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The Watchtower Podcast

  1. Episode 345: In Which Things Get NSFW2016/09/22
    We be back! Shayna and Moss at your service, talking comics and more! This episode we take a look at “that” page in Civil War II #5, talk over a great new project from IDW & DC, knock around who wins in a fight Batman or Boba Fett and Marvel’s doing WHAT as a variant […]
  2. Episode 344: The Itch to Rant2016/09/01
    This week on The Watchtower, there’s foul moods about! My friend over at the Outhousers, Jude Terror penned a scathing op-ed of the current comics system this week. We discuss it and if he’s right or wrong. Plus, The Other JT makes a rare comics appearance! All that and more, including reviews, previews and even […]
  3. Episode 343: In Which Something Amazing Happens2016/08/17
    SHOCKING, INCREDIBLE BREAKING NEWS IN THIS WEEK’S WATCHTOWER! Yes, that’s right, the headline would read: “PODCASTER HAS POSITIVE THINGS TO SAY ABOUT BATMAN V SUPERMAN; INTERNET STUNNED” and I think the end times are near, because that’s exactly what happened after Moss watched the Ultimate Cut of Dawn of Justice! Tune in to hear the […]
  4. Episode 342: To GenCon and Back Again2016/08/11
    After a break to head to Indiana, we are back! And what a world we’ve come back to! Everyone hates/loves Suicide Squad the same way they Hated/Loved Batman V Superman. Is this the new normal for Comic Movies? AND, a shocking twist in Superwoman #1 that might just be the fault of… good writing? Plus […]
  5. Episode 341: The Summer of ’692016/07/20
    We is back my friends! Another week another slew of comics news to get to… kinda. Truth be told we are in the SDCC Slump, where everyone is in Cali and nothing is going on. But that doesn’t stop us! Joining us this week is Shayna Hall, Social Media guru and comics nut and we […]
  6. Episode 340: A Good Death2016/07/13
    Oh, you thought we was d-e-d, dead? Like all comic book Deaths, our’s isn’t on that’s gonna stick! Welcome to a new era of THE WATCHTOWER! That’s right, it’s Moss and I can’t keep my mouth shut about comics any longer! So, lets jump right into it: Marvel’s going back to the well with MARVEL […]
  7. Travels In My Skin: The Saga of Owen Jensen2016/02/09
    The foremost Tattoo History show on the web is back for another round! Sometimes, things don’t end up where you think they will. In starting to research another topic for this latest episode of Travels In My Skin, I found myself pulled into the wiki-wormhole and fascinated by the life of renowned Tattooer and Machine […]
  8. Will & Moss’ Web of Awesome! Ep.003: Loop-de-Loop of DOOM2016/02/01
    Here we are again, friends! It’s the only show all about everyone’s favourite wall-crawler, that wise-cracking webhead, The Amazing Spider-Man! Will & Moss’ Web of Awesome aims to take you behind the mask and deep into the world of Spider-Man, right from the beginning! We will be chronicling Spidey’s entire Saga! Amazing Spider-Man #2 features […]
  9. Will & Moss’ Web of Awesome! Ep.002: The Vest of Many Faces2016/01/19
    It’s Back! The only show all about everyone’s favourite wall-crawler, that wise-cracking webhead, The Amazing Spider-Man! Will & Moss’ Web of Awesome aims to take you behind the mask and deep into the world of Spider-Man, right from the beginning! We will be chronicling Spidey’s entire Saga! In this episode, we painstakingly go through each […]
  10. Travels In My Skin: Who Invented The Tattoo Machine?2016/01/10
    The podcast full of tattoo history and tattoo mystery is back! Welcome to the first Travels In My Skin for 2016! Since it’s a new year, we thought we’d kick things off with something special. This show has always been about origins. The origins of tattoo art, the origins of tattoo culture and in this […]
  11. Travels In My Skin: Painless Nell & The Ladies of Tattooing2015/12/04
    Travels In My Skin is back and ready to get under your skin! This time around we take a look at a tattooer who was extremely successful, but remains largely outside of the Golden Age of Tattooing conversation: San Diego’s Painless Nell! Nell had a string of shops and worked with some of the biggest […]
  12. Travels In My Skin: Tattoos & Troublemakers2015/11/20
    That mischevious little show Travels In My Skin is back! And have we got a story for you this time! Today, entering a tattoo shop is much more comfortable and common than it was back in the day. Tattoo shops and tattooers were rough and tumble ready to make some noise when crossed! This is […]
