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Focal Point - with Chris Pudney and Gihan Perera

  1. Expressing Gratitude in Distributed Teams2018/05/11
    How do you express gratitude to your remote team members, in a way that's appropriate, meaningful, and inclusive?
  2. On the Horizon2018/01/18
    As we start a new year, we explore three emerging technologies that are fast-becoming mainstream, and will affect the way distributed teams work in the near future.
  3. Personal User Manuals for Distributed Teams2017/11/07

    People relate to each other in different ways, and in-office team members quickly learn each other's styles. That's not so easy in a distributed team, where team members are more remote, communicate mainly using technology, and have more diverse cultural backgrounds.

  4. Build Their Judgement Part 32017/08/16
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  5. Build Their Judgement - Part 22017/07/27
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  6. Build Their Judgement - Part 12017/06/13
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  7. Design Thinking for Distributed Teams2017/04/19
    Employee engagement is an important factor in the workplace, because an engaged workforce is a motivated workforce, and a motivated workforce is more productive. How do you design the ideal workplace in a distributed team? Ask your in-office workers and remote workers for help, and you'll be surprised by the depth and breadth of their ideas.
  8. Continuous Improvement in Distributed Teams2017/03/30
    As a leader, you know the importance of constant, consistent, ongoing improvement in your systems, processes, and operations. You might be engaging your in-person team members in this continuous improvement, but are you fully involving your remote team members as well? They bring more diversity, offer novel insights, and fast-track your growth and evolution.
  9. Managing Conflict in Distributed Teams - Part Two2017/02/15
    Conflicts are inevitable in any workplace, but can be particularly challenging in distributed teams. In the first episode of this two-part topic, we looked at how to prevent conflicts. But conflict is inevitable, so let's look at how to address and resolve it.
  10. Managing Conflict in Distributed Teams2017/01/31
    Conflicts are inevitable in any workplace, but can be particularly challenging in distributed teams, where team members don't work in the same office. As a leader, it's important to understand these differences, so you can prevent conflicts before they occur if possible, and address them promptly when they do occur.
  11. Collaborative Overload2016/11/17
    We now have so many ways to collaborate - faster, more efficiently, and with more people. But is collaboration always such a good thing? Too much of it can lead to collaborative overload, which stifles decision-making, puts pressure on key people in your team, and defeats the purpose of having a smart, diverse, team.
  12. How to Connect Out-Of-Office Workers In Person2016/09/28
    We talk a lot about how to make out of office work effective. But there are still benefits to meeting in person - even if it only happens occasionally. In this episode, we look at various scenarios for in-person meetings, as well as their pros and cons.
  13. Future Trends For Out of Office Work2016/08/25
    Today we’ll discuss some recent technology developments that are significant for the future of work in general, and out-of-office work in particular
  14. 25 Reasons to Let Your Employees Work Out Of Office2016/07/21
    If you're a leader or manager wondering whether to allow some of your team to work away from the office, we'll give you 25 reasons why it might be the right thing to do - for you, them, and your future success.
  15. Professional Development for Distributed Teams2016/06/17
    Members of distributed teams value and expect opportunities for professional development just as much as in-office team members. As a leader or manager, you might need to be proactive and innovative to find ways to help accelerate the experience curve for your distributed team members.
  16. Managing External Experts2016/04/15
    External workers (freelancers, contractors, consultants, gigsters) make up an increasing proportion of the workforce. Leading external workers presents both challenges and opportunities, and it's a leadership skill that will be increasingly valuable in our future.
  17. Global Teams At Work2016/03/01
    In an increasingly connected world, it's important for leaders to understand the special dynamics of global teams, so they can reduce the perceived distance, manage time differences, and embrace diversity across cultures.
  18. A Day in the Life of an Out Of Office Worker2016/01/25
    What will work look like in the near future? In this episode, we walk through a typical workday of a future Out of Office worker.
  19. The Workplace of the Future2015/11/26
    For the last 200 years, the office with a permanent staff has been the default work environment of the knowledge worker. But it wasn’t in the past, and it’s not necessarily the best for the future. What would the workplace look like if offices weren't an option?
