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  1. Thyroid and Adrenal Function Testing and Restorative Exercise2014/09/01
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  2. How to Avoid Pro-inflammatory Foods and Portion Control When Cooking2014/08/04
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  3. How to Fortify Your Immune System and Why Salt Affects Each of Us Differently2014/07/01
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  4. Food Sensitivities, Real Food and Healthy Eating2014/06/02

    An Hawthorn Institute teleclass series about food sensitivities with Paula Bartholomy, Director of Hawthorn University and Dr. Liz Lipski.

    Now Free! An archive of Liz's work from 2004 to 2008, this site provides relevant, researched, cutting-edge information from top holistic experts.www.AccessToHealthExperts.com
  5. The New Sweeteners Agave Nectar and Lo Han and Essential Minerals for New Mothers2014/05/21
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  6. Enjoy Home Cooked Meals and the Benefits of Healthy Fats2014/05/05
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  7. The Role of Adrenal Function in Stress and Targeting the Barriers That Prevent Weight Loss2014/04/30
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  8. Essential Nutrients for Treating Insommnia and Making Relaxation a Daily Ritual2014/04/02
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  9. The Fit 10™ Program: Build Strength Without Stressing Your Back or Joints2014/03/12
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  10. Navigating Reality with Greater Fluidity, Spirituality of Essential Oils and Models of Reality2014/02/19
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  11. The Unique Differences in Each Individual's Weight Loss and The Weight Loss Barriers Women Face2013/06/07
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  12. The Basics of Genetically Engineered Foods, Side Effects of Eating Them and How to Avoid Them2013/05/17
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  13. Porphyrins and How They Work in Our Body, Testing Porphyrins and Heavy Metal Toxicity2013/04/26
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  14. The Connection Between Intensity to Workout Time and Strength to Burning Fat2013/04/05
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  15. Guided Imagery Techniques and The Unique Experiences of Each Individual2013/03/16
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  16. Substitutions for Baking: Eggs, Baking Powder and Xylitol2013/03/01
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  17. What You Need to Know About Raw Diets and Healthy Sweeteners2013/02/12
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  18. Everyday toxins we are exposed to and lab testing that is right for you2012/12/18
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  19. Just 10 Minutes Of Exercise A Day And Why Aerobic Exercise Falls Short 2012/11/26
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  20. Organic and Free-Range: The Importance of Whole Foods in Our Diet2012/11/12
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  21. Acid Blockers & Digestion and Understanding Your Body and What Feels Right to You2012/10/29
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  22. Rebecca's Cabbage Crunch Recipe and the Health Benefits of Cilantro2012/10/05

    An Access to Health Experts interview with special guest Rebecca Katz author of "One Bite At A Time". In this interview Rebecca gives us her easy and nutritious recipe for cabbage crunch. She also discusses cilantro and its detoxifying benefits.

    Visit www.AccessToHealthExperts.com for interviews, special reports, articles, and much more.
  23. Everything You Need to Know About Essential Amino Acids2012/09/21
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  24. Five Obstacles That Keep You From Exercising2012/09/07
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  25. How to Relieve Stress with Restorative Yoga and Nutrients for Better Sleep2012/08/17
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  26. How to Prepare, Relax and Enjoy Your Healthy Meal and Why Grains Are Not for Everyone2012/02/25
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  27. Emotional Eating and Hormone Testing2012/01/23
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  28. Is Your Emotional Life Making You Feel Sick? Learn How Emotional Freedom Technique Can Help2011/11/10
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  29. How the Thyroid Affects Breast Health and Using Chinese Medicine for A Healthier You2011/10/20
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  30. Could You Be Suffering from Celiac Disease? Learn the Common Symptoms2011/09/29
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  31. Learning How to Use Guided Imagery To Utilize Your Innate Healing Powers2011/09/15
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  32. Finding the Underlying Issues Before Prescribing Medications2011/08/25
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  33. Your Natural Rhythms and Getting Your Body Into Sync2011/08/04
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  34. The Autism Diet and Picky Eaters: How to Introduce Healthy Fats that Promote Healing2011/07/15
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  35. What is in Your Supplements? From Binders to Fillers, What You Need to Know2011/06/30
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  36. A Flexible, Healthy Approach to Cooking at Home on a Busy Schedule2011/06/09
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  37. The Benefits of Cooking Grain-Free: Delicious Meals and Healthy Fats2011/05/19
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  38. Emotional Eating and Hormone Testing2011/04/28
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  39. Exercise Less To Boost Your Metabolism2011/04/07
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  40. Essentials for The Healthiest Meals on Earth2011/03/17
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  41. Environmental Heavy Metal Toxicity and How to Detoxify2011/02/24
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  42. Learn How to Make Gluten-Free Granola2011/02/03

    An Access to Health Experts interview with special guest Dr. Liz Lipski. In today's cooking lesson, Liz will show you how to prepare delicious gluten-free granola.

