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  1. Episode 241 – Relegislating Transformers?2018/10/11
    Steve got a hair and fired up the mixlr late at night and started yammering on about four trailers that have been in the geek news lately. Before he gets there though he jumps into the mailbag and fields your e-mails. While doing that, he notices a comment in the chat that leads him to extol the virtues of one […]
  2. Episode 240 – ComiCon Wrap Up2018/07/30
    Steve is joined by Erich Schoeneweiss to talk about all of their favorite news to come out of San Diego this year. The guys discuss everything from Aquaman and Shazam to Godzilla. Favorite guest Ethan also dips in to discuss the DC movie trailers that dropped. It’s geeking out over the possibilities of what is to come on your safe […]
  3. Episode 239 – MU Read Through – The Death of Jean DeWolff2018/06/21
    Scott Ryfun has tricked Steve into podcasting with him. The result? The guys pick a story arc from across Marvel Comics’ vast library and break it down and discuss it. This episode it’s the death of Jean DeWolff from Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man issues 107 – 110. The guys discuss why this story had impact, various cameos in the […]
  4. Episode 238 – GOLO: A Geek Out Loud Story2018/06/16
    Steve made a friend in real life!!! His name is Lucas and he stops by (in person) to talk about Solo: A Star Wars Story with Steve. The guys discuss how they met, what they get up to when the mics aren’t on, and of course they talk Solo. Given Steve’s take on The Last Jedi, you may be surprised […]
  5. Episode 237 – Infinity War2018/05/05
    Thanos demands you listen! Erich joins Steve to discuss the culmination of ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The guys gush over Avengers: Infinity War, and as a bonus discuss the new Celine Dion song that was written and performed for the Deadpool 2 soundtrack. It’s a fun episode full of Marvel movies and comics goodness. In Steve’s mind […]
  6. Episode 236 – Black Panther and YOUR CALLS!`2018/04/03
    Steve was feeling froggy late one night so he fired up mixlr, fired up the recorder, took some calls and talked Black Panther a little bit. Also included are your e-mails, some singing, a Patreon update/apology, and the general fun we all have in our safe place to geek out! This is the Geek Out Loud Podcast!
  7. Episode 235 – Super Hero Movies Through The Ages2018/02/12
    Steve sits down to do something that’s been on his mind for a while and ends up droning on and on about it. It’s the “How did we get here?” of superhero movies. From the 1920’s Zorro to The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Steve reads a list and examines how we got to where we are now with the state of […]
  8. Episode 234 – Pass The Corn and The Finale!2018/01/31
    It’s a supersized dose of GOL mashed up with the Big Honkin Show as the CURE marathon comes to a close. First up, Steve and Erich Pass the Corn and look ahead to the movies of 2018. Then, GOL welcomes back Dave Jones as he and Steve discuss The X-Files and then roll into a Big Honkin Show to close […]
  9. Episode 233 – GOL Returns!2018/01/26
    Shazbazzar is in on the marathon as he and Steve take part in the first discussion of The Last Jedi on Geek Out Loud. The guys are very honest about what they like and dislike about the movie and have some fun as they talk The Wars. The point to take away is we still have a ways to go […]
  10. The 2018 Marathon Kickoff Show2018/01/23
    With all of the technical difficulties of recent weeks, the marathon took a real hit this year. The Big Honkin Show is still down so we are posting this episode on the Geek Out Loud feed. You can donate to CURE between now and January 31 by going to geekoutonline.com/cure. Help us meet our goal by the end of the […]
  11. Episode 232 – Geeking Out With Adam Bray2017/12/13
    Author Adam Bray stops by to talk all things geek from toy collecting to Star Wars to Marvel and everything in between. Cat breaks and good times abound on your safe place to geek out and don’t forget to check out STORMTROOPERS: BEYOND THE ARMOR co-written by Adam Bray and Ryder Windham.
  12. Episode 231 – Superfriends 20172017/12/01
    Steve has seen Justice League and his response may surprise you. The Avengers: Infinity War trailer has debuted and Steve’s response may not surprise you at all. Buy some cheese, collect some cards, and click on the links all while you listen to e-mails and enjoy your safe place to geek out.
  13. Episode 230 – Pass The Corn – Ragnarok2017/11/17
    Erich joins Steve to discuss the movies of November. The guys blow through them pretty quickly and then move on to discuss Thor: Ragnarok. Also, a quick look at the latest geek entertainment news and a little Stranger Things 2 discussion. Don’t forget to listen to hear how you can win a free Fandango gift card.
  14. Episode 229 – Stranger Things Rewatch – Chapter 8 – The Upside Down2017/10/28
    Steve can’t go into the Upside Down alone so he recruits Shazbazzar to sit in on the final episode of the Stranger Things rewatch. After a last minute ad read Steve fills time by sharing the recommended videos on YouTube after watching a video of an 80’s song. The strangest thing about this episode may be what Steve has been […]
  15. Episode 228 – Stranger Things Rewatch – Chapter 7 – The Bath2017/10/27
    Steve braves illness to bring the commentary on a pivotal episode of the show in the most lethargic way possible. You may want to skip this one, but then you’d miss what Steve really thinks of Nancy and Steve. Also, the mystery of jumbo wings and tenders is further explored.
