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Signal and Noise

  1. Signal and Noise Promotion.2007/12/17
    I am producing a new show.
  2. Signal and Noise 0072008/06/09
    Technology, media and society.
  3. Signal and Noise 006.2008/06/09
    Technology, media and society.
  4. Signal and Noise 005.2008/05/27
    Technology, media and society.
  5. Signal and Noise 004.2008/05/24
    Technology, media and society.
  6. I Remember Joe: A 2008 Tribute2008/04/01
    Joe Murphy Memorial Show
  7. Signal and Noise 003.2008/01/10
    Technology, media and society.
  8. Signal and Noise 002.2007/12/20
    Technology, media and society.
  9. Signal and Noise 001.2007/12/20
    Technology, media and society
  10. Signal and Noise Transition.2007/12/17
    I am producing a new show.
  11. Off Topic Talk Farewll.2007/11/14

    Where I've been and what happens next.
  12. Off Topic Talk microcast 007 How to destroy the earth.2007/07/23

    A short top 10 list of ways to destroy the earth.
  13. Off Topic Talk show 016. Invention machines, zombies and good news for blood transfusions. Also couple of guest commentaries. 2007/06/13

    We talk about Blood, zombies and inventing machines. Pamela weighs in with me on actors and with Vic on convention clothing.
  14. Off Topic Talk microcast 007 Happy birthday to OTT.2007/04/30

    Off Topic Talk is one year old. Happy birthday to me.
  15. Off Topic Talk show 015 Giant rabbits and a video, Trans-humanism, Ray Kurzweil, Tom Smith - the worlds fastest filker. 2007/03/14

    We talk about transhumanism, now that I know what it is. Giant rabbits, Ray Kurzweil, filk music and Tom Smith.
  16. Off Topic Talk microcast 006 An exoskelton for walking impairments.2007/02/27

    U of M devlops an exoskelton to assist people with limited nerve and muscle damage to walk.
  17. Off Topic Talk Brain Dump.2007/02/12

    A random collection of stuff that spilled out of my brain.
  18. Off Topic Talk microcast 005 Sealand is for sale.2007/01/29

    The smallest nation in the world is up for sale.
  19. Off Topic Talk show 014 Interesting news and videos, human enhancements, 7th Son podiobook, listen to Johnathon Coulton. 2007/01/24

    We talk some more about the prospect of human enhancement through advancing medical tech.
  20. Off Topic Talk Late show notice. 2007/01/16

    Why is the show late? My computer ate the file. Sorry.
  21. Off Topic Talk Winter holiday show CHristmas, Agnostica, DiWali, and several others along with some seasonal music. 2006/12/19

    Several winter and christmas seasonalized songs. A brief discussion about other winter season holidays and warm thoughts for all.
  22. Off Topic Talk microcast 004 Moonbase Alpha at last.2006/12/18

    NASA plans to go back to the moon and set up shop.
  23. Off Topic Talk show 013 Interesting news and videos, human chemical enhancements, go to the theater. 2006/11/26

    I've got a collection of articles ranging from medication to Lasers in music, to vibrating apples. We're also going to talk about the chemically enhanced human. I encourage you all to go to the theater. The music this week is Walking on the Edge by Penda's Fen.
  24. Off Topic Talk show 012 Interesting news and videos, taking life for granted, Evil podcast story. 2006/11/20

    I've got another collection of interesting news and video about Stone Henge, the Sony Reader, sign language and permanent memory for humans. A discussion about taking things for granted. Close out with music from Jeff Shields, Frogger 5.
  25. Off Topic Talk Halloween show Jack OLanterns, horror podcast, Halloween days in the past, dark music. 2006/11/01

    The origin of the Jack OLantern and Halloween trivia, COme Let Me Whisper- a podcast of great horror stories. what happened on Halloween day in the past. Squalid Rooms by Hybris at Magnatune.com.
  26. Off Topic Talk show 010 Medical tech, immortality, Shadowmagic, cool vids and news. 2006/10/23

    I spend a bit of time talking about my mild obsession with medical technology and why that is. I encourage everyone to go and listen to the podiobook Shadowmagic. I've got a number of pretty cool links dealing with invisibilty, war and medical tech. We close up with a really nice song from the group Falling You.
  27. Off Topic Talk show 009 Pennsic, Obesity and video games, Riddick and Snake bite suite. 2006/10/15

    This week we talk about the great Pennsic war. I have a little feebdack on child obesity and video games. We have a brief talk about why the film Chronicles of Riddick is quite good. We finish up with several interesting websites to look at and then Snaek bite suite by Heavy mellow.
  28. Off Topic Talk microcast 003 A new breed of electric car.2006/09/19

    Tesla motors introduces the latest in the evolution of electric cars and it's a beautiful piece of work.
  29. Off Topic Talk Special edition 002 Where I've been for the last month.2006/09/13

    Personal life issues have kept me away. Thanks for being patient, I'll have a new show up soon.
  30. Off Topic Talk microcast 002 An update on the Cassini spacecraft.2006/08/05

    A special show to highlight the current status of the Cassini spacecraft. Also to get people to look at the amazing picture show NASA and JPL have.
  31. Off Topic Talk microcast 001 A news item on advancements in medical prosthetic technology.2006/07/11

    This is a special edition to point out a fascinating article in medical prosthetic technology advances.
  32. Off Topic Talk show 000 The Introductory Show2006/04/30

    This is short description show to let new listeners know what this is about.
Signal and Noise
Signal and Noise. The podcast about news in technology society and the media.

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