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Social Media Podcast and Sales Training Blog by Shane Gibson

  1. How to Succeed and Drive Revenues in Turbulent Economic Times2020/05/07
    I originally produced this blog post in 2008 at the bottom of the economy. My late father Bill Gibson shared this economic cycle model with audiences across Canada during the crash in the early 80’s. I have done some minor edits to update for the past decade. This is not a “silver lining” post, it’s intended to be a […]
  2. Key Sales Strategy – GIVING2019/07/18
    Giving is a core business principle of success. In order to get, you must first genuinely give value. Very simply, give more than your competitors think is necessary and connect deeper and more often than your competitors are comfortable with. If your competitors share a sound byte daily then share a full blog post or […]
  3. Enterprise Sales Success Keynote by Shane Gibson2018/11/16
    Here’s a quick preview of the type of content audiences can expect when they attend one of Shane Gibson’s Enterprise Sales Success keynotes. Check out his next event “The Sales Performance Summit” presented in partnership with The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade and sponsored by The Canadian Professional Sales Association. Shane Gibson delivers his Enterprise […]
  4. The Right Brained Sales Revolution (Podcast)2017/08/04
      Today’s podcast is about “The Right Brained Sales Revolution.” In an era of increased automation and advancements in AI (Artificial Intelligence)/Machine learning, sales as a career is rapidly changing. I believe that most sales jobs today will be completely automated or at least partially automated and assisted by AI within the next 36-48 months. […]
  5. Sales Questions that Close Deals2017/06/13
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  6. Social Selling Success Defined2017/05/22
      A big thanks to the Microsoft Office Small Business Academy for sponsoring today’s post on social selling. Check out their upcoming social sales webinar with Matt Heinz, Susan Detmar and Carol Ruth. What is Social Selling and do I really have to do this social selling thing?!? I often have one or two people approach […]
  7. Social Selling Keynote “The Exponential Influencer” by Shane Gibson2016/12/19
    This social selling keynote seminar is from a talk I did at the Social Media Mastery conference I did a few months ago. The premise of the talk is focused on helping people shift from being pitch artists and outbound sales people and marketers to becoming Thought Leaders who attract the business they want. This […]
  8. Podcast Interview: Anthony Iannarino on “The Only Sales Guide You Will Ever Need”2016/11/10
    I had the opportunity to interview Anthony Iannarino on his new book “The Only Sales Guide You Will Ever Need,” we can even cover how he went from Metal Band rock band artist so top producing sales leader and author. Anthony is also the founder of “The Sales Blog,” one of the world’s top ranked […]
  9. Podcast Interview: Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget with Debra Jason2016/10/29
    Today’s podcast guest is Debra Jason author of Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget. I met Debra at the Guerrilla Marketing Global Summit last year and have been following her updates and insights ever since. In this interview we talk about low budget yet highly effective approaches to marketing you and your business. Some of […]
  10. Shane Gibson with Louise Uwacu on U&I Talk Show on Shaw TV2016/07/23
    I was interviewed by Louise Uwacu for her U&I Talk Show, we talked about the Professional Sales Certificate Program, becoming a professional speaker, social selling and more. So if wonder what the path could look like to become a sales trainer, speaker and author this is a good start. Enjoy!