  13. Episode 339: Vader Down, Down, Down2015/11/19
    Here we go loves, it’s a brand new Watchtower for you! And what’s in store you ask? Well, I imagine even DC was surprised to hear that Frank Miller is writing Dark Knight 4, since as it turns out, he may not have had much to do with Dark Knight 3. It’s been 23 years […]
  14. Will & Moss’ Web of Awesome! Ep.001: Origins2015/11/13
    To kick of the weekend, how about a brand new show for your listening pleasure, all about everyone’s favourite wall-crawler, that wise-cracking webhead, The Amazing Spider-Man! Will & Moss’ Web of Awesome aims to take you behind the mask and deep into the world of Spider-Man, right from the beginning! We will be chronicling Spidey’s […]
  15. Episode 338: The Iron Condom2015/11/12
    Though the hour is late, it’s always time a new episode of The Watchtower! As always, we tackle the hard-hitting issues like the Leia Gold Bikini controversy! Are you a wierdo for wanting it? Or just dumb for trying to cash in on it? Then, as Free Comic Book Day becomes larger and larger we […]
  16. Travels In My Skin: Great-Uncle Bert2015/11/06
    Travels In My Skin is back! The Tattoo Podcast unlike any other! Sometimes things have to go away before we can really find them and such is the case with Travels In My Skin. I’ve always wanted this show to be about the history and colorful charachters that laid the groudwork for the tattoo art […]
  17. Episode 337: Don’t Touch That Dial2015/11/04
    Well goodness gracious me, it’s a new episode of The Watchtower! Let’s be straight here: there’s not a lot happening in comics right now. As we wait for Secret Wars to (finally) end and the year starts to wind down, we take a look at Comics’ newest friend: TV! Supergirl is here, but suspiciously absent […]
  18. Episode 336: I Want It All & I Want It Now2015/10/22
    Great Scott! It’s Back To The Future Day! And, It’s The Watchtower! After an EXHAUSTING start to the week, we are here to bring you all the news and views that you can use, including reviews of last week’s books and a look at this week’s titles! Plus a major Cap villain has a new […]
  19. Episode 335: My Cap Wears a Cowboy Hat2015/10/14
    Welcome to the Truth, friends! It’s The Watchtower! For an unprecedented 3rd week in a row, we bring you a dose of the non-frightening lightning! NYCC has come and gone with a bit of a whimper, but there’s a Standoff afoot a Marvel! Plus We stole some audio from DC’s next Animated Feature, Batman: Bad […]
  20. Episode 334: Drawn By Frank Miller2015/10/07
    Hotter than a fresh-baked pie, it’s The Watchtower! In spite of some pretty great back pain medication, it’s a new episode of the Wathchtower, with all the good stuff you know and love! We break down the Frank Miller cover that broke the internet, yak about who’s really at fault for creators charging for signatures […]
  21. Episode 333: Later Than Secret Wars2015/09/30
    Just Kidding! Nothing is later than Secret Wars!! WE ARE BACK, KIDS! We’ve dusted off the mic, dusted off the comics and dusted off Donnie to bring you the first new Watchtower since January!! What have we got for you? We talk Secret Wars, Even Fatigue, the end of Variant Covers, Batman Day and More! […]
  22. Moss Talks: Season The Deuce2015/09/04
    Here we go, Cats and kittends! Season 2 of MossTalks lands with an audible thud! What have we got for you? How about somce comic talk about The Dark Knight III and the state of DC’s Financial woes? Then we dip into actual archives for some Tattoo history! After that, grips and graps as the […]
  23. Moss Talks: Season 2 Preview2015/08/21
    Hey Kids, did you think I’d forgotten you? Or that I was killed and eaten by a dinosaur? Or I fell down? Let’s be honest, any of those is possible… But no, I’m back and wanted to give a quick hello about the state of stuff, what’s coming up and what’s been going on! So, […]
  24. Moss Talks: In The Blink of An Ear2015/04/02
    Greetings again one and all! It’s a briefer time together this week, as I’ve been busier than a a mosquito at a nudist colony. But, that doesn’t stop the signal, or me listening to the sound of my own voice! While it’s a shorter show, there’s still lots to talk about! A quick comic and […]
  25. Moss Talks: Don’t Hold Up My Drive-Thru2015/03/25
