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  1. Music IQuiz #25 - Who Put the Bomp 2014/06/14

    See if you can sing along to these 10 nonsense song titles.
  2. Music IQuiz #24 - Labels 2014/05/25

    This quiz will test you on how well you can "label" music.
  3. Music IQuiz #23 - Under Cover 2014/04/26

    We play a round of original or cover, plus hear some very different cover versions of well known songs.
  4. Music IQuiz #22 - It Takes Two 2014/04/13

    For show 22, it as a number 2 themed show.  I play you a 22 second clip from minute number 2, of the 2nd song from the bands 2nd album.  Confused?
  5. Music IQuiz #21 - Smoke Gets In your Eyes 2014/03/23

    Smoking is bad for you but it is sometimes good for setting the mood in music.  See if you can name  smoking tunes.
  6. Music IQuiz #20 - Beep Beep 2014/03/09

    We take a look at songs all about cars. Vroom!!! Vroom!!!
  7. Music IQuiz #19 - Sample This 2014/02/23

    On this weeks show you will have to pick out the original song that is sampled in each of 10 tracks I will play for you.
  8. Music I-Quiz #18 - Do's and Don'ts 2014/01/25

    Do you know your do's from your don'ts in the world of music.
  9. Music IQuiz #17 - 2013 in review 2013/12/28

    A look back at the year in music with questions about the biggest hits of the year.
  10. Music IQuiz #16 - Christmas Time 2013/12/15

    Christmas songs sung by different voices are on the quiz today.  How many can you name?
  11. Music IQuiz #15 - Animal Planet 2013/11/24

    This quiz focuses on animals that feature animals in the title.
  12. Music IQuiz #14 - Stormy Weather 2013/11/16

    Today you will be tested on your summertime storm songs. 
  13. Music IQuiz #13 - Happy Birthday 2013/11/03

    Instead of halloween songs, we're doing birthday tracks.  Plus you'll need to guess some famous couples in music
  14. Music IQuiz #12 - I Love Rock N Roll, Do You? 2013/10/20

    On this epsiode you will have to rely on your Rock n Roll knowledge, specifically songs about Rocking and Rolling.
  15. Music IQuiz #11 - Sarah 2013/09/08

    Meet Sarah, my talking robot who will be doing todays questions
  16. Music IQuiz #10 - Movie Magic 2013/08/18

    On this weeks quiz you'll need to identify the 80s movies that featured these 10 hit songs.

    Plus a great Movie Mashup from the Film Genie all to sounds of The Beatles' Yesterday/  check it out here

  17. Music IQuiz #9 - It's All About the Melody 2013/08/10

    I strip back some tunes to their most elemental form.  See if you can guess the 10 songs.  Plus a very special guest appearance.
  18. Music IQuiz #8 - 4 Letter Words 2013/07/28

    No, the Music IQuiz hasn't gotten explicit.  This week we examine band names that have only 4 letters.  Plus a new game where you have to guess the common thread between 3 musical acts
  19. Music IQuiz #7 - Instrumentals and Acapellas 2013/07/21

    A quiz in two opposite parts today.  The first all about instrumentals, the second songs that feature no instruments at all.

    Plus a special a capella song scramble mash up brought to you by this lady - Lauren King

  20. Music IQuiz #6 - What's that Instrument 2013/07/07

    Today you'll need to identify some different and quite unusual instruments from the world of rock and pop music.  Plus another year of music is song-scrambled
  21. Music IQuiz #5 - Do Right Woman, Do Right Man 2013/06/29

    This week there is only one thing you'll need to know.  Is it a man or is it a woman???
  22. Music IQuiz #4 - Days of the Week 2013/06/23

    The Beatles said there were 8 days a week - how many songs about days of the week do you know.  Plus another song scramble from a year in music.
  23. Music IQuiz #3 - What's the Time 2013/06/13

    We tell the time on this weeks show with songs that mention specific times in their lyrics.
  24. Music IQuiz #2 - Electric Boogaloo 2013/06/09

    On this weeks show we have some guest guitarists for you to guess, we go back in time and visit a year in music plus we welcome back a special "devilish" guest that was a favourite from the old podcast
  25. Quiz Take Two - Part One 2013/05/31

    After an extended break the Music IQuiz is back, testing your musical IQ each week with a series of audio questions.  Join me this week where I ask questions about songs that are questions.  Plus we delve back in time and vist a year of music
Music IQuiz
A weekly all music quiz podcast with audio questions from all genres and eras of music.

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