  11. Successful Selling Strategies (Online Course) Starts May 2nd2016/04/26
    Hello Sales Pros! My next online sales training course (Part 1 of The Professional Sales Certificate Program) starts on May 2nd. If you or one of your team members is looking to take their sales career or business to the next level this one month long “learn at your own pace” program may be ideal. […]
  12. 12 Apps and Sales Hacks Free Ebook + Podcast on #SocialSelling2016/04/05
    Last month I released my new ebook “12 Apps and Hacks for Sales and Social Selling” and have now decided to also publish the audio version as a free podcast. My hacks and apps for sales and social selling include: Nimble CRM Socedo Twitter Video Blab Google Hangouts and Zoom Click Funnels and Unbounce Sidekick […]
  13. The 9 Immutable Rules of Social Selling (Video Series) for 2016 #socialselling2015/12/22
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  14. Podcast Interview with Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO of Mirum India – Social Media Agency2015/12/17
    Today’s podcast is an interview with Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO of Mirum India. The digital space in India represents over 300 million connected citizens and 100 million active social media accounts. In 2012 when I was in India speaking at the World Brand Congress I met Sanjay Mehta who at the time was CEO and […]
  15. Podcast Interview with Jim Keenan Author of “Not Taught”2015/12/14
    Do you ever wonder if you’re missing some of the insights around success in today’s very digital and social business climate? This week’s guest Jim Keenan claims if you’re over 30 there are many things you have likely not been taught about the new rules of success and prosperity. Jim is one of my favourite […]
  16. Join us December 10th for the #SalesTribe Twitter Chat2015/12/08
    We are pulling together 20+ authors for the #SalesTribe Twitter chat. The last chat generated over 1100 tweets loaded with insights from leading business authors and thought leaders from around the world. The next Twitter chat will be held on December 10th at 11:00 am PST / 2:00 pm EST. It’s easy to participate, simply […]
  17. Vote on the next #SalesTribe Twitter Chat Topic2015/12/03
    Our last #SalesTribe Twitter chat with 40+ sales experts and authors generated over 12 million online impressions on twitter with 100’s of participants from around the globe. We are gearing up for our next Twitter chat and wanted your feedback on which topic you want us to cover. The #SalesTribe Twitter Chat will be on December 10th […]
  18. The 9 C’s of Social Sales Success2015/11/28
    Today’s blog post and podcast is about the 9 C’s of Social Sales Success. Their are many attributes, attitudes and strategies required to effectively harness the power of online social networks for sales and relationship building. I have taken them and broken them down under 9 core areas that start with the letter C. Following are […]
  19. How to Run Profitable B2B Influencer Engagement Programs #Podcast2015/11/17
    Today’s podcast (download here) is focused on why Influencer Engagement programs are vital and how to run one effectively in the B2B sales and marketing space. Following is brief abridged version of what I cover in the podcast: In a recent study (by Augure) of over 600 B2B marketing professionals 93% of them stated that […]
  20. Using Thought Leadership to Fill Your Social Sales Funnel #Podcast2015/11/13
    Today’s sales funnel and sales process has changed. Sales for many of us is now more about getting buy-in versus pitching our wares. This 15 minute sales and social selling podcast introduces the new sales funnel “The 5 Stages of Consent” and also dives into how content creation is not enough to get noticed – […]
  21. Guerrilla Social Selling2015/11/04
    Hello Guerrillas! It was great to spend 3 days with you at the Guerrilla Global Summit in Orlando Florida! As promised I am including my presentation deck from my seminar on Guerrilla Social Selling. Remember if you want to take apply to take part in the the Social Media Director program you need to apply […]
  22. Social Selling and The Art of Failing Forward (Seminar Notes)2015/10/06
    A big thanks to the BCITMA for inviting me to speak at your event this evening. I know I covered a lot in our brief time together so I thought I would post my slides and some links for your reference. Here are some quick links for you: Shane Gibson’s Online Professional Sales Certification Program The […]
  23. Online Sales Certification with Shane Gibson Starts September 8th 20152015/08/31
    In order to win in today’s sales environment you need to stay ahead of your competitors and in-sync with your customers. Sales skills, training and strategy play a huge role in your success BUT for most people being tied up in a classroom or conference is too time consuming. My goal was to make to create […]
  24. #SocialSelling at The Sky Hangar with The Andrew Westlund Group2015/06/09
    Thank-you to the Andrew Westlund Group for inviting me out to The Hangar today to address your group of companies for your monthly meeting. Social Media and sales were once thought of as separate disciplines yet today they are inseparable tools for business. Here are some quick links for you: The 2014 Sales Quota Attainment […]
  25. The 9 Immutable Rules of Engagement in #SocialSelling [with INFOGRAPHIC]2015/05/11
    After working with sales people, social media marketers, community managers, entrepreneurs, charities and many other professionals on five continents I have had the opportunity to see the Rules of Engagement implemented (and ignored) in almost every environment. Stephen Jagger and I sat down and penned these rules in 2008 when we were writing Sociable! – […]