    Once again, I have too much to say for it to stay unsaid! This week I’ve got a fist full of your letters and I’m gonna read ’em all, dammit! Plus it’s a special weekend and there’s a few things to say about that (for a change!) Where will the show go? Nobody Knows. Is […]
  26. Moss Talks: It’s Not a Product2015/03/19
    As it turns out, I just can’t stay away from you all! In the first of what will be a hopefully long-running series, I talk. That’s right, Comics, Tattoos and more are on the docket as we have us a chinwag! Where will the show go? Nobody Knows. Is there a limit? Doubtful. Will I […]
  27. Travels In My Skin Episode 002: Calgary2015/02/01
    Here it is, friends! The second episode of Travels In My Skin! This show focuses on Tattooing and Tattooers across North America as I travel from shop to shop and city to city during the 2014 Convention Season. In this episode of TIMS, we move a little more central-west and check in with the city […]
  28. The Watchtower Episode 332: Back from The Dead2015/01/29
    Here it is, my friends! The first Watchtower of 2015! What the hell have we been doing? Don’t worry about that now, Marvel and DC are doing things! We will tell you about them! Plus, we’ll talk about surprise book enjoyment, give a facelift to The Forecast and Donnie will tell you why you were […]
  29. While You’re @ Work – The ReRuns2015/01/05
    Hey! There seems to be an error somewhere in the process with While You’re @ Work epsiodes 49, 48, & 47. Since I am way to lazy to track down what the issue is, here they are again, re-posted! Enjoy ’em. Y’know, again.
  30. The Watchtower Episode 331: Thrill, As Old Men Talk!2014/12/23
    Here we are folks, the last Watchtower Episode of 2014! Where have we been? Find out within! Plus, we are both sick so apologies for the sound and vocal quality. That doesn’t stop us though as we take a look back at books we wish got more attention in 2014, speculate about where we see […]
  31. Travels In My Skin Episode 001: Seattle2014/12/16
    Welcome to a brand new show on Watchtower Radio, called Travels In My Skin! This show focuses on Tattooing and Tattooers across North America as I travel from shop to shop and city to city during this year’s Convention Season. On the first episode, we find ourselves in Seattle, testing out the digs at Artful […]
  32. While You’re @ Work: Episode 512014/11/28
    From Death Valley, Weighing 300lbs, it’s While You’re @ Work! Fun Fact: Dean Ambrose once assaulted two men with condiments! So hey. Have you ever wanted to hear Moss talk about Wrestling for 35 minutes? If so, oh man, are you in for a treat! Some of it’s even funny! Be Part of The Show! […]
  33. The Watchtower Episode 330: Programmed By You2014/11/27
    Once more ’round the sun, it’s The Watchtower! There is a whole lot of nothing happening in Comics right now, which is not unsual for this time of year. But we were lucky enough to get a letter from a very dedicated listener that might prompt a discussion or seven. Plus, we’ve got lots of […]
  34. The Watchtower Episode 329: The Fury of Donnie2014/11/13
    Back and back again, it’s The Watchtower! There’s a lot of stuff happening in comics… in May of next year. Right now though? Not so much. So, we take a look at Convergence and Secret Wars and get excited for some movies… in 2019. Kinda makes you wish the future was now, doesn’t it? The […]
  35. While You’re @ Work: Episode 502014/11/07
    Half a century of While You’re @ Work! Fun Fact: I used to drink Labatt’s 50 Ale by the case! For no reason whatsoever in this episode, we talk about Star Wars. It’s in the mix with some football talk, a NASCAR update, flying Jet Blue and New York Pooping. But, its in there. Be […]
  36. The Watchtower Episode 328: I Alone Love You2014/10/22
    Check it out! It’s a brand new, somewhat one-sided, episode of The Watchtower! It’s one-sided because when stuff like this happens, Donnie is called away to cover it! Which leaves Moss alone to drive the ship! Marvel in astonishment as he talks to himself about Lawn Ornament Wolverine, Marvel’s “revisiting” events and DC’s big move! […]
  37. The Watchtower Episode 327: New York, New York2014/10/16
    Fresh from New York Comic Con, it’s a new episode of The Watchtower! Yeah, there was a Con, but the real announcements came afterwards from DC & WB! We’re getting HOW MANY movies, featuring WHO?! Plus those Secret Wars, Jumping the Spider-Shark and Daredevil’s TV Duds! Plus, a whole bunch of comics you’ll want to […]