  16. Episode 227 – Stranger Things Rewatch – Chapter 6 – The Monster2017/10/25
    Steve braves vocal issues to talk about Stranger Things while you watch. Before we get going Steve looks back in the archives and brings up an old bit from almost 10 years ago. During the rewatch Steve recounts stories of fights with friends, great 80’s movies, and other nonsense. Then…when the show seems to be over…just listen…it’s the audio version […]
  17. Episode 226 – Stranger Things Rewatch – Chapter 5 – The Acrobat and The Flea2017/10/24
    Steve is joined by Shazbazzar from Techno Retro Dads to watch and discuss the fifth chapter of Stranger Things. Before getting into the episode, Steve makes Shaz talk about The Thor: Ragnarok original score. Then, as they watch we find out which of the kids is really most like Steve. Also, tales of the last days of Maw Maw, what […]
  18. Episode 225 – Stranger Things Rewatch – Chapter 4 – The Body2017/10/23
    Steve is joined by Christy Morris from The 602 Club podcast to watch Stranger Things Chapter 4 – The Body. This is a pivotal episode in the season so of course Steve has to spend most of the time debating the merits of Nancy and expressing his love of Hopper. It’s a fun one. So fire up the show while […]
  19. Episode 224 – Stranger Things Rewatch – Chapter 3 – Holly, Jolly2017/10/21
    Joyce strings up some Christmas lights, Eleven helps the boys find Will, and Steve hates Nancy more than he knew…Steve the host of the show…not the boy with the weird hair. It’s Stranger Things Chapter 3 on your safe place to geek out.
  20. Episode 223 – Stranger Things Rewatch – Chapter 2 – The Weirdo on Maple St.2017/10/21
    We continue our rewatch of Stranger Things leading up to the big debut on October 27th. This time out Steve is by himself talking while you watch TV. The mystery continues, Barb disappears, and Steve points out the creepiest thing about this show.
  21. Episode 222 – Stranger Things Rewatch – Chapter 1: The Vanishing of Will Byers2017/10/20
    Our rewatch of Stranger Things begins as we anticipate the debut of Season 2 on Netflix. This episode we watch Chapter 1: The Vanishing of Will Byers with Dave Jones from DC on DC and Mark Out Loud. Dave and Steve discuss the influences on Stranger Things, their experience when watching for the first time, The X-Files, and have a […]
  22. Episode 221 – The Stranger Things Expedition2017/10/19
    Back in August Steve joined forces with Steve Bennett and Shazbazzar to scour North Georgia in search of Stranger Things locations. The guys chronicled their trip with audio that you will hear here. This is a long one and the audio is a bit wonkier than usual due to the nature of recording on the road. There is gold in […]
  23. Episode 220 – Pass The Corn October 20172017/10/13
    Erich and Steve talk the movies of October, but not before they do a little trailer talk concerning Justice League and The Last Jedi, and they cover a little piece of news about a little movie about boxing. All this and more on your safe place to geek out brought to you by Topps!
  24. Episode 219 – One Take Glosson2017/10/11
    Steve does the whole show in one take…honestly…kind of. The Last Jedi trailer dropped this week during Monday Night Football and Steve shares his thoughts. Before that, he talks about the final Justice League trailer, The Incredible Hulk, Amazing Stories, and YOUR e-mails all this and a little Topps talk on your safe place to geek out!
  25. Episode 218 – Pass the Corn September 20172017/09/20
    Erich is back! He and Steve talk the movies of September 2017. Then Erich’s nephew and show favorite Ethan stops by to talk about It. This movie is all the rage right now and Steve and Erich are too chicken to go see it. Ethan was not…he watched and he gives his review. Also included are e-mails, more Death Note […]
  26. Episode 217 – Adventures in Toy Hunting2017/09/08
    On this episode of Geek Out Loud…your e-mails are read, another Star Wars director shake up is discussed, and Steve has an impromptu adventure called Force Friday. Snippets, card readings, and fun on your safe place to geek out!
  27. Episode 216 – A Startling Metamorphisis2017/08/12
    Steve watches the pilot episode of The Incredible Hulk. This could go either really well or not really badly. Enjoy? I guess? Maybe? Even if you don’t enjoy, support the family of GOLiverse all star Christopher Titchenal by going to www.geekoutonline.com/quest. This episode is dedicated to his memory. The iffy nature of it would make him quite happy.
