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5 Minutes with Wichita

  1. Ricky's G-Run.2009/12/13

    Wichita Rutherford caught one of Ricky Skaggs' G-Runs
    in a mason jar and they're gonna sell it on Ebay and give all the money to
    the charity, World Vision. The Ebay auction goes from Dec. 14th
    til Dec. 20th. Go to TheGrandOldTimeMachine.com for the
    link to the auction.
  2. The ULTIMATE Bluegrass Stocking Stuffer2009/12/10
    Wichita Rutherford has developed the most potent KY Bluegrass seed in history. The seed has been prepared "The Bluegrass Way". What is that?
    Watch the video and you'll see. You'll laugh, but you'll see how he did it.
    And its the PERFECT stocking stuffer for your favorite Bluegrassers.
  3. New Ricky Skaggs Interview2009/10/29
    Wichita talks about his very first interview that's more than 5 Minutes long. Its an hour long and its with Bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs. The whole thing can be heard on Wichita's SIRIUS/XM show "The Grand Old Time Machine" on Friday's, Saturdays and Tuesdays.
  4. Christmas Giveaway Spectacular2008/12/19
    Christmas stuff I'm giving away...
  5. Bluegrass Forecast 12008/04/18
    Weekly Bluegrass Weather Report.
  6. The Grand Old Time Machine Excerpt2008/04/09
    This is an excerpt from my XM RADIO show "The Grand Old Time Machine" to give you an idea of what its like.
  7. Intro to the IBMA Awards Show2007/10/05
    Wichita takes a kid on a ride in the Grand Ole Time Machine...
  8. Book Giveaway2007/07/25
    Wichita gives away free copies to everybody of his book "The Bluegrass Way"
  9. Road King Magazine Shoot2007/07/24
    Wichita's photo shoot for the cover of "ROAD KING MAGAZINE".
  10. Danger in the Water2007/07/16
    Wichita visits the Fiji Islands...
  11. Wichita's Job at XM2007/07/04
    Wichita's job at XM Sarellite Radio.
  12. The Bluegrass Louau2007/05/30
    Wichita visits a Bluegrass Louau.
  13. The Bluegrass Way 92007/04/30
    More notes on living like a real Bluegrasser.
  14. The Bluegrass Way 82007/04/28
    The Bluegrass Way #8
  15. The Bluegrass Way 72007/04/26
    The Bluegrass Way #7.
  16. The Bluegrass Way 62007/04/23
    The bluegrass Way #6
  17. The Bluegrass Way 42007/04/19
    More insights on living like a Bluegrasser...
  18. Trent Dobbins Your Buddy2007/04/14
    Trent Dobbins still in the running...
  19. The Bluegrass Way 32007/04/13
    The Bluegrass Way #3
  20. The Bluegrass Way 22007/04/12
    Excerpts from Wichita Rutherford's book, The Bluegrass Way .
  21. The Bluegrass Way 12007/04/12
    Excerpts from Wichita Rutherford's book, The Bluegrass Way .
  22. Wichita's 2nd Volley2006/12/18
    Wichita fires back at Trent Dobbins with another commercial for Mayor of Bluegrass.
  23. trent Dobbins... again...2006/12/15
    Trent Dobbins wants to be the Mayor of Bluegrass real bad... REAL bad...
  24. Trent Dobbins for Mayor of Bluegrasss2006/12/13
    Trent Dobbins. He's running for Mayor of Bluegrass against Wichita Rutherford.
  25. Mayor of Bluegrass2006/12/12
    Wichita's first TV spot...
  26. The LAST impression2006/10/25
    This is the very last of the IBMA Awards Show films Wichita did this year.
    He tries one last time to do an impression of Ricky Skaggs...
  27. TRUE or RUMOR 22006/10/17
    The last of "Is it TRUE or just a RUMOR?" from the IBMA awards show.
  28. IBMA Awards 22006/10/09
    Wichita tries yet again to do his impression of Ricky Skaggs...
  29. True or Rumor 12006/10/04
    True or Rumor is another of the film bits Wichita did for the IBMA awards show this year. See if you know the right answer...
  30. IBMA Awards part 12006/10/02
    This is the first of the short videos the IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) asked Wichita to do for their awards show.
