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Maximum Strength Positive Thinking

  1. How to Make a Life2008/06/16
    When I make a living I focus on survival. When I make a life, I focus on my dreams.
  2. How to Be Great2008/06/15
    I will live the rest of my life as if I am a great person. I will live as if my dreams are possible, and work each day to make them happen.
  3. Be Excellent2008/07/02
    Excellence is the normal state of affairs in the human heart.
  4. Enough Faith2008/07/16
    Faith isn't about size. It's about stepping out in the direction of my dreams regardless of the consequences.
  5. Who You Are2008/06/21
    My mind is the only part of me that can change or that would ever be worth changing.
  6. Maximum Strength Positive Thinking2008/06/22
    What to say when your mind talks to you, and what to say when you talk to your mind.
  7. Unlimited Potential for Excellence2008/06/21
    I have never seen any handicap that makes excellence impossible.
  8. When Will I Get Better?2008/06/22
    The instant that I put positive things into my mind is the exact moment that my life will improve.
  9. The Supreme Law of Change2008/07/02
    I can change who I am by changing what I put into my mind.
  10. Negative Black Hole2008/07/11
    Negative thoughts create a black hole that annihilates my future in a unique way.
  11. Positive Expectations2008/06/22
    I don't get what I want in life. I get what I expect.
  12. A Consistently Positive Mind2008/06/22
    A persistently positive focus creates a consistently positive mind.
  13. I Build My Future Thought By Thought2008/07/01
    Life happens one thought at a time, either by default or by design.
  14. The Positive Mind Pump2008/07/10
    Wherever I am, I can push my mind in a positive direction and listen to the sound of my dreams.
  15. Unconditional Love2008/07/16
    God's love not only wipes the slate clean, it also throws the slate away.
  16. Practice Being Great Each Day of Your Life2008/06/22
    I will live as if I am a great person. I will practice being great each day of my life.
  17. Ambivalence2008/06/22
    Ambivalence is the mortal enemy of my dreams. Unless I am committed to them with all my mind, heart, and strength, I will not be willing to do whatever it takes to make them happen.
  18. Empowerment2008/06/19
    Empowering beliefs increase my strength and energy. They get me going and keep me going when the going gets tough.
  19. What You Think About Expands Into Your Life2008/06/21
    The Law of Focus states that what I think about expands into my life.
  20. Resourceful Beliefs2008/06/19
    Resourceful beliefs remind me that I have the ability to achieve excellence in at least one area of my life.
  21. Change Who You Are2008/06/19
    You can change who you are by changing what you put into your mind.
  22. Positive Operating System2008/06/19
    Positive thinking works because it's the natural software for my mind.
  23. Pulling the Weeds and Planting the Seeds2008/07/01
    I reprogram my mind thought by thought.
  24. Don't Let the World Clip Your Wings2008/07/15
    I will not let the world clip my wings or force me into its mold. I will fly like an eagle.
  25. What Goes Around Comes Around2008/07/15
    There is no limit to how good my life can become when I send God's love to everyone.
  26. Failure Is Never Final2008/07/01
    Failure is a test, and if I keep moving in the direction of my dreams, I pass the test.
  27. Live As If You Are in God's Presence2008/07/15
    The power and presence of God in the world is love. Whenever I see love, I see God's hand at work.
  28. Unstoppable2008/06/15
    If you really want to be positive, nobody can stop you.
  29. POS Version 1.0 - Operating System for My Mind2008/06/23
    When God created my mind, He designed it to run most efficiently using a Positive Operating System.
  30. I Turn Bad Things into Better Things2008/06/23
    No amount of positive thinking will take something bad and turn it into something good. Nevertheless, positive thinking will turn it into something better.
  31. No Limit to How Good My Life Can Become2008/06/28
    There is no limit to how good my life can become when I put good things into my mind.
  32. Say Yes to Life2008/06/28
    Saying yes to life opens the door of opportunity, and saying no closes it.
  33. I Can Still Make My Dreams Come True2008/06/28
    No matter what happened in the past, I can still make my dreams come true.
  34. Freedom Is Only a Thought Away2008/06/28
    My beliefs are the single most liberating or limiting factor in my life.
  35. Exceptional Beliefs2008/06/28
    Dreams get me up in the morning and carry me through the day. They keep me going when the going gets tough.
  36. The Meaning of Life2008/06/28
    My beliefs create my personal world and give my life its meaning.
  37. Every Destination Starts As a Thought2008/06/28
    My dreams don't happen by themselves; I must think and act them into existence.
  38. A New Beginning Creates a New Ending2008/06/29
    I can change any area of my life, because I can change the way I think.
  39. I change My Mind in an Instant of Time2008/06/29
    At the moment of change, there is a shift in my beliefs about who I am and what I can do with my life.
  40. The Power of Positive Focus2008/06/29
    Focus gives me powerful leverage over my mind. When I focus on a thought, it forces my mind to look in the direction of that thought.
