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The Boundless Show

  1. Why Do Women…?: Episode 5802019/03/14
    Men’s most pressing questions about women get answered, plus two men on real manhood, and a male listener feels like “one of the girls.”
  2. Billy Graham the Techie: Episode 5792019/03/07
    A classic Billy Graham message on technology and faith, plus how technology rules our days, and a listener is self-conscious about her empty ring finger.
  3. Feelings Vs. Truth: Episode 5782019/02/28
    Loving those who oppose you, plus Chip Ingram on the Bible’s take on controversial issues, and a listener is in a cycle of getting rejected by girls.
  4. Should Women Pursue?: Episode 5772019/02/21
    Ladies who will (or won’t) make the first move, plus Jamie Ivey on purity and resolutions, and a listener thinks a guy at church is leading her on.
  5. Valentine’s Day With Dr. Gary Chapman: Episode 5762019/02/14
    Live your best single life, plus what Gary Chapman wishes he’d known as a single, and a girl is struggling with lust.
  6. Ain’t Nobody Got Time: Episode 5752019/02/07
    Hone your time management skills, plus a newlywed couple’s brush with death, and a single guy can’t get it right with women.
  7. Friendship Health Check: Episode 5742019/01/31
    One-sided friendships, plus Benjamin Watson on faith and football, and what it means to “guard your heart.”
  8. New-Fashioned Dating: Episode 5732019/01/24
    Find real love online, plus Jeff Bethke gets personal about sex and dating, and a listener and her boyfriend keep crossing sexual boundaries.
  9. Old-Fashioned Dating: Episode 5722019/01/17
    Meeting and dating someone in person, plus what singles need to know about in-laws, and a listener’s Christian friend just moved in with her boyfriend.
  10. Dude, Calm Yourself: Episode 5712019/01/10
    Men and stress, plus common lies men believe, and a listener is caught in a love triangle.
  11. Girl, Calm Yourself: Episode 5702019/01/03
    Women and stress, plus why you should be at the 2019 March for Life, and what to do if a guy is vague about a date.
  12. True Life Change: Episode 5692018/12/27
    Stories of Jesus’ transformative power, plus a woman with a different kind of missionary strategy, and a listener struggles with a bad friend-lationship.
  13. Swimming Swans and Singles: Episode 5682018/12/20
    A millennial’s guide to Christmas (part two), plus jump start your faith in the new year, and a listener has anxiety about visiting family.
  14. Partridges and Singles: Episode 5672018/12/13
    A millennial’s guide to Christmas (part one), plus adulting must-dos, and a guy is falling for a former girlfriend’s little sister.
  15. Earn a Second Date: Episode 5662018/12/06
    Turning a first date into a second, plus Alistair Begg on finding a godly spouse, and a listener can’t get over a guy at church.
  16. Ace Your First Date: Episode 5652018/11/29
    Your guide to a successful first date, plus marrying when all your friends are anti-marriage, and a listener had a bad church-visiting experience.
  17. An Epic Thanksgiving: Episode 5642018/11/22
    Your guide to holiday shopping, plus the dramatic story behind the first Thanksgiving, and a listener is burned out in her ministry.
  18. Much Ado About Stuffing: Episode 5632018/11/15
    The best Thanksgiving side dishes, plus the hallmarks of a post-truth society, and a listener just discovered her boyfriend’s porn addiction.
  19. Beards and the Gospel: Episode 5622018/11/08
    Getting out of the friend zone, plus Jared Brock on great (bearded) men in church history, and a listener discovered her dad has other kids.
  20. Radically Ordinary Hospitality: Episode 5612018/11/01
    Holiday misery (and the cure), plus Rosaria Butterfield hashes out “love your neighbor” hospitality, and a listener wants to support her newlywed friend.
  21. Food Fixation: Episode 5602018/10/25
    Our struggles with body image, plus food as an idol, and a listener needs help ending an online dating relationship.
  22. Unicorns, Bigfoot and Friendly Introverts: Episode 5592018/10/18
    How to be social when it doesn’t come naturally, plus Ed Stetzer on Spirit-led social media engagement, and adjusting to newlywed life.
  23. You Are Not Your Past: Episode 5582018/10/11
    Discussing your past with your date, plus serving God but losing against porn, and a listener’s friend says she’ll renounce God if she doesn’t get married.
  24. How to Follow: Episode 5572018/10/04
    Being a good follower, plus Chrystal Evans Hurst on single parenting and getting unstuck, and a roundup of November’s national election.
  25. Tragedy Uncovered Her Calling: Episode 5562018/09/27
    What roommates teach us, plus how horses helped Kim Meeder after her parents’ tragic deaths, and practical ways to heal after your breakup.
  26. 20 Years of Boundless: Episode 5552018/09/20
    Happy 20th, Boundless! This week: When life doesn’t go as planned, plus Gary Thomas answers your questions, and Lisa shares what Boundless has taught her.
  27. Robbing God: Episode 5542018/09/13
    You might be stealing from God, plus biblical ways to address relationship tension in your life, and a listener worries she’s too content in her singleness.
  28. Girls Tell All: Episode 5532018/09/06
    Women explain why they turn down dates, plus what Jeramy and Jerusha Clark wish they’d known before marriage, and how do you actually start dating?
  29. Guys Tell All: Episode 5522018/08/30
    Men on what makes women attractive, plus why Christians should be the happiest people, and should depression be a dating red flag?
  30. Lost in Love: Episode 5512018/08/23
    Getting lost in a relationship, plus Dr. Tony Evans on essential traits in a potential date, and a listener’s mom is obsessed with her getting married.
  31. God’s Purpose for Singles: Episode 5502018/08/16
    Solutions to the loneliness epidemic, plus Dr. Tony Evans on maximizing your singleness, and a listener admits he’s leading girls on.
  32. Conflict, Bologna and Boundaries with Married Friends: Episode 5492018/08/09
    Handle conflict well, plus how a bologna sandwich mentality can prepare you for marriage, and Gary Thomas helps singles set healthy boundaries with married people.
  33. Convo With Your Creator: Episode 5482018/08/02
    Making prayer make sense in everyday life, plus how to tell if your date is really a Christian, and a listener is having zero luck with online dating.
