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SAP TV Video Podcast (English)

  1. „Blow Your Lights AUT”2018/07/19
    Soccer summer. Like the World Cup , SAP's annual soccer tournament had a clear winner.
  2. Ballance and SAP – Sustainable Farming in New Zealand2018/07/16
    New Zealand's agri-nutrient cooperative Balance ensures that farmers get the right products at a tip of their fingers – with myBallance running on SAP C/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA applications.
  3. My Motto Is: Create Free Spaces!2018/07/18
    Head of SAP Enterprise Analytics and SAP for You Champion Rouven Morato describes how mindfulness helps him to keep the balance between a demanding job and his private life. His personal motto: create free spaces – clear the head and spend time away from the desk for a few minutes.
  4. “To feel Well I Follow a Few Simple Rules in My Daily Life”2018/07/04
    Head of SAP Cloud Platform Services and SAP for You Champion Gunther Rothermel shows how mindful self-management helps him organize tasks, stay focused and innovative.
  5. Team AkzoNobel relies on SAP Leonardo Edge for Volvo Ocean Race 20182018/06/29
    SAP partners with Team AkzoNobel to analyze athletes' performance during the world's hardest sailing regatta by using SAP Leonardo.
  6. CeBIT 2018 – SAP's Fairground of Digital Innovation2018/06/15
    SAP rocks CeBIT 2018 by taking people to a digital ride.
  7. CeBIT 2018 – SAP auf dem Jahrmarkt der digitalen Innovationen2018/06/15
    SAP ist der Star der CeBIT und begeistert nicht nur durch den digitalen Freizeitpark.
  8. Technology helps doTerra deliver what might be the next best thing to antibiotics2018/06/14
    Find out how the world's largest essential oil company is digitizing its business with SAP S/4HANA to keep up with demand and provide a seamless customer experience for millions of people who use their products every day.
  9. ICON Orlando - Turning the wheels of the business2018/06/14
    To put their major expansion plans into motion, ICON Orlando relies on SAP S/4HANA to get a 360 degree view of the company.
  10. “I Try to Include Mindfulness into My Daily Routines”2018/05/14
    Managing Director SAP Germany and SAP for You Champion Daniel Holz shows why practicing mindfulness is for winners. He co-initiated the SAP for You program for all SAP employees in Germany, because he very much benefited from the SAP internal mindfulness training, “Search Inside Yourself”. It gave him new strength, insights and advice, applicable at work and at home.
  11. “We Want Our Employees to Be Familiar with Mindfulness”2018/05/14
    Head of Human Resources Germany and SAP for You Champion Cawa Younosi shows how he stays balanced with mindfulness.
    He co-initiated the program SAP for You for all SAP employees in Germany, in order to reflect the importance of mindfulness in a world full of new media, becoming increasingly digital.
  12. Meet the Network of Digital Twins2018/04/26
    At Hannover Messe 2018, SAP presents breakthrough innovation: The Network of Digital Twins to take industry 4.0 to the next level.
  13. Willkommen beim Netzwerk der digitalen Zwillinge2018/04/26
    Auf der Hannover Messe 2018 präsentiert SAP bahnbrechende Innovation: Das Netzwerk der digitalen Zwillinge, für die nächste Stufe der Industrie 4.0.
  14. "An Excellent Earnings Announcement"2018/04/24
    SAP CEO Bill McDermott comments on SAP's first quarter financial results.
  15. Smart Wheelchair Contributes to Patients' Quality of Life2018/04/17
    In a co-innovation project with Dutch wheelchair manufacturer Life & Mobility, SAP equips wheelchairs with sensors to provide a deeper understanding of the relationship between sitting posture and detrimental discomforts. The data on pressure distribution, temperature and sitting position are stored and analyzed in the SAP Cloud Platform using SAP Leonardo Analytics and IoT.
  16. Smart Wheelchair can improve the life of Millions of people sitting in a wheelchair2018/04/09
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  17. Mindfulness – What Is in it for Me?2018/03/21
    How can we stay centred in our high pace, hectic life, always online? Mindfulness can help.
    When we practice mindfulness, we learn to focus your attention to the present moment, the only time we actually dispose.
    Studies show that mindfulness helps to better focus our mind, better regulate emotions, and feel happier. Watch the video and try yourself.
  18. Saving Tigers2018/03/19
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  19. Viva con Agua2018/03/22
    SAP develops a presales-app, based on SAP Cloud Platform, for Viva con Agua, a Hamburg-based global community of activists, taking care of clean drinking water in developing countries.
  20. A Man Of Conviction2018/03/01
    Originally a developer, then a consultant, then a salesperson – and now a member of the German parliament. The unusual career of SAP's Mario Brandenburg.
SAP TV Video Podcast (English)
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