    Access to Health Experts is not only an interview series; it's also a membership website featuring user forums, special reports, and much more. Visit www.AccessToHealthExperts.com for more information.
  43. The Motivation for Doing A Low Impact Workout2011/01/13
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  44. How Important It Is To Stop and Live in the Present Silence?2010/12/23
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  45. The Broken Promise of Genetically Modified Foods2010/12/02
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  46. Navigating the Core and Changing Perspective From Who Am I? To Where AM I?2010/11/11
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  47. Gluten Free Baking Products and Recipe Conversions2010/10/21
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  48. Wonderful Baking Soda! And Out-Gassing2010/09/30
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  49. Supplement Your Prescription: What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutrition2010/09/09
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  50. Are Zeolites and Glycol Nutrients Effective Cancer Treatment Options?2010/08/19
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  51. Foods that Help You Balance the Yin and Yang of Your Chi2010/07/29
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  52. Hidden Food Allergies and Who Should Avoid Fasting2010/07/08
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  53. Dangers of Lowering Cholesterol with Prescript. Drugs: How Diet and Exercise Help Cholesterol2010/06/03
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  54. Food and Behavior, Jump Starting Your Exercise Routine, and The Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue2010/05/10
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  55. Be a Green Machine! Learn the First Steps to Becoming Green in Your Own Home2010/04/29
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  56. Testing For Autistic Children and Adding Cultured Foods to Their Diet2010/04/08
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  57. Digging Deep with Guided Imagery to Help Reveal Our Hidden Problems2010/03/18
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  58. Cherry Bake Recipe: A Traditional Comfort Food Gets a Healthy New Make-Over2010/02/25
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  59. Toxins, Oh My! The Basics of Toxins and How Different Toxins Affect Different People2010/02/04
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  60. The Effect of Stress on Our Bodies2010/01/14
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  61. Cooking for Health and Nutrition: Vegetables and Plant Foods2009/12/17
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  62. Treating Chronic and Long-term Lyme Disease and Answers to Your Important Questions About Lyme2009/11/12
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  63. Foundations and Methodologies of Alternative or Complementary Medicines2009/10/01
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  64. Guided Imagery: Healing the Body from Within2009/09/17
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  65. Diagnosing Food Cravings and Amino Acid Assessments2009/08/27
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  66. Bone Health During Menopause2009/08/06
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  67. Nutrition for Kidney Transplants2009/07/31
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  68. The Underlying Issues to Weight Gain and Food Cravings2009/07/02
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  69. Living Without Mold: How to Prevent and Get Rid of Toxic Mold in Your Home2009/06/18
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  70. The Benefits of Using Exercise and Diet to Lower Cholesterol2009/05/29
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  71. Guided Imagery: How Stress Creates Physical Problems and Amplifies Disease2009/05/12
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  72. Testing For Your Autistic Child and Introducing Fermented Foods Into Their Diet2009/04/16
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  73. What Metabolic Testing and How It Can Improve Your State of Rest and Exercise 2009/04/02
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  74. How to Detox and Get Lighter2009/03/19
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  75. Improve Your Health and Environment by Living Green2009/03/05
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  76. Medications May Be Depleting Your Body of Necessary Vitamins and Minerals2009/02/19
