining introduction. More of these interludes will follow through the podcast feed.
  85. 140. Must Keep Gerald Interested2010/06/10
    Following a plea from Gerald de Jong for more content, Tom discusses a new release of the Noble Ape Simulation, Noble Warfare and publishing an internal narrative Noble-Ape-style.
  86. 139. Scribbled on a Pad2010/04/26
    Following a few days of rapid development, Tom announces Noble Ape will be on the iPad following some writing projects and potentially another release of the Simulation for Mac and Windows.
  87. 138. Blogging the Ether2010/03/30
    Following the disappearance of the GreyThumb blog, Tom starts a fresh with a new/old blog and some discussion about adding Noble Warfare to the Noble Ape Simulation source code.
  88. 137. Some Pun About Objects2010/03/11
    Tom talks about a possible new direction for ApeScript and also about the new artificial life community site.
  89. 136. Pondering the Near Future2010/02/11
    What will come in the near future? Tom explores his own thinking on interfaces and changes in direction.
  90. 135. Live from the Library2010/01/15
    Following the TalkShoe format of his other podcasts, Tom explores doing Ape Reality live from his library. He discusses a number of current topics in Noble Ape including publishing, ape brain compression and possibly a release of the Noble Ape Simulation in the near future.
  91. 134. Two Windows - Better than Four?2009/12/06
    Tom talks about the need and development of the two windows version of the Simulation, writing for the wrong publishers and why charging for podcasts isn't for him.
  92. 133. Ramblings of Some Old Dude2009/10/21
    A discussion of Noble Apes walking, changing the simulation, writing chapters, getting older and a new podcast on trains.
  93. 132. Early Books2009/09/29
    Tom talks about some of the books that were referenced in his chapter in Nature Inspired Informatics and some that weren't.
  94. 131. Polar Thinking2009/09/10
    Tom talks about Noble Animator and the projection of how Noble Animator will effect the Noble Ape Simulation.
  95. 130. Two Recipe Books2009/08/23
    Two book projects and a lot of Noble Ape related stuff in between, as Tom explores all that has gone on since the last podcast.
  96. 129. Late Night Hot Mic2009/07/15
    Tom talks about a number of projects including assisting Jeffrey Ventrella and Roy Plotnick moving their stuff open source.
  97. 128. Source Code Walk-Through: being.c and core.h2009/06/22
    Tom continues the four part series on the Noble Ape source code with sim690/core/being.c and core.h.
  98. 127. Source Code Walk-Through: land.c2009/06/21
    Tom continues the four part series on the Noble Ape source code with sim690/core/land.c.
  99. 126. Source Code Walk-Through: Introduction and io.c2009/06/21
    Tom starts a four part series on the Noble Ape source code with an introduction and sim690/noble/io.c.
  100. 125. Couple of Seven Things2009/04/30
    With so much going on with Noble Ape and related developments, it's hard to find a finite number to list it all. Tom discusses people visiting Las Vegas, a possible post-Singular article, the EvoGrid intervention, the Cocoa implementation of Noble Ape, being asked to assist the ISAL Board, a new dog and two future Noble Ape developments.
  101. 124. Back and Forwards2009/04/15
    Tom talks about the trip to Australia, his current work status and the ongoing Noble Ape development.
  102. 123. Ape Mythology versus Ape Reality2009/02/15
    Tom talks about how his own existence is always replicated in the Noble Apes.
  103. 122. the Promised Land of Iraq2009/02/14
    Tom talks about the smart poor, Iraq and street knowledge.
  104. 121. January 2009 Mailout2009/01/31
    This month, Tom talks about life in Las Vegas, the slightly shorter than expected Year of Noble Ape and the near future developments including his trip to Australia.
  105. 120. December 2008 Mailout2008/12/30
    Tom talks about the PolyWorld brain implementation, the Cocoa implementation and his trip to Australia slated for early-2009.
  106. 119. November 2008 Mailout2008/11/30
    In this brief update, Tom discusses his recent move, the last section of work for Nature Inspired Informatics and the Cocoa version of the Simulation.
  107. 118. Tom Barbalet's Clip for I-Am-Darwin.Org2008/11/08
    Tom talks about two less-discussed aspects of Darwin. For more videos, check out http://www.i-am-darwin.org/
  108. 117. October 2008 Mailout2008/10/30
    Tom talks about a user request for an old 68k version of the Noble Ape Simulation, finishing up the writing for the year and other related Noble Ape news.
  109. 116. September 2008 Mailout2008/09/29
    Atomic simulation, Nature Inspired Informatics and PolyWorld are the topics of discussion in this month's mailout.