  26. The Single Biggest Mistake Salespeople Make in Social Media #SalesTribe2015/04/30
    Last week I hosted a #SalesTribe twitter chat with 30 sales thought leaders and authors. Social selling and social media use by salespeople is a hot topic. Many people who use Twitter and Facebook shun their use for sales, a lot of this can be attributed to poor practices and lack of skill on the […]
  27. What does the sales manager of the future look like? #SalesTribe2015/04/23
      Sales management and sales leadership in the near future will look very different from the way it looks today. Every day there’s a new gadget, widget, crm and sales guru touting groundbreaking methodologies. The question is what skills does the sales manager and sales leader of the future really need? I asked this question […]
  28. The Future of Selling #SalesTribe #TwitterChat Top Tweets2015/04/22
    What happens when 30+ sales thought leaders and sales authors get together to talk about the future of selling on Twitter? 1100+ Tweets, 129 engaged participants and a ton of sales wisdom and insights to share. With 1100 tweets it got a little challenging to follow the conversation but I managed to pull some of […]
  29. The Future of Selling #SalesTribe Twitter Chat April 21st!2015/04/10
    Join us on April 21st to talk about the Future of Selling I’m honoured and excited to be part of a Twitter chat on this month along with over 30 leading sales authors and thought leaders. It will be held on April 21st 2015 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern For the first time we are […]
  30. LinkedIn For Business2015/01/14
      A big thanks to the BMO Financial Group for inviting me to speak at your business development conference. LinkedIn as I mentioned is not a strategy, it’s a great tool IF you have the right processes and disciplines in place. The key components of a great LinkedIn in strategy includes: Having a complete profile […]
  31. How Intent Can Empower Your Sales Conversations2014/07/21
    Many variables can impact our chances of closing a deal, they include but are not limited to: industry, geography, financial situation of the customer, product quality, the customer mood or sentiment and a variety of other influences. When comparing sales people within the exact same company very few things influence the level of one person’s […]
  32. Living with F.E.A.R2014/06/26
    Fear can often be our friend. It’s what has kept us alive as humans for many millennia. We are wired to be full of fear when we sense a threat in our environment. It’s what makes us think twice about climbing a rock face without a rope or jumping off a bridge just for the […]
  33. 11:59:59 – The Will to Win2014/06/26
    This weekend I watched my girlfriend’s all women’s team play in a baseball tournament. I sat on the sidelines (not the easiest thing for a guy who likes to be moving constantly) and watched them compete. They played some great ball and ended up 2nd overall in the tournament. What I want to focus on […]
  34. Online Professional Sales Certification Program Launches May 5th2014/04/24
    On May 5th the next Professional Sales Certificate Program starts. For many of our graduates it has helped boost their company revenues and personal career in a matter of months. It’s said that nothing happens until someone sells something. We may have all kinds of great gadgets and amazing tools like Twitter and LinkedIn but someone […]
  35. Why Sales People Need to Stop Googling and Start Nimbling2014/04/08
    Social CRM and social selling are two terms which I have seen go from obscurity to mainstream business topics in the past 24 months. Jon Ferrara CEO and Founder of Nimble, an early innovator in social CRM and social selling technology, took time out of his schedule to share with us the latest innovations in […]
  36. An Edgy Conversation with Dan Waldschmidt on Success2014/03/30
    Edgy Conversations – How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success is an awesome book that once I picked up I pretty well read the whole thing. I asked Dan Waldschmidt, author of the book to do a podcast interview. In this podcast we really got to dig onto his methodologies and principles of creating a […]
  37. The Rules of Engagement for Social Selling and Marketing2014/03/19
    As a social selling speaker I get a lot of great opportunities to speak globally. One of my favorites is Vegas. CDC Software (Now Aptean) invited me to speak on social crm and social media for sales organization. In this part of my seminar I talk about the 7 Rules of Engagement in social media […]
  38. Top 5 Social Media Podcasts2014/03/18
    I have been podcasting since 2004. These podcasts have included guests interviews with Guy Kawasaki on Enchantment and with Jessica Northey on how she become one of the most influential women in social media.With close to 120 podcasts in the archives I thought I would hand-pick some key podcasts that I have produced on social […]
  39. Social Media Podcast: This is Your Permission to Share and Create2013/12/17
    Todays social media podcast is focused on sharing and creating. Too often we hold back, hide our voice or just never start the process of being creative. We all have something to share. Whether you’re an aspiring writer, an artist or in charge of a social content strategy it all starts with getting in-the-flow of […]
  40. Tweets and Quotes in Memory of Nelson Mandela2013/12/06
    “Simunye – we are one.” Is a Zulu word and common blessing and mantra I heard over and over while living in South Africa. I lived in South Africa in 1997-1999 and traveled back and forth to there in the following years another half dozen times. My parents Bill and Beverley Gibson (originally from Nova Scotia) […]
  41. Social Media Is Hard – Get Over It!2013/11/28