  20. How to Innovate with Distributed Teams2015/10/23
    There's a common belief that innovation and synergy are weaker in distributed teams, because people don't bump into each other to spark great ideas. However, that's not necessarily true. It is possible, as long as you overcome the natural "out of sight, out of mind" bias against your remote workers.
  21. Out of Office Workspaces2015/08/25
    Working from home is the most common method of working away from an office, but it’s not the only option. In this episode, we consider four different workspaces for Out of Office workers: the home office, public places like cafes and clubs, co-working spaces, and on the road.
  22. New Tools for Out of Office Workers2015/07/21
    If you're working in a distributed team, you might already know about common tools and apps, such as Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Skype, Buffer, and Hootsuite. These are all wonderful tools, but there are also a whole host of other tools available. We're going to share some of them today.
  23. Four Key Workplace Trends That Influence Out of Office Work2015/06/18
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  24. Creating Connected Distributed Teams2015/05/21
    Often, people in distributed teams don't have the same personal connections with remote team members as they have with people in the same office. This is natural, of course, but can be overcome. Creating better personal connections leads to more rewarding work, better collaboration, and higher productivity..
  25. Our Out of Office Stories2015/04/30
    Gihan and Chris have 30+ combined years of experience working Out of Office. In this episode, they share their journeys, including successes and failures along the way.
  26. Transitioning To Out Of Office Work2015/03/19
    One of the biggest challenges to Out of Office work happens right at the start, when you're making the transition to it. Learn how to manage yourself, your manager and your colleagues to make the transition smoother and more productive.
  27. 7 Out Of Office Resolutions For The Coming Year2015/01/22
    Be more effective this year with the Pomodoro Technique, 90-day projects, removing distractions, getting to Inbox Zero, using the Cloud and building your profile.
  28. Nine Things Successful People Do Differently2014/12/18
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  29. Switched Off2014/11/20
    Out of Office workers are used to being connected and online most of the time. But there might be times when you want to "switch off" and be offline for an extended period. In this episode, we look at how to prepare for it, do it, and follow up effectively.
  30. 5 Myths About Leading Distributed Teams2014/09/28
    Many managers admit they don’t know how to manage and lead virtual teams effectively — particularly when it comes to trust, communication, managing deadlines, and achieving consensus in decision-­making. In this episode, we address five common myths and offer suggestions and advice for how managers and leaders can overcome them.
  31. Three Other Out of Office Books2014/08/27
    As the Out of Office trend continues, more authors have been writing about this lifestyle. In this episode, we review three other books in this area and compare them to our book.
  32. Cloud Computing For Out of Office Collaboration2014/07/30
    Despite the explosive growth of cloud computing, few organisations are using it effectively for collaboration, especially with their Out of Office workers. In this episode, we share some practical tools to foster online collaboration.
  33. The Daily Routines of Out-Of-Office Geniuses2014/06/11
    In this episode, we look at the daily working lives of great artists, writers, philosophers, and other geniuses - and apply them to Out of Office work.
  34. How Out of Office Workers Can Become Great Managers2014/05/08
    Out of Office workers who aspire to management roles must work harder than their in-office colleagues to convince management they’re suitable for such roles. In this episode, we look at five skills the Gallup organisation identified for great managers, and show you how to demonstrate them as an Out of Office worker.
  35. Personal Success for Out of Office Workers2014/04/16
    The Out of Office work style allows you to blend personal and professional success. In this episode, we give you some ideas for how to maximise this opportunity.
  36. Our Productivity Platform2014/03/13
    There are lots of productivity tools, and in this episode we share our personal favourites. Everybody is different, so you'll have to discover what works best for you. But we hope that by seeing what we use, you'll be able to adapt them for your own productivity needs.
  37. Creating the Best Out of Office Workplace on Earth2014/02/13
    The workplace - and what employees want from it - has changed over the years. We look at six factors from a Harvard Business Review report of the best workplace on Earth, and apply them to Out of Office work.