  38. The Watchtower Episode 326: It’s All About The Spider-Gwen, Baby2014/10/08
    Rock out with your comic book talk out! It’s a new episode of The Watchtower! We have tons to talk about this week, including RDjr dropping a “confirmation” about Iron Man 4, some cra-zy Avengers 3 (and 4?) rumors, an X-Men TV show and could it be? Could the future of Spider-Gwen be as close […]
  39. While You’re @ Work: Episode 492014/09/26
    The 49th Parallel of While You’re @ Work! Fun Fact: 49er, is the moniker of one who participated in the 1849 California Gold Rush, as well as the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers. As we gear up for a trip to Edmonton, Ari & I blow off steam by taking on silly TV shows, inaccuracies in […]
  40. The Watchtower Episode 325: In Which We Make No Friends2014/09/24
    Grab that low-hanging fruit and synergize that paradigm! It’s a new episode of The Watchtower! Movies Movies Movies! With Deadpool and Suicide Squad on the way, have we reached peak Superhero flick? Plus, a convention-goer asks a tough question and is torn apart for it, strange justice when it comes to Milo Manara and to […]
  41. While You’re @ Work: Episode 482014/09/19
    It’s Episode 48 of While You’re @ Work! Fun Fact: 48 is the number of a NASCAR car owned by Hendrick Motorsports, currently being driven by six-time Sprint Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson. But anyways, have you ever wondered what was going through Moss’ mind while watching wrestling? Me neither, but you’re about to hear […]
  42. The Watchtower Episode 324: The Doozy of a Twoozie2014/09/17
    Fresh from the tree! It’s a new episode of The Watchtower! A new face gets Crossed later on this year and it might just be enough to bring Moss back to the fold! Gotham is on our doorstep but do we relaly MORE Batman origins? Plus, Uncanny Avengers gets called to the floor and more […]
  43. While You’re @ Work: Episode 472014/09/12
    That’s right, not content to just sit by and let the world’s poops go unnoticed, it’s While You’re At Work! It’s been a summer of travel and we pooped on different continents! Get ready for plane horror stories and German Toilets! Be Part of The Show! Hit us up On TWITTER Join the Fun on […]
  44. The Watchtower Episode 323: In Which We Return. Period.2014/09/10
    For the first time in what seems like forever, it’s a brand new episode of The Watchtower for y’all! Happy to be back, we take on The Death of Wolverine, the second coming of the 3D Cover and dig around inside Original Sin! Plus we break down what few books we’ve managed to read in […]
  45. The Watchtower Episode 322: In Which We Return From SDCC2014/08/06
    Check it out, friends! It’s a brand new episode of The Watchtower for y’all! In this episode we get a first-hand SDCC wrap up, Dish on some of our favourite indie books and the state of Image and, oh yeah, there was a little movie that EVERYONE saw called Guardians of The Galaxy! Plus we […]
  46. The Watchtower Episode 321: Things and Other Things2014/07/16
    It’s a brand new Watchtower on San Diego’s Eve! Thus, on such a momentous occasion, we have a bunch of stuff to yak about. Marvel dropped a bombshell on The View (I think. I mean, who watches The View?), Archie is all dead and stuff, there’s a rumor that makes me actually want to see […]
  47. While You’re At Work: Episode 462014/07/11
    Proving we can occasionally do one thing right, it’s another edition of While You’re At Work! Ari makes a comedic discovery while Moss’s TV habits are called into question. And Poop. Be Part of The Show! Hit us up On TWITTER Join the Fun on Facebook! Leave a 60sec Phone Message: (347) 655-3000!
  48. While You’re At Work: Episode 452014/07/04
    Here we are with a Fourth of July edition of While You’re At Work! Will fireworks fly? Burgers be BBQ’d? Patriotism be pontificated? Only one way to find out!! Be Part of The Show! Hit us up On TWITTER Join the Fun on Facebook! Leave a 60sec Phone Message: (347) 655-3000!
  49. While You’re At Work: Episode 442014/06/27
    I ain’t even gonna dick around, because this week’s WY@W is already late! BUT, we do talk about Lesbian Terms, World Cup Antics and an awesome game of Would You Rather?! Be Part of The Show! Hit us up On TWITTER Join the Fun on Facebook! Leave a 60sec Phone Message: (347) 655-3000!