  28. Episode 215 – Pass The Corn Extended Edition2017/07/27
    Erich stops by to Pass the Corn, Talk some movies, and play Pass the PopCorn (you’ll see). Steve has the best five minutes of his life as a podcaster as a trifecta of incredible movies get brought up one by one. Thor, Stranger Things 2, Justice League, Transformers, MOVIES!!! Pass the corn! It’s Supersized! (Bonus points if you know where […]
  29. Episode 214 – Homecoming, Knights, and a New Day2017/07/22
    Glosson is on fire. His hottest take ever on two films this summer as well as his frustration with current state of geekdom and fandom. There’s a new/old mantra at Geek Out Loud…it’s all about fun. If you’re still with us after this one…we think you’ll really enjoy it.
  30. Episode 213 – Wonder Women Talk Wonder Woman2017/06/28
    Steve is joined by Teresa and Kristin his co-hosts from Disney Vault Talk and Rock Out Loud respectively. The trio talk Wonder Woman. That’s it…it’s all Wonder Woman…and…on the day of recording some news broke about the Han Solo movie. This news was news that broke before Ron Howard was announced as replacing Lord & Miller as director on the […]
  31. Episode 212 – Pass the Corn June 20122017/06/21
    With a bit of Wonder Woman talk. Erich and Steve #PassTheCorn over the movies of June 2017. Then, they get into a discussion about Wonder Woman. All on your safe place to geek out.
  32. Episode 211 – 40 Years of Star Wars2017/06/02
    On May 25, 2017 fans everywhere celebrated the 40th anniversary of the release of Star Wars. You know the story. Star Wars changed the landscape of popular culture, film making, merchandising, and there are some who just haven’t gotten over it. That’s true of the host of this podcast and his many guests. In this episode, Steve and Erich pass […]
  33. Episode 210 – Pass The Corn May 2017 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 22017/05/21
    Erich and Steve #PassTheCorn as they talk about the movies of May. Looking back and looking ahead the guys talk about what they’ve enjoyed and what they’re looking forward to. Then, the guys discuss the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Grab your mixtape and Walkman and settle in as the guys […]
  34. Episode 209 – More Not At Celebration Coverage2017/05/01
    Teresa stops by to talk about her experience at Star War Celebration Orlando with Steve. The two cover all of the line issues, the most magic day ever (for Teresa), Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Panels, Fan Girls Going Rogue on stage, Disney trips, and all kinds of fun stuff. It’s Teresa and Steve, so that means tangents and silliness…and […]
  35. Not At Celebration Coverage – Saturday2017/04/16
    Star Wars Celebration was on fire as the day opened with The Rebels panel. Fans were treated to a look at the confirmed final season of Star Wars Rebels. Dave Filoni changed his punctuation.
  36. Not At Celebration Coverage 2017 – Friday2017/04/15
    Friday brought our fullest look at The Last Jedi yet. The teaser has dropped and with it the question has shifted from “Who is Rey?” to “What does Luke mean?” Stormtroopers are in the pool, Shaz is getting loopy, John is calling from an undisclosed location, and Scott is collecting stickers. It’s the Geek Out Loud Not at Celebration coverage. […]
  37. Not At Celebration Coverage 2017 – Thursday2017/04/14
    Star Wars Celebration kicked off with a huge 40th anniversary celebration. In this episode that’s covered as well as some other panels from the day, the line situation, the security situation, and of course there are tangents. Bobby the Blue Whale makes an appearance, and there are calls from Erich Schoeneweiss, Scott Ryfun, Michael Cohen, John Lowe, and Shazbazzar. It’s […]
  38. Not At Celebration Coverage – Wednesday Night2017/04/13
    Entertainment Weekly swept in mere hours before doors officially open at Star War Celebration Orlando to give fans a first look at a new animated short series called Star Wars: Forces of Destiny. Steve was there as the announcement was made at EW.com, and he gives his immediate reaction to it. Unable to get in touch with Teresa, Steve put […]
  39. Episode 208 – Go! Go!2017/03/30
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  40. Episode 207 – Snipping the Snippets2017/02/28
    Steve attempts to get the show back on track with your emails and a few snippets covering everything from Iron Fist to Star Wars. Check out the show notes by going over to the official blog of the official podcast of Geek Out Online…uhm…Geek Out Online…dot…uhm…com (JUST CLICK HERE) and you can see some of the videos referenced and merchandise […]
  41. Episode 206 – Pass The Marathon 20172017/02/01
    Erich and Steve are joined by a special guest to discuss the movies they are looking forward to in the upcoming year. It’s a look into the future while we pass the corn. This episode was recorded as part of the GOLiverse marathon for CURE. Find out more about CURE by going to www.curechildhoodcancer.org.