    Social media is hard. Success is hard. There comes a point in your business or life when you have to decide if you’re going to hangout by the water cooler with people who are also talking about why they can’t get ahead – or do the hard work that will make you a Linchpin in your office […]
  42. How Intent and Focus Drive our Success2013/11/14
    Today’s Podcast is on the power of intent in sales, leadership and marketing. We are being constantly told that what we focus is on is vital, yet the intention behind that focus determines the quality of our results. In his life-long study of Micro-Expressions Paul Ekman, Ph.D has proven that whether we realize it our not we […]
  43. 23 Social Media Tips in 140 Characters or Fewer2013/10/26
    I tweet social media tips daily. I know Twitter is pretty noisy so I thought I would pull some of my most popular and favourite tweets from the past couple months. Which one is your favourite? Social Media Tip: Behind almost every "small" person on the internet there's a massive influencer one-click or tweet away. […]
  44. How to Not Lose Yourself or Humanity with Social Media2013/10/15
    Have you ever pondered about the negative effects of social media? Today’s podcast is in on the toxic effects of social media use and what you can do to make sure that’s only having a positive impact on your life. It starts with the odd comment from your spouse about your love affair with your […]
  45. Get Off the Internet – My Thoughts on the US Government, Google, Facebook and Privacy2013/06/07
    Privacy is a Myth on the Internet Last week news broke globally that the US Government has unfettered access to most social networks and data stored by them. PRISM is a program/mandate that is supposed to protect the USA from outside threats but Germany and many other members of the EU are deeply concerned. This […]
  46. Why Companies Fail at Generating Social Media ROI2013/05/20
      Social Media ROI (Return on Investment), is supposedly a hard thing to prove or measure. The problem isn’t the value of social media, or in many cases our approach to getting results – it’s about commitment – a good old fashion work ethic and focus on the longterm. Today’s social business podcast discusses the dilema […]
  47. Marketing Events Using Social Media #Podcast and #InfoGraphic2013/05/11
    Marketing events using social media and amplifying events using social media are two powerful ways to maximize our online and off-line marketing results. In our book Sociable! Stephen Jagger and I talk about the importance of using social media to get off of the internet and build relationships. At Socialized Communications we have developed an entire […]
  48. Influence Marketing Book Interview with Danny Brown2013/05/11
    This week I had the great opportunity to interview Danny Brown on his new book co-authored with Sam Fiorella called Influence Marketing. Danny in my opinion is a Thought Leaders’ Though Leader – an awesome no BS resource for what really works in social media marketing. The book launched yesterday globally and you can get […]
  49. This Week’s Top Tweeted Guerrilla and Ambient Marketing Pictures2013/04/25
    Guerrilla Marketing as Jay Levinson and I discussed in our book Guerrilla Social Media is defined as achieving conventional marketing goals by unconventional means. Ambient marketing is a spin-off of Guerrilla Marketing – you may spend the same dollars but it involves morphing the media and blending the environment and community blurring the lines between […]
  50. Become a Certified Sales Professional Langara College Online Course2013/01/04
    I wanted to personally introduce you to a program that can immediately help you boost your company revenues and personal career. It’s said that nothing happens until someone sells something. We teach a lot of companies how to use social media to build brand, community and drive leads to that business… but someone still needs […]
  51. Why Community is Still Number One in Social Media Marketing2012/11/13
    Community in social media is still number one. I posted the following tweet a couple days ago on Twitter and it received quite a bit of feedback and a few retweets: Social Media Tip: social media scales through community, community grows by relationship building. Focus on people. I then realized that I needed to expand […]
  52. 6 Reasons You’re Silently Failing in Social Media2012/10/23
    Most social media failures aren’t big public train-wrecks on the internet. They’re silent failures, people and brands that never rise above the noise and get noticed. Today’s podcast focuses on 6 reasons you may be silently failing and what you can do to turn things around. The 6 Reasons You’re Silently Failing in Social Media: […]
  53. 7 Steps to Building a Social Business2012/10/09
    I have been a little too busy over the past 3 months. 20 seminars and training sessions, a half-dozen new clients for our social media agency and of course family time! I have a number of new podcasts in the que for you over the next 60 days but I thought I would re-ignite my […]
  54. 5 Social Media Lessons From Wizard World Comic Con2012/07/02
    At Socialized! our Social Media Agency we have had some incredible opportunities over the past year to work with brands such as the Ford Dealers Association of BC and Alberta, the Certified Management Accounts, CGA BC, CGA Canada and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. However…even producing the week long event “Social Media Week Vancouver” did not prepare […]
  55. Ford Dealer Social Media Success Story – Lebanon Ford Podcast2012/04/05
    Social Media Podcast: Ford dealers across North America are executing some amazing social media strategies. While catching up on my reading and best-practices I stumbled across a great case study on how Lebanon Ford (Ohio) has had some incredible success. They don’t just have a great social media team, they have built a truly social […]