  110. 115. August 2008 Mailout2008/08/31
    With the Nature Inspired Informatics chapter reviews and Biota Live taking a large chunk of the month's free time, Tom reflects on the future and the impact of these projects.
  111. 114. OpenGL and a cup of Cocoa2008/08/30
  112. 113. Zeroth Life and Facebook2008/08/30
  113. 112. July 2008 Mailout2008/07/27
  114. 111. Post Singular at the Internet Archive in June 20082008/07/27
  115. 110. June 2008 Mailout2008/06/29
  116. 109. Bruce Damer Demos Noble Ape at GreyThumb Silicon Valley in May 20082008/06/29
  117. 108. May 2008 Mailout2008/05/29
  118. 107. April 2008 Mailout2008/04/30
  119. 106. March 2008 Mailout2008/03/30
  120. 105. Male Pregnancy, Identical Twins and XML2008/03/11
  121. 104. February 2008 Mailout2008/02/23
  122. 103. January 2008 Mailout2008/01/30
  123. 102. Live Biota and a Film Review2008/01/13
  124. 101. December 2007 Mailout2007/12/29
  125. 100. Medley of 2007 Compositions2007/12/22
  126. 99. Generalist Chats, Books and Libraries2007/12/22
  127. 98. November 2007 Mailout2007/11/23
  128. 97. San Diego State Rocks, Google Doesn't2007/11/13
  129. Google blocks nobleape.com (http://www.nobleape.com/googleblock.html)2007/11/12
  130. 96. Library of Progress2007/11/10
  131. 95. October 2007 Mailout2007/10/31
  132. 94. Atomic Books2007/10/14
  133. 93. September 2007 Mailout2007/09/30
  134. 92. All You Need Is...2007/09/16
  135. 91. We've Never Had It So Good2007/09/09
  136. 90. August 2007 Mailout2007/08/30
  137. 89. A Musing List2007/08/25
  138. 88. Developing Noble Ape Forever2007/08/16
  139. 87. The Noble Ape Identity - Fear and Desire2007/08/11
  140. 86. How to Listen to Ape Reality, Seriously!2007/08/11
  141. 85. July 2007 Mailout and Welcome!2007/07/29
  142. 84. Shiny Noble Ape Tech2007/07/18
  143. 83. Graphics, Games and Academics2007/07/14
  144. 82. Sitting on a Cornflake2007/07/08
  145. 81. June 2007 Mailout2007/06/28
  146. 80. Drawing Change2007/06/10
  147. 58. Excerpt: ... In Stockholm [Originally Recorded Tue, 31 Oct 2006]2007/06/03
  148. 79. May 2007 Mailout2007/05/26
  149. 7. Remix: Metaphysics, Deja Vu and Compressing the Same [Originally Recorded Tue, 09 May 2006]2007/05/20
  150. 78. Planes, Trains and Automata2007/05/19
  151. 77. Not To Waste Time2007/05/13
  152. 1. Remix: Early and Late History [Originally Recorded Mon, 01 May 2006]2007/05/09
  153. 74. Event Planning2007/04/01
  154. 73. March 2007 Mailout2007/03/25
  155. 72. Intellectual Property Flow2007/03/05
  156. 67. Back for 20072007/01/03
  157. 62. Mr. Barbalet Compiles the Simulation2006/11/12
  158. 60. On Biota.org2006/11/02
  159. 59. Unique and Compressed Land2006/11/01
  160. 52. On Noble Ape Philosophic2006/09/28
  161. 50. Half Century Musical Musing2006/09/18
  162. 48. New Version, Screen Savers, Wikipedia and Daigle on Klyce2006/09/11
  163. 45. On Noble Warfare2006/09/02
  164. 44. On ApeScript2006/08/30
  165. 42. Conversation with Mridul and Pedro2006/08/27
  166. 40. Malek's Questions2006/08/21
  167. 39. Noble Ape Simulation 1012006/08/19
  168. 37. Special: NYU Talk from 20002006/08/14
  169. 36. On the Rushkoff Article and a Vegas Show2006/08/14
  170. 33. Simulation - With Time and Without Time2006/08/03
  171. 22. Conscious of Collective Unconscious2006/07/01
  172. 21. Animal Experiments in Love2006/06/24
  173. 17. Creating an ALife Project2006/06/15
  174. 14. Language 1012006/06/06
  175. 10. Biology: Species and History2006/05/21
Ape Reality
Noble Ape's creator, Tom Barbalet, discusses aspects of the development, philosophy and the artificial life community.

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