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Research Leadership Learning Center Podcast

  1. Bullying2012/03/21
    Dr. Robert Manley discusses bullying with Cindy Pierce Lee, SCOPE Associate Director for Community Services.
  2. APPR2012/02/29
    Dr. Robert Manley discusses teacher and principal evaluations with Dr. Carl Bonuso,former Superintendent of Schools in Wantagh, current editor-in-chief of the Long Island Education Review and Dowling College adjunct professor.
  3. Developing Leaders2011/12/19
    Dr. Robert Manley discusses the preparation of school leaders with Diane Impagliazzo and Dr. Thomas Kelly of Dowlng College.
  4. APPR2011/10/26
    Dr. Robert Manley discusses the current state of APPR in New York with Dr. Rich Bernato.
  5. School Leadership 2.02011/06/30
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  6. APPR Part 32011/06/10
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  7. Autism2011/04/15
    Dr. Rich Bernato interviews Dr. Eric Shyman of the Dowling School of Education about autism and a school's role in serving autistic students.
  8. School Libraries2011/02/23
    Dr. Rich Bernato interviews Gail Barraco, Coordinator of School Library System for Eastern Suffolk BOCES. They discuss the role of school libraries and librarians and their impact on instruction. Chris Kretz, chair of the Dowling Library, also joins the conversation to discuss the role of technology in libraries.
  9. APPR Part 22011/02/02
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  10. APPR Part 12011/02/02
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  11. Minority Teachers2010/12/16
    Interview with Lizette Wright, director of Dowling College's Center for Minority Teacher Development and Training.
  12. Charter Schools2010/11/10
    Dorothy Porteus, principal of the Riverhead Charter School.
  13. Poverty2010/10/13
    Dr. Martin Cantor discusses poverty and its effects on students and achievement.
  14. Trust2010/09/01
    Dr. Albert Inserra talks with Dr. Jill Karp on her doctoral research into the effects of trust on student efficacy.
  15. IBM Change Toolkit2010/08/18
    Dr. Mary Kelly discusses her research into the oneline IBM Change Toolkit with Dr. Richard Walter and Dr. Rich Bernato.
  16. Diversity2010/07/14
    Dr. Stephanie Tatum discusses diversity and leadership with Dr. Rich Bernato.
  17. International Leadership Seminar Series2010/07/13
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  18. Black Male Achievement2010/06/16
    Dr. Stephanie Tatum talks with Dr. James Brown about his recently completed dissertation, A Case Study of High-Achieving Black Male Students and Their Perceptions of the Causes for the Black-White Test Score Gap in a Long Island Middle School.
  19. Implementing RTI2010/05/26
    Dr. Steven Siciliano discusses his doctoral research into the implementation of Response to Intervention (RTI) on Long Island. Dr. Richard Bernato and Dr. Richard Walter join him in discussing the existing research behind RTI, issues for effective implementation, and the dangers of educational fads.
  20. Evidence Based Practice2010/04/28
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  21. Designing School Systems2010/04/07
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  22. Literacy2009/10/19
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  23. Early Childhood Education2009/09/16
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  24. Peace Education2009/06/25
    Peace Education. In this Spanish language episode, Dr. Elsa Sofia Morote interviews her father, Dr. Fernando Morote Solari. The topic is his book, China Frente A USA: Guerra Final, in which he takes explores a hypothetical war between the United States and China.
  25. Supervision of Teachers2009/05/28
    Supervision of teachers: Dr. Manley talks with Dr. Michael Hynes, Assistant Superintendent of Schools for the Plainedge School District and Erin Paschetta, District Administrator for Curriculum for the Comsewogue School District.
  26. Response to Intervention2009/04/14
    Dr. Rich Bernato speaks with Dr. Thomas Mangano, former principal from East Meadow, on Response to Intervention (RTI). Their conversation covers the methods behind RTI, its connection to No Child Left Behind (NCLB), challenges for school leaders and implications for staff development.
  27. Parenting2009/03/16
    Dr. Manley talks with Dr. Stan Friedland, co-author of the book An Orphan has Many Parents. The two discuss orphanages and the unique challenges of parenting.
  28. How School Boards Run2009/01/30
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  29. Cooperative Learning2009/01/05
    On this episode, Dr. Bob Manley discusses cooperative learning with Dr. Stan Friedland. With over 30 years experience as an educator on Long Island, Dr. Friedland is also an expert trainer in cooperative learning. He explains the concepts behind the cooperative learning process, how it can be implemented, and how it benefits students and teachers.
  30. Children With Autism2008/11/14
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  31. School Boards2008/10/14
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  32. Effective Schools2008/09/17
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  33. Multicultural Awareness in Long Island Schools2008/08/21
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  34. Skills for New Principals2008/07/01
    What skills do new secondary school principals need to succeed on the job? Dr. Rich Bernato talks with two experienced Suffolk County principals: Edward Casswell, principal of Mount Sinai High School, and Jim McCaffrey,long time adminstrator of a number of Suffolk schools and presently an administrative mentor to the Deer Park School District.
  35. Becoming a Superintendent2008/06/11
    How does one become a superintendent? Dr. Albert Inserra, former superintendent of schools in Carle Place and Port Washington and Dr. Richard Bernato, former assistant superintendent of schools for curriculum and instruction in Connetquot, discuss their experiences with Dr. Robert Manley.
Research Leadership Learning Center Podcast
Conversations about educational leadership with teachers, superintendents, principals, and researchers working on Long Island and at Dowling College. Sponsored by Dowling College's Research Leadership Learning Center.

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