  56. 10 Corporate Social Media Myths Dispelled2012/02/28
    Today’s podcast is about 10 social media myths that are commonplace in the companies and organizations that we work with at Socialized! Agency. Many of these misconceptions stop organizations from truly realizing the potential of social media (or even starting). Below I have listed the myths. Have a listen to the podcast and let me […]
  57. 11 Social Media Trends for 20122012/01/27
    Today’s podcast is on 11 Social Media Trends for 2012. Here’s the outline for my podcast – I would love your feedback and thoughts: Key trends How not if TV on everything and social on everything (Major adjustments for broadband providers will need to be made to keep pace with this multi-screen universe) Location based […]
  58. Too Many Band-aid Solutions for Systemic Problems2012/01/03
    No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. – Albert Einstein This is not my typical post. It consists of more questions than answers and what I really want to know is how you feel about these images. This is today’s 24H News frontpage. It seems that what makes […]
  59. How to Hire the Right Social Media Manager the First Time2011/12/22
    Hiring a social media manager, social media coordinator, chief tweeter or whatever you might call it is a challenging endeavor. There are many brands which have experienced great success and many who have also shot the foot off of their brand on the internet. Social media is not a department or a cubicle, it represents […]
  60. The New Rules of Engagement in Social Media2011/11/28
    These are the 7 Rules of Engagement from Sociable! (http://fb.me/sociablebook) that Stephen Jagger and I developed almost 2 years ago… and the rules are now more important than ever! Enjoy! – Shane Gibson.
  61. How to Make a Facebook Like Box2011/11/17
    Many people ask us how to do this. Here’s the answer:
  62. Community Engagement Infographic for Associations and Non-Profits2011/10/21
    Today as associations, non-profits and any other member based organizations we need harness the power of community to grow our member base. This infographic is a work in progress but I wanted to post it and get your feedback. What are your thoughts?
  63. Social Media Marketing for Hotels and Resorts2011/10/20
    Social media use by hotels for their marketing, service and branding initiatives is growing rapidly. Today a tweet posted by a customer from a hotel front lobby can reach more people than an ad in Air Canada’s in flight magazine. In addition to this we have all witnessed the havoc that a Twitter influencer can […]
  64. ERDI Fall Conference: Social Media in Schools2011/10/14
    Today’s podcast and blog post are a result of some great dialogue, ideas and amazing research findings that were unearthed at yesterday’s panel at the ERDI conference here in Calgary, Alberta. The panel I sat on was on “Technology Implementation over the last 20 years in our schools. The panelists were: Michael Goldberg, Economist, Marty […]
  65. Double Double by Cameron Herold – Book Interview (Podcast)2011/08/20
    Today’s podcast is an interview with Cameron Herold on his brand new book “Double Double – How to Double Your Revenue and Profit in 3 Years or Less.” I read this book twice I found it so valuable and so I reached out to Cameron and asked him to come on the show. If you’re […]
  66. The Role of Psychology and Community in Guerrilla Marketing2011/08/15
    Psychology in marketing is still a rather untapped landscape. Since I stepped into the ring and became a guerrilla author in writing Guerrilla Social Media Marketing with Jay Conrad Levinson I have come across all kinds of misunderstanding, misuse and abuse of the term guerrilla marketing. Today’s podcast was inspired by what I can describe […]
  67. How to Build a Massive Online Identity – Interview with Patrick Schwerdtfeger2011/07/27
    Today’s podcast is an interview with Patrick Schwerdtfeger author of the new book “Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed” (2011, Wiley) and a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV. We talked about how you can take one blog post and repurpose it in at least seven different ways. Patrick shared with us a few simple tips, that […]
  68. Social Media Speaker Video: Going Social with CRM #SCRM 41:282011/07/14
    I recently delivered the keynote speaker address to CDC Software’s CRM conference in Las Vegas. This is one of the most recent social media for sales professionals talks I have done and it’ not just a promo clip. Here’s the full 41 minutes on “Going Social with CRM – How Social Media is Turning Sales […]
  69. Social Media Week Vancouver Registration Get Involved!2011/07/07
    Today’s podcast is a little different than most. It outlines the upcoming Social Media Week in Vancouver that my team and I at Socialized! are putting together (with some massive help from our community, sponsors and our advisory board). I will posting a full text outline of this as well on the Social Media Week […]
  70. Assessing Defining and Measuring Your Social Media Influence2011/06/30
    Today’s podcast is on defining and measuring your social media influence. Dave MacDonald who is an integral part of our team at Socialized! works on our social media assessment process with our clients. Recently he suggested we add a component to our assessment that measures how well the client we are working with is engaging […]
  71. Social Media Monitoring Strategy Podcast and InfoGraphic2011/06/26
    Today’s podcast is on social media listening, monitoring and strategy. I have also done a quick infographic / flowchart on the process and key points from the social media monitoring podcast. Have a listen and let me know what you think.
