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  1. Chuck Brown tribute2012/05/31
    we had to..it's only right for Book and I to pay homage to Chuck Brown The Godfather of Go-Go as he Rests In Paradise. Being born in raised in DC we grew up on Chuck Brown and he is an institution...so Pop's this is for you.
  2. Spring 2012...we've been gone for a while but we are back2012/03/29
    I knoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow we've been gone for a while but we are back. You ready?
  3. Heavy D Tribute show2011/11/12
    As he Rests In Paradise..Heavy D this show is for you.
  4. I know...I know2011/10/22
    it's been a long year and with a lot going Book and I have not been on our podcast game but we hope this makes up for it.
  5. Summer is almost over....wheew. Where did the year go?2011/08/09
    With so much going on in 2011 it's been a challenge to keep up with the podcast but we have had a ton of folks ask for a new episode so here we go....a lot of new and great things have been going on.
  6. it's been a minute but we are still here..2011/06/16
    ok..so I will explain why it's been a while since you heard from us. make sure you check out www.HERKULESWORLD.com and www.ATASTEOFDC2011.com also and you will see for yourself..
  7. It's Spring..I think???2011/04/04
    doesn't feel like Spring where we live but they tell me it is...so I guess it's time for us to get on our podcast game...DID YOU MISS US?
  8. Spring time and things are happening2011/03/22
    Aladdin takes over this episode with DJ Book..Herk had to do his taxes. But don't worry because Aladdin has some good info for you.
  9. it's SPRING...almost...2011/03/14
    you ready....we are!!! Spring is almost here!!! so we gotta get you ready for that grown folk time of the year...
  10. I know, I know, I know2011/03/03
    we are working and a lot has been happening...to all that have been asking for a new episode here we go. Oh yeah..did I mention that I like Rita's?
  11. introducing.......2011/02/17
    this episode we have someone filling in. OF course DJ Book is here but Herk is out so one of his younger Brother's is taking over the show.
  12. need some office music?2011/02/02
    Thank you to everyone that has been supporting Book and I...also thank you to everyone that listens to the podcast while you are at work. "We proceed to give you what you need"...that mature good music.
  13. we are back on it2011/01/24
    ok so Book and I are finally getting back into the groove of things...we hope you enjoy this episode.
  14. 2011...now here we go2011/01/12
    brand new year..and some brand new things. we even have a surprise for you to...someone has joined in on the podcast.
  15. Merry Christmas!!!2010/12/23
    Book and I want to thank you for supporting the podcast soooooo......
  16. And we keep going and going and going....2010/12/13
    It's almost a new year and almost that time to open up gifts...so enjoy this continued gift from Book and I. and Oh yeah shout to all of my University Delaware Alumni and the Football team...we are in the semi-finals...ok now to the music.
  17. It's Christmas Shopping season...sooooooo2010/12/04
    Book and figured we would give you some shopping music for the Holidays on this episode.
  18. Let's get ready to.........2010/11/24
    on this episode, DJ Jealousy steps back in and he wants to battle....
  19. We're still her...2010/11/11
    and it continues...we told you that we would be here and we are. Herkules World Online with DJ Book this episode,
  20. Keep moving...2010/11/02
    as promised we are here again and not going anywhere. This episode DJ Book is back and of course he has more grown, mature, good music.
  21. and we keep it moving..2010/10/20
    this week we have DJ Jealousy stopping through. And trust me the grown and mature sound conitunes on.
  22. Herkules and DJ Book...I told you we we're for real2010/10/15
    here is the 2nd episode of the new re-vamped podcast Herkules World Online. We told you that it's back. We aren't going anywhere...GOOD Music lovers we are here for you.
  23. it's back...and better2010/10/11
    DJ Book and Herkules decided to finally get together and resurrect Herkules World Online. It's still free and has good music for the grown and mature hip hop, neo soul and good music lovers.
Herkules World Online
good, mature, grown folks music.

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