  31. John Cowan2006/07/20
    Wichita talks to John Cowan, arguably one of the best singers in the world. In this interview find out who Craig is.
  32. John Paul Jones2006/04/11
    Wichita travels to London and hangs around with John Paul Jones and has tea and everything out by the pool. Come to find out, JPJ is busy as a bee. And he plays Wichita some un-released Led Zeppelin tracks.
  33. 10th Anniversary Special2006/03/18
    Celebrate 10 Years of:
    5 Minutes With Wichita
  34. Wichi-Tone2 (ring tone 2)2006/03/16
    Here's you another free Wichi-Tone for your phone.
  35. Wichita and Dan Tyminski2006/03/15
    My 1 year anniversary podcasting is March 19th, so here is one of the most downloaded interviews.
  36. Wichi-Tone (ring tone)2006/03/13
    Here's you a ring tone.
  37. Chris Thile2006/03/12
    Chris comes over and talks to Wichita.
  38. BelaFleck2006/03/02
    Wichita talks to Bela Fleck.
  39. Alison Krauss2006/02/14
    Wichita travels to Chicago to talk to Alison Krauss the afternoon before a big show.
  40. Van Heffer's KYLE WOOD2006/02/08
    Kyle is known as "The Randy Rhoads of the Mandolin".
  41. VAN HEFFER ALBUM IS ON iTUNES!2006/02/08
    The only people who can get the new Van Heffer album are podcasters and podcast listeners. You know why? Because we told everybody else it isn't coming out until the 14th!
  42. Mountain Heart2006/02/02
    Wichita produces a track on the Bluegrass band
    Mountain Heart.
  43. Ronnie Reno2006/01/25
    Wichita interviews some Bluegrass Royalty; Ronnie Reno.
  44. Wichita's Eastern Winds2006/01/22
    Some times you need to relax... and just... let go... and listen... to the winds...
  45. Wayne Taylor2006/01/18
    Wichita interviews one of the greatest voices in Bluegrass, Wayne Taylor.
  46. Rob Ickes2006/01/12
    Wichita interviews dobro master Rob Ickes from the Bluegrass super group Blue Highway.
  47. Van Heffer the Final Episode2006/01/04
    The final chapter of Van Heffer. But don't worry, the album comes out February 7th on iTunes. Its titled: VAN HEFFER
  48. Van Heffer eipsode 52005/12/29
    Van Heffer gets a record deal.
  49. Van Heffer episode 42005/12/23
    In this episode see Wichita at his job before podcasting as well as before Van Heffer.
  50. What's Happening?2005/12/19
    If you can guess what's happening in this clip, you could win a Video iPod. If you think you know what's happening post it on the message board at 5MinutesWithWichita.com and one of the first 50 to post will win a Video iPod for Christmas.
  51. Dierks Bentley2005/12/10
    Wichita interviews Country Music star Dierks Bentley.
  52. Wichita on the News2005/12/08
    The fine folks at WSMV Channel 4 in Nashville came and interviewed Wichita at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Here's what happened...
  53. Van Heffer Episode 32005/12/07
    Episode 3 of Van Heffer
  54. Van Heffer episode 22005/11/30
    Here's episode 2 of Van Heffer.
  55. VAN HEFFER episode 12005/11/23
    Sherman Van Heffer is the lead singer in a Bluegrass band that does Ozzy Osbourne songs Bluegrass style... The way God intended. Welcome to episode 1.
  56. Here comes Van Heffer2005/11/22
    Here's an explanation of what's happening with the Video Podcast and when there will be more regular podcasts.
  57. NASCAR Drivers2005/11/20
    NASCAR driver Junior Johnson takes Wichita for a ride.
  58. Wichita's Video Podcast2005/10/17
    Here's a little peak into what's on the way in Wichita's Video Podcasts...
  59. Ricky Skaggs2005/10/13
    Ricky Skaggs... our bluegrass leader.
  60. Add YOU to this podcast!2005/10/11
    Add YOURSELF to this Podcast. If your's is the
    best, you'll win and Wichita will put it out as "WICHITA'S HALLOWEEN PODCAST!" Come on and climb in the haunted house with Wichita. I DARE YOU...
