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Larry Killip (music artist) podcast

  1. When I Was A Boy - More about this album - Larry Killip chats2014/07/21
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  2. 1950s interview with Luthier Mr Zettwitz2014/06/24

    Transcribed from a 1950s broadcast acetate disc, an interview with Luthier Mr Zettwitz of Auckland New Zealand. Introduction by Larry Killip
  3. The Dallas Four - Larry Killip talks to Jim Ford and Graham Gill.2014/01/30
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  4. Larry Killip talks to NZ songwriter Shade Smith (The Rumour)2013/08/07
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  5. Larry Killip talks about his album When I Was A Boy2012/11/02
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  6. Larry Killip talks to Dave Kennedy NZ 60's rocker 2009/11/23
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  7. Larry Killip talks to Judy from 60's duo The Chicks2009/08/01

    Larry Killip chats with Judy Hindman (nee Donaldson) from New Zealand 1960s pop duo "The Chicks". Insights into the times and what it was like to be rising pop stars in New Zealand at a very young age back then. 15mins duration.
  8. Larry Killip talks about his song Waterfall2009/04/22

    A candid talk through of the song "Waterfall" by Larry Killip, Larry is an independant artist from New Zealand.
  9. Larry Killip talks about his song Wella Wella Wella Bella2008/07/23

    Larry Killip talks about his song Wella Wella Wella Bella from his new album Never Going Back. Larry is a songwriter producer from New Zealand and writes Melodic Rock/Pop with retro flavours.
  10. Larry Killip talks about his song "Then There Was You"2008/07/05
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  11. Larry Killip talks about his song "I Wanna Be Free"2008/02/22

    This is a brief chat about my song "I wanna Be Free' which reached number 1 on Cashbox Magazine Pop picks Indie charts feb 2008. I play some riffs from the song on my Les Paul Gold Top, and generally chat about how the song was put together. See the video on Youtube (search "larry killip").

  12. Larry Killip rambles on his acoustic guitar2008/02/12

    Just rambling on my acousitc guitar, an old epiphone blonde I bought in the 70's.

    Rough as, just scatting.

  13. Larry Killip talks about his song 2008/02/12

    My first podcast...albeit with laryngitis!! This is a brief chat about my song "Never Going Back", I play the guitar, and discuss that the song is about my mother leaving home when i was very young.

    Here's the page for my album: www.lkmusic.co.nz/ngb.htm
Larry Killip (music artist) podcast
Larry Killip is a songwriter artist from New Zealand,Larry writes and produces his own unique style of retro pop/rock.

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