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The Boundless Show

  1. Conflict, Bologna, and Boundaries with Married Friends: Episode 5492018/08/09

    How to handle conflict well, plus a bologna sandwich mentality can prepare you for marriage, and Gary Thomas helps singles set healthy boundaries with married people.

  2. Convo With Your Creator: Episode 5482018/08/02

    Making prayer make sense in everyday life, plus how to tell if your date is really a Christian, and a listener is having zero luck with online dating.

  3. What the (Bleep)?: Episode 5472018/07/26

    Cussing and Christianity, plus Lee Strobel on sharing Jesus in everyday life, and a listener asks when to tell a date about her chronic illness.

  4. Debt, Virgins and Tattoos: Episode 5462018/07/19

    What men really look for in a wife, plus your financial questions answered, and a listener's boyfriend is causing her to question her ministry.

  5. Marriage Made Easy (Well, Easier): Episode 5452018/07/12

    Our parents were right about a lot of things, plus how to stop overthinking dating and marriage, and a listener is falling for a former boyfriend.

  6. Share Jesus Like Paul: Episode 5442018/07/05

    People who accepted Christ as an adult, plus how to share the gospel like the Apostle Paul, and a listener and his girlfriend can't agree on a church.

  7. The Reality of Mental Illness: Episode 5432018/06/28

    Real talk about mental illness, plus how to use your words for good, and a listener has a sticky friendlationship dilemma.

  8. I Don't Want Kids: Episode 5422018/06/21

    The debate over not wanting to be a parent, plus reconciling being unable to have children, and a listener struggles when she sees her ex at church.

  9. My Dad Was in the Mafia: Episode 5412018/06/14

    Real advice to achieve your summer goals, plus forgiving an imperfect dad, and using movies as a Christian witness.

  10. Slow Down: Episode 5402018/06/07

    Finding rest this summer, plus grace for those with whom we disagree, and a listener needs advice on surviving wedding season.

  11. Find Your Tribe: Episode 5392018/05/31

    Healthy masculinity in real life, plus how to find the church community you crave, and a listener thinks her boyfriend's proposal came too early.

  12. How to Talk to Girls: Episode 5382018/05/24

    How men can succeed in conversations with women, plus Jamie Ivey admits to a recent sin struggle, and is it wrong for Christians to read romance novels?

  13. How to Talk to Guys: Episode 5372018/05/17

    How women can succeed in conversations with men, plus Jamie Ivey on overcoming shame, and a listener needs to move on after a broken engagement.

  14. Single After Your 20s: Episode 5362018/05/10

    Navigating post-20s singleness, plus simple ways to make a difference, and a listener keeps getting rejected when he tries to make friends.

  15. 500 Miles of Friendship: Episode 5352018/05/03

    Learn from your college self, plus the story of two guys, a wheelchair, and a 500-mile pilgrimage, and a listener feels invisible to a guy she likes.

  16. Feelings Are Our Friends: Episode 5342018/04/26

    Relating to your adult siblings, plus how to make your emotions work for you, and a listener wonders if as a single she can give dating advice.

  17. When Your Date Has Kids: Episode 5332018/04/19

    Relating to older generations at work, plus the complex dynamics of dating a single parent, and a listener is struggling with church anxiety.

  18. Get a Hobby: Episode 5322018/04/12

    How hobbies enrich your life, plus the language and methods behind reaching millennials for Christ, and a listener waits impatiently for a marriage proposal.

  19. You Are Seen: Episode 5312018/04/05

    Readers' passion around attraction, plus Sara Hagerty on being noticed and loved by God, and a listener wants practical ways to stay pure while dating.

  20. Weary of Doing Good: Episode 5302018/03/29

    Combating spiritual numbness, plus clinging to faith through trauma, and is it OK to ask "why" after a breakup?

  21. What the Church Forgot: Episode 5292018/03/22

    What breakups can teach you, plus Mo Isom traces the root of her sexual sin, and a listener is fed up with flaky guys at church.

  22. Embrace Your Weird: Episode 5282018/03/15

    Finding God's will for you, plus what to do when you don't fit in the Christian subculture, and a listener is worried that his crush has dad issues.

  23. Your Guide to His Brain: Episode 5272018/03/08

    How to dress for a date, plus a guy decodes male brains, and a missionary is having trouble dating.

  24. Breaking the Bible "Blahs": Episode 5262018/03/01

    New ways to get into Scripture, and a listener's job is derailing his dating potential.

  25. Click and Swipe: Episode 525 2018/02/22

    Texting and social media gaffes while dating, plus the keys to good communication, and a listener wants to respond to awkward comments about her singleness.

  26. When in Blunderland: Episode 5242018/02/15

    Hope for the socially awkward, plus what vomit teaches about a good marriage, and a single listener needs help setting boundaries with a married man.

