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Her Voice Podcast

  1. From a man's perspective2006/07/09
    Special guest Chilly Chill from the Original Lench Mob tells the public why he supports Her Voice as well as gives the ladies life from a man's perspective. Ever wondered what men are thinking when they see us in provocative clothes? Want to know what "wife" material is in a man's eyes? Listen to Chilly Chill let the ladies know exactly what the deal is....
  2. So what if I give it up quick? What does it mean?2006/06/13
    Her Voice might as well call ourselves Her Hot this week as Dee and Shanda get real and down about std’s in our community and sex sex sex! Just how long should you wait to have sex when dating? Does time even matter? Should you just “stop playin’ games with the panties” and go for yours or should you make him wait? Listen to us go deep on the issue and you decide….
  3. Pimps? Eeeeewwwww2006/06/06
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  4. Being Healthy in the Black community2006/05/30
    Her Voice is concerned about the level of health consciousness in our community. Listen to Shanda, Renee, and Dee weigh in the issue in our usual sista, keep it real way. We touch on why we only see health conscious stores in white neighborhoods, the ailments that "run in your family" and much more.....take a listen and tell us what you think about the issue. Each one, teach one. LET'S BUILD!!!
  5. Her Voice on Black Business2006/05/21
    In this humorous but informative show, Shanda, Dee, and Renee touch on:

    patronizing black businesses

    getting ahead in corporate america: is it really a race game?

    brotha where's your job?

    the white holding black back mentality.

    attitude is everything listen as the ladies tell you how to get what you want the right way....
  6. Her Voice interviews Durty Red2006/05/17
    Representing the "Dirty South", Tampa female Hip Hop artist Durty Red sheds some light on being a female CEO in the Hip Hop industry, her feelings on being compared to Lil' Kim, and the struggles of keeping it professional and demanding respect as a female artist.

  7. Her Voice and Soulful Living2006/05/17
    Her Voice interviews Dr. Anita Defoe, the author of A Woman's Guide to soulful living. In this show, we speak to Anita who gives us a very educational show teaching women how to love themselves and avoid the pitfalls of unhealthy relationships.
  8. Her Voice Intro2006/05/14
    Her Voice intro sung by: Ms. Nikki Allen
Her Voice Podcast
As you know, the black woman is one of the most sought after figures in our nation and abroad since the beginning of time. You see her in music videos, on the cover of magazines, on runways, and more. You can look in every culture and see them try to capture her essence by imitating her style. Every woman wants to be her. Every man wants to be with her.

Her Voice has a mission. A serious mission. That mission is to educate, inspire, uplift, and build the black community. This mission starts with the black woman. Without us, there is no black community. The state of our community is a reflection of our current state of being. Our community is plagued with such negative images. We cannot accomplish this mission without you. Help us, help us help you . Tell everyone you know about Her Voice. Be involved in Her Voice. Make Her Voice YOUR voice.
Listen to the show. Let us know what you think?. We can't grow and get better in our mission unless we know how we are affecting you and what we can do better. Listen and leave comments: If your interested in recieving Her Voice newsletter weekly send your e-mail address to dee@hervoiceradio.com also if you want to spotlight a woman each week send her info to shanda@hervoiceradio.com
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