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Salem Avenue

  1. Return of Salem Avenue: Apples & Magic2016/10/03

    Eclectic and unedited podcast of pagan/wiccan everyday life. For those who are newer pagans or just curious about wiccans. Herb and stone lore and small magics.
  2. Naughty Fairies2008/06/30

    What is the dark side of the fairy kingdom, the Unseelie Court?
  3. Go Fly A Kite2008/05/06
    What do kites have to do with magic?
  4. Ladies of the Evening2008/04/04

    Queen of the Night, Queen of Sorceresses
  5. Children of the Darker Gods2008/03/04

    Dark does not mean evil.
  6. Mix It Up2008/02/13
    Mix up some herbal recipes to make you look and feel better from top to bottom.
  7. Alters2008/01/01

    Alters are a focus point, a place for ritual, meditation and a workspace.
  8. Accentuate the Positive2007/12/06

    Enhance your magical energy with jewelry and accessories this holiday season.
  9. Wear it Well2007/11/23

    What do the clothes you wear tell other people about you? Learn what to wear to appear your most magical for the holidays.
  10. The Wild Hunt2007/10/29

    A haunting nightmare. A show reminiscent of real old time radio.
  11. Voodoo2007/10/01

    What do voodoo dolls, zombies and Haiti have in common? Find out by listening. Where do zombies come from?
  12. What Would Witches Do? Part III2007/09/14

    How do you ask for justice and retribution when someone truly wrongs you?
  13. Where the Wild Things Are2007/08/13

    Make some magic with wild plants. Find out where the wild things are and what to do with them when you do find them.
  14. What Would Witches Do?2007/07/28

    What do witfches do when they have an irritating person who is impossible to deal with?
  15. Going Batty2007/06/12

  16. Work and Pray2007/05/17

    What is a prayer? What, in particular is a witch's prayer?
  17. May Wine and Crystals2007/05/01

    Make a bowl of May wine.
  18. For the Birds2007/04/24

    Find out which birds are magical
  19. Sharin' O' the Green2007/03/15

    Learn about plant and herb magic. Enspell herbs.
  20. Spell This2007/03/03

    It's been a magical year. Now, what are we going to do with all this magical energy?
  21. Creature comforts2007/02/15

    It's the love month, so let's talk about a different kind of love.
  22. Love Magics2007/02/07

    What to do to make more magical love vibrations enter your home.
  23. Winter Witchery2007/01/29

    Cooking up some winter magic. What stone do you need if you feel isolated and alone?
  24. January on the Avenue2007/01/25
    Magic in the cold months, the wolf moon and small household magics.
  25. Numbers & Magic2006/11/19

    Learn what numbers are lucky or not. Make a witches ladder. The nine most essential stones to have.
  26. Samhain2006/10/18
    It's my favorite time of year again.
  27. Toads & Magic2006/09/04
    Everything you always wanted to know about toads and MORE! Enter our contest by becoming a fan of the show. Apologies for delay in posting this episode. Expteme computer problems prevented uploading.
  28. Rainy Night on Salem Avenue2006/05/03
    Use the wind and rain to put some magic in your life.
Salem Avenue
Salem Avenue is a mystical state of mind! This podcast will show you how to put a bit of magic in your life through simple things. Curious about pagans? Pagan yourself? Salem Avenue is a talk show about living every day with magic. Learn stone lore, animal lore herb and color magic and more.

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