  27. Marriage and Masculinity: Episode 5232018/02/08

    Dating with a good marriage in mind, plus what healthy masculinity looks like, and a listener is involved with an ex-boyfriend.

  28. Friendships That Last: Episode 5222018/02/01

    Taking friendships to a deeper level, plus how to give your work meaning, and subtle ways to let a guy know you're interested.

  29. Friend Finder: Episode 5212018/01/25

    How to find quality friends, plus lessons learned from disaster dates, and the best ways to travel as a single.

  30. Our Coffee Obsession: Episode 5202018/01/18

    Questioning the coffee-saturated Christian culture, plus Ben Stuart on singleness as more than just marriage prep, and a listener is feeling awkward at work.

  31. Life's Mountains and Valleys: Episode 5192018/01/11

    Making the most of your church, plus a woman navigates cancer, calling and singleness, and a listener is struggling with his masculinity.

  32. Crooked Cop, Innocent Guy, Great Ending: Episode 5182018/01/04

    Forgiving the everyday things, plus the powerful story of forgiveness after being framed for a crime, and a woman can't get over jealousy of her friend.

  33. Before You Get to Heaven: Episode 5172017/12/28

    Things Christians should do before they die, plus how to brave life's sorrows, and a listener is having trouble moving on after dating heartbreak.

  34. A Solitary Christmas: Episode 5162017/12/21

    Your questions about being single at Christmas, plus the story of a man's life-changing walk on Christmas night, and staff members' favorite holiday memories.

  35. Loving Difficult People: Episode 5152017/12/14

    Serving all types of people this Christmas, plus loving that person who drives you crazy, and a listener is worried about the ramifications of job-hopping.

  36. Take a Break and a Bite: Episode 5142017/12/07

    Team results from our social media and texting break, plus the power of the table in your home, and a listener is afraid to tell a date about his past.

  37. Jesus Jukes and Christian Clichés: Episode 5132017/11/30

    Things Christians should stop saying or doing, plus when church gets challenging for singles, and a listener wants to ask out his small group co-leader.

  38. Loving Your Family: Episode 5122017/11/23

    Being thankful even when our parents frustrate us, plus Jessie Minassian on dealing with family around the holidays, and a listener can't land a job.

  39. Money Motivators: Episode 5112017/11/16

    Debating dating deal-breakers, plus figuring out your money type, and a listener wonders if masturbation is OK.

  40. Is TV Tripping You Up?: Episode 5102017/11/09

    TV and your Christian witness, plus a man who used to think hating Muslims was justified, and a counselor helps a listener tell if her date's being honest.

  41. Killing Sin: Episode 5092017/11/02

    Emergency strategies for when you face temptation, plus Pastor Levi Lusko on moving on after sexual regrets, and should a listener ask a girl out...again?

  42. Fighting Anxiety: Episode 5082017/10/26

    What's behind our feelings of worry, plus how Max Lucado deals with anxiety, and a listener wonders how to tactfully ask a guy why he got divorced.

  43. Reach Your Friends: Episode 5072017/10/19

    Discussions with friends who aren't into Jesus, plus Josh McDowell on why evidence didn't bring him to Christ, and are there any pure guys out there?

  44. I Doubt It: Episode 5062017/10/12

    Dating and marrying someone of a different race, plus why doubting your faith can strengthen it, and a listener is having problems living with an unbeliever.

  45. Cushions, Bread and Ghosts: Episode 5052017/10/05

    The ultimate in lame dating tactics, plus Dr. Ernie Baker on choosing a spouse, and a listener struggles to reconcile her boyfriend's checkered past.

  46. Don't Wanna Waste My Life, Life, Life: Episode 5042017/09/28

    Strategies to make the most of your life, plus part two with the Mully family from Kenya, and what to do if your crush isn't single.

  47. World's #1 Dad: Episode 5032017/09/21

    What God's been teaching us lately, plus the man who fathers the world's largest family, and is it smart to date through anxiety and depression?

  48. Grieving Suicide and Loss: Episode 5022017/09/14

    Our panel gets personal about loss, plus Albert Hsu on surviving his dad's suicide, and what to do if you can't connect with your parents on a deep level.

  49. Leading From Behind: Episode 5012017/09/07

    Moving up on the job as a millennial, plus Clay Scroggins' journey from intern to megachurch pastor, and what to do with a friend who is annoyingly arrogant.

  50. Happy 500!: Episode 5002017/08/31

    The history of "The Boundless Show," plus listeners' favorite interview of all time, and staff members read listener impact letters.

The Boundless Show
The Boundless Show is a fun and feisty weekly podcast for single young adults that gives a Christian perspective on dating, culture, career and faith.

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