  34. What the (Bleep)?: Episode 5472018/07/26
    Cussing and Christianity, plus Lee Strobel on sharing Jesus in everyday life, and a listener asks when to tell a date about her chronic illness.
  35. Debt, Virgins and Tattoos: Episode 5462018/07/19
    What men really look for in a wife, plus your financial questions answered, and a listener's boyfriend is causing her to question her ministry.
  36. Marriage Made Easy (Well, Easier): Episode 5452018/07/12
    Our parents were right about a lot of things, plus how to stop overthinking dating and marriage, and a listener is falling for a former boyfriend.
  37. Share Jesus Like Paul: Episode 5442018/07/05
    People who accepted Christ as an adult, plus how to share the gospel like the Apostle Paul, and a listener and his girlfriend can't agree on a church.
  38. The Reality of Mental Illness: Episode 5432018/06/28
    Real talk about mental illness, plus how to use your words for good, and a listener has a sticky friendlationship dilemma.
  39. I Don’t Want Kids: Episode 5422018/06/21
    The debate over not wanting to be a parent, plus reconciling being unable to have children, and a listener struggles when she sees her ex at church.
  40. My Dad Was in the Mafia: Episode 5412018/06/14
    Real advice to achieve your summer goals, plus forgiving an imperfect dad, and using movies as a Christian witness.
  41. Slow Down: Episode 5402018/06/07
    Finding rest this summer, plus grace for those with whom we disagree, and a listener needs advice on surviving wedding season.
  42. Find Your Tribe: Episode 5392018/05/31
    Healthy masculinity in real life, plus how to find the church community you crave, and a listener thinks her boyfriend's proposal came too early.
  43. How to Talk to Girls: Episode 5382018/05/24
    How men can succeed in conversations with women, plus Jamie Ivey admits to a recent sin struggle, and is it wrong for Christians to read romance novels?
  44. How to Talk to Guys: Episode 5372018/05/17
    How women can succeed in conversations with men, plus Jamie Ivey on overcoming shame, and a listener needs to move on after a broken engagement.
  45. Single After Your 20s: Episode 5362018/05/10
    Navigating post-20s singleness, plus simple ways to make a difference, and a listener keeps getting rejected when he tries to make friends.
  46. 500 Miles of Friendship: Episode 5352018/05/03
    Learn from your college self, plus the story of two guys, a wheelchair, and a 500-mile pilgrimage, and a listener feels invisible to a guy she likes.
  47. Feelings Are Our Friends: Episode 5342018/04/26
    Relating to your adult siblings, plus how to make your emotions work for you, and a listener wonders if as a single she can give dating advice.
  48. When Your Date Has Kids: Episode 5332018/04/19
    Relating to older generations at work, plus the complex dynamics of dating a single parent, and a listener is struggling with church anxiety.
  49. Get a Hobby: Episode 5322018/04/12
    How hobbies enrich your life, plus the language and methods behind reaching millennials for Christ, and a listener waits impatiently for a marriage proposal.
  50. You Are Seen: Episode 5312018/04/05
    Readers' passion around attraction, plus Sara Hagerty on being noticed and loved by God, and a listener wants practical ways to stay pure while dating.
  51. Weary of Doing Good: Episode 5302018/03/29
    Combating spiritual numbness, plus clinging to faith through trauma, and is it OK to ask "why" after a breakup?
  52. What the Church Forgot: Episode 5292018/03/22
    What breakups can teach you, plus Mo Isom traces the root of her sexual sin, and a listener is fed up with flaky guys at church.
  53. Embrace Your Weird: Episode 5282018/03/15
    Finding God's will for you, plus what to do when you don't fit in the Christian subculture, and a listener is worried that his crush has dad issues.
  54. Your Guide to His Brain: Episode 5272018/03/08
    How to dress for a date, plus a guy decodes male brains, and a missionary is having trouble dating.
  55. Breaking the Bible “Blahs”: Episode 5262018/03/01
    New ways to get into Scripture, and a listener's job is derailing his dating potential.
  56. Click and Swipe: Episode 5252018/02/22
    Texting and social media gaffes while dating, plus the keys to good communication, and a listener wants to respond to awkward comments about her singleness.
  57. When in Blunderland: Episode 5242018/02/15
    Hope for the socially awkward, plus what vomit teaches about a good marriage, and a single listener needs help setting boundaries with a married man.
  58. Marriage and Masculinity: Episode 5232018/02/08
    Dating with a good marriage in mind, plus what healthy masculinity looks like, and a listener is involved with an ex-boyfriend.
  59. Friendships That Last: Episode 5222018/02/01
    Taking friendships to a deeper level, plus how to give your work meaning, and subtle ways to let a guy know you're interested.
  60. Friend Finder: Episode 5212018/01/25
    How to find quality friends, plus lessons learned from disaster dates, and the best ways to travel as a single.
  61. Our Coffee Obsession: Episode 5202018/01/18
    Questioning the coffee-saturated Christian culture, plus Ben Stuart on singleness as more than just marriage prep, and a listener is feeling awkward at work.
  62. Life’s Mountains and Valleys: Episode 5192018/01/11
    Making the most of your church, plus a woman navigates cancer, calling and singleness, and a listener is struggling with his masculinity.
  63. Crooked Cop, Innocent Guy, Great Ending: Episode 5182018/01/04
    Forgiving the everyday things, plus the powerful story of forgiveness after being framed for a crime, and a woman can't get over jealousy of her friend.
  64. Before You Get to Heaven: Episode 5172017/12/28
    Things Christians should do before they die, plus how to brave life's sorrows, and a listener is having trouble moving on after dating heartbreak.
  65. A Solitary Christmas: Episode 5162017/12/21
    Your questions about being single at Christmas, plus the story of a man's life-changing walk on Christmas night, and staff members' favorite holiday memories.
  66. Loving Difficult People: Episode 5152017/12/14
    Serving all types of people this Christmas, plus loving that person who drives you crazy, and a listener is worried about the ramifications of job-hopping.
  67. Take a Break and a Bite: Episode 5142017/12/07
    Team results from our social media and texting break, plus the power of the table in your home, and a listener is afraid to tell a date about his past.
