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Emmanuel Baptist Church Podcast

  1. Do What It Says!2018/09/09
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  2. What's Ya Need?2018/08/20
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  3. The Three Be's2018/08/14

    Guest Speaker Rick Loy
  4. For This Reason2018/08/07
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  5. All Caught Up2018/07/29
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  6. The Remembrance: Freedom Isn't Free, It's Transformative.2018/07/23
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  7. Calming the Troubled Waters2018/06/25
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  8. Misunderstood vs Misrepresented2018/06/11
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  9. Stretch Out Your Hand2018/06/04
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  10. Living in the Assurance2018/05/20
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  11. Whad’Ya Know – Good?2018/04/23
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  12. Fellowship Matters2018/04/16
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  13. Gideon Report2018/04/08

    Gideon Report
  14. The Release2018/04/02
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  15. Come Follow Me (Palm Sunday Sevice)2018/03/26
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  16. Look Up and Live2018/03/19
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  17. Why Him?2018/02/18
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  18. Bullfrog Religion2018/01/30
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  19. In God Alone2018/01/21
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  20. We Have Got Work To Do2018/01/15
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  21. An Epiphany Realized2018/01/08
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  22. Let Everyone Sing2017/10/24
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  23. Even Better2017/10/16
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  24. Living in These Last Days2017/09/18

    Guest Speaker Norman Eskridge
  25. Homecoming 20172017/09/10

    Homecoming at Emmanuel! Guest Speaker: Reverend Tim Collins
  26. Help!2017/09/04
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  27. Mercy Bound2017/08/27
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  28. Tricking the Trickster2017/08/01
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  29. Rebekah's Charm2017/07/31
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  30. Let Freedom Ring!2017/07/16
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  31. A Universal Language2017/07/10
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  32. In Defense of Grace2017/07/03
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  33. A Faithful Response2017/06/25
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  34. It's a Gracious Thing2017/05/21
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  35. Echoes of Praise2017/05/01
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  36. This Is The Day Jesus Called My Name2017/04/24
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  37. All Dried Out and Ready for Life2017/04/03
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  38. Who Says?2017/03/06
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  39. A Soup-er Sunday2017/02/12
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  40. What's He Talking About?2017/02/05
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  41. Foolish2017/01/29
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  42. The Greatest Thing 2017/01/15

    Guest Speaker Dr. Robert Young
  43. Taking Care of Business2017/01/09
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  44. YES2017/01/03
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  45. Back from Africa2016/11/27

    Guest speaker Michael Burleson
  46. How Can You Tell?2016/11/06
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  47. Game Changer2016/10/30
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  48. Compassion: God's Call to Action2016/10/17

    Guest speaker Norman Eskridge

  49. Now's the Time2016/09/26
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  50. Labor: Cost and Benifis2016/09/18
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  51. In Search of Lost Things2016/09/14
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  52. No Backing Down2016/08/24
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  53. Dressed and Ready for Service2016/08/14
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  54. Driven by the Wind2016/08/08
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  55. Reverence At The Table2016/07/26
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  56. All God's Children2016/07/10
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  57. The Debt2016/07/06
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  58. Appalachian Outreach Week2016/06/26

    Appalachian Outreach Week
  59. Called Back to the Lord’s Table of Remembrance2016/06/21
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  60. What's Your Number?2016/06/06
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  61. Come On Up2016/05/25
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  62. It Took Jesus2016/05/17
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  63. A New Creation2016/05/09
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  64. The Cloth2016/04/12
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  65. Palm Sunday: All the People2016/04/04

    Palm Sunday!
  66. Waiting In God's Sanctuary2016/03/06
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  67. No Greater Love2016/02/21

    Valentines Day Message from :

    Dr. Sonny Strange

    Clifford and Carolyn Hodge

    Vickie Cagle

    Dusty Shamblin snd Nicki Costantinos

    Darryl Hendricks

  68. A Burning Coal2016/02/14
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  69. Living On Purpose2016/01/31
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  70. Listening to God Through the Bible2016/01/25
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  71. Let's Have a Party!2016/01/18
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  72. Turning Pages2016/01/11
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  73. Recipe for a Great 20162016/01/04

    Guest Speaker Robert Young
  74. The Light of Christmas2015/12/21
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  75. The Light of Christmas2015/12/13
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  76. The Light of Christmas Advent Series 2015/12/06
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  77. A Helping Hand2015/11/29
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  78. On The March2015/11/17
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  79. Can You See Jesus?2015/11/10
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  80. You Are.....2015/10/25
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  81. In A Pinch2015/09/28
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  82. Hospitality: Making Room for Others2015/09/21