  41. Ready for Change2008/06/29
    Change finally happens when I am ready to change. Change takes a long time, because I take so much time getting ready.
  42. I Am Willing to Do Whatever It Takes2008/06/29
    Positive change isn't a matter of the will. Rather, it's a matter of being willing to do whatever it takes.
  43. Change First Happens in My Mind2008/06/29
    I am the only one who can change my life, because I am the only one who can change the way I think.
  44. How Change Happens2008/06/29
    Change happens when I think differently that I have always thought and act differently than I have always acted.
  45. Do It Now - Zero Ambivalence Club2008/06/29
    No matter what you do, you must do it with all your mind, all your heart, and all your strength. You must say yes to life with all that is in you.
  46. Semper Fidelis2008/06/29
    The only people qualified to lead and show the way are those who keep the faith.
  47. No Reason to Wait2008/06/29
    If I wait until everything is perfect, and I know exactly what I'm doing, I will never live my dreams.
  48. The Call to Action2008/06/29
    Negative thoughts are either a call to more negative thoughts or a call to positive action.
  49. Positive Action2008/06/30
    Positive action is the only appropriate response to a negative thought
  50. Limiting Beliefs Area a Choice2008/07/02
    Limiting beliefs are a choice, and I choose to not have any.
  51. Limitations2008/07/02
    Limiting thoughts are a disguised form of negation. They are a way that I say no to life while pretending that life is saying no to me.
  52. Barriers or Hurdles2008/07/02
    Even if I don't rock the world, I can still rock my world, and that's what counts.
  53. Make Your Limitations Disappear2008/07/03
    Life is a laboratory for testing the limitations found in my mind. I never know if my limitations are real until I test them.
  54. Get a Fresh Start2008/07/04
    The forgiveness that I send to others comes multiplied back to me. The forgiving heart is the forgiven heart.
  55. Toxic Waste Management2008/07/04
    Resentful thoughts are covered in mental superglue. Once I think them, they stick in my mind.
  56. Fly Like an Eagle2008/07/04
    Eagles are not meant to carry burdens, and neither are you.
  57. Positive Focus2008/07/05
    Four Laws of Focus give me the leverage I need to have a consistently positive mind. A persistently positive focus creates a consistently positive mind.
  58. Repetition Hijacks My Mind2008/07/05
    I repeat my positive self-talk until my mind repeats it back to me.
  59. The Gift That Never Stops Giving2008/07/05
    Memorization gives me the power to change who I am by putting positive things into my mind.
  60. Put a Positive Spin on Your Life2008/07/05
    No event is so bad that I cannot make something good come out of it. My challenge is to take what happens and make it into something beautiful.
  61. Positive Thinking Is Not Enough2008/07/05
    Positive neuroassociations are a form of instant positive thinking.
  62. Calm the Storm of Thoughts Blowing Through Your Mind2008/07/06
    Autosuggestion calms the storm of thoughts blowing endlessly through my mind.
  63. Feed Your Mind Three Meals a Day2008/07/06
    Reading allows me to change who I am by transplanting new thoughts into my mind.
  64. Write Your Way to a Positive Mind2008/07/06
    I can make my mind as positive as I want. All I need to do is write it thought by thought.
  65. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words2008/07/06
    When I present a photograph to my brain, the picture goes straight into my memory banks and remains forever.
  66. Listen to the Sound of My Dreams2008/07/06
    When I listen to music, I hear the sound of my dreams.
  67. Superheroes of the Mind2008/07/08
    Say it, See it, and Feel it are the superheroes of my mind.
  68. Association and Dissociation2008/07/08
    I associate with thoughts that empower me and dissociate from those that steal my dreams.
  69. Power or Paralysis2008/07/08
    My state of mind is a choice when I use physiology to strong-arm my mind.
  70. Statement of Purpose2008/07/08
    I keep moving in the direction of my dreams regardless of the outcomes that happen along the way.
  71. A Written Plan2008/07/08
    The amount of right action I take each day determines how fast I progress toward my goals. The more right action I take, the sooner I reach my dreams
  72. Escape Limited Thinking2008/07/08
    In the beginner's mind there are many ways to reach an objective, but in the expert's mind there is only one best way.
  73. The Direction of Motivation2008/07/08
    When I concentrate on a positive future, I automatically leave my negative past behind.
  74. Affirmations2008/07/08
    Affirmations do more than change the way I think; they also change the way I feel.
  75. Count Your Blessings2008/07/08
    Count your blessings or your blessings don't count.
  76. The Recipe for Achievement2008/07/08
    Modeling is the recipe for achievement. Modeling starts me on the path of success using a plan that is proven to work.
  77. A Blessing that Lasts Three Lifetimes2008/07/08
    Good role models are a blessing that lasts three lifetimes. Their positive effect is passed on to the next two generations.
  78. Keep Goals in Perspective2008/07/09
    My goals should be big enough to strongly attract me and small enough that their attainment is possible.
