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  1. Virtual FoxFest 20202020/09/15

    Learn about the new FoxPro conference coming in October - Virtual FoxFest 2020 brings together developers all across the world in three separate days.

    Learn more. at http://www.virtualfoxfest.com
  2. Eric Selje - Pick Your Environment Today2019/10/21

    In a preview of his 2019 Southwest Fox sessions, Eric Selje compares Visual FoxPro Advanced and X-Sharp, offering his take on how VFP developers can take advantage of these new tools.
  3. Rick Borup - Working with Git and SQLite2019/10/21
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  4. XSharp - What will it mean for you?2019/07/30
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  5. Tamar Granor - Share Your Knowledge and Reap the rewards2019/06/25
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  6. Rick Schummer and SW Fox 20192019/06/18

    Join us for a discussion with Rick Schummer, one of the Organizer of Southwest Fox as we learn where he started, what and how he's learned to get to where he is and why conferences will make him say "wow - how can I use that?"

    Find out more about Southwest Fox at http://www.swfox.net
  7. Doug Hennig & Southwest Fox2019/06/10

    Doug Hennig talks about his start in the computer industry from Commodore Pet and how much FoxPro development he does today. He's also excited about the Southwest Fox conference and what he's learned from past conferences and the real reasons people should attend (hint, it's not just the sessions).
  8. FoxShow 83 - Southwest Fox 20182018/06/28

    Here's our annual Southwest Fox show with Doug Hennig, Rick Schummer and Tamar Granor, recorded last week.

    The Supersaver deadline is fast approaching (June 30th) so sign up now and in the time between now and the conference, enjoy Doug, Rick and Tamar discussing what they've learned over the years, what they're excited about and what's all this about GitHub.

  9. FoxShow 82 - SWFox 20172017/06/16

    Today, as with past years, I speak with Rick Schummer, Tamar Granor and Doug Hennig about what's happening at this year's Southwest Fox conference - October 26-29, 2017 in Gilbert, AZ.

    It's a smaller conference this year but there's a lot of interesting sessions. The Early Bird deadline is July 1st so head over to Swfox.net to register - but AFTER you listen to the show!
  10. FoxShow 81 - Southwest Fox 20162016/08/22
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  11. FoxShow 80: Southwest Fox 20152015/06/12

    Listen to hear what's happening with Southwest Fox 2015 coming up in October in Gilbert, Arizona!!

    Register here
  12. FoxShow #79 - Southwest Fox and Southwest xBase++ 20142014/07/28
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  13. FoxShow #78: Alpha Anywhere's Richard Rabins2013/09/04

    Fun interview with Alpha Anywhere's (http://www.alphasoftware.com) Richard Rabins on their new product for the web and mobile area - hopefully he makes it to Southwest Fox this year.

    Also, the VFPX book is available at a discounted price ($49 instead of $59) at http://www.foxrockx.com/getvfpx.htm
  14. FoxShow #77: Southwest Fox 20132013/06/17
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  15. FoxShow 75: Southwest Fox Is Next Week - Going Up with FoxInCloud2012/10/10

    Southwest Fox is next week - if you're not going, Rick Schummer has noted that some of the sessions will be available online. Go to http://www.swfox.net for more information.

    As well, listen to Tuvia Vinitsky talk about his SWFox sessions and his work as an ambassador for FoxInCloud!
  16. FoxShow 74.5 - SW Fox 2012 Interview Preview2012/08/31

    Here's an abbreviated episode, teasing a full interview with the organizers of Southwest Fox 2012 and Southwest Xbase++ 2012, October 18-21 in Gilbert Arizona.

    There's a special goodie at the end!

    Register for Southwest Fox at their web site - swfox.net.
  17. FoxShow #74: Lianja and Cross-Platform Development2012/07/05
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  18. FoxShow #73: Southwest Fox 2011 Organizer Interview2011/07/20

    What are you doing in October? FoxPro developers will be at Southwest Fox 2011. In this episode, Doug Hennig, Tamar Granor and Rick Schummer spill the beans (well not all of them) on what you can expect at this year's conference.

    Need more details? Check out http://www.swfox.net !

  19. FoxShow #72: Go Fish with Matt Slay2011/06/23

    A few weeks ago, Matt Slay released Go Fish on VFPX . We got together and talked about what Go Fish is, his thoughts on WPF and other development areas. He also noted how he's using Thor (Jim Nelson's latest VFPX offering).

