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  19. Diversify into New Markets with REITs2011/06/28
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  20. Have a Plan - Take Action - Real Estate Investing Made Simple2011/06/06
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  21. How to Run a Real Real Estate Business2011/05/27

    Ankit Duggal shares is ups and downs to becoming successful in real estate.
  22. Foreclosed and Distressed Property Financing2011/05/21

    Kurt Carlton shares how to get financing on multiple properties without a new downpayment every time.
  23. Sustainable and Profitable Rehabbing, Greenhabbing2011/05/13

    I think this is a great episode, make sure you tune in and hear how Jim Simcoe stumbled into one of the hottest ways to invest in real estate today. Jim is rehabbing and consulting with other investors on how to plan and execute single and multi-family rehab projects by using sustainable and eco-friendly methods and materials.

  24. Pain-Free Foreclosure Investing2011/05/04

    My good friend Andy Heller joined us today to share what he is doing in this real estate market to profit from the record low housing prices. I can't tell you all of the great information here, so listen in to this episode. But I can tell you a few of the high points of his talk.

  25. The Best Real Estate Market Ever2011/04/27
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  26. Yes - We are Alive!!2011/04/25

    GRS - 200

    OK, I know we deserve crap for disappearing off the face of the earth for 6 months without saying a word. Here is the deal...

    We were on holiday in the congo when a group of aborigines jumped out of nowhere and captured our whole group.

  27. Internet Marketing for Real Estate Investors2010/09/30
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  28. Profitng from Foreclosures2010/08/25
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  29. Tax Liens, Rentals and Private Lending2010/08/13
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  30. Getting Money to Build Your Business2010/07/29
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  31. Short Sales, the MLS and Craigslist Rentals2010/07/23
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  32. Building Your Buyers List2010/07/07

    Larry Hoffman shows us how to get buyers fast on and offline. More info on his software at http://thereiminute.com/cashbuyers

  33. Good Landlording Equals Good Money2010/07/01

    Learn from Scott Taylor as he shares how to properly manage rental properties and their maintenance.​

  34. Making Offers on Bank Owned Homes2010/06/22
    Today we are talking about how to make successful offers on REO properties, or bank owned foreclosures. Learn the process from the inside from a broker that lists the homes for the banks.​

  35. Real Estate Deals with Social Media2010/06/17
    Today we are talking with Harrison Painter, Realtor, Investor and Social Media king pin about what he has done and counseled others to do to make an impact in their market with social media. This can be one of the best ways to get leads for buyers and sellers without spending a bunch of money.​

  36. Alternatives to Bank Financing2010/06/11
    Today we are discussing ways to get cash for houses without having to go to the banks.

  37. Self Directed IRA's and Private Lending2010/05/29
    I had a great question this week about trying to find a lender to
    provide small loans and still work a self-directed IRA. Instead of me
    answering the question I went straight to the source, Don Derosa and
    picked his brain on the topic.

  38. iPhone and iPad Apps for Real Estate2010/05/17
    Make sure you visit http://thereiminute.com for links to the tools
    featured on today's show.

  39. Alternatives to Owner Financing with HEFI2010/05/06

    http://thereiminute.com/alternatives-to-owner-financing A new security instrument is poised to hit the real estate market, HEFI, Home Equity Fractional Interests. This has the potential to allow real estate investors to participate in mortgage modification plans. Additionally investors can use the instrument in place of owner financing on the homes they sell.

  40. How to Assign a Real Estate Contract2010/04/30
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