  38. Out of Office Goals for 20142014/01/16
    It's the beginning of the year, when people often make new year's resolutions, set goals or plan for the coming year. So, we're dedicating this podcast to suggesting a few goals or resolutions you might like to include in your plans for your Out of Office work style in 2014.
  39. Out of Office Trends for 20142013/12/12
    Let's look ahead to 2014, and see how trends in technology, society and the economy are affecting Out of Office work. In most cases, they are making this work easier, which is good news for employers, employees and entrepreneurs alike.
  40. Out of Office - Videoconferencing2013/11/19
    Videoconferencing has come of age, and it's now a feasible, attractive and sometimes even preferable option for bringing people together. Let's look at the pros and cons, tools and principles for making it work.
  41. Out of Office - Benefits for Employers2013/10/17
    Most of our discussion on this podcast has been about telecommuting from an employee2019s viewpoint. But today we2019re going to change our perspective, and consider it from the employer2019s point of view.
  42. BYOD: Bring Your Own Device/Disaster2013/08/22
    As personal mobile devices continue to grow in popularity, organisations are grappling with the issue of how to allow employees to use them in the workplace. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) debate continues to rage. In this episode we present pros and cons, and then look at 10 principles for facilitating BYOD in your workplace.
  43. Head in the Clouds2013/07/25
    Previously, we2019ve talked about the principles of Cloud Computing. Now let2019s look at some of the Cloud-based tools we use.
  44. 25 Tips in 25 Minutes2013/06/28
    In this podcast, we share 25 simple but effective tips for improving your Out of Office work style - in the areas of productivity, e-mail, reducing interruptions, flexibility, and online meetings.
  45. MOOCs and E-Learning2013/04/25
    There's a growing trend towards online learning. In this episode, Chris shares his experience with doing an online course using popular course provider Coursera.
  46. The Out of Office Controversy2013/03/28
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  47. Out of Office - Let's Take This Offline2013/02/20
    Many online services help you to create new offline relationships and strengthen your existing relationships. In this episode, we explore a range of online tools that help you enrich your offline connections.
  48. Personal Branding2013/01/24
    Whether we're employees or business owners, it's more important than ever before for us to create our personal brand.
  49. Out of Office - Trends 20132012/12/12
    We're nearing the end of another year, so it2019s time for our annual podcast episode about trends for the coming 12 months.
  50. Out of Office - a Month on the Road2012/10/25
    We both spent time away from home over the last couple of months, so in this episode we share some of our experiences, including principles to help you plan your own business trips.
  51. Out of Office - Seven Habits2012/08/30
    In this tribute to the late Steven Covey, we apply his seven habits of highly effective people to the context of Out of Office workers.
  52. Out of Office - Get Focussed2012/07/01
    As Out of Office workers, we sometimes need to shut out the world in order to get stuff done. In this episode, we'll look at how you can choose the right environment, plan your work, and then do the work efficiently and productively.
  53. Out of Office - 2012 Update2012/05/24
    A lot has changed in the last 6-12 months for Out of Office workers. In this episode, we review some of the changes, enhancements and new services available to make it even easier to use the Internet for greater freedom in your work life.
  54. Online Collaboration - Tools and Principles2012/04/26
    On-line collaboration has some things in common with face-to-face collaboration, but it also has some important differences. If you and your team are working this way for the first time, you might not be aware of the potential pitfalls. In this episode, we share our six principles of on-line collaboration, and then work through a case study.
  55. Better, Faster, Stronger: Productivity Using the Cloud2012/03/22
    We're bombarded with more information than ever before. In this podcast, we discuss how you can use the Cloud to control what comes in, manage it more efficiently and publish it more effectively.
  56. Outsourcing Using Talent Markets2012/03/01
    Talent markets are Web sites that connect customers with freelance providers. In this podcast, we look at how you as a business owner can get best use from using these talent markets.
  57. Out of Office - Predictions for 20122012/01/18
    This is our annual predictions episode, where we look at what's coming up in the year ahead, this time with a focus on what it means for Out of Office work.
  58. The Year in Review2011/12/21
    In this episode, we look back at the predictions we made at the start of 2011.
