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  1. February 2019 - International Military Vehicles, New Body Armor and Autonomous Truck Convoys2019/02/06

    In this podcast, National Defense Magazine looks at the expansion of the International military vehicle market for U.S. contractors, the Pentagon’s new body armor for ground troops and how the Army is gearing up for autonomous truck convoys.

  2. January 2019 - Next Gen Squad Rifle, Navy Training & Network Capabilities 2019/01/08

    In this podcast, National Defense Magazine looks at the Army’s next-generation squad rifle program, how the Navy is turning to simulator training and how the five-G wireless network could revolutionize artificial intelligence for the military.
  3. December 2018 - Training the Space Force, GPS III Launch and Mine Warfare 2018/12/04

    In this podcast, National Defense Magazine looks at the military’s plans to train the space force, the upcoming launch of the GPS three satellite and the next-generation of mine warfare.
  4. November 2018 - Columbus-Class Submarine, Directed Energy and B-21 Bomber2018/11/06

    In this podcast, National Defense looks at the new Columbia-class submarine program, whether the Pentagon and industry can deliver when it comes to directed energy weapons and the tough choices ahead for the B-twenty-one program.
  5. October 2018 - Next Gen Combat Vehicle, Navy and Neuro-Weapon Attack2018/10/09

    In this podcast, National Defense Magazine looks at the Army’s next generation combat vehicle, how the Navy plans to rethink their Force Structure Composition and the new details surrounding the Neuro-Weapon attacks in Havana
  6. September 2018 - Robotic Jets, Marine Corps' New Amphibious Vehicle and Battlefield Fuel2018/09/04

    In this podcast, National Defense Magazine looks at the potential for robotic jets, the Marine Corps’ new amphibious vehicle and whether common windshield wiper fluid could be used as a fuel in battlefields.
  7. August 2018 - Research and Development Big Bets2018/08/08
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  8. July 2018-Improving Lethality of Weapons, New Space Launch Options & Advanced Super Hornet Cockpit2018/07/10

    In this podcast, we examine how the military is seeking to improve the lethality of its weapons, the exploration of new launch options of small satellites in order to protect the U.S. space architecture, and the development of a more advanced cockpit for the block 3 F-A-18 Super Hornet.
  9. June 2018-Technology Shortfalls in the Arctic, Ground Robots & GPS Alternatives2018/06/05

    In this podcast, we examine special technology requirements the military needs to operate in the Arctic, a new family of robots designed to help protect bomb squad technicians, and the need to find alternatives to GPS.
  10. May 2018-Special Operations Command's Ten 10 Technologies2018/05/03

    In this podcast, we look at Special Operations Command's top 10 technology needs.

  11. 355: Is Navy Shipbuilding Vision Real or a Mirage? 2018/04/12

    In this podcast, we examine the Defense Department’s push to build a 355-ship Navy, an anticipated rise in hypersonics funding and the Army’s work to develop autonomous convoys.
  12. March 2018-A look at ground robots, unmanned aerial platforms and nuclear cruise missiles 2018/03/08

    In this podcast, we examine the Navy’s work to partner up unmanned aerial platforms, the Army’s strategy to ramp up robotics acquisition and the Defense Department’s goal to develop a nuclear-armed sea-launched cruise missile.
  13. February 2018-Dominating the Battlefield: Upgraded equipment to give dismounted troops the edge2018/02/05

    In this podcast, we look at how industry is helping to give dismounted troops the advantage on the battlefield.
  14. January 2018 - Tunnel Warfare: Technologies for finding and defeating underground strongholds2018/01/03

    In this podcast, we look at methods to counter tunnel warfare, the Marine Corps' push to leverage new technologies and the military's attempts to protect itself against GPS interference.
  15. December 2017 - Training for Tomorrow: Advanced technologies to revolutionize military simulations 2017/12/06

    In the December podcast, we look at the future of military virtual reality training tools, the Army’s efforts to strengthen its tactical command posts, and the joint program executive office’s plan for a new chemical-biological protection suit.

