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  1. Episode 80: Featured Composition -- Shankari Shankuru -- Part IV2011/10/29
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  2. Episode 79: Featured Composition -- Shankari Shankuru -- Part III2011/10/11
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  3. Episode 78: Featured Composition - Sankari Sankuru - Part II2011/08/30
    We continue our analysis of the Shyama Shastri composition: Sankari Sankuru in the raaga Saveri. Using several phrases and snippets from the Anupallavi and Charanam portions of this composition, Vidya illustrates how the composer has skillfully weaved in some of the subtle nuances of this wonderful raaga.
  4. Episode 77: Featured Composition - Sankari Sankuru - Part 12011/08/08
    In this episode we feature a Shyama Shastri composition: Sankari Sankuru, in the raaga Saveri set to Adi tala in Tisra gati. Vidya covers the high-level meaning of the song as well as showcases some of the salient Saveri phrases that Shyama Shastri has skillfully used in the Pallavi of this song.
  5. Episode 76: Featured Composer -- Shyama Shastri2011/04/14
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  6. Episode 75: Featured Raaga -- Punnagavarali2011/02/28
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  7. Episode 74: Featured Composition -- Kanakashaila Viharini2011/02/15
    In this concluding episode of our sub-series featuring compositions on the temple town of Kanchipuram , we feature a Shyama Shastri composition: Kanakashaila Viharini in the raaga Punnagavarali. Vidya shares with us the meaning of this song, and uses the three segments of this composition, i.e. Pallavi, Anupallavi and Charanam to show us a glimpse of the form and flow of this raaga.
  8. Episode 73: Featured Raaga -- Bilahari2011/01/20
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  9. Episode 72: Featured Composition -- Kamakshi Varalakshmi2011/01/10
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  10. Episode 71 -- Featured Composition: Vinayakuni2010/11/23
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  11. Episode 70: Featured Place -- Kanchipuram2010/10/20
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  12. Episode 69: Analysis of an "RTP" by Sri. GNB2010/09/18
    In this concluding episode on Sri. GNB, we analyze a Raagam-Thanam-Pallavi (RTP) rendered by him in the intricate and rich raaga: Bhairavi. We showcase Sri GNB's incredible talent as he brings out various details of this raaga in a step-by-step fashion with tremendous creative energy. Vidya takes up snippets from each of the three segments of the RTP and discusses them in some detail.
  13. Episode 68: Featured Person: Sri. G. N. Balasubramaniam - Part II2010/08/31
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  14. Episode 67: Featured Person: Sri. G. N. Balasubramaniam - Part I2010/08/23
    In this episode, we feature the legendary musician, Sri. G. N. Balasubramaniam (1910-1965). We discuss how Carnatic music shaped and influenced his early childhood days and his debut performance in the city of Madras (now called Chennai). We finish with a snippet from a concert recording to give a glimpse of the experience enjoyed by audiences during his time.
  15. Episode 66: Analysis of a Kalpanaswaram rendition by Sri G N Balasubramaniam2010/07/26
    We continue our discussions on kalpanaswarams from the last episode. Using a few snippets of Sri. GN Balasubramaniam, we showcase the spontaneity and variety in this form of improvisation in Carnatic music. Finally, Vidya concludes the episode by listing some of the common techniques used by Carnatic musicians when they perform kalpanaswarams.
  16. Episode 65: Carnatic Terms Defined -- Kalpana Swarams2010/07/13
    In this episode, we introduce the listeners to some of the elements of kalpana swarams and compare kalpana swarams with another key form of improvisation, the alapana . Vidya gives illustrations of kalpana swaram rendition and explains certain conventions such as performance of kalpana swarams in multiple speeds and progressing from short to long cycles of kalpana swarams.
  17. Episode 64: Raaga Rasika Quiz III -- Answers!2010/05/01
    Thanks to all those of you who participated in our quiz. In this episode, we discuss the answers to the three quiz questions that we asked in Episode 63. Listen to the episode to see if you got them right! Special congratulations to those of you who answered correctly!
  18. Episode 63: Raaga Rasika Quiz III2010/04/19
    In this episode, we conduct a quiz largely based on material and information we have covered in previous Raaga Rasika episodes. This segment includes three sets of questions for which the answers will be shared in the next episode. We look forward to your enthusiastic response and participation.
  19. Episode 62: Featured Raaga Alapana - Atana -- Part II2010/03/27
    In this episode, we conclude the analysis of the Atana raaga alapana by Sri. G. N. Balasubramanian. We discuss how Sri. GNB uses specific techniques such as "jaarus" or glides in his alapana, and highlight his mesmerizing, fast passages towards the conclusion of this highly spontaneous exercise.
  20. Episode 61: Featured Raaga Alapana - Atana -- Part I2010/03/16
    In this episode, we feature an alapana of raaga Atana, rendered by the legendary musician Sri. G. N. Balasubramaniam. Vidya translates portions of this alapana, a highly spontaneous and improvisational aspect of Carnatic music into swaras (notes). She highlights the salient phrases that capture the quintessential beauty of this bright raga and the development of the alapana in distinct segments.