  79. Keep Money in Perspective2008/07/10
    I must never fall in love with money. Loving money is a pathetic misdirection of my affections.
  80. Handle With Care2008/07/10
    My sense of wonder is fragile, and I must handle it with care.
  81. Zero Tolerance to Negative Thinking2008/07/12
    Negative thinking is the most powerful poison in the world.
  82. Conflict Brings Negative Thoughts into My Life2008/07/12
    Conflict is the road to exhaustion and negative thoughts.
  83. Give Up Your Need to Be Right2008/07/12
    My need to be right is the formula for perpetual conflict.
  84. Negative Thoughts Area a Stop Sign2008/07/12
    Negative thoughts don't just happen; they are there for a reason.
  85. Never Argue With Negative Thoughts2008/07/12
    Negative thoughts are parasites that live off the energy that I give them.
  86. Negative Thinking Is a Warning2008/07/12
    Negative thoughts are my mind's way of saying stop and take a break.
  87. What Do I Find When I Squeeze My Mind2008/07/13
    I am careful about what I allow inside my mind.
  88. Miracles Happen2008/07/13
    When I fill my mind with the power of God's love, miraculous things happen.
  89. Cockroaches of the Mind2008/07/13
    Negative and judgmental thoughts are the cockroaches of the mind.
  90. Guilt - Hazardous Substance - Handle With Care2008/07/13
    Guilt is a hazardous substance, and I must handle it with care. Guilt has the wrong focus.
  91. Time Travel2008/07/13
    The Life Long Disoriented are experts in time travel, and they do it all the time. They get into their time machines and live either in the past or the future.
  92. Live As If You Are a Positive Person2008/07/13
    To become a positive person, I must do the things that positive people do.
  93. Live As If You Are a Loving Person2008/07/13
    To become a loving person, I must do the things that loving people do. I have to do it before I feel it.
  94. Live As If You Are a Forgiving Person2008/07/13
    Resentment makes me sick. It takes a bad situation and makes it worse. Forgiveness is the cure for resentment.
  95. Live As If You Are a Thankful Person2008/07/13
    I will not allow what I have or don't have to ruin my life. I will live as if I am a thankful person.
  96. Live As If You Are a Tolerant Person2008/07/13
    I can afford to cut a great deal of slack to the people in my life. They need all the help they can get, and so do I.
  97. Never2008/07/13
    When should I try to be like everyone else?
  98. Never Quit Working on Your Dreams2008/07/13
    There is only one time I should quit. When what I am doing isn't working, it's time to try a new strategy.
  99. Keeping Adversity in Perspective2008/07/13
    When adversity pays an unwelcome visit, I modify my plans, stick to my purpose, and never surrender my dreams.
  100. Surviving the Storm2008/07/13
    Mark Twain remarked that life doesn't consist so much of facts and events. Instead, it consists mainly of the storm of thoughts blowing endlessly through my mind.
  101. Predestination2008/07/13
    What I put into my mind becomes my roadmap for life. Every word I speak takes me to a specific destination.
  102. Fearosaurus Rex2008/07/13
    In the Land of Fear, the Life Long Disoriented are terrorized by Fearosaurus Rex.
  103. Jump into God's Ocean of Love2008/07/13
    Each day I jump into God's ocean of love and have a life transforming experience.
  104. Send God's Love to Everyone2008/07/13
    My chance of being perfect is zero, and if I am smart, I won't criticize other people who are not perfect.
  105. Perfection Is a Disease - God's Love Is the Cure2008/07/13
    Excellence is the path to my dreams unless I stop at a roadblock called perfection.
  106. Blown to Smithereens2008/07/13
    God's love is still the most powerful force in the universe, and it will blow the maze of sin to smithereens.
  107. The Facts of Love2008/07/13
    Until I understand God's love, I will never know what God is like. I must see myself through God's eyes and learn the facts of love.
  108. The Pure in Heart Shall See God2008/07/13
    Jesus said that the pure in heart have a special blessing; they are able to see God.
  109. Be Still and Know that I Am God2008/07/13
    God speaks all the time, but the only way to hear his voice of love is to become silent and listen.
  110. Once Is Not Enough2008/07/13
    Jesus said I must be born again. Once is not enough.
  111. How to Increase My Faith2008/07/16
  112. Double Dose of Faith2008/07/16
  113. The Most Powerful Force in the Universe2008/07/16
  114. Max Out on God's Love2008/07/16
  115. Coming to My Senses2008/07/17
  116. Ultimate Reality Check2008/07/17
  117. Truth Shall Set You Free2008/07/17
  118. I Have a Dream2008/07/17
  119. Affirmations Change the Way I Feel2008/07/17
  120. How to Create and Use Positive Self Talk2008/07/17
  121. Think on These Things2008/08/07
Maximum Strength Positive Thinking
What to say when you talk to your mind, and what to say when your mind talks to you.

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