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  1. Mike Calls in to Joe Radio2008/09/21

    On 9/20 I called into WJFK's Joe Radio after I heard him and another caller discussing the Anthrax suspect Bruce Ivins and his suspicious suicide by tylenol while under hospitalization. My call starts with about 6 minutes left in the segment.

    This is the kind of thing we all can do to put the real story into the public consciousness.
  2. Conscious Flow Intro Pt. 12008/08/05

    In this first episode, we give a brief overview as to what you can expect in the coming months and a background to what we hope the show will be.

    Episode info at: http://www.thecivilian.com/con_flo.html
  3. Conscious Flow Intro Pt. 22008/08/05

    In this episode we discuss conspiracy, media consolidation, control and the double-speak used by those who seek to control us.
  4. Conscious Flow Intro Pt. 32008/08/05

    In the final of our intro episodes, we explore some of the more basic aspects of reality as well as touching on Magic, Esoterica, Psychedelica and a few other interesting subjects.
Conscious Flow Radio
CERN Spiral above Norway 12.9.09

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