    Enjoy the show!
  20. FoxShow #71: Fox In Cloud2011/04/26

    Want to put your FoxPro application on the "cloud"? Listen to our interview with Christophe Rung from FoxInCloud - where he discusses how they've created a tool that makes it easy to move your FoxPro application with minimal effort onto a server that can be accessed anywhere over the internet.

    You can find more details here .
  21. FoxShow Episode #70: Interview with Rainer Becker and Kevin Ragsdale2010/11/11

    Listen to our latest show for an interview with Rainer Becker, who is currently in the midst of the German FoxPro User Conference and Kevin Ragsdale with his thoughts on this year's Southwest Fox.

    Rainer has some interesting news about a special arrangement they have made with Microsoft US, regarding FoxPro.

  22. FoxShow #69: FoxPro and the Web with Paul Mrozowski, SW Fox 2010 Speaker2010/09/14

    This episode features an interview with Paul Mrozowski on his Pre-con "FoxPro and the Web" and JQuery session at this year's SW Fox , coming up in mid-October in Gilbert AZ.

    Note: the audio for our interview was a little choppy so I had to "refresh" it.
  23. FoxShow #68: Interview with Eric Selje, SW Fox 2010 Speaker2010/09/08

    In this episode, we speak with Eric Selje , of Salty Dog Solutions , one of the new speakers at this year's Southwest Fox conference about his sessions on extending web applications with VFP and getting into the VFP2C32 library.

  24. FoxShow #67: Interview with Southwest Fox speaker, Rick Borup2010/09/01

    In this episode, we talk with Rick Borup, one of this year's speakers at Southwest Fox 2010 , on design patterns and Ruby on Rails.

    The early bird deadline for SW Fox has passed - but that's no excuse not to sign up. Kevin Ragsdale has been serving up some great posts about past sessions he has attended.
  25. FoxShow #66: Toni Feltman on Lean/Agile and the Pomodoro Technique2010/08/10

    In this episode on the FoxShow, we talk with Toni Feltman (of F1 Technologies ) on her upcoming sessions at Southwest Fox .
  26. FoxShow #65: Southwest Fox Preview2010/06/15

    In this episode, we talk with Doug Hennig, Rick Schummer and Tamar Granor about their plans for Southwest Fox 2010 , including special registration deals, session breakdowns and the Ceil Silver Ambassador attendees.
  27. FoxShow #64: Improving Your Code and an interview with Jim Nelson, PM on VFPX PEM Editor2010/06/02

    Today we feature an interview with Jim Nelson, who is the main project lead on the PEM Editor project at VFPX .

    Other Posts of interest:

    How to Improve Your Code


    Mea Culpa

  28. FoxShow #63: Silverlight and FoxPro2010/05/14
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  29. FoxShow #62: Southwest Fox 2009 Organization Interview2009/08/21
    An interview with Tamar Granor, Doug Hennig and Rick Schummer regarding Southwest Fox 2009, coming up in October in Mesa, Arizona.

    Discussions range from choice of sessions, VFPX, new speakers and sponsors and the state of FoxPro development.

  30. VFPx ShowCase: Control Renamer2009/04/05
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  31. FoxShow #61: What's In a Job Title, Designing Databases and John Koziol2009/01/07

    Welcome to the first show of 2009

    . On today's show:

    1. Discussion about Rod Paddock's What's In a Title post.
    2. Designing Databases with Andy Kramek.
    3. What's new at VFPX .
    4. Interview with John Koziol
  32. FoxShow #60: Interview with Ken Levy from Southwest Fox 20082008/10/29
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  33. FoxShow #59: Profiling and Refactoring (from Southwest Fox 2008)2008/10/25
    From Southwest Fox 2008 in Mesa Arizona, here is the audio from my Profiling and Refactoring session.

    In it, we discuss what refactoring is and what it isn't and how the VFPX Code Analyst helps make refactoring easier in Visual FoxPro.

    We also discuss how to best use the Log file generated from the VFP Coverage Profiler.
  34. FoxShow 58 (Extra 2): Developer Productivity2008/10/23
    Here's another "discussion" from Southwest Fox, all about how developers get the most out of their day and, er, shower.

    Discussion with Cathy Pountney, Mike Yeager, Alan Stevens, Art Bertquist, Andrew MacNeill and others.