  50. The Watchtower Episode 321: The San Diego Slump2014/06/25
    It’s summer and whats summer without another episode of The Watchtower! In this week’s show, there’s not a whole lot going on as things begin to gear up for San Diego Comicon. But we do fins some stuff to talk about in the world of movies! Rumors abound about Wonder Woman’s pants (of course), Batman’s […]
  51. While You’re At Work: Episode 432014/06/20
    It’s another edition of While You’re At Work! And while Ari was at work, she had a lot of time on planes to think about stuff. Plus, we take alook at her Sleep Journal and it’s what you’ve all been clamouring for: the return of poop stories! Be Part of The Show! Hit us up […]
  52. The Watchtower Episode 320: The Future’s End Seems Eternal2014/06/18
    In spite of the weather in Toronto, it’s another episode of The Watchtower! This week, Donnie’s back and we dig in to the (alleged) slate of movies DC & Warner Bros have lined up for the nexct couple of years! Then, sticking with the Distinguished Competition, we take a look at new details regarding the […]
  53. While You’re At Work: Episode 422014/06/13
    What? TWO WEEKS IN A ROW? Yeah, my friends, WY@W is BACK! This week it’s all about Ari as we get caught up with her list of notes and some very special morning observations! Be Part of The Show! Hit us up On TWITTER Join the Fun on Facebook! Leave a 60sec Phone Message: (347) […]
  54. The Watchtower Episode 319: In Defence of Boba Fett2014/06/11
    Hold on, hold on, hold on… Yep, it’s another episode of The Watchtower! This week, Donnie’s working the morning shift so his bedtime is 2pm. Filling in is Marc Beardyface and it leads to words you wouldn’t believe, spoken in tones you may find comforting. First up, I abuse our friendship and tell you all […]
  55. While You’re At Work: Episode 412014/06/06
    Hey, remember when we used to do a show calle While You’re At Work? And it was all about Poop and NASCAR and Porn and Stuff? Remember how you really missed it when it went away? My friends… I’m happy to say… The Band is Back Together!! Be Part Of The Show! Hit us up […]
  56. The Watchtower Episode 318: The One I Forgot To Title2014/06/04
    If I was to tell you it’s another episode of The Watchtower, would you believe me? We kick it off with our thoughts on the idea of Marvel tanking it’s First Family to spite Fox! Then, there’s only one thing worse than Inhumans. NUHumans!! Whatever that is… Plus we take on Thanos casting, someone old/new […]
  57. The Watchtower Episode 317: Days of Forever Evil Past2014/05/28
    One more time, it’s another edition of The Watchtower! And Caution, FULL SPOILERS FOR Days of Future Past AND FOREVER EVIL are on for this episode! We take a dip in Lake X-Men as we go over what was great and not so great in Days of Future Past. Plus, Forever Evil #7 is FINALLY […]
  58. The Watchtower Episode 316: We’ve Reached Austin Proportions2014/05/21
    Here we go, it’s another edition of The Watchtower! This week it looks like Time Is Running out for Marvel! In the Future! Or The Past! Or a Relaunch! Or… Whatever. Plus, there’s a bunch of cancellations from DC, but are there other things afoot than just poor sales? Something had to make room for […]
  59. The Watchtower Episode 315: Ever Solo2014/05/14
    What up, friends? Donnie’s working the morning shift, so I’m going solo this week on The Watchtower! What is there to talk about? Well, this: Plus, theres a new Gambit in town, sales numbers reveal everything we already knew, and there’s an argument against Shared Movie Universes! Also, We tackle last week’s books in the […]
  60. The Watchtower Episode 314: The Spider-Palooza2014/05/07
    Yo! I’m heading to the nation’s capital, Ottawa for Ottawa Comicon with the Blind Ferret Team this weekend! Come say hi at Booth #819! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to The Watchtower, shall we? It’s a Spider-Palooza as we take on Peter Parker’s return to the screen and to the comic […]
  61. The Watchtower Episode 313: Heavily Farming The Rants2014/04/23
    Hey! Calgarians! I’m going to be at Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo with the Blind Ferret Team this weekend! Come say hiat Booth #725! But beyond that my friends, it’s here. The Watchtower! This week we deal with DC’s 3D Covers II: 3D Lesser, Marvel’s attempts to trick you into thinking they sell a lot […]
  62. The Watchtower Episode 312: Men Out of Time2014/04/17
    This week on the Watchtower, we achieve something that’s never been done before: Time Travel! But don’t blink or you’ll miss it! In between time zones though, we talk a whole bunch of stuff! DC’s got a whole new Grayson lined up for us, is rape ever OK in a comic, Millarverse movie news, Multiversity […]