  42. Episode 205 – Techno Retro Hanna-Barbera2017/01/27
    It’s the annual GOLiverse Marathon for CURE episode of Geek Out Loud. Steve is joined by Shazbazzar and Jedi Shua of the Techno Retro Dads podcast. The guys get together to discuss one of most definitive and influential animation houses of their childhood – Hanna-Barbera. The guys talk everything from Wacky Racers to Bananarama to Space Ghost, The Herculoids, Young […]
  43. Episode 204 – Rogue Bigfoot2017/01/04
    Steve is joined…in his vehicle…by Shazbazzar from The Techno Retro Dads Podcast. The guys pick up the conversation as they pull away from having visited Expedition Bigfoot in Cherry Log, GA. After some Bigfoot and Bigfoot Museum talk, the guys turn their attention to Rogue One. It’s a conversation through fresh eyes about the latest outing from Lucasfilm and Disney. […]
  44. The First Rogue One Fan Commentary on The Internet2017/01/01
    Steve went to Brunswick, GA to watch Rogue One with Scott Ryfun and Shazbazzar and the three guys talked through the whole thing. ENJOY!
  45. Episode 203 – Pass The Corn December 2016 and MORE Rogue One Talk2016/12/23
    Erich and Steve pass the corn with BBC.com Deputy Culture Editor Christian Blauvelt. The guys discuss the movies of December that may very well have Oscar implications for the people involved, then when the show seems to be over, it’s time to talk Rogue One. Of course, spoilers abound, but you’ve seen Rogue One by now right? RIGHT?
  46. Episode 202 – Rogue GOL2016/12/22
    Due to popular (three people asked) demand Steve sits down and gives his thoughts on Rogue One. There will certainly be more.
  47. Episode 201 – Trailer Trash2016/12/10
    If you read this description please tweet @geekoutloud with the hashtag found at the end of the description. Steve is joined by a special guest. It’s his podcasting partner for life Derek Russell!!! That’s right The OG Sterek is in the house as the guys talk about recent trailers and TV spots for movies they’re excited about. Also included is […]
  48. Episode 200 – Rocky’s 40th with Lauren Sadowski-Collins2016/11/23
    Steve is joined by a friend he met at a Star Wars gathering and ended up talking Rocky. It’s Lauren Sadowski-Collins talking her relatively young love of movie series that is Rocky! Great quotes, great stories, great characters, and a great conversation about one of the greatest pieces of Americana to come to fruition in our lifetime. Also, Steve takes […]
  49. Episode 199 – GOLiverse Reads Good Omens by Neil Gaiman2016/11/21
    Rod and Steve discuss AMERICAN GODS by Neil Gaiman. The guys talk mythology, Americana, and they marvel at the House on the Rock. Also in this episode are your e-mails about the book and other stuff. Use the links below to purchase some of Neil Gaiman’s works and support the show.
  50. Episode 198 – Pass The Corn November 20162016/11/21
    Erich and Steve talk the movies of November both present, future, and past. IN THAT ORDER! It’s everything from Erich catching up on some recent releases like Ghostbusters and X-Men: Apocalypse to looking way back at movies celebrating anniversaries this month and everything in between. It’s Pass the Corn on Geek Out Loud!
  51. Episode 197 – Doctor Tron Cards2016/11/11
    Steve has seen Doctor Strange, also he sat down with Shazbazaar from Techno Retro dads to open some Tron trading cards and chit chat about all things Tron and geeky. Also in this episode, Steve makes what may end up being some controversial comments about The Walking Dead, and YOUR e-mails. All on your safe place to geek out! To […]
  52. Episode 196 – Rogue Sterek. WHAT?2016/10/22
    Steve is joined by his podcasting partner for life Derek Russell from all the Starkville shows, Round 3, and Ray’s Occult Podcast. The two discuss and break down (as best they can) the latest Rogue One Trailer. What ensues is the usual Sterek goodness. Don’t forget you can support Geek Out Loud and ALL of the GOLiverse by using the […]
  53. GOL Daily – October 21, 20162016/10/22
    Lando has been cast…again. It’s free for all Friday and we take a couple of calls, to fill time in between calls, Steve revisits the video from yesterday and ends the week of GOL Daily on a rather nice note.
  54. GOL Daily – October 20, 20162016/10/20
    Steve discusses Joss Whedon doing Star Wars, Nintendo Switch, The Logan Trailer then he watches the video (linked below) for the purposes of THROWBACK THURSDAY.
  55. GOL Daily – October 19, 20162016/10/20
    Steve talks about the Poster and Sneak Peek at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Obviously. There’s a bit of a listen to music from the Doctor Strange score. Then, it’s all about comics as Steve reviews IDW’s Transformers Collection Vol. 1, reminisces about Maximum Carnage, and touches on a special time in the life of the Incredible Hulk…is it […]
  56. GOL Daily – October 18, 20162016/10/19
    Tuesday brings a geek out session. With the arrival of Superman on the CW series Supergirl there has been a lot of reaction. Steve talks a bit about the character and what he liked about the incarnations of the character in prior television series and movies. Also there’s some talk about the announcement of new deleted scenes on the upcoming […]
  57. Daily Geek Out Loud – October 17, 20162016/10/17
    Geek Out Loud goes daily for one week to show what Patreon support can do for the content provided by the GOLiverse. It’s Monday and that means catching up with a few new news items that may have dropped over the weekend or some things that we didn’t have time to get to on other shows. In this episode The […]
  58. Episode 195 – Pass The Corn October 20162016/10/13
    Steve is joined by bro from another mo Erich to talk the movies of the month of October 2016. The pair also discuss new Star Wars merch, new Star Wars, and of course a few other geeky things.