  16. November 2017 — Nuclear Triad: The High Cost of Global Strike2017/11/03

    In the November 2017 podcast, we look at the U.S. military's efforts to bolster its global strike capabilities, a competition to replace the Air Force's missile field security helicopters, and plans to upgrade the Reaper unmanned aircraft fleet.
  17. October 2017 — Tank Vs. Tank: Russia Challenges Abrams for Fighting Vehicle Supremacy2017/10/11

    In the October 2017 podcast, we look at how a new Russian tank could offer a challenge the U.S. Army's Abrams, how troops are taking advantage of smartphone technology and how artificial intelligence can help defeat roadside bombs.
  18. September 2017 — Light Attack: Can the Air Force change the way it acquires new aricraft?2017/09/07

    In the September podcast, we look at the Air Force's effort to procure a new commercial off-the-shelf light attack aircraft, the potentially widespread applications for airborne lasers in the military, and how a forthcoming satellite constellation could bring an upgraded communications capability to ground forces …
  19. August 2017 — Missile Defense: Nations race to meet rising threats2017/08/02

    In the August 2017 podcast, we look at the Defense Department’s effort to modernize its nuclear triad of bombers, submarines and ground-based missiles.
  20. July 2017 — Need for Speed: The Promise and Peril of Hypersonics2017/06/29

    In the July podcast, we look at how the U.S. military is seeking more funding to develop offensive hypersonic weapons and the means to counter them, the Defense Department's new campaign to integrate artificial intelligence technologies across intelligence systems and the Navy's progress on developing the railgun advanced weapon system.
  21. June 2017 — F-35 Global Sales: Exports expected to drive down joint strike fighter's price tag2017/06/05

    In the June 2017 podcast, we look at the production costs of the F-35 joint strike fighter for international customers, how the Army could replace aging Bradley fighters with a next-generation combat vehicle and Special Operations Command's progress on developing a full body armor "Iron Man" suit to protect commandos. This podcast is sponsored by Amazon's GovCloud.
  22. May 2017 — Special Operations Forces2017/05/05

    In the May 2017 podcast, we look at how Air Force Special Operations Command is preparing to test an airborne directed energy weapon, whether the Army's next-generation combat vehicle will be robotic and the Coast Guard's budgetary "no man's land."
  23. April 2017- Army Aviation: The Next Generation2017/04/06

    In the April 2017 podcast, we look at new designs for the Army's future vertical lift aircraft program, Boeing's efforts to resurrect older F/A/-18 Hornets and Super Hornets for the Navy and Marine Corps, and why service officials are saying they need the joint light tactical vehicle sooner and in bigger quantities.
  24. March 2017- Carrier Showdown: F-35C under pressure to fend off Super Hornet challenge2017/03/07

    In the March 2017 podcast, we look at the shifting political winds that could lead to more F/A-18 Super Hornets and less F-35 joint strike fighters for the Navy, how shipbuilders are looking to answer the service's call for a larger fleet, and how driverless trucks are poised to join military operations.
  25. February 2017 - No Rest For the Weary: Special Operations Forces Brace For New Challenges2017/02/09

    In the February 2017 podcast, we look at how the role of special operations forces may change under a new administration, an innovative Defense Department cybersecurity program and how the Pentagon is using contests to counter enemy drones. This podcast is sponsored by Amazon's GovCloud.
  26. The Next Frontier- Space industry navigates complex challenges in military market2017/01/04

    In the January 2017 podcast, we look at the challenges facing a critical Navy communications satellite program, how the service is looking to equip its next littoral combat ships with unmanned systems and the future of the Defense Department's new innovation unit.
  27. Beyond Gaming: Army to Push Limits of Virtual Reality2016/12/02

    In the December podcast, we look at how the U.S. Army is working to push the limits of virtual gaming and augmented reality technologies to improve training simulations, progress in the military ground robot market and why the Defense Department is actually paying people to hack its information technology systems.
  28. Battlefield 2030: Threats Driving Technology Investments - November 20162016/11/03

    In the November podcast, we look at four areas where the U.S. military will have to fight under challenging conditions in the future: anti access/area denial; urban environments; space; and climate change.
  29. Future Army: How the next wave of tech will change the battlefield - October 20162016/10/03