  63. The Watchtower Episode 311: No Nu-Metal Jokes To Be Made2014/04/09
    Here it is once again for your listening pleasure, The Watchtower! It’s a Captain America extravaganza as we give a detailed review of The Winter Soldier! Plus, Megan Margulies, granddaughter of Joe Simon, Captain America co-creator, in a special interview about her grandfather. But that’s not all! We’ve got all the news about the latest […]
  64. The Watchtower Episode 310: The Return of The Mack2014/04/02
    Heyo it’s The Watchtower! And it’s a very special Watchtower because Detective Comics ain’t the only DC on this episode! Yup, Donnie’s back! And he comes back at the right time! Big-ass Spider-Man news, a new Spider-Series, Marvel doesn’t understand how numbers work, Comixology for sale, censoring old comics and oh, so much more! Plus […]
  65. The Watchtower Episode 309: A Twofer As It Were2014/03/25
    This week on The Watchtower we are trying something brand spanking new! That’s right it’s two shows in one as the first half is the pre-recorded snark and silliness that you know and love and the second half goes live via BlogTalkRadio! We take calls, talk books and generally have a grand ol’ time gabbing […]
  66. The Watchtower Episode 308: In Who’s Image?2014/03/11
    After an week away, we’re bringing you back to The Watchtower! There’s a crap-ton of things to get to including a weekly future from DC Comics, Marvel celebrating it’s 75th birthday in style and Image Publisher Eric Stephenson’s address to ComicsPRO retailers (and what an address it was!). But of course that’s not all! We’ve […]
  67. The Watchtower Episode 307: Fear of a Black Torch2014/02/25
    Here it is folks! Another edition of The Watchtower! The Guardians of The Galaxy trailer exploded into the world last week, but who the hell are these people? A murderous raccoon? A walking tree? A little history lesson on you new favourite team! Plus, a look ahead to what Marvel and DC have planned this […]
  68. The Watchtower Episode 306: #GetThePOINTout2014/02/18
    Our second Ustream attempt brings you another edition of The Watchtower! And oh, what fun we had! Dan Slott goes to war with Bleeding Cool over the nature of spoilers, there’s a new Power Ring in town, Cyclops and his Dad have some issues to work out, Avengers 2 costumes, Spider-Man’s origin gets a point […]
  69. The Watchtower Episode 305: The Walking Walking Walking Dead2014/02/11
    A brand new Watchtower for your ear holes, for the first time ever recorded in a live Ustream! And with it comes a metric ton of shite to talk about. Fake leaked pictures, a major creator divorce some animated squee-ing, a new/old cast member of Avengers 2, a new Spider-Man series, TV casting, strange trophies […]
  70. The Watchtower Episode 304: The Furious Flyin’ Fanboys2014/02/04
    This week on The Watchtower there’s all kinds of fun and games to get into! First up, Hollywood has make an incredible and arrogant mistake by thinking that casting talented and well-respected actors in their movies will make people want to see them. Don’t worry though, the internet is always there to prove them wrong! […]
  71. The Watchtower Episode 303.1: Yes, I’m That Much of a Dick2014/01/31
    … That I’d totally use the “Point One” thing. Fun stuff though! Some news and excitement, plus a catch-up on what I’ve been reading and we’ll even talk about a few books coming out this week. All this, wrapped in some pretty fun news on how you can be part of the show!
  72. The Watchtower Episode 303: Breaking Badly2014/01/14
    Welcome to The Watchtower, friends! Where it’s always warm and we don’t know why! This week, Image Expo gave us a million and a half things to talk about! Including what’s wrong with Marvel. Say what, Kirkman? Speaking of the House of Mouse, they’ve got a plan for the Ultimate Universe and it doesn’t include […]
  73. The Watchtower Episode 302: Ringing In The New Swears2014/01/08
    It’s the first Watchtower of 2014! And we ring it in with style! To kick it all off, there are so many Spider-rumours floating around! Lets dissect them, shall we? Then, even more rumours surround the big screen version of Wonder Woman! But do we want them to come true? Also, I say the F-word. […]
  74. While You’re At Work: Episode 402013/12/23
    Here we are my friends, the last show before the holidays featuring a very special guest! From all of us here, all the best to you and yours! We’ll see you back here in 2014! The show doesn’t end there though! Have your say 24/7! TUMBLR TWITTER PHONE: (347) 655-3000!