  68. Jesus Jukes and Christian Clichés: Episode 5132017/11/30
    Things Christians should stop saying or doing, plus when church gets challenging for singles, and a listener wants to ask out his small group co-leader.
  69. Loving Your Family: Episode 5122017/11/23
    Being thankful even when our parents frustrate us, plus Jessie Minassian on dealing with family around the holidays, and a listener can't land a job.
  70. Money Motivators: Episode 5112017/11/16
    Debating dating deal-breakers, plus figuring out your money type, and a listener wonders if masturbation is OK.
  71. Is TV Tripping You Up?: Episode 5102017/11/09
    TV and your Christian witness, plus a man who used to think hating Muslims was justified, and a counselor helps a listener tell if her date's being honest.
  72. Killing Sin: Episode 5092017/11/02
    Emergency strategies for when you face temptation, plus Pastor Levi Lusko on moving on after sexual regrets, and should a listener ask a girl out...again?
  73. Fighting Anxiety: Episode 5082017/10/26
    What's behind our feelings of worry, plus how Max Lucado deals with anxiety, and a listener wonders how to tactfully ask a guy why he got divorced.
  74. Reach Your Friends: Episode 5072017/10/19
    Discussions with friends who aren't into Jesus, plus Josh McDowell on why evidence didn't bring him to Christ, and are there any pure guys out there?
  75. I Doubt It: Episode 5062017/10/12
    Dating and marrying someone of a different race, plus why doubting your faith can strengthen it, and a listener is having problems living with an unbeliever.
  76. Cushions, Bread and Ghosts: Episode 5052017/10/05
    The ultimate in lame dating tactics, plus Dr. Ernie Baker on choosing a spouse, and a listener struggles to reconcile her boyfriend's checkered past.
  77. Don’t Wanna Waste My Life, Life, Life: Episode 5042017/09/28
    Strategies to make the most of your life, plus part two with the Mully family from Kenya, and what to do if your crush isn't single.
  78. World’s #1 Dad: Episode 5032017/09/21
    What God's been teaching us lately, plus the man who fathers the world's largest family, and is it smart to date through anxiety and depression?
  79. Grieving Suicide and Loss: Episode 5022017/09/14
    Our panel gets personal about loss, plus Albert Hsu on surviving his dad's suicide, and what to do if you can't connect with your parents on a deep level.
  80. Leading From Behind: Episode 5012017/09/07
    Moving up on the job as a millennial, plus Clay Scroggins' journey from intern to megachurch pastor, and what to do with a friend who is annoyingly arrogant.
  81. Happy 500!: Episode 5002017/08/31
    The history of "The Boundless Show," plus listeners' favorite interview of all time, and staff members read listener impact letters.
  82. First Comes Love: Episode 4992017/08/24
    Prioritizing life's milestones, plus Biola University's president talks kindness and life in the real world, and a shy girl wants advice for getting noticed by men.
  83. Singles’ Health Check: Episode 4982017/08/17
    Common traits of healthy singles, plus Rachel Cruze shares savvy financial strategies, and is it futile to invest in a guy you like in another country?
  84. Sins of the Fathers: Episode 4972017/08/10
    Breaking cycles of generational dysfunction, plus Craig Groeschel on inspired decision-making, and what to do when your friend's in a toxic relationship.
  85. The Living Dead: Episode 4962017/08/03
    Why your non-Christian friends don't care about Jesus, plus Randy Frazee on what happens after death, and untangling your past to make today's decisions.
  86. Judge and Jury: Episode 4952017/07/27
    What judging others looks like, plus Michael Daniels on becoming Mr. Right, and when does texting someone of the opposite sex cross a line?
  87. Surviving Your Twenties: Episode 4942017/07/20
    Lessons learned in our 20s, plus Trevin Wax decodes sneaky cultural myths, and two listeners want to date someone younger.
  88. Time to Date?: Episode 4932017/07/13
    Dating with marriage in mind, plus part two of a conversation on culture, and a listener is no longer attracted to her fiancé.
  89. Adulting: Episode 4922017/07/06
    What it means to be an adult, plus standing strong in today's culture, and parental pressure to not date someone previously married.
  90. Party Like a Christian: Episode 4912017/06/29
    How to party with pizzazz (and integrity), plus Eric Metaxas on what makes America unique, and a listener is keeping a secret from her fiancé.
  91. Men on Marriage: Episode 4902017/06/22
    Manhood and marriage, plus standing strong in a hostile culture, and is he wrong to be intimidated by her male friends?
  92. Happiness Is: Episode 4892017/06/15
    When social media and friendships collide, plus why Christians should be the happiest people on earth, and are close friendships with non-Christians possible?
  93. Pace Yourself: Episode 4882017/06/08
    The pressure of finding a calling, plus Marshall Segal looks back on singleness and dating, and what to do when a friend is getting too close to a married man.
  94. Wild Waters: Episode 4872017/06/01
    Finding margin in your day, plus Leslie Leyland Fields connects faith and commercial fishing, and a listener grapples with her boyfriend's Instagram fail.
  95. Shaping an Authentic Faith: Episode 4862017/05/25
    A generation finds its faith, plus Laurie Polich Short gives us new eyes, and are contentment and desire mutually exclusive?
  96. Play the Man: Episode 4852017/05/18
    How single young adults are portrayed on TV, plus Mark Batterson asks men to get in the game, and a military man is unsure if he should be dating.
  97. More Than Sorry: Episode 4842017/05/11
    Why dating is such hard work, plus when sorry isn't enough, and a listener grapples with a sexually-transmitted disease.
  98. Practical Prayers: Episode 4832017/05/04
    Making prayer practical, plus Paul Miller on the messy and mundane prayer life, and a listener is torn between two guys.
  99. Joy on the Job: Episode 4822017/04/27
    Helpful hacks for workday success, plus strategies for customizing your career, and a call to missions has a listener confused.
  100. This Is Your Time: Episode 4812017/04/20
    Why it's a great time to be a Christian, plus Darlene Zschech on experiencing dynamic worship, and relational help for a guy with Asperger's.