  35. FoxShow #58 (Extra): Discussion with Alan Stevens2008/10/23
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  36. FoxShow #58: From SWFox 2008 - VFPX Discussion Meeting2008/10/18
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  37. FoxShow #57: What Happens at VFP Bootcamp?2008/08/15
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  38. FoxShow #56: What's Planned for Southwest Fox 2008/07/30
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  39. FoxShow #55: Interview with Naim Sula: Visual FoxPro News2008/07/14
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  40. FoxShow #54: Interview with Christof Wollenhaupt and VFPX Updates2008/06/02
    Here's the show notes - brief, I know but I wanted to keep that interview intact.

    SCCTextX and Code Analyst 1.0Alpha is available on VFPX .

    Get Guineu from Foxpert!

    What is Guineu? In the words of Christof, it's a FoxPro runtime that doesn't require FoxPro - in short, on other platforms where you can't run FoxPro today.

    Listen to find out more!

  41. FoxShow #53: VFP News and the Command of the Day2008/05/14
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  42. FoxShow #52: Interview with Bo Durban, Visual FoxPro News2008/04/14
    FoxShow 52 includes:

    Upcoming Community Events

    Latest updates on VFPX

    Don't Let Software Die and my comments

    Interview with Bo Durban

    Craig Bailey : Stack Testing

    Almost forgot - Fiddler

  43. FoxShow #51: SP2 - Upgrade or Not2008/03/31
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  44. FoxShow #50: Interview with Alan Stevens, VFPX News and More2008/03/03
    Episode #50: We made it!

    Interview with Alan Stevens
    DevBlog: Need Code? Look at Code Gallery
    Andy Kramek : Form Event Sequences CodePlex and VFPX

  45. FoxShow #49: VFP News, Checklists and an interview with JD Mullins about Advantage Database Server2008/02/02
    FoxShow 49 includes

    VFP Sedna Download Available

    Christof - Positioning Popup Menus

    Cathy Pountney - Complicated Data Group and Recap Reporting

    Adam Barr - Checklists

    Advantage Database Server Interview with JD Mullins
    Get the beta here

    Take The Checklist Poll

  46. Updated RSS Feed2008/01/18
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  47. FoxShow #48: Awaiting Sedna2008/01/12
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  48. FoxShow #47: Data Normalization with FoxPro and Tod McKenna2007/11/29
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  49. FoxShow #46: News and Southwest Fox recap with Rick Schummer2007/10/23

    Automating the Build - Rick Borup

    Information Architecture > Data Warehousing > Gartner warns of data warehouse user mutiny

    The Mindjet Blog » My Space in the Techworld
    Steve Bodnar's WebLog: Southwest Fox - PreCon

    Interview with Rick Schummer about SW Fox 2007
  50. FoxShow #45 : VFP SP2, SW Fox and Servoy2007/10/21
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  51. FoxShow #44: GSD and Rainer Becker2007/10/02
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  52. FoxShow #43: FoxPro News and an Interview with Mike Feltman2007/08/29
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  53. FoxShow #42: The NY User Group and Southwest Conference Promotion Show2007/06/18
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  54. FoxShow 41: Foxforward (and beyond)!2007/05/24
    Hey, here's episode 41 with an interview with Kevin Cully talking about what he's got planned for FoxForward 2007!

    Find out more at FoxForward !

  55. FoxShow #40: Conferences, Politics and New Happenings2007/05/05
    FoxShow #40:

    Welcome Back
    Go To A Conference (there's lots around)
    FoxPro Politics
    New Tools:
    VFP Compiler for DotNet?

    Email comments at : foxshow at gmail.com

  56. FoxTrails : a New Web Framework2007/04/26
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  57. FoxShow #39: Interview with Kevin Cully of FoxForward 2006!2006/06/30
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  58. FoxShow #38: Interview with Milind Lele, VFP Program Manager2006/05/10
    This show includes an interview with fellow Canadian and Microsoft Program Manager, Milind Lele, who is working on the Visual FoxPro Sedna project.

    In our interview, he talks about the recent changes, how the team is working with on the community tech preview, getting feedback and work on the second VFP 9 Service Pack - similar to what was noted in the most recent VFP 9 Letter.

  59. FoxShow #37: Interview with Rod Miller of dbi-Tech2006/04/11
    FoxShow #37 : We're back with an interview with Rod Miller of dbi-Tech on their big Sedna announcement. Check out there VFP Community home page here .
  60. FoxShow #36: Interview with SednaX2006/01/25
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  61. Happy New Year2005/12/31
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  62. Your Input Please!2005/12/27
    If you've been listening to
    the show , please take our listener survey . This is something I am using to try and improve the overall quality of the show.

