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  1. 006: Networking Through Facebook2008/09/06

    http://www.yoursocialbrand.com This is an interview with social media newbie Joe Crawford and how he applied what he's recently learned through Social Media Training to average 40 new friends a day through Facebook. We also discuss how he is using this growing network to reach more people with his vision and mission and to help others.
  2. 005: Talking Social Media with Charles Heflin2008/08/25
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  3. 004: What's wrong with free coffee?2008/08/21

    How you kick off a new relationship with your prospects and clients can have a major influence on how well they'll respond to future offers. What does this have to do with free coffee? Listen and find out.
  4. 003: Consistency2008/08/14

    In this Personal Branding Power Moment Podcast, Dave Saunders explores consistency in branding and why it is essential for you and your activities online and offline.
  5. 002: 5 ideas you can blog about2008/08/07

    "What can I blog about?"

    I get this question a lot so in this podcast I give 5 ideas for what to write about on your blog. Your blog can have a huge impact on your personal brand and no matter what niche you're in, there's no shortage of content that you can create for your readers. Get started with these 5 things to blog about.
  6. 001: What is Personal Branding?2008/08/05

    In this podcast, personal branding and business strategist Dave Saunders discusses the most fundamental definition of personal branding and shares examples from the current media.
The BeCast
Don't just fade into the background. Establish your personal brand and show the business world what you stand for. Take your career to the next level and find the "You, 2.0" by establishing your brand.

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