  59. Episode 194 – Cards, Collectibles, and Snippets (Take that alliteration lovers)2016/10/01
    Steve gets into the collecting of trading cards after a big find back in his old stomping grounds. From there he looks at some recent news including but not limited to a brief discussion of IDW’s big crossover event REVOLUTION, quick thoughts on the ramp up to Doctor Strange, and what Nazis have to do with Transformers? All this, YOUR […]
  60. Episode 193 – So Much We Didn’t Get In2016/09/17
    Steve goes solo (classic) to talk about all the things he’s been geeking out about lately. Along with your e-mails Steve discusses some upcoming TV and the things he’s been into on Netflix and television lately. He also touches on his newfound REFOUND love of Godzilla, takes a look at Adam Bray’s “Absolutely Everything You Need To Know…” The Marvel […]
  61. GOLiverse Reads – Ocean At The End of the Lane2016/09/03
    Rod, Nicole and Steve discuss the latest entry in the GOLiverse bookclub – THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE by Neil Gaiman. The mysteries of this book take front and center as the crew wrestle with questions of the the narrator’s identity and sanity, the nature of deity, and the feelings of childhood.
  62. Episode 191 – Let the Card Games Begin2016/08/19
    Steve is joined by DEREK! That’s right, it’s Sterek togethe again on this episode. The guys talk about everything from the old podcasting days of Smallville to Steve’s new obsession with trading cards. This causes a google fest to ensue as the guys search out a card set to have a collecting contest with. It’s classic Sterek in this episode […]
  63. Episode 190 – Rain Delays and Rogue One2016/08/15
    Like two sports announcers during a rain delay Erich Schoeneweiss and Steve watch the Olympics while waiting for the new Rogue One trailer to air. While waiting the guys discuss Suicide Squad, Nine Lives, Smurfs, and other stuff. THEN it happens. The first official full trailer for Rogue One hits and the guys are joined by Teresa, Riley Blanton, and […]
  64. Episode 189 – Pass The Corn August 20162016/08/10
    Erich is back to Pass the Corn and discuss movies, and Rogue One, and Justice League, and Wonder Woman, and Suicide Squad, but not run on sentences. The brothers from separate mothers sit down and pass the corn to talk August movies! Also, the guys have to gush over the Netflix series STRANGER THINGS!
  65. Episode 188 – GOLiverse Reads SLEEPING GIANTS2016/08/07
    Rod and Nicole join Steve to bring back the GOLiverse Book Club and talk a little Fellowship of the Rings and a LOT of Sleeping Giants. Then Nicole makes an executive decision for next month’s book…it’s all very exciting, and it’s all on GEEK OUT LOUD!
  66. Episode 187 – Stranger ComiCons2016/07/26
    Steve discusses the his big takeaways from this years San Diego ComiCon. Among the things he didn’t take away? The Hasbro Black Series exclusives out there. HOWEVER…he does show some enthusiasm for what Marvel had to show in their panel concerning the upcoming slate of movies they have on the docket, AND he gets rather excited over the footage shown […]
  67. Episode 186 – Not At Celebration Coverage Day 22016/07/17
    Steve is joined once again by Scott Ryfun from My Star Wars Story and Shazbazzar from Techno Retro Dads to gush over the Rebels Season 3 trailer and reveals. The guys also look at other panels and happenings from the second day including Del Rey’s announcements about upcoming books and novels, and Mark Hammill shows up on the Star Wars […]
  68. Episode 185 – NOT AT Star Wars Celebration Europe Day 12016/07/15
    Steve continues in the tradition of covering an event he is not attending as Not At Celebration Coverage begins on this episode of Geek Out Loud. Joined by Erich Schoeneweiss, Scott Ryfun and Stuart Tullis aka Shazbazzar Steve discusses the Rogue One sizzle reel, Mark Hammill, The whitewashing of Willrow Hood, and Ahsoka Lives. It’s a great kickoff to what […]
  69. Episode 184 – Before The Premiere2016/07/08
    Steve is settling in to the new digs. In doing so, there are some changes being made to the GOLiverse. So to see if these things would stick, Steve recorded a quick unannounced live show to post as a test for the behind the scenes things that are changing. There are e-mails, plugs, and a little talk about the Summer […]
  70. Episode 183 – THE SEASON FINALE w/ Pass The Corn2016/06/29
    Steve is joined by Erich Schoeneweiss for the season finale of Geek Out Loud and the GOLiverse. As Steve prepares to move he and Erich leave the Greatest Podcast Listening Audience in the Universe with cliffhangers, plugs for Patreon and Amazon…and T-shirts…and Audible. Included are at least three cliffhangers, Pass the Corn for June and July 2016. It’s a double-sized […]