  101. Easter Every Day: Episode 4802017/04/13
    Letting Easter impact your entire year, plus the reality of leaving and cleaving, and a listener debates going back to school.
  102. Bedside Baptist: Episode 4792017/04/06
    Lame reasons for skipping church, plus why Christianity isn't meant to be easy, and our listener tries to decipher a guy's intentions.
  103. Rethinking Retirement: Episode 4782017/03/30
    Glorifying God on the job, plus a fresh look at retirement, and what's a right view of rebound relationships?
  104. Lent for Dummies: Episode 4772017/03/23
    Making healthy habits attainable, plus why Lent is good for all believers, and a question about God's will and our choices.
  105. I Like Big Bibles: Episode 4762017/03/16
    The religious fervor of men versus women, plus a walk through the grand story of Scripture, and being dumped for a lack of emotional spark.
  106. Divorce-Proof: Episode 4752017/03/09
    Saying "no" to cohabitation, plus why your chance of divorce could be almost zero, and encouragement for a relationship virgin.
  107. Generational Sin: Episode 4742017/03/02
    Why your parents' sin doesn't define you, plus Josh and Christi Straub explain emotional safety, and a listener accepts her single status.
  108. Faithfully Fierce: Episode 4732017/02/23
    When your parents' marriage becomes an idol, plus why men should value strong women, and a single mom is tired of being alone.
  109. Must-Have Conversations: Episode 4722017/02/16
    Things you must talk about before tying the knot, plus Paul Batura dishes on famous adoptees, and advice on handling relational conflict.
  110. Killer Ego: Episode 4712017/02/09
    When your purpose is clouded by pride, plus Dan Dumas with a blueprint for young adulthood, and how to discourage a coworker's interest.
  111. Spouse Selection: Episode 4702017/02/02
  112. Marks of a Mature Christian: Episode 4692017/01/26
  113. The Optimistic 80-Something: Episode 4682017/01/19
  114. Evangelicals for Life: Episode 4672017/01/12
  115. The Kindness Challenge: Episode 4662017/01/05
  116. Best of 2016: Episode 4652016/12/29
  117. Making Christmas Meaningful: Episode 4642016/12/22
  118. Science and Eternity: Episode 4632016/12/15
  119. Dating Insecurities: Episode 4622016/12/08
  120. Remember Me: Episode 4612016/12/01
  121. Fast and Furious: Episode 4602016/11/23
  122. Finding Family: Episode 4592016/11/17
  123. Presidential Peace: Episode 4582016/11/10
  124. Married Guilt: Episode 4572016/11/03
  125. Bad Company: Episode 4562016/10/27
  126. The Hot Wives Club: Episode 4552016/10/20
  127. You’ve Got Options: Episode 4542016/10/06
  128. Voting with Confidence: Episode 4532016/10/06
  129. An Unlikely Convert: Episode 4522016/09/29
  130. Rejected: Episode 4512016/09/22
  131. Religious Freedom: Episode 4502016/09/15
  132. Breathing Space: Episode 4492016/09/08
  133. Not What I Expected: Episode 4482016/09/01
  134. Winning at Being Single: Episode 4472016/08/25
  135. Clear Your Calendar: Episode 4462016/08/18
  136. Is Your Jesus Big Enough?: Episode 4452016/08/11
  137. Big Spenders: Episode 4442016/08/04
  138. Seasoned Singleness: Episode 4432016/07/28
  139. Finding Your Place at Work: Episode 4422016/07/21
  140. Mentor Magic: Episode 4412016/07/14
  141. Saving for the Future: Episode 4402016/07/07
  142. The Next Billy Graham: Episode 4392016/06/30
  143. The (Not) Great Divorce: Episode 4382016/06/23
  144. Dating With a Passport: Episode 4372016/06/16
  145. Living Large: Episode 4362016/06/09
  146. Wait List: Episode 4352016/06/02
  147. Walk This Way: Episode 4342016/05/26
  148. Promises, Promises: Episode 4332016/05/19
  149. Honestly Speaking: Episode 4322016/05/12
  150. Night and Day: Episode 4312016/05/05
  151. Man Math: Episode 4302016/04/28
  152. Power Trip: Episode 4292016/04/21
  153. You Only Live Once: Episode 4282016/04/14
  154. Slap Happy: Episode 4272016/04/07
  155. Awkward Authenticity: Episode 4262016/03/31
  156. Best Foot Forward: Episode 4252016/03/24
  157. Money Matters: Episode 4242016/03/17
  158. Culture Club: Episode 4232016/03/10
  159. Breaking Up Like a Boss: Episode 4222016/03/03
  160. Why Submit?: Episode 4212016/02/25
  161. Dating After Divorce: Episode 4202016/02/18
  162. Upside Down: Episode 4192016/02/11
  163. Getting Ahead: Episode 4182016/02/04
  164. You’ve Got a Friend: Episode 4172016/01/28
  165. No Worries: Episode 4162016/01/21
  166. Onward and Upward: Episode 4152016/01/14
  167. Clean Slate: Episode 4142016/01/07
  168. Best of 2015: Episode 4132015/12/31
  169. A Toasty Christmas: Episode 4122015/12/24
  170. Laugh or Cry: Episode 4112015/12/17
  171. Sampling, Sex and Strength: Episode 4102015/12/10
  172. Right Here, Right Now: Episode 4092015/12/03
  173. Unexpected Blessings: Episode 4082015/11/26
  174. Who’s in Charge?: Episode 4072015/11/19
  175. Me First: Episode 4062015/11/12
  176. Ticket to Heaven: Episode 4052015/11/05
  177. Dangerous Faith: Episode 4042015/10/29
  178. Faith Out Loud: Episode 4032015/10/22
  179. The Doctor Is In: Episode 4022015/10/15