  72. The Seven Sins of Social Media Citizens2011/06/24
    This podcast was one I was apprehensive to post. I’m not angel — but I thought I would share this perspective — possibly as a social media penance. Here’s a quick list. The Seven Sins of Social Media Citizens Entertaining Rumor Forgetting Where You Started Joining Community Solely for Personal Growth Disengaged Once We Are […]
  73. The Origins and Evolution of Social Media Consultants (Podcast and InfoGraphic)2011/06/24
    No this is not a post ranting about social media experts and who does or doesn’t qualify to teach and implement strategy. Today’s podcast was inspired by a sketch I did recently, attempting to map out the origins of the now burgeoning social media consulting industry. We all come from different places and have different […]
  74. #CanucksRiot, Social Media and Crowsourced Policing2011/06/21
    My friend and associate Kemp Edmonds who heads up Hootsuite University asked me an interesting question at a barbeque last weekend. He asked me what I thought about the crowdsourced policing that had occurred during the Vancouver Canucks Riot last week. I personally see it as a fact of life. Anything you do can end […]
  75. This Is Your Permission to Launch2011/06/14
    This podcast was created for you. I just wanted you to know that you have permission to launch. Get started, paint that picture, write that book, apply for that promotion. Have a listen to this podcast and start implementing those great ideas.
  76. Senior Executives and Social Media Phobia2011/06/14
    Today’s podcast is on social media phobia and why senior executives are afraid to embrace the use of social media in their organizations. Many have expressed to me the harm that can come from being social. What they don’t realize are the risks of being left out of the conversation. Have a listen and let […]
  77. When Mission is Clear Abundance Will Appear2011/06/09
    In sales, social media and in business doing the right thing, being social, being positive are all great BUT to create real momentum you need clarity. My good friend and mentor Fred Shadian shared with me many years ago the following statement: “When mission is clear abundance will appear.” This is a vital statement and […]
  78. Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Defined (Podcast)2011/06/09
    Today’s podcast is an audio recording (by the author) of Chapter 7 of Guerrilla Social Media Marketing. A book that was released (globally) this past October that I co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson. It is a full unabridged version with some side-comments from myself of course. If you want to start reading thebook on your […]
  79. 36 Social Media, Leadership and Life Tips in 140 Characters or Fewer2011/06/06
    Today’s blog post and social media podcast is a collection of 36 Tweets I have posted online over the past two weeks relating to social media, leadership and marketing. I have recorded an in-depth explanation (beyond the 140 characters) in my podcast. Have a listen, have a read and add your own in the comments […]
  80. You need to be social to have long-term social media success!2011/06/06
    Today’s podcast is about being truly sociable. You need to be social to have long-term social media success! There I said it. Plain and simple, hiding behind your computer or iPhone is only going to give you marginal long-term success. Eventually the Wizard of Oz was found out. Compared to people who are good at […]
  81. What comes first? A pretty website or business results?2011/06/05
    Too many people think a website, Twitter account or well produced video is a strategy — in reality they’re just tools. Before you invest money and time in building a brand new site, or devote more time to your social media efforts, it might be a good idea to have a plan. Feedback from many […]
  82. Social Media Podcast: How to get above the noise2011/06/03
    Today’s social media podcast is on “How to get above the noise.” With over a billion people Tweeting, posting to Facebook and blogging about everything imaginable you have a lot of competition for mind share within your target market. Today I will talk about three things that will help you rise above the crowd: Consistency […]
  83. My Podcast Rant on Bad Infographics false stats and so-called social media experts2011/06/02
    Today’s podcast is more of a rant. We cover everything from customers service, the dangers of believing what you see on Infographics, and my response to Peter Shankmans comments on “Why All Social Media Experts Need To Die in a Fire.” I cover it briefly in the podcast but here’s my thoughts on Shankman’s statements. […]
  84. Jessica Northey on Authenticity Social Media and Radio2011/06/01
    Today’s podcast is an interview with @JessicaNorthey, a very sociable social media strategist with a background in broadcast media specializing in helping radio stations and music artists use social media efficiently. Update: She also happens to be ranked as the #1 Most Influential Woman on Twitter by Twitter Grader. We recently exchanged a few tweets […]
  85. Outsourcing Automation and Building Virtual Teams2011/05/31
