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Too Smart Guys - What the Manuals won't cover

  1. Sony Playstation VR with an iPhone2016/12/04
    Pox (Patrick Lawson) and DrPWNsU (Wayne Hatch) Give a quick how to use the Play Station VR to watch any HDMI source, like a iPhone, XBox One.

  2. Tesla News - Model 3 Solar Roof2016/11/08

    Video from Patrick Lawson - AKA "Pox"

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  3. Tesla News - All New Telsas have Self-Driving Hardware!2016/10/20
    All Tesla vehicles being produced now have full self-driving hardware

  4. Tesla GigaFactory 1 Grand Opening and Tour Highlights2016/08/01

    Highlights from the remarks and Factory Tour of the Gigafactory. Get to see the machines that are making the machines in the biggest factory on planet!

  5. Tesla Model S Ultra-Bright LED Interior Light Upgrade Kit2016/05/21
    Using just 2 Abstract Ocean LED light so make the Tesla Frunk and Trunk way brighter.

    Save 1k on a Model S and X http://ts.la/patrick4254

  6. Drones 102 - DJI Phantom 4 vs 3DR Iris+2016/04/17
    Pox tests out the new DJI Phantom 4 and compares it to the Iris+

  7. Tesla Model 3 Reveal Event Day and Test Ride2016/04/04
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  8. Tesla Summon via Watch and Review 2016/02/13
    How to summon a Tesla Model S with an Apple watch and a review of how useful the Summon feature in firmware 7.1 has been for the past few weeks.

  9. Do The Dew 6 - Kickstarter Mountain Dew Taste Testing 2016/02/13
    After 6 years Pox, Ragale and that Guy Do The Dew again, this time kickstarter Mountain Dews

  10. CES 2016 Automotive2016/02/13
    V2X,Microsoft,Faraday Future,Chevy Bolt and much more

  11. CES 2016 TiVo 4k Bolt 2016/02/13
    More 4k at CES with the TiVo Bolt

  12. CES Unveiled 2016 2016/02/13
    Check out a some of the new gear and gadgets for 2016

  13. Tesla's 2nd Referral Program Details2015/11/06
    Quick Report on the last referral program an the new November to December 2012 program and what contest prizes Tesla is giving out this round.

  14. Tesla Auto Parallel Park Demo 2015/10/18
    Patrick Lawson (Pox) Demos Tesla Model S 7.0 Autopilot Auto Park for Parallel Parking, it's fast! under 30 seconds.

  15. Tesla Model S 85D 7.0 Self Driving Autopilot Auto Steer Demo 2015/10/15
    How the new highway self driving works on the new Tesla Software update.

  16. Tesla Model S Trip 2 over 2k miles - Denver, Topeka, Des Moines, Rapid City Lusk 2015/09/18
    Pox makes a quick 3 day trip, It's over two thousands miles. Their quick reviews of the superchargers along the way.

  17. iPad Air Cracked Screen Repair2015/08/16
    How to replace broken glass on an iPad Air

  18. Cost of Owning a Tesla Model S and Referral Program2015/08/13
    Go for a night drive with Pox (Patirck Lawson) and DrPwnsU (Wayne Hatch) as they explains how much it cost to own a Tesla Model S. Learn about the new referral program Model X contest. Plus a bunch of tips if you are considering buying a Tesla.

  19. Tesla Model S 85D Road Trip2015/07/24
    Pox and family take an over two thousand mile road trip to user group convention Tesla Connect 2015. Wyoming to California and almost all the super chargers in between.

  20. Kali Linux Install Step by Step2015/07/24
    DrPwNsU give a quick introduction and step by step install of Kali Linux.

  21. Apple Watch Review Unboxing2015/05/25
    Pox get's his Apple watch. He trades the Tesla for it. See the Apple Watch packaging, remote camera, Siri and some of the navigation.

  22. 101 Tesla Model S 85D2015/04/22
    Pox gives the basics on his new all wheel drive 2015 electric Tesla Model S 85D

  23. CES 2015 DJI 4k Phone Gimble 2015/01/08
    Pox interviews DJI about a new mount for the Inspire One camera

  24. CES 2015 Interview Yoshi of Bitmain - Antminer S5 2015/01/08
    DrPwnsU gets to talk with Yoshi GoTo Representative from Bitmain  about their new BitCoin MIners S4 and S5.

  25. 1st CES 2015 preview and Liquipel Demo2015/01/05

  26. Drones 101 - 1st Drone with auto follow 2014/11/18
    Pox and DrPwnsu go over some tips and tricks for getting a personal drone.

  27. Commute Cast: iPhone 6 Plus Launch 2014/09/20
    Pox and DrPwnsU drive back from Denver with Hatch. Learn about the line and the new phone.

  28. Home Brew Cosplay - SLC Comic Con 2014 2014/09/07
    Cheif Spaghetti and Pox go to Comic Con in Salt Lake. They interview the Cosplayers on how they made their costumes

  29. Bitcoin Mining 101 2014/08/27
    DrPwNsU and Pox tell you every think you need to know and more about Bitcoin mining.

  30. 4k Video Recording on Android - Higher Bitrate Hacks 2014/08/20
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