  180. Indebted: Episode 4012015/10/08
  181. Happy 400th!: Episode 4002015/10/01
  182. Celebrating Singles: Episode 3992015/09/24
  183. Date My Parents: Episode 3982015/09/17
  184. Wishful Thinking: Episode 3972015/09/10
  185. Dating Sense and Sensibility: Episode 3962015/09/03
  186. Choosy or Cheap?: Episode 3952015/08/27
  187. Back to School: Episode 3942015/08/20
  188. We’ll Miss You, Martha!: Episode 3932015/08/13
  189. The Dating Manifesto: Episode 3922015/08/06
  190. The Roaring 20s: Episode 3912015/07/30
  191. Singles Ministry: Episode 3902015/07/23
  192. Live From Pursuit 2015!: Episode 3892015/07/16
  193. Donald Miller’s Close-Up: Episode 3882015/07/09
  194. Don’t Worry: Episode 3872015/07/02
  195. What Women Want: Episode 3862015/06/25
  196. What Men Want: Episode 3852015/06/18
  197. Dating Math: Episode 3842015/06/11
  198. You’re the Boss: Episode 3832015/06/04
  199. God’s Not Surprised: Episode 3822015/05/28
  200. Are You Overrated?: Episode 3812015/05/21
  201. Feminism Under Fire: Episode 3802015/05/14
  202. Ready to Wed: Episode 3792015/05/07
  203. Dude, Let’s Be Friends: Episode 3782015/04/30
  204. Justin Bieber’s Pastor: Episode 3772015/04/23
  205. Swipe Right for Love: Episode 3762015/04/16
  206. Ticked Off: Episode 3752015/04/09
  207. Dating in Your 30s: Episode 3742015/04/02
  208. Women in Transition: Episode 3732015/03/26
  209. Men, Stop Being Nice: Episode 3722015/03/19
  210. Premarital Counseling: Episode 3712015/03/12
  211. Life After Death: Episode 3702015/03/05
  212. The Drop Box: Episode 3692015/02/26
  213. See and Be Seen: Episode 3682015/02/19
  214. Love Is Patient: Episode 3672015/02/12
  215. Colorado + Summer + You: Episode 3662015/02/05
  216. Friends, Far and Near: Episode 3652015/01/29
  217. Not Just a Women’s Issue: Episode 3642015/01/22
  218. A Clean Break: Episode 3632015/01/15
  219. Girls and Dating Leagues: Episode 3622015/01/08
  220. Good Goals: Episode 3612015/01/01
  221. Guys and Dating Leagues: Episode 3602014/12/25
  222. Christmas Conundrums: Episode 3592014/12/18
  223. Men Dating Well: Episode 3582014/12/11
  224. Clams and Crowbars: Episode 3572014/12/04
  225. Boundless Looks Back: Episode 3562014/11/27
  226. Fitting in at Church: Episode 3552014/11/20
  227. Waiting for Jesus: Episode 3542014/11/13
  228. Required Rest: Episode 3532014/11/06
  229. Staying Positive: Episode 3522014/10/30
  230. Beat the Odds: Episode 3512014/10/23
  231. I Did It!: Episode 3502014/10/16
  232. Get Uncomfortable: Episode 3492014/10/09
  233. Is This for Real?: Episode 3482014/10/02
  234. Those Three Words: Episode 3472014/09/25
  235. Into All the World: Episode 3462014/09/18
  236. Culture Club: Episode 3452014/09/11
  237. Help and Hope: Episode 3442014/09/04
  238. A Wealth of Dating Advice: Episode 3432014/08/28
  239. Cut the Clutter: Episode 3422014/08/21
  240. Live From Pursuit 2014!: Episode 3412014/08/14
  241. Stops, Starts and Redirects: Episode 3402014/08/07
  242. Two Become One: Episode 3392014/07/31
  243. Under Construction: Episode 3382014/07/24
  244. Becoming Myself: Episode 3372014/07/17
  245. I Need a Sign: Episode 3362014/07/10
  246. Shackled by Student Loans: Episode 3352014/07/03
  247. Mistaken Identity: Episode 3342014/06/26
  248. Take Me to Your Leader: Episode 3332014/06/19
  249. The People of Pursuit 2014: Episode 3322014/06/12
  250. First-Class Follower: Episode 3312014/06/05
  251. Fifty Shades of What?: Episode 3302014/05/29
  252. Sneak Peek at Pursuit 2014: Episode 3292014/05/22
  253. Bummer of a Birthmark: Episode 3282014/05/15
  254. Find Your Spiritual Match: Episode 3272014/05/08
  255. Tim Keller on Marriage: Episode 3262014/05/01
  256. Medicine and Marriage: Episode 3252014/04/24
  257. The Family Project: Episode 3242014/04/17
  258. It’s Complicated: Episode 3232014/04/10
  259. For Such a Time As This: Episode 3222014/04/03
  260. Manhood Worth Modeling: Episode 3212014/03/27
  261. Red and Yellow, Black and White: Episode 3202014/03/20
  262. Roots and Wings: Episode 3192014/03/13
  263. What’s Eating You?: Episode 3182014/03/06
  264. Good Work: Episode 3172014/02/27
  265. Will the Real You Please Stand Up?: Episode 3162014/02/20
  266. Win His Heart: Episode 3152014/02/13
  267. Dating in 2014: Episode 3142014/02/06
  268. An Unexpected Love Story: Episode 3132014/01/30
  269. Under the Influence: Episode 3122014/01/23
  270. Risky Behavior: Episode 3112014/01/16
  271. Man-Sized Challenges: Episode 3102014/01/09
  272. A Fresh Start: Episode 3092014/01/02
  273. Best of 2013: Episode 3082013/12/26
  274. Christmas Wishes: Episode 3072013/12/19
  275. What’s Your Language?: Episode 3062013/12/12
  276. Military Marriages: Episode 3052013/12/05
  277. Help for Hurting Men: Episode 3042013/11/27
  278. All Dressed Up: Episode 3032013/11/21
  279. Francis Chan’s Math Lesson: Episode 3022013/11/14
  280. Thinking Outside the Box: Episode 3012013/11/07
  281. Almost Six Years: Episode 3002013/10/31
  282. Doing What’s Difficult: Episode 2992013/10/24
  283. The Hope of the World: Episode 2982013/10/17