  83. Hospitality a Biblical Mandate2015/09/14

    Hospitality a Biblical Mandate
  84. Hospitality in the Biblical Tradition2015/09/07
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  85. Kingdom Work2015/09/01

    Kingdom Work

  86. Kingdom Leadership2015/08/24
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  87. Kingdom Living Matters2015/08/16
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  88. Stick Nouns and Stone Verbs2015/08/09

    Title: Stick Nouns and Stone Verbs. Synopsis: The old saying says "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." And the same grandparents who told us that also told us not to cuss...because those words hurt. So which is it? And is it ever OK to call people names? I mean since JESUS did? (At least according to Matthew.)
  89. Kingdom: Thy Kingdom Come2015/08/02
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  90. Pin the Tale on the Donkey2015/07/27
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  91. Ordination Service for Michael Burleson2015/07/19

    Ordination Service for Michael Burleson
  92. Declaration of Independance2015/07/06

    Sermon by Dr. Sonny Strange

    July 5 2015.
  93. Gospel Ministry2015/06/07
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  94. Body of Honor2015/05/25
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  95. IT All Started with the Refugees 2015/05/17
  96. JOY Resurrected2015/05/03
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  97. Emmanuel Podcast March 22 20152015/04/28

    DR. Mark Borchert GUest Speaker

    Testimony by Emily Hickman

  98. Witnessing For Christ2015/04/04
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  99. Living In Christ2015/03/22

    Dr. Sonny Strange

    Greg Parman
  100. Living In Christ2015/03/09

    Living In Christ testimonies of Darryl Hendricks (Lesson One: Knowing Christ) and Dale Gentry (Lesson Two: Growing In Christ).
  101. I Was Hungry2015/02/23

