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The Thorax and Mai Tai Show!

  1. Episode 12... Finally!2006/12/05
    Sorry we've been away so long. Because of our absence, enjoy this special hour-long episode!
  2. The Episode with a lot of Shamelss Plugs and Laughs2006/11/20
    The title says it all. LISTEN!!! COMMENT!!! LOVE US!!!
  3. The Episode with Gaydar in the Hizzouse!2006/11/16
    Gay life in the Midwest, featureing Gaydar! What could be more funny?
  4. Episode 9, or How many Star Wars movies there should be.2006/11/15
    Episode Nine. Nice. Niche. Nietzsche. Nein. Listen to it! Schnell!
  5. The One Episode that Came Eighth2006/11/14
    Episode Eight! Up, running, and ready to listen to. Another 40 minutes of fun!
  6. Mel Gibson is our Ligth Elemental2006/11/14
    That's right everybody, Episode 7 is up! It's the funniest yet, trust us. And they only get better from here!
  7. Send Mai Tai a Tea Gift Set For Hanukkah2006/11/12
    Episode 6! We've got as many episodes as there are Star Wars movies!
  8. Election 2006, Bad Music, Good Times2006/11/08
    The fifth amazing Episode!!! BAM!
  9. Buttered and Fergalicious2006/11/07
    The fourth Episode! They just keep getting funnier!
  10. Sadasses-R-Us2006/11/06
    The third HILARIOUS Episode of The Thorax and Mai Tai Show!!!
  11. Vote No On Dirty Girls2006/11/05
    Episode two, recorded shortly after Episode one.
  12. Rock Effort Snow Globe Levitating Supermodel Trailers2006/11/05
    The first episode of the Thorax and Mai Tai Show! Check it out!
The Thorax and Mai Tai Show!
Come, listen to the fabulous musings of Thorax and Mai Tai, the craziest duo in the Midwest, and now the WORLD! This is definitely NOT your typical "day-in-the-life" show.

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