  284. Looking Back: Episode 2972013/10/10
  285. Get Real: Episode 2962013/10/03
  286. Pastor Props: Episode 2952013/09/26
  287. Give Like You Mean It: Episode 2942013/09/19
  288. Improve Your Serve: Episode 2932013/09/12
  289. Make Your Big Church Small: Episode 2922013/09/05
  290. Choosing a Church: Episode 2912013/08/29
  291. Secrets for Your 20s: Episode 2902013/08/22
  292. Why Did God Do That?: Episode 2892013/08/15
  293. Who Is Lisa Anderson?: Episode 2882013/08/08
  294. Understanding Men: Episode 2872013/08/01
  295. Understanding Women: Episode 2862013/07/25
  296. Lie Detector: Episode 2852013/07/18
  297. Missionary Dating: Episode 2842013/07/11
  298. Culture’s Sex Story: Episode 2832013/07/04
  299. I’ve Never Dated: Episode 2822013/06/27
  300. Still the One: Episode 2812013/06/20
  301. Children of Divorce: Episode 2802013/06/13
  302. What I Know at 83: Episode 2792013/06/06
  303. Will He Call?: Episode 2782013/05/30
  304. Sticks and Stones: Episode 2772013/05/23
  305. Boundaries in Working: Episode 2762013/05/16
  306. Smartphone Addiction: Episode 2752013/05/09
  307. Dear God, It’s Boundless: Episode 2742013/05/02
  308. Baby Bust: Episode 2732013/04/25
  309. Can We Be Friends?: Episode 2722013/04/18
  310. The Fast Track to Marriage: Episode 2712013/04/11
  311. Persistent Pain: Episode 2702013/04/04
  312. Picking a Solid Spouse: Episode 2692013/03/28
  313. Firing Your Friends: Episode 2682013/03/21
  314. Living Room: Episode 2672013/03/14
  315. The Breadwinner: Episode 2662013/03/07
  316. Following Jesus: Episode 2652013/02/28
  317. Who Am I?: Episode 2642013/02/21
  318. Father Knows Best: Episode 2632013/02/14
  319. Good Money: Episode 2622013/02/07
  320. The Love Challenge: Episode 2612013/01/31
  321. Save Me From Myself: Episode 2602013/01/24
  322. Heads and Hearts: Episode 2592013/01/17
  323. An African-American Love Story: Episode 2582013/01/10
  324. Best of 2012, Part 2: Episode 2572013/01/03
  325. Best of 2012, Part 1: Episode 2562012/12/27
  326. Growing God’s Way: Episode 2552012/12/20
  327. All in the Family: Episode 2542012/12/13
  328. The Truth About Guys and Online Dating: Episode 2532012/12/06
  329. Labor Pains: Episode 2522012/11/29
  330. Food Matters: Episode 2512012/11/22
  331. Adventures for Men: Episode 2502012/11/15
  332. Directional Dating: Episode 2492012/11/08
  333. Election Essentials: Episode 2482012/11/01
  334. Great Sex-pectations: Episode 2472012/10/25
  335. Late Bloomers: Episode 2462012/10/18
  336. Mentorship Made Easy: Episode 2452012/10/11
  337. Identity Crisis: Episode 2442012/10/04
  338. A New You: Episode 2432012/09/27
  339. Treasure Hunt: Episode 2422012/09/20
  340. Behind the Scenes, Part 2: Episode 2412012/09/13
  341. Behind the Scenes, Part 1: Episode 2402012/09/06
  342. Kickin’ It With Kevin DeYoung: Episode 2392012/08/30
  343. Hot Girls: Episode 2382012/08/23
  344. Hot Guys: Episode 2372012/08/16
  345. Take Your 20s Seriously: Episode 2362012/08/09
  346. No Fear in Death: Episode 2352012/08/02
  347. Broken File Cabinets and Pre-Wed Fiascos: Episode 2342012/07/26
  348. Spousal Pursuit: Episode 2332012/07/19
  349. Around the World in 80 Ways: Episode 2322012/07/12
  350. Quitter: Episode 2312012/07/05
  351. This Ain’t Your Parents’ Dating Scene: Episode 2302012/06/28
  352. Stuck: Episode 2292012/06/21
  353. Meaningful Men: Episode 2282012/06/14
  354. Mr. Heartbreaker: Episode 2272012/06/07
  355. The Spouse Search: Episode 2262012/05/31
  356. Hello, Summer!: Episode 2252012/05/24
  357. Life in the Fish Bowl: Episode 2242012/05/17
  358. A Mom’s World: Episode 2232012/05/10
  359. Ask, Seek, Knock: Episode 2222012/05/03
  360. Users and Abusers: Episode 2212012/04/26
  361. No Mistakes: Episode 2202012/04/19
  362. Playing to Your Strengths: Episode 2192012/04/12
  363. Can I Get a Witness?: Episode 2182012/04/05
  364. Prayer and Puppies: Episode 2172012/03/29
  365. Nice to Meet You: Episode 2162012/03/22
  366. You Belong With Me: Episode 2152012/03/15
  367. In-Laws or Outlaws?: Episode 2142012/03/08
  368. Wealth for Worship: Episode 2132012/03/01
  369. Single Adoption: Episode 2122012/02/23
  370. How Attractive Are You?: Episode 2112012/02/17
  371. White-Knuckling Valentine’s Day: Episode 2102012/02/09
  372. We Are the World: Episode 2092012/02/02
  373. Why I Love Men, Church, Religion and Jesus: Episode 2082012/01/26
  374. Lovin’ Life: Episode 2072012/01/19
  375. Mark and Grace Driscoll Get Real: Episode 2062012/01/12
  376. Love, Sex and Dating: Episode 2052012/01/05
  377. Best of 2011: Episode 2042011/12/29
  378. Family Festivities: Episode 2032011/12/22
  379. If It’s Broke, Fix It: Episode 2022011/12/15
  380. ComPETibility: Episode 2012011/12/08
  381. Podcast Party: Episode 2002011/12/01
  382. Rejected!: Episode 1992011/11/24
  383. Can’t Touch This: Episode 1982011/11/17
  384. This Is My Story: Episode 1972011/11/10
  385. Wait No More: Episode 1962011/11/03
  386. Men in Tights: Episode 1952011/10/27
  387. Preach!: Episode 1942011/10/20
  388. Over the Hill?: Episode 1932011/10/13