    In this podcast, we look at the development of the Warrior Web robotic exosuit program, that could reduce war fighter fatigue and prevent injuries, new improvements to night vision technology that help to reduce the size, weight and power consumption of goggles, and how the U.S. Navy is seeking to make unmanned underwater vehicles interoperable with other unmanned platforms.
  30. F-35 Prepares for War - September 20162016/08/30

    In this podcast, we look at how the F-35 joint strike fighter is gaining more support as the Marine Corps and Air Force variants reach major program milestones, how the Pentagon's nuclear modernization plans could be downsized during the final months of the Obama administration, and a new, strong fiber for soldier's protective garments genetically engineered from spider silk.
  31. Air Force Launches Competition For Future ICBM - August 20162016/07/28

    We look at the Air Force's plans to replace the aging Minuteman III nuclear missile, a program developing stealthy, hybrid electric motorcycles that could help soldiers and special forces conduct quieter missions, and how the military is working to make laser technology a reality.
  32. Presidential Helicopter Approaches Key Milestone - July 20162016/06/30

    We look at the next step for the presidential transport helicopters Marine One, which are ready for a replacement after years of delays, how a proposal to restart production on the F-22 Raptor fighter jet may be gaining traction, and what is keeping the tactical wheeled vehicle market in a slump.
  33. Lockheed Seeking More International F-35 Sales to Reduce Cost of Fighter - June 20162016/05/31

    We look at which countries are helping to foot the bill for the forthcoming F-35 Lightning II, how the Defense Department is modifying its energy strategy, and the Army's work on a robot designed to protect soldiers from bullets.
  34. Special Warfare Aircraft: Upgrades Focus on Performance — May 20162016/04/27

    In this podcast we look at planned modifications to the CV-22
    Osprey, a new facility to better connect special operations
    officials with innovative companies and the fight over Air Force
    space launch contracts.
  35. The Road Ahead for the Humvee: Army Faces Tough Choices on Future Truck Buys — April 20162016/03/24

    In this podcast we look at how rising maintenance costs could affect Air Force modernization, the Army's search for more effective vehicle armor and the impact the Mobile User Objective System will have on military communications as it becomes fully operational.
  36. The Coming Swarm: Thinking, Interactive Robots Could Overwhelm Adversaries — March 20162016/02/29

    In this podcast we look at the Air Force's efforts to develop thinking, collaborative robots; how reductions to the Navy's littoral combat ship program could affect the shipbuilding industry; and Air Force Special Operations Command's work to equip a gunship with a laser weapon.
  37. More Ships on the Way: Budget Boosts for New Cutters Marks Turning Point for the U.S. Coast Guard — February 20162016/01/28

    In this podcast we look at how the Coast Guard will benefit from increased funding in fiscal year 2016, a defense lab's efforts to develop vanishing air vehicles and the uncertain future of homeland missile defense.
  38. Wearable Electronics Lighten the Load for Special Ops Forces — January 20162015/12/21

    In this podcast we look at U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command's use of portable electronics on the battlefield, the Army's plans to make ground robots a permanent part of its inventory and the Marine Corps' search for new capabilities.
  39. Shipyard Uses Digital Design to Tackle Rising Cost of Aircraft Carriers — December 20152015/11/23

    In this podcast we look at a shipbuilder’s use of augmented reality technology to cut costs in the construction of the Navy’s Ford-class carriers, how new simulation technology will revolutionize the way fighter pilots train and the effects of the long-range strike bomber award on the defense industrial base.
  40. Pentagon Invests in Future Force Technologies — November 20152015/10/29
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  41. Army in Search of Soldier-Friendly Power Sources — October 20152015/09/28

    In this podcast we look at the military's need for cutting edge technologies to power dismounted troops, the Army's future vertical lift program and the creation of a new defense agency with roots in the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization .
  42. Small but Deadly: Military Prepares to Fight Enemy Drones — September 20152015/08/21

    In this podcast we look at a Defense Department demonstration to test counter-drone technology, an Air Force contest to develop a new turbine engine and the use of a cognitive computer system to aid defense and intelligence experts .
  43. Pressure Mounts to Fund Ohio Replacement — August 20152015/07/16

    In this podcast we look at funding challenges for the Navy's Ohio replacement submarine program, the competition for an Air Force contract to revamp its joint surveillance and attack radar aircraft and the Marine Corps' development of small, inexpensive robotic platforms to use in future warfare.

