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  1. Tuesday... but This Tuesday, not last Tuesday2011/09/21

    Lots of stuff happened!

    Pam DID take great notes...

    But we ran out of time to type...

    Will return later and type them.

    For now...JUST LISTEN!!!!

  2. TUESDAY2011/09/14

    This is the show from Tuesday...

    What more do you need to know?


    You eyeballing me????



    (I didn't think so!)
  3. MONDAY2011/09/12


    Our pal Mellisa is filling in for Pam on today's show...

    But I forgot to ask her to take notes... so...

    I have no idea what the show was about...

    Listen and learn peeps!!!
  4. FRIDAY!2011/09/09

    Today we discuss Why The Cardinals will suck this year and about women who watch football...

    We talk movies with Joseph Airdo and survive another episode of Morris Code.

    Thanks for listening!

  5. Tuesday (even though it feels like Monday)2011/09/07

    On today's show...

    We wonder what it would be like if Hillary had been president...

    Doctor Jeffry makes a house call...

    And in a Dumbass of the Day JUDGEMENT CALL, it's man vs snake and sick guy vs lottery winners.

    Enjoy the show.. but wash your hands FIRST!
  6. Thursday2011/09/02

    Today was an odd show for many different reasons.

    We will not worry about that...

    But we will say that you will learn at least one useful thing...

    About how long to wait to open a Mountain Dew after it has been shaken.

    If for no other reason... listen for THAT!

  7. Wednesday2011/09/01

    Has anyone noticed that it's hotter than Hell here in Phoenix where this show originates from??? We have!

    Fun show today... but too hot to write out a description.

    We are joined by Psychic Joseph P. Anthony www.planetswithin.com

  8. Friday2011/08/26

    It's movie day!!!! Except there are no good movies coming out.

    Today we learn how to annoy dogs.

    What not to put down your pants.

    We review some movies with Joseph Airdo...

    And we enjoy the disturbing Morris Code.

    One of those shows...
  9. WEDNESDAY2011/08/24

    Too hot today for a show description...

    So... just listen... while soaking in a tub filled with ice.

    Not a tub filled with Vanilla Ice... or Ice-T... or any other rapper... that would be gross.

  10. Tuesday2011/08/24

    We go thru Obama's reading list...

    We encourage you to "Stop Shootin It"

    We learn about a new kind of jerky and what Dutch Ovens really are.

    We discover more about the minds of women.

    And Jeffry has his first "sighting".

  11. Monday Monday2011/08/22

    La La... la la la.

    Here is the show...

    No time to explain...

    Just listen and enjoy...

    Good luck.. we are all counting on you!
  12. Wednesday2011/08/18

    This is a show.

    You listen to this show.

    You love this show.

    That is all.

    PS: Psychic Joseph Anthony joins us...


  13. Tooosday2011/08/17

    Hello peoples!

    Nicotine is a bad idea.

    Cell phones make us rude.

    How much are you worth?

    Oh snap!

    To figure out what this all means... take a listen!!!

    Ain't puppies cute???
  14. THURSDAY2011/08/11
    Info (Show/Hide)
  15. WEDNESDAY2011/08/10

    We did a show!

    You should listen!

  16. TUESDAY2011/08/09


    Stock market drops... but comes back up... it's up and down more than a Kardashian's head in your lap.

    Jeffry had a bad stock broker.. we go international with "Nice try Chachi!"

    And, there is a very special inspirational story... that you can't miss!

    Put in in your brain with your speakers!
  17. Tuesday part DEUX2011/08/09

    In the second half of today's show, we explore the burning questions:

    What do sheep count when they can't sleep?

    What are the real sounds of the rainforest?

    Why are the London riots happening?

    Why did a UFC guy lose his Man Card for life?

    All those questions and even more... enjoy!

  18. MONDAY2011/08/09

    Kind of a hazy Monday eh?

    But we did do a show... it was an easy going stroll down the Daily Blender walkway.

    We did all the stuff we normally do... along with ASK DR. JEFFRY.

    So join us.. ease on in to your Monday and put our show in your ear hole.