  59. Get More Freedom in Your Work Life2011/11/17
    More and more people are tapping into the power of the Internet for greater freedom in their work life. We call this the Out of Office environment - and in this podcast we describe the three main scenarios.
  60. Ownership 2.02011/10/27
  61. Writing a Book Together2011/09/13
    Our book Out of Office is almost ready for publishing. In this episode, we shared our experiences of how we wrote this book, using many of the on-line collaboration tools we've discussed in the book itself.
  62. Working from a Home Office2011/08/16
    More and more workers have the option to work from a home office, either part-time or full-time. In this episode, Chris shares what he has learned in over 10 years of being a full-time telecommuter.
  63. E-Mail Productivity2011/07/14
    E-mail is 40 years old this year! Many people still grapple with it, but that doesn't have to be the case. So we're sharing our e-mail productivity ideas here.
  64. Protect Your On-Line Reputation2011/06/16
    If you're not careful, it's easy to do silly things that harm your on-line reputation. We discuss some simple things you can do here to prevent that from happening!
  65. Get Smart2011/04/14
    Mainstream media coverage is often sensationalised and biased. The Internet gives us unprecedented abilities to dig deeper, but only if we take that opportunity. We'll show you how ...
  66. Books in the 21st Century2011/03/17
    The Internet has changed the way we buy and read books. If anything, there's been a resurgence in reading, because of increased availability to printed books, and new formats like e-books and audio books.
  67. Focal Point - Wikis2011/02/17
    A wiki is a Web site that anybody can edit. Although this sounds dangerous, wikis can be very useful for organisations, both in a private and public way.
  68. The Top 10 Online Trends for 20112011/01/20
    Join us for our annual report on what we think will be the top on-line trends for the next 12 months.
  69. 2010 - The Year In Review2010/12/21
    In January we made 10 predictions about how the Internet would change our lives in 2010. In this episode, we look back at the year and report on our predictions.
  70. Out Of Office2010/11/18
    In previous podcasts, we’ve talked about ways in which the Internet helps you work with people who aren’t in the same office, the same city or even the same time zone. Today we’re going to put a structure around that, and explain a number of options to help you use the Internet to get get more freedom in your work life.
  71. We Know Who You Are2010/10/14
    We're sharing so much of our life on-line nowadays that organisations know a lot about us - with our without our knowledge or permission. Discover what they know about you, how they are using it, and what you can do to protect yourself from harm.
  72. Election 2010 - The Aftermath2010/09/16
    Australia has a new parliament (finally!), but what does this mean for Internet and technology policy - particularly Internet censorship and the National Broadband Network?
  73. Election 20102010/08/20
    Australians go to the polls this weekend, Saturday August the 21st, for a General Election. So, we thought it would be timely to devote a podcast or two to the Election from an Internet perspective.
  74. Books, E-Books and the E-Publishing Revolution2010/07/29
    E-books have finally come of age, thanks to new devices that make them easy, convenient and practical. Learn what's available for you as a consumer, author or publisher.
  75. Workshifting2010/07/15
    More and more people have "no fixed office" - they work from home, cafes, or on the beach. Find out how to add more of this "workshifting" to your professional life.
  76. 10 Things We Learned From Google2010/06/24
    Google has had a big impact on our lives, not only by making it easier to find stuff, but also in changing the way we live, both in our personal and professional lives.
  77. Facebook’s Unfriendly Privacy2010/06/09
    Facebook recently changed its privacy settings to make many more things public - without their users' permission - and made it ridiculously difficult for an ordinary person to opt out of this system.
  78. Internet Censorship in Australia: Recap and Update2010/05/25
    The Australian government has delayed its controversial Internet censorship legislation - but the fight isn't over yet!
  79. The Digital Copyright Debate2010/05/06
    Our digital society raises new issues for content publishers and users. Ordinary users want more choice, while publishers want to lock down their content to protect against piracy.
  80. We Know Where You Are2010/04/22
    Location-based Internet services make our lives easier, but also pose some risks and dangers. In this episode, we look at ways of maximising the benefits while minimising the risks.