  71. Episode 182 – GOLiverse Reads Miss Peregrin’s and One Second After2016/05/31
    Rod and Nicole join Steve to discuss the books Miss Peregrins Home for Peculiar Children and One Second After. The gang begin the discussion by talking about Marvel’s decision to turn Cap Hydra in the comics. It’s hard to not get worked up about this decision and having a contrary opinion is not whining about what appears to be a […]
  72. Episode 181 – Pass The Civil War for May 20162016/05/17
    Erich joins Steve to discuss the movies of May. He also has seen Deadpool so the two can now discuss the movie intelligently. Pass the corn features – as has already been said – the movies released in May and culminates in blowing our minds with the anniversary movies for the month. Then, the two dive into Captain America: Civil […]
  73. Episode 180 – Top Ten Challenge2016/05/09
    Steve is challenged by a listener to rank some movie properties….AND HE DOES! Included are his top ten favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe Films, his top ten favorite DC films, and he is backed in to a corner to rank Star Wars. Then, because he is fearless, (and writing this description as it turns out) he goes forward and lists his […]
  74. Episode 179 – Hasbro Pool2016/04/26
    Steve takes some e-mails, and then he gets into the meat of the thing as he discusses news surrounding Hasbro’s new shared cinematic universe. From there Steve talks about Deadpool….yes…he finally saw it. Finally, Steve talks about the death of Prince. There’s a few other shenanigans, but you have to listen to find out. It’s your safe place to geek […]
  75. Episode 178 – Surviving an Early Morning Walk2016/04/21
    Steve sits down with his old friend “Coach” Chris Davis to recap, review, and rest up from the Star Wars 5K at Disney World in Orlando, FL. From there it’s talk of peeing in pools, swimming in the ocean, lies we were told as children, and random stories from the day as Geek Out Loud goes off the rails. Enjoy? […]
  76. Episode 177 – Pass The Corn April 20162016/04/15
    Erich and Steve pass the corn over movies released in April of 2016. Before they get in to that, Steve picks Erich’s brain (reads pokes the bear) about Batman V. Superman. The guys also talk about The Doctor Strange teaser which neither one had seen at the time of recording…honestly, they were trolling the chat. In the end, they love […]
  77. Mile High Tundra #12016/04/12
    The newest addition to the GOLiverse is MILE HIGH TUNDRA. Friends Erich and Joe sit down to talk the NFL with a very biased slant. Are you ready for some football? Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers fanboys Erich Schoeneweiss and Joe Scalora bring a new podcast to the Goliverse. Welcome to Mile High Tundra! Fanboys’ thoughts and opinions on […]
  78. Episode 176 – That Geek Feeling Again2016/04/09
    It’s an OG GOL (Whatever that means) as Steve takes e-mails, threatens to take calls, gives his reaction to Daredevil Season 2, Batman V Superman, and The Star Wars: Rogue One teaser trailer. Steve bemoans the fact that we missed The THIS IS MADNESS Tournament from starwars.com, and Steve tries to make himself a better podcaster. Also, who’s that guy […]
  79. Episode 175 – GOLiverse Reads UNBROKEN and 11.22.632016/03/28
    The GOLiverse Book Club is in full effect as Rod, Nicole, and Steve discuss two books this time out. First, it’s the incredible story of Louis Zamperini, a World War II veteran who was captured and spent years in a Japanese P.O.W. Camp. Then, the trio jumps into 11.22.63 the Stephen King novel about time travel, and one man’s attempt […]
  80. Episode 174 – Pass the Corn March 2016 or Is This Midnight Special?2016/03/16
    Erich and Steve are taking a look at the movies of March. Get read for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 to take the world by storm while Superman and Batman stop fighting long enough to watch. What are the guys looking forward to the most this month? Can they talk about a movie without having seen it? Will Steve […]
  81. Episode 173 – GOLiverse Read – Ender’s Game2016/02/20
    This episode was lost for a little while. Now it’s found. The GOLiverse Book Club tackled Ender’s Game. Rod and Steve join up to discuss the book and take calls about Ender’s Game as well.
  82. Episode 172 – Pass The Corn February 20162016/02/13
    Ultimate Steve tags up with Uber Erich to tackle the movies of February 2016. The guys look at what’s in theatres, what’s coming to theatres, and touch on a few anniversary films. Laughs, movies, and podcast recommendations all here while we PASS THE CORN!
