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  1. Deep Set2014/09/21

fingers farnsworth
Growing up in a musical family, my father Tom “fingers” Farnsworth has been rocking the keys for over 40 years. Early on he introduced me to records, sounds, and flavors from San Francisco’s psychedelic movement to early funk and soul and disco. Influenced by a diverse range of sounds, I dove into San Francisco’s underground house movement in 1994.

After moving from NorCal to San Diego, the house flavor that I was bringing – SoCal heads from LA to SD were eating it up. This led to gigs with some of my admired peers such as Kevin Yost, Sen-Sei, Doc Martin, Dj Sneak, Halo, Hipp-e, Lance DeSardi, Mike “Agent X” Clark and Roy Davis Jr.

Next stop -- Humboldt County -- I joined forces with the beautiful local collective DeepGrooveSociety. I played some of my most memorable shows with and to some of the best househeads in California. Whether it be a glorious full moon party in the Redwoods, a small swetty bar on Arcata Square, or a day party on the Trinity River--it was always soulful and beautiful and well done. DGS and myself also started a monthly event "Mint" at 6Rivers Brewery in September 2005 and brought in such acts as Sen-Sei, Anthony Mansfield, Gabriel Black, and Neon Leon to a small, vibrant, rocking music scene.

Now back in San Diego and looking for good parties with good people. It's a simple equation for me.

no b.s...just good music, friends, a cold beer, and a good time

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