  21. Episode 60: Featured Raaga -- Atana2010/03/05
    In this segment, we discuss the raaga Atana. Using a Papanasam Sivam composition, Vidya shares with us this raaga's high emotive appeal. She also illustrates key phrases in this raaga and describes its form and scope. We conclude the episode by covering some well known Atana compositions one can expect to hear at concerts.
  22. Episode 59: Special Rasikas’ Voice With Listener Renditions -- Part X2010/02/02
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  23. Episode 58: Special Rasikas’ Voice With Listener Renditions -- Part IX2010/01/25
    Continuing our series featuring listener submissions, we showcase a rendition on the veena by Sri. Srinivas Raghavan, from Chennai, India. His submission is a tillana composed by Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, in the raaga Brindavani. Vidya highlights some of the salient aspects of this raaga and also shares with us another tillana in the same raaga, composed by her guru Sri. Lalgudi Jayaraman.
  24. Episode 57: Special Rasikas’ Voice With Listener Renditions -- Part VIII2010/01/20
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  25. Episode 56: Special Rasikas’ Voice With Listener Renditions -- Part VII2010/01/13
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  26. Episode 55: Special Rasikas’ Voice With Listener Renditions -- Part VI2009/12/22
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  27. Episode 54: Special Rasikas’ Voice With Listener Renditions -- Part V2009/11/23
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  28. Episode 53: Special Rasikas’ Voice With Listener Renditions -- Part IV2009/11/11
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  29. Episode 52: Special Rasikas’ Voice With Listener Renditions -- Part III2009/11/03
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  30. Episode 51: Special Rasikas’ Voice With Listener Renditions -- Part II2009/10/23
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  31. Episode 50: Special Rasikas’ Voice With Listener Renditions -- Part 12009/10/16
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  32. Episode 49: Relevance of Arohanam and Avarohanam in Defining a Raaga's Structure2009/09/30
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  33. Episode 48: Carnatic Music Terms Defined: Types of Raagas – Audava, Shadava, Sampoorna, Krama, Vakra2009/09/18
    We continue our discussion regarding arohanam and avarohanam, and define several terms commonly used in Carnatic music to describe raagas. With several examples and illustrations, Vidya elaborates on terms such as Audava, Shadava, Sampoorna, Krama, Vakra, Varja, Melakarta and Bhashanga, and describes how a raaga can frequently represent a combination of these attributes.
  34. Episode 47: Carnatic Terms Defined: Arohanam and Avarohanam2009/09/09
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  35. Episode 46: Introduction to Chapu Talams2009/08/25
    We conclude our introductory series on talams, with a discussion on two chapu talams: misra chapu talam and kanda chapu talam. Vidya illustrates these talams using snippets from concert recordings of master musicians Smt. Brinda and Smt. Mukta; and Smt. D. K. Pattammal.
  36. Episode 45: Introduction to Adi tala and Rupaka tala2009/08/15
    We continue our discussions of talas from the previous episode and name the seven basic talas in Carnatic music. Vidya highlights two very common talas: Rupaka tala and the Adi tala. She then explains the angas that make up these talas, and illustrates these with snippets from concert recordings of master musicians Sri G. N. Balasubramaniam and Smt. M. S. Subbulakshmi.
  37. Episode 44: Carnatic Music Terms Defined -- Laya, Kala, and Tala2009/08/05
    In this episode, we introduce the fundamentals of rhythm. Vidya explains how rhythm manifests itself in Carnatic music and discusses terms such as laya, kala, and tala. We finish this episode by defining the basic constituents of tala, called "angas".
  38. Episode 43: Featured Composition -- Maamava Meenakshi Part II2009/07/26
    In this segment, we look at the some more of the highlights of this short yet marvelous composition. Vidya uses this composition to showcase some of the salient phrases of this raaga and also illustrates the concept of improvisation known as “Neraval” in Carnatic music.
  39. Episode 42: Featured Place — Madurai & Featured Composition -- Maamava Meenakshi Part I2009/07/16
    In this episode, we feature a popular composition "Maamava Meenakshi", by Sri. Muthusamy Dikshithar in the Raaga Varali. We begin this episode by talking about the history of the temple town of Madurai in South India -- known for the Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple. Vidya walks us through the structure and meaning of this brilliant piece.
  40. Episode 41: Analysis of a Ghana Ragamalika Thanam – Part V – Varali Ragam2009/06/28
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  41. Episode 40: Analysis of a Ghana Ragamalika Thanam – Part IV – Sri Ragam2009/06/18
    We continue our analysis of Smt. Veena Dhanammal's Raagamalika thanam. We discuss Sri raagam in this episode and Vidya points out some of the salient aspects of this raaga. Specifically, Vidya elaborates on the unique relationship between the rishabham and gandharam notes in Sri Ragam. She also highlights the key difference between the Thyagaraja and Dikshitar schools in handling this raaga.