  83. Episode 171 – GOLiverse 2nd Annual Marathon Show Featuring James Arnold Taylor and Too Many Others for the Title!2016/01/29
    The Second annual GOLiverse Marathon for CURE was a great success. You can still donate while listening to this episode by heading over to www.geekoutonline.com/cure. First, James Arnold Taylor stops by to talk about movies and his new studio and all kinds of stuff! Then it’s a blast from the past as Steve is joined by his long time friend […]
  84. Episode 170 – The SECOND Force Awakens Commentary Online2016/01/17
    In a long standing tradition of NOT being the first through the door, Geek Out Loud teams up with My Star Wars Story as Steve sits down with host Scott Ryfun to talk while you watch a movie. It’s commentary and calling the action all in one big fun episode wherein we tried to be the first but were beaten […]
  85. Episode 169 – The Big Honkin Force Awakens2016/01/14
    It’s a mashup show as The Big Honkin Show’s Peanut Butter gets into Geek Out Loud’s chocolate. Steve opens the mail bag and the phone lines to discuss Star Wars The Force Awakens, then it’s down to some funny business as Steve tackles the headlines that matter.
  86. Episode 168 – Pass The Corn 2015 And MORE Force Awakens2016/01/02
    Erich and his nephew Ethan join the show to look back at 2015 in a special Pass The Corn which will surely generate even more e-mails and tweets. After the show closes stick around for a the freshest perspective on The Force Awakens in the GOLiverse yet as Steve is joined by Riley and Bethany Blanton from The Star Wars […]
  87. Episode 167 – The Force Awakens…Again (With YOUR calls!)2015/12/31
    Scott Ryfun sits down with Steve to speculate, contemplate, and even criticize (?) Star Wars The Force Awakens. As we enter into a new era of Star Wars you had to know there would be a ton of Star Wars related content from Geek Out Loud and it’s not over yet. Scott Ryfun, host of My Star Wars Story and […]
  88. Episode 166 – The Force Awakens2015/12/24
    Steve is joined by Erich Schoeneweiss to discuss Star Wars The Force Awakens. It’s the podcast people have been asking about since opening night, it’s the first of at least two, and it’s HERE! SPOILERS ABOUND! Don’t forget to support the GOLiverse by using the Amazon links at geekoutonline.com and geekoutpodcast.com Or if you want to support the shows directly, […]
  89. Episode 165 – Pass The Corn November/December 20152015/12/08
    Erich Schoeneweiss is BACK! He and Steve are passing the corn back and forth discussing the November movies they missed and the upcoming films of December.
  90. Episode 164 – We Love Creed!2015/12/01
    Steve is joined by the host of Starkville Labs and his podcasting partner for life Derek Russell to talk about CREED! (The movie not the band.) SPOILERS ABOUND! What did the two think? Find out by listening now! Also discussed briefly are the teaser for the new Batman V. Superman Trailer, and the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War. […]
  91. Episode 163 – Fan Theories are The New Fan Fiction2015/11/11
    Steve opens the show and welcomes a very special guest to discuss The Force Awakens Trailer. From there, he dives into some e-mails and then addresses some fan theories that have been making the rounds lately. It’s practically Steve’s Star Wars Corner! Oh yeah…there’s a bad impressions theatre in there too, but we don’t talk about that.
  92. Episode 162 – GOLiverse Reads THE PRINCESS BRIDE2015/10/30
    Rod and Nicole join Steve on this offbeat and fun episode of the Book Club as the trio and a few special guest callers discuss the novel THE PRINCESS BRIDE in the final book club episode of 2015.
  93. Episode 161 – Pass The Hanks2015/10/27
    Erich is back for a special Pass The Corn episode of GOL along with Teresa from Disney Vault Talk! Along with Steve, they discuss the career and their favorite movies and moments of Tom Hanks.
  94. Episode 160 – Ketchup in the Mailbag2015/10/17
    This episode of is full of announcements and e-mails. YOUR e-mails. Steve digs in a cleans out the mailbag as the discussions continue about the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens, Hasbro Star Wars toys and Steve’s continuing lack of a battle with his toy addiction, and tons of other subjects provided by YOU – The Greatest Podcast Listening Audience […]
  95. Episode 159 – Pass The Corn October 20152015/10/06
    Erich and Steve are going to the movies…or at least they’re talking about the movies that are coming out in October. What’s the month looking like? Take a listen and see what piques your interest on your safe place to geek out!
  96. Episode 158 – GOLiverse Reads The Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy2015/09/27
    The GOliverse Book Club looks at The Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy. And we read it too.
  97. Episode 157 – Pass The Corn September 21052015/09/24
    Erich joins Steve as the pair pass the corn and talk about the movies of September. As the guys are talking about franchises and their effect on movie studios today, they are joined by an old friend who received some misinformation. Derek Russell slips in for a little Back to The Future/Blucifer talk on your safe place to geek out!
  98. Episode 156 – Force Friday – The Haul…The Disease2015/09/17
    Steve discusses what he got on Force Friday, how he feels about the new Hasbro line of action figures and vehicles, and he takes your e-mails which leads to a further discussion about the struggle for more diversity in the things we love. Is Steve a jerk? Probably, but we all hope his cute demeanor covers it up.