    We love you!
  19. Thursday2011/08/04
    Info (Show/Hide)
  20. Thursday Part Deux2011/08/05

    Play it... hear it... Finish it! SWEEP THE LEG!!!
  21. Wednesday2011/08/03

    On today's show:

    Why quadriplegic skydiving and flying a plane with no arms is a bad idea.

    How to stick it to Hitler... sorta.

    Childhood Anorexia? Jeffry's compassionate views.

    We also find out who killed Amy Winehouse... hint: YOU DID.

    We are also joined by awesome psychic Joseph Anthony! www.planetswithin.com

    We love you... (most of you)
  22. Tuesday2011/08/02

    This would be considered a WTF show.

    Lots of strange stuff going on today.

    Jeffry sounded kind of drunk... maybe when he accidentally drank after the Afterhours show crew he got roofied???

    We also had an episode of Ask Doctor Jeffry.

    Ta Da!
  23. Monday2011/08/01

    Back to school for many here in AZ.

    Start of Shark Week on Discovery Channel...

    Here on The Daily Blender, we go deeper... much deeper.
    We expose the truth about getting hit in the nuts.

    And if you are wondering, yes... Truck Nutz should be standard equipment on any new manly style pick up trucks.

    So there.
  24. FRIDAY2011/07/29

    Soooooo glad it's Friday!

    Today's show will be uploaded as a two parter.
    We usually only put up the one hour... but some of the stuff that happened in the second hour was pretty cool.

    We also found out we are #4 in Comedy Podcasts today..


    Keep on making us look good!!!

    We love you
  25. FRIDAY PART DEUX2011/07/29

    Put this in your ear-hole.
  26. Thrusday2011/07/28

    Today was get a hug from Pam day.

    The A/C situation looks grim for The Daily Blender.

    We learned that shooting someone, even with their permission, is not legal.

    Jeffry starts a Facebook Group as a joke... then it takes on a mind of it's own.

    Other assorted things happened and are said too...

    Muah... big kiss!
  27. Wednesday2011/07/27

    Not Thursday...

    Jeffry works on God's approval ratings...

    If the buildin is a shakin, is it love they are a makin?

    Joseph Anthony stops by for some free Psychic readings today too...


  28. Tuesday2011/07/27

    NFL is back!


    GIANTS are um.. ok!

    Seattle...um.. yay?

    Jeffry wants to buy a town fo $799,000.
    (undercoating is extra)

    Lots of stuff... please listen!

    We love you.

  29. Monday2011/07/25
    Info (Show/Hide)
  30. Monday2011/06/27
    Info (Show/Hide)
  31. Wednesday2011/04/27

    Back from the icy grips of DEATH!

    It was kinda like a lil reunion!

    Garon filled in for Morris... Pam filled in for a female co-host to be named later.

    Jeffry filled in for an ailing Jeffry O'Brien.

    Fun show... talked about guyliner (offensive)... charity run ideas (even more offensive)... Pam's diary (really really offensive).

  32. Tuesday2009/04/15
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  33. Friday Hour 12009/04/13

    Well this one was a crazy one!

    Our last three hour live show on KXAM.

    What can we say... it was a caffeine fueled reckless version of the The Daily Blender.

    More so than usual actually!

    If you are wondering, we have no news on a new home yet... so stay tuned!

    New shows Monday (4-13) and Tuesday (4-14) and that's it for KXAM
  34. Friday Hour 22009/04/13
  35. Friday Hour 32009/04/13
  36. Monday2009/03/31

    Jeffry... how many voices does he do in this show?
    Actually... many... can you count them?

    Garon goes Madonna... adopting babies???
    Actually... could be worse... you decide.

    Sarah as The Road Warrior???
    Actually... more like Road Runner.

    It's a fun Monday on the show... ENJOY!

    And thanks for listening
  37. Friday Hour 12009/04/01

    This is the LIVE show from Friday 3/27/2009

    Posted by popular demand!

  38. Friday Hour 22009/04/01
  39. Friday Hour 32009/04/01
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