  61. THE HAND!2005/10/07
    You might win this scary movie at 5MinutesWithWichita.com There's a bunch of them too.
  62. Ask Wichita Anything art 92005/10/06
    Go ahead. Ask me anything.
  63. Scarey Movie Review 12005/09/30
    Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory
  64. Ask Wichita ANYTHING 52005/09/28
    You can ask Wichita ANYTHING.
  65. Ask Wichita ANYTHING 32005/09/26
    Ask Wichita ANYTHING at 5MinutesWithWichita.com
  66. Ask Wichita ANYTHING2005/09/25
    The theory of relativity...
  67. Mike Compton2005/09/22
    Mandolin Master MIKE COMPTON
  68. True/Rumor Sam Bush ANSWER2005/09/17
    Well, Is it TRUE or just a RUMOR?
  69. True/Rumor Question SAM BUSH2005/09/16
    Is it True or just a Rumor?
  70. True/Rumor Answer Dan Tyminski2005/09/15
    Well? Is it True or just a Rumor?
  71. True/Rumor Question Dan Tyminski2005/09/13
    Is it True or just a Rumor? Dan Tyminski's turn.
  72. JR. JOHNSON of NASCAR2005/09/10
  73. Tim Stafford2005/09/06
    Tim Stafford of Blue Highway
  74. Tim O'Brien Answer2005/09/05
    Is it True? Or just a Rumor?
  75. Tim O'Brien Question2005/09/04
    Is it True? Or just a Rumor?
  76. True/Rumor Chris Thile answer2005/09/03
    The answer...
  77. True/Rumor ChrisThile Q2005/09/02
    Chris Thile: Is it true? Or just a rumor?
  78. Hurricane2005/08/30
  79. True/Rumor Answer Bobby O2005/08/27
    Is it Ture or just a Rumor? Bobby Osborne's answer.
  80. RonMcCoury2005/08/24
    Ronnie McCoury of The Del McCoury Band
  81. The Bobby Osborne interview2005/08/17
    Wichita interviews Bluegrass legend Bobby Osborne.
  82. True or Rumor BobbyO Question2005/08/15
    Bobby Osborne, is it True or Just A Rumor?
  83. Chris Thile2005/08/10
    Chris Thile of Nickel Creek
  84. Jr. Johnson of NASCAR (again)2005/08/03
    I got so many requests for this to run again, here it is...again.
    The "Elvis of NASCAR" Jr. Johnson.
  85. True or Rumor 2 question2005/08/03
    Is it TRUE or just a RUMOR #2.
  86. True or Rumor 1 answer2005/08/03
    Is it TRUE or just a RUMOR? Answer #1.
  87. Jr Johnson NASCAR2005/07/27
  88. True or Rumor 12005/07/26
  89. Doc Watson2005/07/20
  90. Sam Bush2005/07/13
    Sam Bush
  91. Ricky Skaggs2005/07/06
    Ricky Skaggs 5MinutesWithWichita.com
  92. Best of2005/06/30
    The Best of 5 Minutes With Wichita
  93. Mike Compton2005/06/27
  94. Dan Tyminski2005/06/19
    DAN TYMINSKI - guitar player & singer with Alsion Krauss and Union Station
  95. Gillian Welch2005/06/12
    GILLIAN WELCH - Holding hands with the old school.
  96. Tim O'Brien2005/06/05
  97. Alan O'Bryant2005/05/29
    Alan O'Bryant
  98. Rob McCoury2005/05/22
    Rob McCoury of The Del McCoury Band
  99. Rob McCoury2005/05/15
  100. Lester Flatt2005/05/09
    Lester Flatt
  101. Chris Thile2005/05/02
    CHRIS THILE of Nickel Creek
  102. Tim Stafford2005/04/24
    Tim Stafford of Blue Highway
  103. Charlie Daniels2005/04/17
    Charlie Daniels
  104. Sonny Osborne2005/04/11
    Sonny Osborne of The Osborne Brothers
  105. Bobby Osborne2005/04/04
    Bobby Osborne of The Osborne Brothers
  106. Mac Wiseman2005/04/04
    Mac Wiseman
  107. Ronnie McCoury2005/03/27
    Ronnie McCoury of The Del McCoury Band.
5 Minutes with Wichita
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