    Today’s podcast is on Outsourcing Automation and Building Virtual Teams. My guest today is Stephen Jagger (who is also my co-author for Sociable!) co-founder of Ubertor and Outsourcingthingsdone.com. They have a 150 seat office in Manila where they supply North American tech firms, Realtors and a variety of other industries with virtual team members. I […]
  86. Professional Speaking for Geeks Podcast2011/05/30
    Today’s podcast is titled “Professional Speaking for Geeks.” Yes they call it death by PowerPoint and many other things. It’s the art of the bomb, crash and burn — or worse. We get a polite applause and the audience attendees forget about us half-way through the conference wrap-up party. I have had a number of […]
  87. Join Me for the 30 Day Podcasting Challenge – @ShaneGibson2011/05/30
    I have been podcasting since 2004. It has brought me great clients such as Ford, ACL, and a dozen other major corporations. It has also allowed me to meet and interview people like Guy Kawasaki and Bruce Philp (two marketing minds that I suggest you get to know well). I then looked at my roster […]
  88. Dear Big Brands – You Say You Care But We Don’t Believe You2011/05/19
    Dear Big Brand, You say you want to use social media to engage, grow your business and build community. You say you care… BUT WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU. Why you ask? You say you care but you rarely follow anyone back on Twitter that follows you You say you care on Twitter and Facebook but […]
  89. 13 Social Media, Sales and Leadership Tips in 140 Characters or Fewer2011/04/30
    Here’s a selection of tweets, tips and insights I have posted to Twitter over the past month. If you have any of your own — add them in the comments below. Have a great weekend. Social media tip: life is an experiment. Be willing to make mistakes, challenge your own assumptions and break the mold […]
  90. 52 (non-automated) Ways to Increase Your Twitter Following2011/04/22
    Today’s social media podcast (direct download here) and blog post is on how to increase your Twitter following. These strategies aren’t just about the numbers but are proven strategies to attract the right followers. Here are 52 (non-automated) Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers: Have a custom background that tells what you do and who […]
  91. Social CRM is Really About Strategy Not Tools #SCRM2011/04/05
    Today’s social media podcast (direct download here) is focused on social customer relationship management. Social SCRM (#SCRM on Twitter) is really where sales and social media form a nexus point with customer service, leadership and community. This of course is assuming we use the Social CRM for its intended purpose. Too many organizations fall in […]
  92. Social Media Department versus a Socialized Business?2011/03/29
    As organizations push into the social media space many will start with a social media position, others will have a social media department within their company. This is a great initial step but there are pitfalls and down-sides to seeing social as separate from other business activities. Today’s podcast (direct download here) talks about the […]
  93. Persona versus People – Getting real in marketing and in life2011/03/28
    Today’s podcast (direct download here) focuses on the difference between building an online persona or brand versus building you the person/organization. Too many people have a veneer they present to the world. Once we scratch the surface when we interact with that brand or that person we can be disappointed. There are also brilliant people […]
  94. Thought Leadership in Social Media2011/03/27
    I talk a lot about thought leadership in social media. In fact in our Social Media Matrix Stephen Jagger and I label our 5th and highest level engagement “Thought Leadership.” When I talk about social media and thought leadership on my blog, Twitter or live at an event/seminar there’s always a couple of people that […]
  95. Avoiding the Groupon Effect – Podcast with Bruce Philp Author of Consumer Republic2011/03/23
    (Download today’s social media podcast directly here) Today I had the great opportunity to once again have Bruce Philp author of the Consumer Republic on my social media podcast. I was so inspired by our conversation I actually reworked my Socialized! Lunch presentation today to include some very important thoughts that Bruce shared about the […]
  96. Guy Kawasaki Podcast Interview on Enchantment2011/03/08
    I first met Guy Kawasaki at an Olympic Tweetup here in Vancouver a little over a year. My co-author Jay Conrad Levinson had already filled me in on Guy, and Jay may have even used the word “enchanting” when he described Guy. He seems to arrive and light up a room and make everyone around […]
  97. Social Media Assessment Part 2 – Social Outposts – Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube2011/03/07
    Last week we posted part 1 of our seven part social media assessment. In this week’s podcast I will talk briefly about how you can assess social media effectiveness on various networks including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and sites like YouTube and Flickr. Each social network could be a full one hour podcast on their own […]