  75. While You’re At Work: Episode 392013/12/17
    Apparently, they haven’t been able to suck the hot chocolate out of Donnie’s computer yet. So, how about some we talk about poop instead? Guest starring: YOU! The show doesn’t end there though! Have your say 24/7! TUMBLR TWITTER PHONE: (347) 655-3000!
  76. While You’re At Work: Episode 382013/12/09
    So… Donnie spilled hot chocolate on his computer. I can’t make this stuff up. While he tries to sop it up, please join us for a very special While You’re At Work. The show doesn’t end there though! Have your say 24/7! TUMBLR TWITTER PHONE: (347) 655-3000!
  77. The Watchtower Episode 301: In Which I Start Naming Them Again2013/12/03
    What’s bigger than Watchtower #300? 301 of course! Thanks to a poster on some kids wall, we’ve had our first look at the villains of Amazing Spider-Man 2! Do they live up? And who was responsible for THAT leak? Then there’s a new Ghost Rider in town! And he’s not a Ghost! or a Rider! […]
  78. Watchtower Throwback! Episodes 1,2 & 32013/11/27
    I said it, I did it! The first three episodes of The Watchtower in all their pristine glory. Laugh. Cry. Get a beverage.
  79. The Watchtower: Episode 3002013/11/25
    This is it, my friends! For the 300th time, it’s the Watchtower! And how to we celebrate this momentous occasion? By commenting on Vertigo title rumors from a Brazillian comic con of course! But that’s not all! We also talk about the possibility of a black Robin, TV vs Movies for our favourite superheroes and […]
  80. The Watchtower: Episode 2992013/11/14
    First of all friends, if you have some time and cash, please head on over to RedCross.org and send a few dollars over to our friends in the Philippines. There is a great comics community over there and we need to show them some support in this difficult time. Now, with that said, Ari joins […]
  81. While You’re At Work: Episode 372013/11/07
    I Fixed That Sumbitch! Poop Closure! Some Comic Book Stuff! The show doesn’t end there though! Have your say 24/7! TUMBLR TWITTER PHONE: (347) 655-3000!
  82. The Watchtower: Episode 2982013/10/22
    Helps if I push “publish” don’t it? This week on The Watchtower we break down all the news and announcements from NYCC! That is, of course, assuming Marvel left any announcements for everyone else to make. Then it’s The Forecast, some movie & tv news and a word of warning for all you Photo op-seekers […]
  83. While You’re At Work: Episode 362013/10/09
    The Wrong Scream! High-Waisted Hijinks! Shameless Self-Promotion! The show doesn’t end there though! Have your say 24/7! TUMBLR TWITTER PHONE: (347) 655-3000!
  84. The Watchtower: Episode 2972013/10/07
    This week on The Watchtower, Villains Month is OVER, but DC isn’t done with the announcements yet! Marvel is getting all SHEILD-y with their Variant Covers and there is an absolutely adorable 4-year old that we want to introduce to you. Plus, the Forecast, News of The World, Phone Calls and haunting revelations into Donnie’s […]
  85. The Watchtower: Episode 2962013/10/03
    The latest Watchtower ever? nah. The longest? I don’t remember. This week on the show we talk TV, Teasers and the deep emotional and spiritual undertones of “Work B*tch.” But that’s not all! We’ve got the Forecast, some movie news a discussion about a Wonder Woman trailer and more! The show doesn’t end there though! […]
  86. While You’re At Work: Episode 352013/10/02
    The Dangers of Not Having a Poop Story! InstaGrandma! Questions Asked and Answered! The show doesn’t end there though! Have your say 24/7! TUMBLR TWITTER PHONE: (347) 655-3000!
  87. While You’re At Work: Episode 342013/09/25
    Strangers Pooping! They did what on TNG?! The Sound of War, Live and Raw! The show doesn’t end there though! Have your say 24/7! TUMBLR TWITTER PHONE: (347) 655-3000!