    Repeat from February 2014
  102. Tearing Down the Wall2015/02/16
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  103. Count Me In2015/02/08
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  104. Upper Level Management2015/02/01
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  105. The Spark2015/01/27
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  106. Power Surge: A Witness Speaks2015/01/12
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  107. Power Surge: A Witness Speaks2015/01/12
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  108. What On Earth Have You Done? (Repeat from 1/6/2013)2015/01/04
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  109. Power Surge: Let The Witnesses Speak2014/12/29
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  110. A Child Shall Lead2014/12/21
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  111. The Voice of a Child2014/11/30
  112. Baseline2014/11/23
  113. Be A Blessing2014/11/11
  114. Excused From The Blessing2014/11/03
  115. Burned Over Stumps2014/10/27
  116. When Pennies Count2014/10/21
  117. The Race is On2014/10/07
  118. Characteristics of the Koinonia of Christ2014/09/21
  119. Characteristics of a Servant Church2014/09/09
  120. It's Time!2014/08/31
  121. You Can Do It!2014/08/25
  122. Homecoming!2014/08/18
  123. I Will2014/08/10
  124. Authority Figure2014/08/03
  125. Father's Day 20142014/07/27
  126. I Want To Be The Boss2014/07/20
  127. Bartimaeus’ Moment With the Lord2014/07/13
  128. Emmanuel Baptist Church Sermon 2014/07/08
  129. Mother's Day Message 2014/06/23
  130. Your Next Step2014/05/18
  131. David and Goliath2014/05/12
  132. Did I Hear That Right?2014/04/07
  133. Happy Anniversary Sonny and Brenda: 25 years of Ministry. 2014/03/24
  134. Now What?2014/03/16
  135. Are You Talking to Me?2014/03/03
  136. I Was Hungry!2014/02/12
  137. Hear Him!2014/02/02
  138. Forecasting the Unexpected2014/01/26
  139. Water Your Resolutions?2014/01/19
  140. Blessings Flow From The Manger2014/01/12
  141. Discover Our LOVE Incarnate2014/01/06
  142. Join Us In The Manger: Discover Our HOPE in Waiting2013/12/23
  143. When Determination Isn't Enough2013/11/25
  144. What are you going to do now?2013/11/19
  145. What are you talking about?2013/11/12
  146. Finishing Well2013/10/29
  147. The Seventh Blessing2013/10/15
  148. Guest Speaker Norman Eskridge2013/10/08
  149. Givings Up to You2013/09/23
  150. Everybody Knows2013/09/17
  151. Servants All2013/09/01
  152. Forgiveness Begins at Home. Homecoming 20132013/08/19
  153. The Exception2013/08/04
  154. Taking Hold of the Promise2013/07/21
  155. Up, Up and Away2013/07/18
  156. Be the One, Break the Silence2013/06/24
  157. An Extra Hand2013/06/17
  158. You PLUS ONE Equals a Team: Be Part of the Equation2013/06/12
  159. Plus One2013/06/05
  160. In Remembrance of Him: A LIFE Giving Memorial2013/05/29
  161. Mother's Day2013/05/20
  162. Life Flows From the Empty Tomb2013/05/06
  163. The Story Continues: Love Lives2013/04/29
  164. Gideon Report2013/04/23
  165. Joy Lives2013/04/17
  166. The Story Continues: Peace Lives2013/04/08
  167. Easter Sunday: Hope Lives2013/04/01
  168. Palm Sunday: The Purpose2013/03/25
  169. You Were Shaped for Serving God2013/03/19
  170. Discipleship: You were created to become like Christ.2013/03/13
  171. Fellowship: You Were Formed for God's Family2013/03/04
  172. Worship2013/02/25
  173. You Matter To God2013/02/17
  174. A Swift Kick2013/02/12
  175. Who Do You Think You Are? The Great Identity Question.2013/02/04
  176. What On Earth Will You Think of Next? The Great Tomorrow Question.2013/01/28
  177. What On Earth Are You Doing?: A Question for Today.2013/01/21
  178. What on Earth Have You Done?2013/01/15
  179. The Hope of a Blank Tablet2013/01/07
  180. Rejoice in Heaven's Gift2012/12/31
  181. Rejoice in the Miracle of Christmas2012/12/24
  182. Rejoice: A Note in the Chorus of Worship2012/11/26
  183. Thanks Offerings Don't Stop With A Word: The Remembrance2012/11/20
  184. Returning for Thanks2012/11/13
  185. Even the Blind Can See2012/11/06
  186. Multiplication Factor2012/10/30
  187. The Grasshopper Complex2012/10/21
  188. Jesus' Story of the Sower2012/10/15
  189. Jesus’ Story of the Inviting Father2012/10/08
  190. Jesus’ Story of the Searching Father2012/09/24
  191. Jesus' Story of the Waiting Father2012/09/18
  192. Jesus the Storyteller Tells of the Heavenly Father2012/09/11
  193. In Celebration of His Labor2012/09/03
  194. Setting Aside For Ministry2012/08/29
  195. Courage for The Next Step2012/08/21
