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  1. Episode 23: 10th Anniversary2018/09/30
    Wow! 10 years of The NotHans Podcast! In this episode, Hans’ mom drops in, we get political, Hans plays a classic standup comedy bit from 1997, and Hans reads some listener email. The episode is sponsored by Ted’s Burgers and Frank Dickens’ Petting Zoo.
  2. Episode 22: Spring Fever2009/04/19
    Spring is in the air at The NotHans Podcast. Huck got a change of water. Hans got some new white shoes to match his all-black outfits. On this week’s episode, Hans Scharler reads some listener email from Hannah from Great Falls, Montana and Stan Smartass gives us some Positive Harmony. This show also features a […]
  3. Episode 21: Back in the Saddle2009/02/28
    This show features listener email, Frank Dickens Petting Zoo ad, and a classic clip of The NotHans Podcast. Hans Scharler discusses the new topless coffee shop in Maine — The Grandview — and explores his inner child with Positive Harmony. Hans is back in the saddle with a long over-due episode.
  4. Episode 20: The Best of Show2009/01/30
    Every once in a while (Blackhawk) you have to stop and reflect on the amazing run that you’ve had. That reflection is this new episode of The NotHans Podcast. Hans Scharler explores the volumes of comedic work from the previous 19 episodes and shares his favorite clips and his inspirational moments, all to create a […]
  5. Obama Nation2008/11/15
    Hans Scharler explains that his previous endorsement of John McCain was taken out of context. Hans also shows his support of Barack Hussein Obama with a musical montage. Stan Smartass drops some “Positive Harmony” on The NotHans Podcast. This episode also includes some movie discussion of High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Zack and Miri Make a Porno […]
  6. Tina Fey and 30 Rock2008/10/28
    Hans Scharler of The NotHans Podcast is a big fan of 30 Rock and Tina Fey’s work from SNL to her impression of Sarah Palin. On this episode, Hans interviews Tina Fey and discusses 30 Rock. We also find out that Tina Fey is working on other celebrity impressions like Britney Spears. Other segments on […]
  7. Dow Te Ching2008/10/11
    Hans Scharler discusses important topics and hits America hard with some straight-talk about the economy. Also on this episode, we feature a new sponsor, “Frank Dickens’ Petting Zoo“, some new sound effects, a clip of Chocolate Rain, a Britney Spears Moment, and a discussion of “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”.
  8. From the DMZ to the RNC2008/09/08
    In this episode of The NotHans Podcast, Hans Scharler gets political and shares his thoughts on Sarah Palin and the rest of the nominees. This episode also includes “Livin’ on the Edge”, remarks on Hurricane Ike, listener email, and an update on the iPod giveaway. Hans recommends the DVD’s from Dana Carvey and Brian Regan.
  9. Olympic Medals and Double Churn Ice Cream2008/08/20
    Hans Scharler discusses the Olympics, the Olympic Medal winners, and the difference between medal and metal. This episode of The NotHans Podcast also includes some urgent news and a commentary about double churn ice cream.
  10. I am Batman2008/08/03
    On this week’s episode, Hans Scharler takes a deeper look at the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight”. Hans says that Heath Ledger’s Joker is “Creepy and Charismatic”. Also, included in this show are “Positive Harmony” and a recap of a month long trip to the deep South.
  11. I Kissed a Girl2008/07/15
    Hans Scharler hosts this week’s episode of the The NotHans Podcast. Hans discusses “I Kissed a Girl“, reviews the latest movie releases, and reads some listener email. Other segments include Huck “The Dolphin” Finn, Hans’ Mom, tuba playing, and a new one called, “Livin’ on the Edge”. There is also a new website at nothans.com/podcast.
  12. Interview with Johnny 52008/07/04
    On this week’s episode of The NotHans Podcast, brought to you by rackets, Hans interviews Johnny 5, the robotic actor from Short Circuit. Number 5 is alive and has lots to say about WALL-E. Hans shares his bucket list and thoughts on the 4th of July. We also get an update on the iPod giveaway.
  13. Presidential Candidate Endorsement2008/07/01
    Hans Scharler gets political while discussing the match up of McCain vs. Obama and officially endorses a presidential candidate. Hans also takes a look at entertainment and sporting news on this week’s episode. He does a little voice acting.
  14. Big Brown Exclusive Interview2008/06/26
    The NotHans Podcast gets the exclusive interview to recap the Belmont Stakes and discusses what “Big Brown” couldn’t do for you. Other segments include “Positive Harmony” and the top movies at this weekend’s box office.
  15. The Stanley Cup and Balsamic Vinegar2008/06/17
    Hans Scharler discusses hockey and the Stanley Cup battle between Detroit and Pittsburgh. A listener writes in asking about Balsamic Vinegar. Hans gets an important telegram and a word-a-day calendar as a gift.
  16. Sex and the City2008/06/11
    On this week’s episode, Hans recaps his experience at the premiere and reviews the movie, “Sex and the City“. Other segments include politically correct news, premature science, dolphin sightings, and listener email.
  17. The King of Kong2008/06/08
    This episode of The NotHans Podcast includes listener email, an update on the iPod giveaway, and a review of the documentary, “The King of Kong“. There’s a leak in the basement. Hans’ Mom tells Hanzie that she will fix the leak. billyvssteve.com
  18. The Year of the Rat2008/06/04
    On this week’s episode Hans Scharler shares his fortune from a fortune cookie. This podcast also includes some urgent news, the first PayPal listener request, and awkward situations.
  19. Blockbuster Movies and Politics2008/06/02
    Hans Scharler reviews the Top 5 movies at this week’s box office. This episode includes some politics, stand-up, and listener email. The show is being sponsored by “Truckers” – junk in the trunk since 1942.
  20. My Mom Makes Her Podcast Debut2008/06/01
    Hans Scharler opens the electronic mailbag and reads some listener email. Hans’ mom makes an appearance on this episode brought to you by light bulbs. We also get to listen in on Hans calling a woman.
  21. Getting Political and Reading the News2008/05/30
    Hans Scharler finally gets political. This episode includes comments on the election, ADHD, unicorns, and mobile telephones. Hans also reads the news.
  22. The Chris Farley Show Book Review2008/05/28
    Comedy writer Hans Scharler reviews the book, “The Chris Farley Show” by Tom Farley, Jr. and Tanner Colby. This episode also includes his Nashville Star audition tape and an iPod giveaway contest. thechrisfarleyshow.com chrisfarleyfoundation.com
  23. Listener Email and a Crazy Character2008/05/26
    In this episode, Hans Scharler fulfills the request of a listener. Other segments include “I love cereal”, iPod giveaway, “The I can’t read” character, and comments about the new Indiana Jones movie.
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Step inside the mind of comedy writer Hans Scharler as he explores current events, movies, string theory, and other topics where he is not an expert. Theater of the mind.

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