  81. Top Ten Internet Controversies of the Twenty-First Century2010/03/31
    We present and discuss ten of the most controversial Internet stories of the last ten years.
  82. Feed The World2010/03/17
    If you're publishing information on the Internet, how are you pushing it out regularly to people who are interested? Web feeds (blogs are the most common example) are a powerful option - even better than e-mail now, for a number of reasons.
  83. On-Line Collaboration: The Tools2010/03/04
    In our previous podcast we discussed the principles of on-line collaboration. In this episode we look at some practical tools for doing this well.
  84. On-Line Collaboration: The Principles2010/02/18
    The Internet has made it far easier to collaborate with others - your clients, suppliers, colleagues and even competitors. Here's how to start thinking about creating effective collaborations.
  85. Google vs Beijing2010/02/03
    Google hit the headlines recently, publicly threatening to pull out of China after its Gmail servers were hacked. There's a lot more to this story than meets the eye, though; and we look at some of the motivations behind Google's threats, as well as explaining how this story affects you as an Internet user.
  86. Our Predictions for 20102010/01/14
    Chris and Gihan make 10 predictions about what's coming up in the next 12 months in Internet technology and use.
  87. 2009 - The Year in Review2009/12/21
    At the start of 2009 we made ten predictions for the year ahead. Join us for the final podcast of the year, where we look back at our predictions and report on how well - or badly! - we did.
  88. Personal Productivity 2.02009/12/05
    How do you stay on top of e-mail, Webbrowsing, Twitter, podcasts, and taking part in on-line communities?
  89. It's an Open and Shut Argument2009/11/04
    It's the battle between two hip, smart and innovative technology companies: Google and Apple. Google is open, flexible and free; Apple is closed, tightly controlled and expensive. What happens when they clash, and which philosophy will win out in the long run?
  90. News Media or New Media?2009/10/19
    Will the Internet kill journalism? It's not the first time the question has been asked, but it's become particularly relevant now. Join Chris and Gihan as they go head-to-head on this issue in our first Focal Point debate.
  91. New Rules for Humans - Part Two2009/09/24
    This is the second of our two-part series commenting on Wired magazine's "new rules for highly evolved humans".
  92. New Rules for Humans - Part One2009/09/11
    Wired magazine recently published its "new rules for highly evolved humans". We like some and hate some - so listen to our take.
  93. We Love Google2009/08/21
    Google is the world's most popular search engine. But there's a lot more to Google than just searching. In this episode, Chris and Gihan share their top 10 Google tools.
  94. On-Line Music2009/08/06
    If you're new to the world of getting music on-line rather than buying it on CD, listen to this podcast, which describes the current state of play with on-line music, both for purchase and free.
  95. Are You The Weakest Link?2009/07/23
    Despite all the high-profile stories of viruses, scams and online security problems, technology really has improved our online security. But has it made our online lives safer? Maybe not, because now people are the weakest link in the security chain.
  96. The Internet Road Warrior2009/07/10
    How easy is it to travel away from home and still do "business as usual"? Gihan did this in June with a month in Prague. Find out how he used the Internet to make it work.
  97. Web Search Upstarts2009/06/26
    Many search engines have tried to knock Google off its perch as the clear leader in the search engine market. Most have failed, but two newcomers - Wolfram Alpha and Bing - might be giving it a run for its money.
  98. Technology Flops2009/06/11
    Chris and Gihan review a list of technologies that promised big things, but failed to deliver on those promises.
  99. All A Twitter2009/05/29
    Twitter is the latest Internet craze, but not everybody's convinced it's worthwhile - especially in your professional life. Join Gihan and Chris as they explain what it is, how it works and how to get the most out of it.
  100. The National Broadband Network2009/05/11
    Will the Government's $43 billion project be money well spent? We discuss the pros and cons of the National Broadband Network.
  101. Free is the New Business Model2009/04/23
    Web 2.0 takes publishing out of the hands of a few and puts it in the hands of the many. Is everything that's any good now free, and is everything that's free any good?