  389. We Are Fam-i-ly: Episode 1922011/10/06
  390. Because Katy Perry Said So: Episode 1912011/09/29
  391. In Sickness and in Health: Episode 1902011/09/22
  392. Behind the Scenes of Online Dating: Episode 1892011/09/16
  393. A View of the World: Episode 1882011/09/01
  394. It’s Off to Work We Go: Episode 1872011/08/25
  395. Should College Change Your Life?: Episode 1862011/08/18
  396. 1+1=1: Episode 1852011/08/11
  397. Lead On: Episode 1842011/08/04
  398. WWTDD?: Episode 1832011/07/28
  399. A Podcast Not About Relationships: Episode 1822011/07/21
  400. Show Me the Money: Episode 1812011/07/14
  401. Return of the Ring: Episode 1802011/07/07
  402. Michael Scott Alert: Episode 1792011/06/30
  403. Marriage on My Mind: Episode 1782011/06/23
  404. Men With Kids: Episode 1772011/06/16
  405. It’s Just a Number: Episode 1762011/06/09
  406. The Ladies’ Room: Episode 1752011/06/02
  407. Battle Ready: Episode 1742011/05/26
  408. The Man Show: Episode 1732011/05/19
  409. Keeping Up Appearances: Episode 1722011/05/12
  410. A Mom Story: Episode 1712011/05/05
  411. Marriage Perks: Episode 1702011/04/29
  412. Pride and Prejudice: Episode 1692011/04/21
  413. Your Schedule on a Budget: Episode 1682011/04/14
  414. Surf and Turf: Episode 1672011/04/07
  415. How Firm a Foundation: Episode 1662011/03/31
  416. Wedding Pep (and Prep) Talk: Episode 1652011/03/24
  417. Making Relationships Last: Episode 1642011/03/17
  418. Livin’ la Vida Sola: Episode 1632011/03/10
  419. Risky Business: Episode 1622011/03/03
  420. “Bless”: Episode 1612011/02/24
  421. Crushes, Culture and Counsel: Episode 1602011/02/17
  422. How to Get a Date: Episode 1592011/02/10
  423. Party Like It’s Super Bowl XLV: Episode 1582011/02/03
  424. The Land of Much Too Much: Episode 1572011/01/27
  425. Get a Job: Episode 1562011/01/20
  426. Unshaken: Episode 1552011/01/13
  427. Welcome to 2011: Episode 1542011/01/06
  428. Best of 2010, Part 2: Episode 1532010/12/30
  429. Best of 2010, Part 1: Episode 1522010/12/24
  430. ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas: Episode 1512010/12/16
  431. A Candle in the Dark: Episode 1502010/12/09
  432. Going All the Way: Episode 1492010/12/03
  433. Adoption from All Angles: Episode 1482010/11/25
  434. Gray Matters: Episode 1472010/11/18
  435. A Letter to My Former Self: Episode 1462010/11/11
  436. Disillusioned by ‘The One,’ Part 2: Episode 1452010/11/04
  437. Vampires and Wittenberg: Episode 1442010/10/28
  438. Disillusioned by ‘The One’: Episode 1432010/10/21
  439. Confidence…What’s a Girl To Do?: Episode 1422010/10/14
  440. Ask a Pastor: Episode 1412010/10/07
  441. Recommended Reads: Episode 1402010/09/30
  442. I’ll Go Out With You If…: Episode 1392010/09/23
  443. I’ll Ask You Out If…:Episode 1382010/09/16
  444. Fresh Starts: Episode 1372010/09/10
  445. Maximum Security: Episode 1362010/09/02
  446. Getting to Marriage In Only … 32 Years: Episode 1352010/08/26
  447. Confident or Creepy?: Episode 1342010/08/20
  448. To Marriage In a Year … Without Fear: Episode 1332010/08/12
  449. To Europe and Back: Episode 1322010/08/06
  450. The Young and the Restless: Episode 1312010/07/28
  451. Never Been Dated: Episode 1302010/07/23
  452. Help! My Dad is Missionary Dating! Episode 1292010/07/15
  453. Angry to Be Alive: Episode 1282010/07/08
  454. The End of Men, Marriage and Kissing Your Girlfriend: Episode 1272010/07/01
  455. An Unromantic Proposal: Episode 1262010/06/24
  456. The Future Spouse Wish List: Episode 1252010/06/18
  457. Abandoning the American Dream for Christ: Episode 1242010/06/10
  458. Should You Move to Where the Men Are?: Episode 1232010/06/04
  459. Boundless’ Live Webcast Event: Episode 1222010/05/20
  460. Mr. Indecisive: Episode 1212010/05/13
  461. Men Challenging Men: Episode 1202010/05/06
  462. The Lecrae Interview: Episode 1192010/04/29
  463. That’s HOT!: Episode 1182010/04/22
  464. Is it Wrong to be Pretty?: Episode 1172010/04/16
  465. It’s Time to Buy the Ring: Episode 1162010/04/08
  466. The ‘New Guy’ Feeding Frenzy: Episode 1152010/04/03
  467. Where Are All the Christian Women?: Episode 1142010/03/26
  468. Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?: Episode 1132010/03/22
  469. Singles Aren’t Just for Babysitting: Episode 1122010/03/12
  470. Dr. Albert Mohler Used to Be a Young Adult: Episode 1112010/03/04
  471. First-Person Porn: Episode 1102010/02/25
  472. ‘I’ll Never Get Married Because I’m Fat’: Episode 1092010/02/18
  473. Valentine’s Day Resolutions: Episode 1082010/02/11
  474. He’s Perfect But I Don’t Love Him: Episode 1072010/02/04
  475. ‘If You’re Single, You’re Not Busy’: Episode 1062010/01/28
  476. The Sanctity of Gianna’s Life: Episode 1052010/01/21
  477. My Mom’s a Racist!: Episode 1042010/01/15
  478. When He’s Not a Believer: Episode 1032010/01/11
  479. Looking Ahead: Episode 1022010/01/04
  480. Intentionality … and Lisa: Episode 1012009/12/23
  481. Woot!: Episode 1002009/12/17
  482. Future Marriage University: Episode 992009/12/10
  483. Wishin’ and Hopin’ … and Being Intentional: Episode 982009/12/03