  44. Military Shifts to Lighter Tactical Trucks — July 20152015/06/22

    In this podcast we look at U.S. Special Operations Command's push for lighter tactical trucks, the uncertain future of directed energy weapons, and a competition that has contractors jockeying for the chance to build a drone that can be launched off a small ship.
  45. Plan of Attack: Northrop Grumman Makes Big Play for Air Force Jet Trainer — June 20152015/06/03

    In this podcast we look at Northrop Grumman's big play for top military aviation contracts, the Air Force's plan to boost its budget to prepare for future conflicts in space and the Army's effort to define the role for driverless vehicles in its inventory.
  46. SOCOM 'Iron Man' Suit: Pipe Dream or Reality? — May 20152015/04/29
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  47. Defense Technology At a Crossroads: Can the Pentagon Regain Its Innovation Mojo? — April 2015 2015/03/24
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  48. Boeing Under Mounting Pressure to Deliver New Tanker - March 20152015/02/24
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  49. Will the F-35 Be Ready? - February 20152015/01/30

    In this podcast, we look at the joint strike fighter program, nuclear power plants on new submarines, and unmanned aerial systems degree programs.
  50. Joint Aircraft: Pentagon Determined Not to Repeat Past Mistakes - January 20152015/01/09

    In this podcast, we look at how the services are working to avoid past mistakes of joint programs, the use of prize challenges to address technological problems and the future of Marine Corps connectors.
  51. The Making of a Drone Pilot - December 20142014/11/26

    In this podcast, we look at the training of unmanned aircraft pilots, how government and industry are combating the Islamic State's social media campaign, and the Navy’s mobile user objective system communication satellite .
  52. November 2014 - The Top Ten Disruptive Technologies for a New Era of Global Instability 2014/10/30

    In this podcast, we look at the top ten disruptive technologies for a new era of global instability as chosen by the writers and editors at National Defense Magazine.
  53. The Army's Push to Connect Ground Vehicles to Communication Networks - October 20142014/09/25

    In this podcast, we look at the Army's push to connect ground vehicles to communication networks, frustrations with ground robot acquisition programs and the Navy's 3D printing efforts.
  54. The F-35 Market - September 20142014/08/29
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  55. The Military's Laser Weapons - August 20142014/07/22

    In this podcast, we look at the military's laser weapons, how low readiness is plaguing the Navy's amphibious ship fleet and the so-called cyber labor shortage.
  56. Controversy Surrounding the RD-180 Engine - July 20142014/06/23

    In this podcast we look at controversy surrounding the RD-180 engine, a brewing competition to replace the Air Force's JSTARS program and new nonlethal weapons.
  57. Efforts to Secure the Border - June 20142014/05/27

    In this podcast we look at efforts to secure the border, a federal rule that is barring companies and entrepreneurs from using drones for commercial purposes and new missions for Marines.
  58. Equipment Needs for Special Operations Command - May 20142014/04/23
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  59. China’s Navy Takes Great Leap Forward — April 20142014/03/26

    In this podcast, we look at China's navy, cuts to the littoral combat ship fleet and how mine-resistant, ambush protected vehicles are being used by law enforcement agencies.
  60. 3D Printing Promises to Revolutionize Defense, Aerospace Industries — March 20142014/02/21

    In this podcast, we look at how 3D printing could revolutionize the defense and aerospace industries, a potential battle over Army aviation and new cyberthreats.
  61. The United States' Growing Interest in the Arctic - February 20142014/01/27

    In this podcast, we look at the United States' interest in the Arctic, the military's response to the deadly hurricane in the Philippines and how troops are training for "a day without space."
  62. New Engine Could Revolutionize Helicopter Industry - January 20142013/12/16

    In this podcast, we look at a new engine that could revolutionize the helicopter industry, the potential for robots to fight alongside Marines and the demand for new mobile devices in the Defense Department.
  63. Training Trends in Unmanned Aviation - December 20132013/11/25