  102. Open Access2009/04/02
    Although some government information is still clouded in secrecy, governments ARE increasingly using the Internet to give citizens more open access to some of their data.
  103. The Wild Web - Regulating the Internet2009/03/16
    Government regulators are fighting a losing battle to gain control of online content and activities. How do you give people the freedom to express themselves while still protecting the rights of others?
  104. Cloud Computing2009/02/25
    With more mobile Internet access, there are advantages to keep your software, services and data in the "cloud" - i.e. on the Internet - rather than on your own hard disk. But this also presents risks and challenges.
  105. The Digital Economy - Are They Serious?2009/02/04
    The Australian Government and the new USA White House administration have both launched initiatives claiming to get in touch with their citizens via the Internet. But are they serious, or is it just window dressing for political purposes? Gihan and Chris discuss the pros and cons of the two governments' approaches so far.
  106. Predictions for 20092009/01/16
    Microblogging, crowdsourcing and online gaming - just three of the ten fearless predictions Gihan Perera and Chris Pudney make for 2009.
  107. Red Faces2008/12/05
    It's the Silly Season, so be careful what you do! With camera phones, YouTube, Facebook and online communities, it's easier than ever for your most embarrassing moments to spread like wildfire on the Internet.
  108. Will Australia Censor the Internet (even more)?2008/11/20
    The Australian Government is considering a controversial proposal to (further) censor the Internet for Australian Internet users. It's controversial because it's unworkable, ineffective and likely to cause more problems than it solves. Find out more about the issue as Chris and Gihan discuss both the technology and the politics behind the proposal.
  109. Think Local2008/11/04
    Any time you use the Internet, you have to remember we live in an international community. Some Web sites cater for international users; others don't. In this podcast, Chris and Gihan talk about internationalisation (or should that be internationalization) on the Internet, and what you have to know to enhance your on-line experience.
  110. Contributing to Online Forums2008/10/20
    It's in your best interests - as well as the interests of the group - to participate actively in online forums related to your expertise. Gihan and Chris discuss the do's and don'ts of taking part in on-line discussion groups.
  111. Tapping Into Online Forums2008/09/18
  112. Phone a Friend - or Ask the Audience2008/09/05
  113. Comparison Shopping Online2008/08/21
  114. Free Phone Calls - Skype and VoIP2008/08/07
  115. Find Your Market2008/07/24
  116. There's a Market for Everything2008/07/03
  117. Think Before You Write2008/06/12
  118. Music on the Web2008/05/29
  119. The Wisdom of Crowds2008/05/15
  120. Focal Point - Always On2008/05/01
  121. Focal Point - Back to the Future2008/04/16
  122. Focal Point - The E-Mail Tax2008/04/01
  123. Think For Yourself2008/03/20
  124. Focal Point - Creating Authority2008/03/06
  125. It Must Be True - I Saw It On The Internet2008/02/21
  126. Focal Point - Election Follow-Up2008/02/07
  127. Copyright and Copyleft2008/01/24
  128. Internet Predictions for 20082008/01/10
  129. Focal Point - Shopping Security2007/12/20
  130. Social Networking2007/12/06
  131. The Australian Federal Election and the Internet2007/11/22
  132. Focal Point - Social Bookmarking2007/10/11
  133. Focal Point - Information Feeds2007/09/20
  134. YouTube and the Politician2007/09/06
  135. Focal Point - Wikipedia2007/08/23
  136. Focal Point - Phishing2007/08/02
  137. Focal Point - eBay2007/07/12
  138. What is Web 2.0?2007/06/07
  139. Focal Point - Flickr.com2007/05/21
  140. Google, Privacy and You2007/05/03
  141. Be An Affiliate2007/04/12
  142. Outsourcing - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly2007/03/27
  143. Blogging - The New Wave2007/03/12
Talent Everywhere - with Chris Pudney and Gihan Perera
Modern teams aren't restricted by physical proximity, and leaders will look everywhere for the best people to work together to achieve their goals. Their teams have full-time people and part-time people, in-office people and telecommuters, permanent staff and contractors, freelancers and salaried employees - and everybody else who fits.

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