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Journey Fitness Podcast

  1. Journey-Fitness Podcast 1: Introductions Are In Order 2008/08/17
    Welcome to the show! In this podcast, Tory introduces herself and talkes about her NINE KEY ELEMENTS that she used to lose over 100 pounds.
  2. Journey-Fitness Podcast 2: Be Prepared 2008/09/14
    Would you leave for a road trip without getting prepared first? Of course not! Yet most people start on a major lifestyle change with no planning beyond, "I'll start on Monday." Listen to Tory talk about the 3 ways you can prepare for long term weight loss success.
  3. Journey-Fitness Podcast 3: Setting Goals 2008/10/31
    Every journey requires goals. Today Tory talks about how she set goals for her weight loss journey, and the value of goal setting in your journey towards fitness and health.
  4. Journey-Fitness Podcast 4: Building a Web of Support2008/12/15
    Even the self-made person needs support! Learn how to build a web of support around you as you make your lifestyle change. Learn who to choose and how to depend upon them, and who the NUMBER ONE most important support person in your support web must be.
  5. Journey-Fitness Podcast 5: Run with Me to an Exercise Program!2009/01/12
    If you haven't heard it yet, getting fit and staying fit is imperative for healthy weight loss and maintenance. Join me on my run today as I talk about what an important impact running has had on MY life, and how to integrate fitness into yours.
  6. Journey-Fitness Podcast 6: Even Baby Steps Move You Forward2009/03/09
    Do setbacks mean failure? Of course not! Today Tory addresses the need for all of us to sometimes step back and slow down in our weight loss journey. Baby steps are better than standing still, and standing still is better than moving backwards.
  7. Journey-Fitness Podcast 7: Doing What Scares You2009/07/01
    What scares you? Does it hold you back from living a truly fulfilling life? Tory talks about embracing things that scare us, and how doing these things can enrich our lives.
  8. Journey-Fitness Podcast 8: Dealing with Loss of Motivation2009/11/16
    Something always motivates us to start a life change, but what happens when motivation leaves? Tory talks about supplementing willpower and motivation with drive and determination and using all four to meet our goals.
  9. Journey-Fitness Podcast 9: Dealing with Setbacks2009/12/30
    It's the time of year when we all worry about overdoing it over the holidays. How do you deal when you've had a setback? Tory gives some ideas for handling bad days and mistakes without losing your focus.
Journey Fitness Podcast
Tory Klementsen is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Coach, and Weight Loss Coach dedicated to helping you in your journey to health and fitness. Join her in her podcast to learn more about how she lost over 100 pounds and has kept it off since December of 2002. The podcast will feature information on key elements of weight loss, how to become an "after" and stay there, fitness tips, motivational tips, nutrition tips...if it's related to fitness and weight loss, she'll address it.

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