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2184 Headlines; Satirical and fractured headline news from the future.

  1. 2184 Headlines The American Burying Beetle has made a comeback June 16th, 21842009/03/02

    June 16th, 2184 - The American Burying Beetle has made a comeback.
  2. 2184 Headlines Nation's Monuments Sealed April 22, 21842009/01/18

    April 22nd, 2184 - Sealing of the nation's monuments completed as per the 2179 Clean Air Act Amendment.
  3. TSGP - End of Summer2008/10/17

    Getting the podcasts back up and running, a change to one podcast and the launch of a new one.
  4. 2184 Headlines Ramada Civil Rights Violation March 26th, 21842184/03/26

    March 26th, 2184 - Ramada Civil Rights Violation - Ramada Hotel Corporation found guilty of excluding Muslims.
  5. 2184 Headlines Hate Crime Ruling August 17th, 21842184/08/17

    August 17th, 2184 - Pepsi Hate Crime Ruling - Pepsi employee sentences for attacking a Coca-Cola employee.
  6. TSGP - September Update. 2007/09/01

    An update regarding changes to the Shallow Gene Pool podcasts and website and the launch of a new podcast, Rejection Letter Audio..
  7. TSGP - Website update and podcast informative lecture. 2007/04/12

    An update of the Shallow Gene Pool website and a quick informative course regarding podcasting and some misconceptions.
  8. 2184 Headlines Mars Survivor Dec 14th, 21842184/12/14

    2184 Headlines December 14th, 2184 - Mars Survivor - Tragedy strikes the first interplanetary episode of Survivor - Mars.
  9. 2184 Headlines Drug Prescription Violation Mar 23rd, 21842184/03/23

    2184 Headlines March 23rd, 2184 - Drug Prescription Violation - Violation of the mandatory Federal Prescription Drug and Medication Maintenance Plan.
  10. 2184 Headlines Olympic ruling on intersexed athlete July 29, 21842184/07/29

    2184 Headlines July 29th, 2184 - Olympic ruling on intersexed athlete - The International Olympic Committee has made their final ruling regarding the controversial intersexed Australian athlete Glynis Hogan.
  11. 2184 Headlines California Fires July 31st, 21842184/07/31

    2184 Headlines July 31st, 2184 - California - Over 200 homes were destroyed when their heat-shield enclosures failed yesterday during a controlled burn of the local forests and grasslands.
  12. 2184 Headlines Canadian Relocation June 10th, 21842184/06/10

    2184 Headlines June 10th, 2184 - Canada - Another 5,000 residents of the northern territories were successfully relocated today.
  13. 2184 Headlines South Africa World Court Genocide Rulling September 18th, 21842184/09/18

    2184 Headlines September 18th, 2184 - South Africa - In what many consider an enlightened ruling, the justices of the World Court decided unanimously not to prosecute a group of some 35 men charged with over 120 acts of murder.
  14. 2184 Headlines Washington D.C. February 13th, 21842184/02/13

    2184 Headlines February 13th, 2184 - Washington D.C. - Despite resistance from the Democratic party as well as resistance from within their own party, the Republican-dominated Senate passed a tax cut bill early this morning by only one vote.
  15. 2184 Headlines Culver City California August 4th, 21842184/08/04

    2184 Headlines August 4th, 2184 - Culver City California - After almost six months of deep undercover work, Home Guard agents successfully raided and closed down a ring off illegal meat dens called "slaughter houses".
  16. 2184 Headlines Redmond Washington January 10th, 21842184/01/10

    2184 Headlines January 10th, 2184 - Redmond Washington - The owner/operator of Exidor Software was sentence today to five years in jail and a fine of $20 million.
  17. 2184 Headlines Washington D.C. January 14th, 21842184/01/14

    2184 Headlines January 14th, 2184 - Washington D.C. - The Office of Social Standards (OSS) announced the capture of their public enemy number one; Samantha Rodham.
  18. 2184 Headlines Washinton D.C. June 9th, 21842184/06/09

    2184 Headlines June 9th, 2184 - Washinton D.C. - The Department for the Equal Treatment of Animals (DETA) is threatening to shut down a wildly popular new exhibit at the Smithsonian.
  19. 2184 Headlines Pasadena California October 5th, 21842184/10/05

    2184 Headlines October 5th, 2184 - Pasadena California - One of the nations largest and oldest dating/match making services, eHarmony.com, had its offices raided yesterday and shut down by the government.
  20. 2184 Headlines Volestra Execution July 16th, 21842184/07/16

    2184 Headlines July 16th, 2184 - Atlanta Georgia - Richard Volestra was executed by hanging last night for the crime of genocide .
  21. 2184 Headlines New Hampshire Child Custody June 8th, 21842184/06/08

    2184 Headlines June 8th, 2184 - New Hampshire - The New Hampshire state Supreme Court refused to hear the custody case of Mr. and Mrs. Paul St. Clair today.
  22. 2184 Headlines EPA Car Raid June 10th, 21842184/06/10

    2184 Headlines June 11th, 2184 - Detroit - The EPA oversaw a raid Friday on a group of environmental terrorist.
  23. 2184 Headlines Williamsburg Demolition May 21st, 21842184/05/21

    2184 Headlines May 21st, 2184 - Williamsburg - U.N. President Bin Kalibah threw the switch to demolish the first group of buildings in the traditionally white historical area.
  24. 2184 Headlines Arlington Viginia July 27th, 21842184/07/27

    2184 Headlines July 27th, 2184 - Arlington Virginia - After loosing a legal battle that has spanned the last two decades, Arlington National Cemetery completed the removal of all religious-based headstones today as ordered in the Supreme Court ruling.
  25. 2184 Headlines Washington CAGW May 19th, 21842184/05/19

    2184 Headlines May 19th, 2184 - Washington DC CAGW - The U.S. Court of appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington D.C. has ruled against the appeal made by the advocacy group Citizens Against Government Waste.
  26. 2184 Headlines Mount Rushmore Rededication Aug 25th, 21842184/08/25

    2184 Headlines August 25th, 2184 - Mount Rushmore Rededication - The rededication of Mount Rushmore took place this afternoon with a gala celebration.
2184 Headlines; Satirical and fractured headline news from the future.
2184 Headlines is a satirical and fractured look at possible headlines from the future based upon current cultural, legal and legislative trends, pet peeves, conspiracies and the fears of people in our society today. For the utopian socialists, it is a way to laugh at the unenlightened primitives in our society today from the smug and elitist view of the future. For the conspiracy hucksters, it is not only a validation of your fears but will most likely present new conspiracies and fears for you to occupy you life with. For the rest of us, it should just be funny. A word of warning thought. Since the Headline News is being receive though an unregulated tear in the space-time continuum, the order in which the headline news appears may be random in regards to relevant date.

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