  99. Episode 155 – THEY’RE NOT DOLLS!!!!2015/09/05
    In the shadow of Force Friday, Steve takes a look back at his personal journey of Star Wars collecting from his childhood right up until just before the new Force Awakens merchandise is released. The episode was recorded Thursday night just before all of the midnight madness began in the continental U.S. Steve also goes over the latest GOL poll […]
  100. Episode 154 – GOLiverse Reads OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET with some good-natured ribbing2015/08/31
    Steve is joined by Rod and Nicole (both of whom head up the GOLiverse goodreads group at www.geekoutonline.com/reads) to discuss the latest entry into the GOLiverse book club, C.S. Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet. The trio doesn’t necessarily agree on how good or not good the book is, but they take calls from the GOLiverse to discuss the book […]
  101. Episode 153 – Pass the Mash Ups2015/08/26
    Steve is joined by Erich Schoeneweiss to field a few e-mails and talk a little bit about all of the news that came out of The D23 Expo. Then they guys welcome a very special guest – Erich’s nephew Ethan – to the show to play a game of Movie Mash up. Spoiler alert: Ethan wins…quick.
  102. Episode 152 – The Reunion Tour 20152015/08/25
    It’s the reunion tour the world was asking for…well…a couple of people asked for it. Sterek unites on this episode to discuss everything from Star Wars to Superman…that’s not really a big alphabetical stretch is it? How about Bond to Superman? We didn’t quite hit the Z’s though…well…it IS Sterek.
  103. Episode 151 – FantGOLstic2015/08/22
    Steve saw Fant4stic. What did he think? A LOT! Steve uses the movie to delve into his overall thoughts on the superhero genre and how far we’ve come in our expectations of what a superhero movie is in just a few short years. He also uses the opportunity to talk about the Fantastic Four specifically and what he thinks could […]
  104. Episode 150 – August Pass The Corn w/ Erich Schoeneweiss2015/08/05
    Steve and Erich look ahead to the movies of August 2015. Erich reacts to Marvel’s Ant-Man, and the guys discuss an unlikely topic…Tom Cruise!
  105. Episode 149 – How Is This Geeky?2015/07/30
    In an effort to inject the goofy side of Geek Out Loud back in to the show, Steve welcomes Steve Schoenborn and Mith Huff from The Lost Hours Podcast to field some e-mails, have some laughs, and share some news stories. It’s a good time with good friends and some good geeking out. On your safe place to geek out!
  106. Episode 148 – GOLiverse Reads READY PLAYER ONE2015/07/25
    Bald Headed Rod, father of the GOLiverse Book Club, joins in as we discuss Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One in the Book Club. Enhanced with your voicemails, e-mails and call ins. Good times were had by all as we talked our perfect spot in the Oasis, quests we would undertake, but no movie talk…well…sort of.
  107. Episode 147 – *SPOILER ALERT* Ant-Man Reviewed2015/07/24
    Steve takes on Marvel’s latest outing – ANT-MAN. How did the ever staunch defender of all things MCU like the movie? Check it out, but beware, Spoilers abound! Also included in this episode are your e-mails, a Facebook poll, and The Irredeemable Bad Impressions Theater!
  108. Episode 146 – Star Wars ComiCon Report2015/07/14
    The Star Wars Report crew of Riley and Bethany Blanton and Mark Hurliman are joined by Joseph Travano as they invade Steve’s thoughts about the big Star Wars panel from ComiCon. Discussions are had, podcasts are crossed like the streams emanating from proton packs as the Ghostbusters defeat an ancient god who appears in the form of a beloved snack […]
  109. Episode 145 – Spidey, Solo, And Pseudo Science2015/07/13
    No Bad Impression Theatre in this one but there is a promise (warning?) for a new one on the next episode. (Which doesn’t happen….you’ll understand later.) Steve takes e-mails, discusses the newly cast Spider-Man, Star Wars happenings, Han Solo’s stand alone movie and more on this packed episode of Geek Out Loud!
  110. Episode 144 – HEY ERICH! PASS THE CORN!2015/07/01
    Our good friend Erich Shoeneweiss stops by to talk movies past and forthcoming (THAT MEANS FUTURE) as we talk movies celebrating significant anniversaries in July and the movies we are looking forward to in July. If you happen to be at ComiCon in San Diego, make sure to head by the Del Rey booth in the Star Wars pavilion and […]
  111. Episode 143 – GOLiverse Reads HEIR TO THE JEDI2015/06/30
  112. Episode 142 – Dance Party The Third2015/06/26
  113. Episode 141 – Patreon Supporter Tadd Winter (Soldier)2015/06/26
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  124. Episode 130 – Shoot To GOL2015/04/14
  125. Episode 129 – E-mails and Snippets2015/04/12
  126. Episode 128 – Chit Chatting With Friends2015/04/09
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  129. Episode 125 – In A GOL In The Ground…2015/03/14
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