  98. Social Media Assessment Part 1 of 72011/02/21
    Today’s social media podcast is part 1 of a 7 part series on assessment. Before any major endeavor we need to take inventory of our assets, attitudes, and liabilities. Working with everyone from one person businesses right up to fortune 500 companies I have developed a social media assessment process that helps take that inventory. […]
  99. Social Media for Real Estate – Sociable! Slides2011/01/29
    Stephen Jagger and I presented this weekend at the Banff Western Connection on how to get Sociable! and use social media to drive business as a Realtor. Because real estate is a hyper-local marketing game social media has many powerful applications. Here is our presentation: Banff Western Connection Conference Stephen Jagger and Shane Gibson Sociable! […]
  100. The Socialized! Lunch – 5 Steps to Maximize Your Organization’s ROI in Social Media2011/01/26
    Today was our first Socialized! Lunch. Anthony Caridi and I host this social media training event here in Vancouver on the fourth Tuesday of each month. The purpose of this monthly event is to provide insights, best practices and real world social media strategy to CMO’s, executives and business owners who are integrating social media […]
  101. 17 Social Media Tips, Tweets and Lessons in 140 Characters or Fewer2011/01/23
    This week I have been really thinking a lot about how companies are implementing social media. I tweet out social media tips each day and the past couple weeks of tweets have definitely been influenced by my thoughts on best practices, social media training, implementation and of course leadership. Some were tweeted while sitting in […]
  102. My Top 12 Social Media Blog Posts for 2010 according to Postrank (@postrank)2010/12/30
    Following are my most engaging blog posts according to Post Rank Analytics. They measure on-site and off site responses, votes, comments and links to each post and then rank the post. Having the Post Rank plugin installed into this blog made finding the posts that my readers have found most engaging easy. Thanks to everyone […]
  103. 19 Social Media Tips in 140 Characters or Fewer2010/12/30
    I just used this site called Tweet Scan to download all of my Twitter posts since I got onto Twitter. Truth be told — it only was able to recover a portion. Within it though I was able to dig up from my archive some social media tips that I have tweeted over the past […]
  104. 11 Social Media Tips in 140 Characters or Fewer2010/12/28
    I tweet social media tips on a regular basis. For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter or for those who missed some of my tips this week, here are 11 tips on social media (if you have any to share please post them below): Social Media Tip: Focus on what you love […]
  105. Interview with Bruce Philp author of the new book Consumer Republic2010/12/08
    Today I had the opportunity to interview Bruce Philp author of The Orange Code and the soon to be released book Consumer Republic. We had a great discussion about the power of the consumer and our ability to vote with our pocketbooks. Here’s what the book site says about the book: Consumer Republic Using brands […]
  106. Should you let your sales team publish content using social media?2010/12/06
    Today’s podcast answers the question “Should you let your sales team publish content using social media?” I cover 5 reasons sales professionals should not be publishing content on social media and 13 reasons they should be. Here’s a brief summary of what is covered: 5 reasons why you should not let your sales team publish […]
  107. Guerrilla Social Media Book Launch Events – Vancouver – Calgary – Toronto2010/11/12
    I wanted to give you a quick update on what have been up to. I will be touring several cities in Canada this month and will also be available to speak to your association or Meetup group on Guerrilla Social Media Marketing as I travel. Here’s the info on events: November 17th 2010 – Guerrilla […]
  108. Malcolm Gladwell is Right2010/10/13
    Shane Gibson talks about why Malcolm Gladwell is right about social media.
  109. Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secret #19 Implement2010/10/12
    Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secret #19 Implement is covered today by Shane Gibson. Implementation is a key element in any marketing strategy.
  110. Guerrilla Social Media Tip – Consistent2010/10/08
    Consistent – Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secret is today’s topic. Shane Gibson talks about how consistency is one of the major reasons Gary Vaynerchuck experienced his high level of success.
  111. Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Secret – Commitment2010/10/06
  112. Rules for Ford Social Media Engagement are Simple and Clear2010/09/08
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  115. Social Media Calendar2010/08/23
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  118. Worthy Cause: Local Man is Fundraising for New Spandex Outfit2010/07/21
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