  196. Looking Ahead in Your Rear View Mirror2012/08/14
  197. Structural Integrity2012/08/06
  198. It Didn't Seem Like Much2012/08/01
  199. Let's Not Wait2012/07/25
  200. A More Excellent Way2012/07/17
  201. The Psalter and the Harp2012/07/10
  202. An Independent Voice2012/07/02
  203. What Does My Brother Need?2012/06/26
  204. Who is my Brother?2012/06/18
  205. EBC Podcast 5 27 122012/05/28
  206. What's This About Trespasses? 2012/05/22
  207. Let's Give Them A Hand2012/05/14
  208. Senior Day at Emmanuel2012/05/07
  209. Celebrating Our Faith Story2012/04/29
  210. Believe2012/04/22
  211. Resurrected Lord: Easter Sunday2012/04/09
  212. A Celebration of Discipline: Palm Sunday Reenactment 2012/04/01
  213. Scars2012/03/26
  214. Celebration of Discipline: Renewel2012/03/21
  215. The Celebration of Discipline: Repentance 2012/03/14
  216. The Celebration of Discipline: Self Examination2012/03/05
  217. A Celebration of Discipline2012/02/26
  218. Mistaken Identity2012/02/13
  219. God the Spirit 2012/02/07
  220. God the Son2012/01/30
  221. God has the Plan2012/01/24
  222. The Names of God Part 22012/01/17
  223. A New Year’s Address2012/01/09
  224. Journey to the Stable: The Birthplace of a King2012/01/02
  225. Emmanuel Podcast 12 18 112011/12/27
  226. Journey to the Stable:The Announcement: Mary and the Living Water2011/12/14
  227. Journey to the Stable: Preparing the Way2011/12/06
  228. Remeberance2011/11/29
  229. More Than A Wish2011/11/23
  230. Spiritual Imagination.2011/11/16
  231. What Are You Afraid Of?2011/11/10
  232. Who Is This Man?2011/11/01
  233. Emmanuel Podcast October 16 20112011/10/25
  234. Searching for God in the Word2011/10/11
  235. World Communion Day: We Are Not Alone2011/10/04
  236. Lookin' for God in all the wrong places.2011/09/27
  237. Welcome Back2011/09/20
  238. When Tragedy Srikes2011/09/11
  239. Convergence and Conversion: God in Our Midst2011/09/05
  240. Language of Grace: A Lesson in Vocabulary2011/08/31
  241. The Language of Grace2011/08/23
  242. You Can Win Against Sin!2011/08/19
  243. I am a Christian: Now What.2011/08/09
  244. Closet Time: Stewardship of Personal Devotion2011/08/02
  245. Talent Search: Stewardship of Talents2011/07/27
  246. Managing Gnats2011/07/19
  247. Free to Be2011/07/11
  248. All Caught Up2011/07/04
  249. Daddy Did!2011/06/20
  250. All Charged Up!2011/06/15
  251. Yes I Can! There is a Place for You to Serve.2011/06/07
  252. Mission and Ministry Celebration2011/05/31
  253. Children in Worship: Bring Them In2011/05/24
  254. Worshiping with the Psalms2011/05/17
  255. Related to......2011/05/08
  256. Now What?2011/05/03
  257. Easter Sunday: He Lives2011/04/25
  258. Remembrance from the Street: Through the Eyes of John2011/04/20
  259. Forgive-en-ness2011/04/12
  260. Gideon Annual Report2011/04/03
  261. The Abundant Life2011/03/30
  262. Season of New Life2011/03/21
  263. The Fast: A Time of Self Denial2011/03/15
  264. World Day of Prayer 2011/03/09
  265. On The Path Episode 7: Cuban Mission Trip with Jason Eldridge2011/02/28
  266. What is the Relationship of Giving & Receiving?2011/02/27
  267. Is That Music That I Hear? Prayer as a Melody in the Ear of the Lord Romans 8:18-302011/02/22
  268. The Six Most Important Words2011/02/15
  269. It's Not a Secret:Discerning the Heart of God2011/02/07
  270. Only You God Knows Worship Defines You2011/01/31
  271. Energize Us Defining Relationships Should Energize You 2011/01/25
  272. It's Personal2011/01/17
  273. Isn't A Thing2011/01/11
  274. Dirty Hands2011/01/02
  275. Inspecting the Wall2010/12/27
  276. He Was the Holy Child: The Abundant Life2010/12/05
  277. He Was the Holy Child2010/11/30
  278. An Apocalyptic Blessing Jeremiah & Lamentations2010/11/22
  279. The Inner Wheel2010/11/16
  280. Now That's Scary.2010/11/02
  281. Where is God in the bad times?2010/10/24
  282. Identity Crisis2010/10/11
  283. Accepting the Challenge2010/10/05
  284. Let Me Explain2010/09/26
  285. Responding to the need2010/09/22
  286. Four Words about Casting a Vision From the Later Prophets Micah, Nahum, Zephaniah, Habakkuk 2010/09/12
  287. Chasing the Wind2010/09/08
  288. Job: It Doesn't Work That Way2010/08/29
  289. Perspective Ecclesiastes & Song of Songs2010/08/25
  290. Proverbs2010/08/17
  291. Homecoming 20102010/08/10
  292. An Alphabet of Praise2010/08/02
  293. On The Path #6 C2 5K Couch to 5K2010/07/28
  294. Mission Report Preview2010/07/27
  295. Thank You and please leave some comments.2010/07/26
  296. Inside Out2010/07/13
  297. NOAH Field Report #4 Round Table2010/07/06
  298. Freedom of Worship2010/07/05