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  77. Detoxification Questions and the Nutritional Quality of Food and Herbs2009/02/05
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  78. Keeping Your Herbal Infusions Simple2009/01/22
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  79. Keeping Your Bones Strong, Flexible, and Healthy2009/01/15
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  80. Digestive Wellness in Autistic Children: Special Diets and Food Replacements2009/01/08
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  81. Your Lifestyle Choices on the Road to Better Health2009/01/01
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  82. Helpful Tips for Weight Loss and Your New Year's Detoxification Program2008/12/25
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  83. Food Allergies and Our Health2008/12/18
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  84. Vitamin D and Its Relationship with Cancer and Vitamin D Levels2008/12/11
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  85. Vegetarian Diets and the Healing Benefits of Spices and Herbs2008/12/05
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  86. Examining Water Crises and It's Molecular Structure2008/11/27
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  87. Whey Protein, Cage Free Eggs, and the Politics of Statin Drugs2008/11/20
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  88. Who is Contaminating Our Food?2008/11/13
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  89. The Benefits of A Natural Food Diet in Children with Autism2008/11/06
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  90. Lab Testing Basics and How Testing Can Benefit You2008/10/30
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  91. Detoxification During Pregnancy and the Levels of Detoxing2008/10/23
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  92. Living Healthier in A Toxic World of Stress and Malnutrition2008/10/16
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  93. Autism and Development: How Food Sensitivities and Picky Eating Affect Behavior2008/10/09
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  94. Our Natural Detoxification Cycle2008/10/02
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  95. Functional Medicine and the Difference Between Food Sensitivities and Food Allergies2008/09/25
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  96. A Link to Disease: Deficiencies and Toxicities2008/09/18
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  97. How Acid Alkaline Balance Affects Your Bone Health 2008/09/11
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  98. The Relationship Between Digestive Health and Weight Loss2008/09/04
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  99. One Man's Journey From Sickness to Wellness2008/08/28
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  100. Essential Information for Strong Bones2008/08/21
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  101. Gaining Optimal Quality of Life with Integrative and Functional Medicine2008/08/14
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  102. Soil-Based Probiotics and Special Growing Techniques2008/08/07
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  103. Video: Weight Management2008/08/03
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  104. The Truth About Autism and Prevention2008/07/31
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  105. Flouride, Sealants, Xylitol and Dental Health2008/07/24
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  106. Your Drinking Water: Treatment and Filtration2008/07/17
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  107. Gluten Intolerance and Immune System Health2008/07/10
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  108. What You Need to Know Before Your Next Dental Visit2008/07/03
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  109. The False Negative: Why Gluten Testing is not Always Accurate2008/06/26
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  110. Genetics and Exercise2008/06/19
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  111. Factors You Should Be Aware of When Choosing Dietary Supplements2008/06/12
  112. Integrative Medicine: The Philosophy and Practice of Elson Haas2008/06/05
  113. Video: Irritable Bowel Syndrome2008/06/01
  114. Organic Foods Vs. Genetically Modified Foods2008/05/29
  115. Starting a Detoxification Program Unique to Yourself2008/05/22
  116. Video: How To Make Chicken Soup2008/05/18
  117. How Herbal Infusions Benefit You2008/05/15
  118. Cancer and Nutrition: Questions From Callers and Detoxification for Cancer Patients2008/05/08