    In this podcast, National Defense takes a look at training trends in unmanned aviation, ship operation and cultural interactions.
  64. Trends That Will Shape the Defense Industry - November 20132013/10/24

    In this podcast, National Defense identifies five key trends that will influence the defense industry’s approach to developing next-generation weapons and related systems.
  65. Industry's and Congress' Push to Keep the Abrams Tank Production Line 'Hot' - October 20132013/09/26

    In this podcast, we look at industry's and Congress' push to keep the Abrams tank production line 'hot', the potential for cyber-attacks that could destroy critical infrastructure and new advancements in night vision technology.
  66. The Booming F-16 Upgrade Market - September 20132013/08/19

    In this podcast, we look at the booming F-16 upgrade market, the future of unmanned underwater vehicles and new textile technology that can help soldiers better blend in with their surroundings.

  67. The End of the Army's Search for an M4 Carbine Replacement — August 20132013/07/23

    In this podcast, we look at the end of the Army's search for an M4 carbine replacement, the building of a nationwide public safety network and how technology like Google Glass can be used on the battlefield.
  68. Industry's Fierce Competition to Build the Navy's Carrier-Based Drone - July 20132013/06/25

    In this podcast, we look at the fierce industry competition to build the Navy's carrier-based drone, how the government wants to turn humans into sensors and how one company is condensing a DNA laboratory into a box about the size of a desktop copy machine.
  69. The Communication Needs of Special Operations Forces - June 20132013/05/23

    In this podcast, we look at the communication needs of Special Operations Forces, the rising costs of fielding a new polar icebreaker and the future of army aviation.
  70. The Future Missions of Special Operations Forces - May 20132013/04/25

    In this podcast, we look at the future missions of Special Operations Forces, the rise of non-military robots in the private sector and how 3D printing can be used on the battlefield.
  71. The Future of Army Aviation - April 20132013/04/02

    In this podcast, we look at the future of Army aviation, the deployment of the Navy’s littoral combat ship and how sports technology can be used on the battlefield.
  72. Rough Waters Ahead for Maintaining the Navy’s Surface Fleet - March 20132013/02/26

    In this podcast, we look at the rough waters ahead for maintaining the Navy’s surface fleet, the promise and problems of ‘Big Data’ and the future developments of ammunition.
  73. The Road Ahead for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle - February 20132013/01/25

    In this podcast, we look at the long road ahead for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, the state of military training video games and how drones are becoming helicopter sidekicks.
  74. Army Training for the Future - December 20122012/11/16

    In this podcast, we look at new Army training strategy, the role of Marines in protecting U.S. diplomatic installations abroad and the recent creation of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Caucus in the Senate.
  75. New Wave of Global Threats - November 20122012/10/31

    In this podcast, we explore the top five threats to national security in the coming decade.
  76. Treating Brain Injuries - October 20122012/09/20

    In this podcast, we look at how one organization is working to treat brain injuries, how unmanned aircraft manufacturers are looking overseas for new markets and the uncertain future for the MRAP.
  77. The Uncertain Future of Aircraft Carriers - September 20122012/08/22

    In this podcast, we look at the uncertain future of aircraft carriers, how America’s electrical grids may be making us vulnerable to attacks and why companies are adopting military training technology for civilian use.
  78. The Development of Non-Lethal Weapons - August 20122012/07/16

    In this podcast, we look at how the Defense Department is developing non-lethal weapons, how security firms are working to stop piracy and the murky outlook for the Department of Homeland Security’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
  79. Stopping the Chinese Hacking Onslaught - July 20122012/06/26

    In this podcast, we look at ways to prevent Chinese hackers from stealing valuable trade secrets, concepts for teaming manned and unmanned aerial vehicles and a robot that looks like silly putty.
  80. Army's Pursuit of Armored Vehicles - June 20122012/05/30

    In this podcast, we look at the foreign and domestic armored vehicles the Army is pursuing, the military’s effort to reduce battery weight and the attempts by space industry and agencies to lower launch costs.
  81. Growth of Special Operations Command - May 20122012/04/25

    In this podcast, we look at the growth of special operations command, trends in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and the hurdles for drones to fly in national airspace.
  82. Cuts to Submarine Programs - April 20122012/03/26

    In this podcast, we look at the cuts to submarine programs, trouble in the cluster munitions business, and the possibility of permanent Coast Guard bases in the Arctic.
  83. Budget Watch - March 20122012/02/28

    In this podcast, we look at the Pentagon’s plans to equip the U.S military for future wars.
  84. Avatars in Military Training Systems - February 20122012/01/24

    In this podcast, we explore the invasion of avatars in military training systems, modernization plans for helicopters and the post-wars outlook for robot-makers.