  299. NOAH Field Report #32010/06/30
  300. The Gift2010/06/27
  301. Memorial Day2010/06/27
  302. NOAH Field Report #22010/06/17
  303. NOAH Field Report2010/06/14
  304. Coming and Going2010/06/13
  305. A Holy Task2010/05/31
  306. Holy Women2010/05/17
  307. The Battle for the Holy2010/05/04
  308. Living as the Holy2010/04/25
  309. Numbered With the Holy2010/04/12
  310. Dancing With The Holy In Glory 2010/04/04
  311. On the Path Episode #52010/04/03
  312. Dancing with the Holy2010/04/01
  313. Jumping Off the Deep End2010/03/23
  314. Retreat Into the Holy2010/03/01
  315. Hebrews: A Mind Stretching Book2010/02/23
  316. Learning to Dance in the Holy2010/02/15
  317. Dancing in the Holy2010/02/07
  318. Discovering the Holy2010/01/25
  319. Claiming the Holy Ground2010/01/18
  320. Guest Speaker Rick Loy2010/01/11
  321. The Joy of Christmas Angels2009/12/29
  322. The Power of the MIte2009/12/12
  323. Traditions of Thankfulness2009/11/29
  324. Happy2009/11/21
  325. A Simple Truth2009/11/08
  326. From Victim to Victor2009/10/27
  327. Whatcha Thinkin' ?2009/10/19
  328. The House Restored2009/10/11
  329. Ephphatha (Open Up)2009/09/25
  330. Without a Prayer2009/09/14
  331. On the Path Episode #42009/09/05
  332. A Metaphor of Life2009/09/03
  333. Homecoming: 40th Anniversary of move to Emmanuel2009/08/26
  334. Nathan's Story2009/08/17
  335. On the Path Episode #32009/08/11
  336. That's Smart2009/08/04
  337. Left Behind2009/07/27
  338. Freedom2009/07/13
  339. Father's Day2009/07/06
  340. Gideons International2009/06/23
  341. On the Path Episode #22009/06/15
  342. Overflowing Presence2009/06/08
  343. Establishing a Worthy Memorial2009/06/01
  344. Child of God2009/05/22
  345. "Every Mother's Child"2009/05/16
  346. On the Path Episode #12009/05/09
  347. The Shepherd is Calling2009/05/03
  348. I Didn't Do It!2009/04/26
  349. The Touch of Christ2009/04/20
  350. An Easter Affirmation of Life2009/04/13
  351. His Eyes: A Palm Sunday Presentation2009/04/10
  352. Did You Ask Me Why?2009/03/31
  353. Celebration of Church2009/03/16
  354. Why Should We Forgive?2009/03/10
  355. Happy Anninversary Pastor Sonny!2009/03/04
  356. Chariots of Fire2009/02/22
  357. Are You Willing?2009/02/15
  358. Until Everyone Knows2009/02/09
  359. The Fire Still Burns2009/02/03
  360. Restore the House: Now is the Time2009/01/29
  361. Restore the House: Called to Action2009/01/20
  362. Restore the House: It Is the Time for New Beginnings2009/01/13
  363. Called to Restoration: This Year Transform Everything2009/01/05
  364. Christmas Eve Service 20082008/12/29
  365. Adventures in Faith #3 Love2008/12/29
  366. Adventures in Faith #2: Peace2008/12/24
  367. “Adventure in Faith: Hope”2008/12/15
  368. Community Thanksgiving Service2008/12/03
  369. God invested Christ in you. What is your rate of return on God’s investment in you?2008/11/30
  370. Saint's A Marchin'!2008/11/30
  371. Ever wonder why we have so many laws?2008/11/16
  372. What is Success?2008/10/29
  373. Golden Calf or Golden Opportunity?2008/10/26
  374. Our Common Provisions2008/10/16
  375. Personally Responsible2008/10/07
  376. Jonah’s Death Wish2008/09/27
  377. May the Force be with you2008/09/16
  378. Marks of Our Faith2008/09/13
  379. Sincerely Yours; Romans 12:92008/09/01
  380. Forgiving Others2008/08/27
  381. Remembering What God Has Done for You2008/08/18
  382. Special Edition #3: Costa Rica Mission Team Report2008/08/16
  383. Special Edition #2 Interview with Costa Rica Mission Team2008/08/16
  384. Let's Sit Together2008/08/07
  385. Podcast Alley2008/07/28
  386. Trusting God in the “All Things” of Life2008/07/28
  387. Special Edition #1: Pastor's Point of View2008/07/25
  388. Recognizing God's Children2008/07/22
  389. Life Giving Spirit2008/07/17
  390. Costa Rica Mission Blog2008/07/13
  391. Costa Rica Mission Team2008/07/10
  392. Dancing to God's Music2008/07/08
  393. Dead Man Walking2008/06/23
  394. How Could I Ask for Anything More?2008/06/16
  395. EBC Sermon from February 10 20082008/06/09
  396. Podcast Feedback2008/06/02
  397. Gospel Debtors2008/06/02
  398. Just in Time (Memorial Day)2008/05/25
  399. "Multiplying the heart of God"2008/05/18
  400. Mother's Day2008/05/11
  401. Preparing2008/05/05
  402. Feedback2008/04/29
  403. "Life in the Shadow Lands"2008/04/28
  404. Emmanuel Baptist Church Sermon for April 13th 20082008/04/25
Emmanuel Baptist Church Podcast
Sermons presented at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jefferson City TN by Dr. Sonny Strange

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