  119. The Dangers of Mercury Fillings and Finding A Good Holistic Dentist2008/05/01
  120. Healing With Food: Superfoods and the Three Basic Supplements Everyone Should Take2008/04/24
  121. Video: Adrenal Fatigue, Part 2 of 22008/04/21
  122. Easing the Pain and Symptoms of Lyme Disease2008/04/17
  123. Liver Loving and Colon Caring Foods for a Detox Diet2008/04/10
  124. Video: Adrenal Fatigue, Part 1 of 22008/04/07
  125. Herbal Infusions: What They Are and How to Make Them2008/04/03
  126. A Detoxification Diet: Finding One that Is Right for You2008/03/27
  127. Your Dental Health Is Trying to Tell You Something!2008/03/20
  128. Organic Fertilizers and the Nutrient Cycle in Soil2008/03/13
  129. The Eating for Health Model: Booster Foods and Detoxification2008/03/06
  130. Video: Essential Information About Vitamin D2008/03/02
  131. Raw Milk Benefits for Your Health2008/02/28
  132. Vitamin D Supplements: The Correct Dosage to Benefit You2008/02/21
  133. Healthy Soils Produce Healthful Foods2008/02/14
  134. Eating Locally and Your Health2008/02/07
  135. Video: The Health Benefits of the "Elimination Diet"2008/02/04
  136. Your Body and the Detoxification Process2008/01/31
  137. The Healthful Benefits of Making and Eating Fermented Foods2008/01/24
  138. The Link Between Cancer and Nutrition: Insulin Resistance and Digestion2008/01/17
  139. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Reducing Inflammation and Fatty Acid Deficiencies2008/01/10
  140. Be A Nutritional Sleuth: Skin Conditions and Vitamin D Deficiencies2008/01/03
  141. Sugar Addiction and What it Does to the Body2007/12/27
  142. Video: Detoxification and Cleansing for Great Health2007/12/24
  143. On Your Way Down the Road to Financial Freedom2007/12/20
  144. Eating Healthy: Local, Fresh Foods All Year Long!2007/12/13
  145. Fermented Foods: What are they?2007/12/06
  146. Maintaining Good Health During Cancer Treatment2007/11/29
  147. A Good Broth Can Resurrect The Dead!2007/11/22
  148. Personalized Fatty Acid Testing and Therapies2007/11/15
  149. Preventing Disease and Illness with Vitamin D2007/11/08
  150. Eating Locally: Motivate Yourself to Eat Healthier!2007/11/01
  151. Differences Between Acute and Chronic Lyme Disease2007/10/25
  152. Why Soil Quality Directly Affects the Food You Eat2007/10/18
  153. Protective and Healing Measures for Cancer2007/10/11
  154. Exposure to Toxins in Our Environment Related to Obesity2007/10/04
  155. What is Water Filtration Doing to My Water?2007/09/27
  156. Supplements that Help Support the Metabolism of Sugar and Healthy Fats2007/09/20
  157. Total Body Health: Premature Aging, Vitamin Deficiencies, and Homeopathic Remedies2007/09/13
  158. The Great Soy Debate and The Facts About Leaky Gut Syndrome2007/09/09
  159. The Health Benefits of Fermented Foods2007/09/06
  160. Soothing the Stomach and Gut in No Time!2007/09/02
  161. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet2007/08/30
  162. Children's Wellness: The Digestive System, Chiropractic Adjustments, and Collicy Babies2007/08/26
  163. The Potency, Purity, and Quality of Nutritional Supplements2007/08/23
  164. Our Relationship With Water: Theory and Perceptions2007/08/16
  165. The Connection Between Fatty Acids and Brain Function2007/08/09
  166. Chronic Back Pain: Sources and Treatments2007/08/02
  167. The Scoop on Soy and Powerhouse Foods2007/07/26
  168. Getting Out of Debt Easily2007/07/19
  169. A Healthy Lifestyle During Menopause2007/07/12
  170. Why Our Toxic World Makes Us Fat - Obesity and Toxins2007/07/05
  171. New Advances in Cancer and Heavy Metal Toxicity2007/06/28
  172. What Sugar Does to Our Bodies2007/06/21
  173. What You Need To Know About Lyme Disease2007/06/14
  174. Investing In Your Future, Not Your Debt2007/06/07
  175. Soothing A Collicy Baby and The Chemicals Our Children Are Exposed To Everyday2007/06/03
  176. Be A Nutritional Sleuth: Decoding Your Body's Messages2007/05/31
  177. Genetically Engineered Foods and Your Health2007/05/27
  178. Spine Health and Your Nervous System2007/05/24
  179. Detoxing and Fatty Liver Disease in Children2007/05/20
  180. Purity and Pollutants in the Water We Drink2007/05/17
  181. Get Rid of Those Pesky Fungal Infections2007/05/13
  182. Cancer Treatments: The Pros and Cons of Chemotherapy2007/05/10
  183. Hydrochloric Acid and Digestion: Maintaining a Proper Balance2007/05/06
  184. The 12 Different Menopause Types2007/05/03
  185. The Hidden Chemicals in Our Foods2007/04/29
  186. Feed Your Genes As Well As Your Body2007/04/26
  187. Thyroid Health Is Important To Breast Health2007/04/19
  188. Gluton Intolerances and Parasites2007/04/15