  85. The Rise of Smartphones - January 20122011/12/22

    In this podcast, we explore the rise of smartphones, the Marines’ helicopter replacement program and military academies filling the nation’s cybersecurity gaps.

  86. Gaming Technology Puts Soldiers' Boots on the Ground - December 20112011/11/22

    In this podcast, we explore the future of training, the Army’s restored combat choppers and staggering cybertheft losses.
  87. Ten Technologies the U.S. Military Needs for the Next War - November 20112011/10/31

    In this podcast, we explore the ten technologies the U.S. Military needs for the next war.

  88. Scientists in Pursuit of Life Saving Uniforms - October 20112011/10/03

    In this podcast, we explore scientists’ pursuit of life saving uniforms, the competition to refurbish Humvee trucks, and the likelihood that small unmanned planes will be able to fly in U.S. airspace.

  89. Troops’ love-hate relationship with the MRAP - September 20112011/09/06

    In this podcast, we explore the troops’ love-hate relationship with the mine-resistant ambush-protected trucks rushed into battle zones to protect troops from roadside bombs. We look at the arrival of new air force cargo planes as well as widespread cyber-espionage against U.S. firms.
  90. Cyberwarriors Wanted - August 20112011/07/27

    In this podcast, we focus on the severe shortage of cybersecurity experts, tech-warriors that are changing the face of the army and power generating military trucks.

  91. Making Weapons Out of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - July 20112011/06/30

    In this podcast, we focus on making weapons out of unmanned aerial vehicles, the Pentagon’s attempt to play catch-up with bomb makers, and the government’s green investment strategy.
  92. Smartphones for Soldiers - June 20112011/06/03

    In this podcast, we focus on smartphones for soldiers, the Navy’s shipbuilding challenges and plants that can detect explosives.
  93. New Ways Special Operators are using Unmanned Aerial Systems - May 20112011/04/29

    In this podcast, we focus on new ways special operators are using unmanned aerial systems, the industry’s pursuit of faster helicopters, and how solar power can lighten troops’ battery load.
  94. Plans for Army Helicopters - April 20112011/03/28

    In this podcast, we focus on the plans for army helicopters, technology for dismounted soldiers, and better robot prosthetics for injured soldiers.

  95. The World of Supercomputers - March 20112011/03/02

    In this podcast, we focus on the world of supercomputers, a new joint Navy and Army ship, and challenges developing a new ground combat vehicle.
  96. Army Looks Ahead to the Next Generation of Body Armor - February 20112011/01/27

    In this podcast, we focus on the Army’s effort to improve body armor for foot soldiers, how the budget crunch is affecting the tactical wheeled vehicles market and a new idea that can help wounded warriors heal more quickly.
  97. Military’s Effort to Go Green - January 20112010/12/28

    In this podcast, we focus on the military’s effort to go green by replacing its fuels with alternative energy, Marine Corps plans to lighten its equipment and some details about the Stuxnet worm that has reportedly infected Iranian computers.
  98. New Simulation Technologies for Defense - December 20102010/11/22

    In this podcast, we focus on new simulation technologies for the defense and homeland security markets.
  99. Current state of Defense Department research and development - November 20102010/11/16

    Has the past ten years of war and the effort to get the latest and greatest technologies into the hands of war fighters resulted in basic research being ignored? Is America losing the innovation war when it comes to producing cutting edge weapons?
  100. Bringing Infantrymen into the Information Age - October 20102010/10/04

    In this podcast, we look at the Army’s efforts to connect foot soldiers to communication networks, uncertainties facing the future use of unmanned aerial vehicles and the Marine Corps’ plans to deploy solar energy at forward operating bases.
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