  484. Celebrating the Day Before Black Friday: Episode 972009/11/25
  485. The Art of Manliness: Episode 962009/11/19
  486. Purity Ring Fakeout: Episode 952009/11/12
  487. Dr. James Dobson, Signing Off: Episode 942009/11/05
  488. He Doesn’t Want Children: Episode 932009/10/30
  489. Friends Don’t Ask Friends Out to Dinner: Episode 922009/10/22
  490. Catalyst and KJ-52: Episode 912009/10/16
  491. Should I Change My Looks for a Guy?: Episode 902009/10/09
  492. Does Jesus Need PR?: Episode 892009/10/01
  493. Biblical Divorce and Remarriage: Episode 882009/09/24
  494. George W: Episode 872009/09/17
  495. Spiritual Leadership in Dating: Episode 862009/09/10
  496. Why We Love the Church: Episode 852009/09/03
  497. Rush of Fools: Episode 842009/08/27
  498. I Know What You Did This Summer: Episode 832009/08/20
  499. So What if She Has a Boyfriend: Episode 822009/08/13
  500. Girls, Girls, Girls: Episode 812009/08/07
  501. I Love Bill Gaither!: Episode 802009/07/30
  502. Christian Music Artist Cagematch: Episode 792009/07/23
  503. Marrying Young: Episode 782009/07/16
  504. Doing More Hard Things: Episode 772009/07/09
  505. Secondhand Jesus: Episode 762009/07/02
  506. Take a Hike: Episode 752009/06/25
  507. You’re How Old?: Episode 742009/06/18
  508. Improving the Wedding Party: Episode 732009/06/11
  509. Singleness Redefined: Episode 722009/06/04
  510. Summertime Hospitality: Episode 712009/05/29
  511. Holy Available: Episode 702009/05/21
  512. Three Truths and a Lie: Episode 692009/05/14
  513. Segregated Singles: Episode 682009/05/07
  514. Just Do Something: Episode 672009/04/30
  515. Driving Mr. Stotts: Episode 662009/04/24
  516. The Business of Changing Hearts: Episode 652009/04/18
  517. Dating Q&A, Part 2: Episode 642009/04/09
  518. Dating Q&A, Part 1: Episode 632009/04/03
  519. Classicly Convicted: Episode 622009/03/27
  520. Brackets and the Body of Christ: Episode 612009/03/20
  521. Life and Legacy: Episode 602009/03/13
  522. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It?): Episode 592009/03/07
  523. The Many Faces of Relationships: Episode 582009/02/27
  524. Oscar-worthy: Episode 572009/02/20
  525. Be Our Valentine: Episode 562009/02/13
  526. The Boundless Show’s Birthday: Episode 552009/02/06
  527. Old Media, Old Maids and Bring the Rain: Episode 542009/01/30
  528. Presidents, Porn and Parrot Bay: Episode 532009/01/23
  529. To Life!: Episode 522009/01/17
  530. *NSync (Spiritually): Episode 512009/01/09
  531. And a Happy New Year!: Episode 502009/01/01
  532. We Wish You a Merry Christmas: Episode 492008/12/24
  533. Santa Baby Episode 482008/12/19
  534. Be Radical: Episode 472008/12/12
  535. Purity and Pain: Episode 462008/12/05
  536. Thankful: Episode 452008/11/26
  537. Friends + Intention: Episode 442008/11/21
  538. Mawage: Episode 432008/11/14
  539. Time for Change?: Episode 422008/11/07
  540. Vampires and Votes: Episode 412008/10/31
  541. A Time to Vote: Episode 402008/10/24
  542. Meet the Parents: Episode 392008/10/17
  543. Justice for All: Episode 382008/10/09
  544. Multiple Personalities: Episode 372008/10/03
  545. Fitness and Facebook: Episode 362008/09/26
  546. The Big 1-0: Episode 352008/09/19
  547. Commitmentphobia: Episode 342008/09/12
  548. Church Dim Sum: Episode 332008/09/05
  549. Kirk Cameron Gets Fired Up: Episode 322008/08/29
  550. Flirting with Elvis: Episode 312008/08/22
  551. Christians and The Office: Episode 302008/08/15
  552. How to Start a New Job Well: Episode 292008/08/08
  553. How to Interview for a Job, FWIW: Episode 282008/08/01
  554. Cool But Meaningless Friendships: Episode 272008/07/25
  555. Success In Small Things: Episode 262008/07/18
  556. Girly Men and Girls Kissing Girls … Eeek: Episode 252008/07/10
  557. Independence, Tennis and Singleness: Episode 242008/07/04
  558. Sex Starts in the Kitchen: Episode 232008/06/28
  559. Young Men Protecting Purity: Episode 222008/06/20
  560. The “Not My Gift” Excuse: Episode 212008/06/13
  561. Do Hard Things: Episode 202008/06/06
  562. Three Men and a Bible: Episode 192008/05/30
  563. Why Breakups Feel Like Divorce: Episode 182008/05/23
  564. Talking ‘End Times’ with Joel Rosenberg: Episode 172008/05/16
  565. Dating Dilemmas: Episode 162008/05/09
  566. Don’t Be a Wimp: Episode 152008/05/02
  567. Striking Young Men Who Use Online Matching Services: Episode 142008/04/25
  568. eHedonism: Episode 132008/04/18
  569. Emergent Explained: Episode 122008/04/11
  570. Becoming Uncultured: Episode 112008/04/04
  571. When to Settle: Episode 102008/03/28
  572. The Effect of Church on Men: Episode 92008/03/21
  573. Conformity Through Flesh and Blood Conflict: Episode 82008/03/14
  574. Online Dating Mavens: Episode 72008/03/07
  575. Met and Unmet Career Expectations: Episode 62008/02/29
  576. Singles at the Kids Table: Episode 52008/02/25
  577. Church Cliques: Episode 42008/02/19
  578. The I Heart You Show: Episode 32008/02/12
  579. Airing It Out on Pseudo-relationships: Episode 22008/02/01
  580. The Boundless Show: Episode 12008/01/26
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