  88. The Watchtower: Episode 2952013/09/24
    This week on The Watchtower we got stuff. It might not be a lot of it, but its stuff. We’ll look at the further allocations of DC’s 3D business, the brand spanking new Son of Thanos and we’ll introduce you to Nelvana, the Superheroine you didn’t know you needed! We also got The Forecast, a […]
  89. While You’re At Work: Episode 332013/09/18
    I’m siiiiiiiiiick! So no Watchtower this week. But fortunately we got our While You’re At Work on before I fell ill! Lunches Redux! Chattin’, Just Chattin’! Even More Things I Can’t Remember! The show doesn’t end there though! Have your say 24/7! TUMBLR TWITTER PHONE: (347) 655-3000!
  90. While You’re At Work: Episode 322013/09/11
    Moss Forgets His Meds! Sports and #TearsofAri! More Things I Can’t Remember! The show doesn’t end there though! Have your say 24/7! TUMBLR TWITTER PHONE: (347) 655-3000!
  91. The Watchtower: Episode 2942013/09/09
    Oh Man… The Comics Industry just won’t stop giving this week on The Watchtower. Based on the controversies surrounding Harley Quinn and Batwoman, DC are idiots. Not to be outdone, with the announcement of All New Marvel NOW Marvel are also idiots. But, there is hope! And it comes in the form of The Forecast, […]
  92. While You’re At Work: Episode 312013/09/04
    The Mysteries of Lady Junk! Con Tales not for the faint of heart! The Douche : Hot Chick Ratio! The show doesn’t end there though! Have your say 24/7! TUMBLR TWITTER PHONE: (347) 655-3000!
  93. The Watchtower: Episode 2932013/09/02
    Lots to get to this week including someone’s daughter causing prices to spike, the truth about 3D Covers and a trifecta of returns that may shock! And Awe! Speaking of returns, guess who’s back with a brand new album? Our boy The Wordburglar tells us all about “Welcome to Cobra Island.” Plus, The Forecast, debunking […]
  94. The Watchtower: Episode 2922013/08/28
    It’s another week on The Watchtower, where we find ourselves embroiled in: BATFLECK! Ben Affleck is the Caped Crusader and people are freaking the F&%K out! We will break it down! Plus, the Justice League is moving north of the border, more casting news and who asked for a new Lobo? Was it you? Was […]
  95. The Watchtower: Episode 2912013/08/19
    This week on The Watchtower, there are mysteries afoot! For instance: Who Killed The Joker? Batman? or Alan Moore? And the puzzling case of The Marvel Universe That Isn’t! plus, the conspiracies of Ultimate Death! All that and the Forecast and a special report from our Thorrespondent! The show doesn’t end there though! Have your […]
  96. While You’re At Work: Episode 302013/08/14
    OMGareyouwatchingORANGEISTHENEWBLACK?!?!? OMG it is SO GOOD!!! ASDFLJHASdghoapsudfg!!!!!
  97. The Watchtower: Episode 2902013/08/12
    So… I’ll just leave this episode of The Watchtower right here… We have a ton of stuff to get to this week! Flash on the TV, JRJR headed anywhere but Marvel and the biggest villain of Villain’s Month may be DC themselves. Plus, The Forecast, lots of News of the world and Old Men running […]
  98. Comics 101: Villains Month2013/08/09
    Comics 101: The show that aims to please and your aim will help! On this edition of Comics 101, Moss has some thoughts on something that’s making waves across the comics industry right now: DC Comics’ Villains Month. News has broken this week that changes everything about this already confusing deal. Let’s break it down […]
  99. While You’re At Work: Episode 292013/08/07
    Thrill at Ari’s apparent lungbutter! Dare to ask: Do we all watch ourselves pee?! Learn new and shocking Lesbian terminology! The show doesn’t end there though! Have your say 24/7! TUMBLR TWITTER PHONE: (347) 655-3000!
  100. The Watchtower: Episode 2892013/07/22
    San Diego Comicon has come and gone, but what does that leave for us on The Watchtower? Oh, how about a SUPERMAN/BATMAN MOVIE!! Plus, An Age of Ultron that isn’t, Electro’s shocking new origin and oh yeah, some comics news too! The show doesn’t end there though! Have your say 24/7! TUMBLR TWITTER PHONE: (347) […]
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