  189. Does Buying Organic Protect Us From Genetically Modified Foods?2007/04/12
  190. Why Is Our Food Is Making Us Sick?2007/04/08
  191. Exercise & Digestion -- Keys to Fight Depression and Diabetes2007/04/05
  192. Underlying, Internal Health Problems Can Translate into Beauty Problems2007/04/01
  193. Old Age=Aches & Pains? Not Necessarily!2007/03/29
  194. How to Choose Your Enzyme Supplements2007/03/22
  195. Magnesium - Critical to Body Acid/Alkaline Balance2007/03/15
  196. The Power of Ceremony to Heal Our Being2007/03/08
  197. Enzyme Supplements -- Clean Up Your Blood!2007/03/01
  198. Is Your Health Foundation in Place? Alkaline/Acid Balance2007/02/22
  199. Relationship -- The Other Person is Not You!2007/02/15
  200. Explore the Essential Connection between Love and Communication2007/02/08
  201. Key to Rebuilding Bone: Vitamin D Absorption2007/02/01
  202. Rolfing -- Extreme Makeover from Inside-Out2007/01/25
  203. Pilates -- RejuvenateThat Body!2007/01/18
  204. Staying Motivated -- Your New Year's Fitness Resolution2007/01/11
  205. Aboriginal Healing Wisdom2006/12/28
  206. True Generosity: Secret to a Healthy Relationship2006/12/21
  207. Discover Your Fitness Personality Type2006/12/14
  208. Do You Have a Magnesium Deficiency? Many do.2006/12/07
  209. Functional Medicine Vs. Conventional Medicine2006/11/30
  210. Natural Alternatives To Statin Drugs2006/11/23
  211. Hormone Balancing to Alleviate Menopause-Related Symptoms2006/11/16
  212. The Importance of Nutrition Lables2006/11/12
  213. Would a Genetically Personalized Lifestyle Program Be Beneficial to You?2006/11/09
  214. Solutions for Picky Eaters and Type 2 Diabetes2006/11/05
  215. You Can Prevent Unnecessary Wear and Tear on Your Body!2006/11/02
  216. What You Should Know About Artificial Sweeteners2006/10/29
  217. Vitamin C, Herbs, and Natural Remedies Can Help Lower Your Stress!2006/10/26
  218. Spices And The Benefits They May Have on Your Health2006/10/22
  219. How Are Your Anxiety Levels Affected by Food Allergies And/Or Sensitivities?2006/10/19
  220. Lifestyle Issues That Can Create Health Problems2006/10/15
  221. Exercise and Bone Health2006/10/12
  222. Eating Better to Sleep Better2006/10/08
  223. Psychiatry Vs. Integrative Medicine2006/10/05
  224. Infant Health: Breast Feeding to Prevent Colic2006/10/01
  225. Should You Take Supplemental Enzymes?2006/09/28
  226. How is Anxiety Effecting Your Biochemistry and Your Sleep?2006/09/21
  227. You Can Avoid Energy Burn-Out Throughout the Day!2006/09/17
  228. Is the Specific Carbohydrate Diet Right for You?2006/09/14
  229. Tips for Taking a Pro-Active Approach to Your Health2006/09/10
  230. Learn About the Native American Medicine Wheels!2006/09/07
  231. What You Should Know About Irradiated Foods, Sweeteners, and Preservatives2006/09/03
  232. Traditional Vs. Nutrigenomic Testing2006/08/31
  233. Tips for Identifying Early Health Issues2006/08/27
  234. Coping With Menopausal Symptoms2006/08/24
  235. The Differences Between Food Sensitivities and Food Allergies Revealed2006/08/20
  236. Schizophrenia and Multiple Sclerosis May be Related to Gluten Intolerance2006/08/17
  237. Can Your Supplement Company Back Their Quality Claims?2006/08/10
  238. Learn the Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome2006/08/07
  239. What Probiotics Can Do For You2006/08/03
  240. How Digestion Relates to Your Immune System2006/07/31
  241. What Is Preventing You From Exercising?2006/07/27
  242. You Can Better Absorb Magnesium2006/07/20
  243. The Differences Between Plant-Based Enzymes and Animal-Based Enzymes2006/07/13
  244. Tips to a Happy, Healthy Relationship2006/07/06
  245. Could You Benefit From Aston Patterning?2006/06/29
  246. Are You Aware of Genetically Engineered or Modified Foods?2006/06/22
  247. Natural Approaches to Menopause Problems2006/06/15
  248. Are You at Risk of Being Over-Medicated?2006/06/08
  249. Secrets to Naturally Reduce Anxiety2006/06/01
  250. Learn How to Control Your Appetite and Turbo-Charge Your Metabolism2006/05/25
  251. Build Strong Bones with Vitamins and Minerals2006/05/18
  252. Healthy Digestion and Happy Skin2006/05/11
  253. Guidelines for How to Eat Your Way to Health2006/05/04
  254. A Modern Twist on the Ancient Healing Practice of Fasting2006/04/27
  255. Are You One of the 75% of Americans who are Magnesium Deficient?2006/04/20
  256. How Does Your Personality Type Relate to Your Fitness Instinct?2006/04/13
  257. Discover How You Can Prevent Bone Loss2006/04/06
  258. What You Should Know About Statin Drugs2006/03/30
  259. Is Codex Alimentarius threatening our health freedom?2006/02/17
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