  63. FoxShow #35: An Interview with the legal side of John Petersen2005/12/19
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  64. Dean Gray Tuesday is tomorrow!2005/12/12
  65. Dabo Part 1: The AppWizard2005/12/08
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  66. FoxShow #34:2005/11/30
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  67. Claiming my feed2005/11/23

    No Need to Click Here - I'm just claiming my feed at Feedster
  68. FoxShow #33: Conferences and an interview with Tamar Granor2005/11/21
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  69. Tell Me Now: Separate Interviews and Shows?2005/11/21
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  70. FoxShow #32: SednaX thoughts and Rick Strahl2005/11/12
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  71. FoxShow #31: Interview with Rainer Becker2005/11/04
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  72. FoxShow #30: Interview with David Stevenson2005/10/31
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  73. OzFoxRocks - alternate site2005/10/26
    Hey everyone. As you may know, Craig and Scott from Australia have their own Podcast with OzFoxRocks. They are still waiting for their server to have more bandwidth so in the meantime, here's a direct link to a mirror site which is much faster.

    (note: this isn't linked as a regular FoxShow so that stats aren't skewed - but the premier OzFoxRocks show is a great one)

  74. FoxShow #29: Fox News and Design Patterns2005/10/23
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  75. FoxTabs ScreenCast2005/10/21
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  76. FoxShow #28: Southwest Wrap-up with Kevin Ragsdale and Doug Hennig2005/10/19
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  77. FoxShow #27: Interview with Toni Feltman2005/10/14
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  78. FoxShow #26: Rick Borup and the lost Ken Levy pieces2005/10/07
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  79. FoxShow #25: Marcia Akins, Andy Kramek, +Macros and more2005/10/06
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  80. FoxShow #24: Interview with Ken Levy2005/10/03
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  81. FoxShow #23: Interview with Craig Berntson2005/09/28
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  82. FoxShow #22: Interview with Markus Egger2005/09/21
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  83. FoxShow #21: What is a database and Interview with Steve Black2005/09/13
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  84. FoxShow #20: Interview with Southwest Fox's Bob Kocher and more2005/09/09
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  85. New show coming soon2005/08/31
    No - I haven't fallen off the face of the earth but my notebook's hard drive just died and I'm waiting for the replacement. Once it's back, the new show fresh with Foxquotes and more will be up and running.
  86. Fox Show #19: What's a Beta, the first FoxQuote and what are you doing?2005/08/17
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  87. Fox Show #18: Rants Raves and Usability2005/08/13
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  88. FoxShow #17: Bill Sanders on DotNet conversions, GoToMeeting and FoxPro News2005/08/01
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  89. FoxShow #16: William Sanders interview, Of Buttons and Text and more2005/07/20
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  90. How long should the show be?2005/07/08
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  91. Fox Show #15: RSS, ActiveVFP, DotNet and money2005/07/07
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  92. FoxShow #14: How do you design your application2005/06/30
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  93. FoxShow #13: Debugging DevCon2005/06/17
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  94. FoxShow #12: The VFP Roadwhat?2005/06/02
    Trying to understand what the VFP roadmap means, with help from recent blogposts from Craig Bernston , Rick Schummer and Kevin Ragsdale .

    What did people ask for ?

    Here's what they got .

    Interestingly enough - here's a post from someone just starting in VFP.
  95. FoxShow #11: Long DotNot, Waiting for the Plan, VFP App Design and more2005/05/30
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  96. FoxShow #10: Wikis, RSS, Ajax , writing specs and making mistakes2005/05/21
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  97. FoxShow #9: Beyond VFP 9 and When Should You Use Valid?2005/05/19
    FoxShow #9 - May 19th, 2005

    Ken Levy: Focus Plan for VFP 9

    Valid vs. Interactive Change: understanding how controls work.

    Poll for Promos
  98. The Book on Podcasting2005/05/13
    (right on the heels of the xBox release), Todd Cochrane (of GeekNewsCentral and TechPodcasts ) has got the first full book out on Podcasting:

    Although Amazon is noting as "not available", it's available today and for a decent price too. Here's a link to the Podcast where Todd announces it as well as promo .

    Congrats, Todd!
  99. TechPodCast Roundup for First Week of May 20052005/05/10
    Week in Review of various TechPodCasts including Darn PC, Home Networking How To, Software as She's developed, Girl on Tech, Escape Radio, World Tech Roundup, ChuckChat and more.

    For more details on TechPodcasts, go to http://www.techpodcasts.com.

    if it's Tech, it's here.
  100. FoxShow #8: VFP Letter, Interfaces, CommandBars and Variables2005/05/09
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