  42. Episode 39: Analysis of a Ghana Ragamalika Thanam – Part III -- Arabhi2009/06/08
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  43. Episode 38: Analysis of a Ghana Ragamalika Thanam – Part II -- Gowlai2009/05/24
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  44. Episode 37: Analysis of a Ghana Ragamalika Thanam – Part I -- Nattai2009/05/11
    In this episode, we delve deeper into the Raagamalika thanam rendition by Smt. Veena Dhanammal. The first raaga she plays is the Raaga Nattai. Vidya elaborates on several important phrases and detailed nuances that Smt. Veena Dhanammal masterfully packed into a one minute snippet.
  45. Episode 36: Featured Person -- Smt. Veena Dhanammal2009/04/27
    In the last segment, we heard a veena rendition by Smt. Veena Dhanammal. In this episode, we discuss her life, times, and contributions to the world of Carnatic music. Vidya shares with us additional details regarding the snippet we heard in the last episode - a raagamalika thanam in the five ghana raagas. We also discuss the term “ghana raagas”.
  46. Episode 35: Featured Instrument -- Veena: Part II2009/04/14
    We conclude our two-part series on the Veena in this segment. We discuss the physical structure of the veena, how and where it is made, as well as how it is played. Finally, we share with you a snippet of a thaanam rendition by a very renowned vainika (veena player), Smt. Veena Dhanammal.
  47. Episode 34: Featured Instrument -- Veena Part I2009/04/02
    In this segment, we feature the Veena, a plucked string instrument unique to Carnatic music. We discuss the revered status given to this instrument in the Hindu tradition. The veena is mentioned in several Carnatic music compositions. Vidya renders a few snippets of compositions that have references to the veena.
  48. Episode 33: Rasikas' Voice -- Your Letters and Questions2009/03/26
    In this episode, we would like to share some of the feedback we have been getting so far and answer some of your questions. We also give the answer to the Raaga Quiz: Mukhari vs. Bhairavi featured in Episode 28 and recognize listeners who submitted correct entries. Thanks a lot for all your comments and enthusiastic support. We really appreciate it!
  49. Episode 32: Featured Composition – Alaavadennaalo Part II2009/03/17
    In this episode, we shift the focus to the multiple final segments (Charanams) of the composition. By singing several snippets of this composition, Vidya illustrates its distinct aspects in a detailed fashion. We discuss the rhythmic and melodic structure of this gem. We also define the rhythmic term, “eduppu” and describe the different kinds of “eduppu”.
  50. Episode 31: Featured Composition – Alaavadennaalo Part I2009/03/07
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  51. Episode 30: Sri. Oothukadu Ventakakavi's Compositional Style2009/02/23
    We continue our conversation from the last episode, and discuss Sri. Oothukadu's musical mastery, highlighting his rhythmic prowess as well as poetic genius. Vidya illustrates salient aspects of his compositional style using examples drawn from his compositions, including the universally popular Alaipayudhe Kanna.
  52. Episode 29: Featured Composer -- Sri. Oothukadu Venkatakavi 2009/02/13
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  53. Episode 28: Raaga Quiz: Mukhari vs. Bhairavi2009/02/03
    We finish the discussion on Mukhari and its allied raaga Bhairavi with a quiz. Vidya sings two alapanas, one in Raaga Mukhari and the other in Raaga Bhairavi. Can you figure out which is which? If you know the answer, write to us! We will answer the quiz the next time we publish our Rasika's Voice segment. We will recognize winners as well!
  54. Episode 27: A Discussion on Allied Raagas -- Mukhari and Bhairavi2009/01/28
    In the last couple of episodes we featured the Raaga Mukhari. There are a number of raagas in Carnatic music that are closely allied to Mukhari, the most prominent of them being Bhairavi. In this episode, we discuss the similarities and differences between Mukhari and Bhairavi.
  55. Episode 26: Featured Composition -- Enthani Ne2009/01/20
    In this episode, we feature a Tyagaraja composition: Enthani Ne in Mukhari raaga. In this composition, Tyagaraja describes Shabhari's (a character in the Hindu epic Ramayana) good fortune because she was able to meet and serve Lord Rama. We highlight the wonderful way in which the composer employs various aspects of Raaga Mukhari to effectively bring out the high emotions connected to this story.
  56. Episode 25: Featured Raaga -- Mukhari2009/01/09
    In this segment, we feature a raaga well known for its emotive appeal: Mukhari. As we discuss this raaga, we also cover a wide range of topics and define several terms in Carnatic music, such as: janya, shadava raaga, sampoorna raaga, and so on. We conclude the episode by talking about the fairly common misperception of Mukhari being a raaga associated with sadness and melancholy.
  57. Episode 24: Featured Compositions of Sri. Annamacharya2008/12/26
    We continue our discussion from the previous episode and talk about Annamacharya's compositions. Specifically, we feature two of his compositions. The first is Oka Pari in raaga Kharakarapriya, rendered by Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr. Nedunuri Krishnamurthy. The second is the very popular Brahma Kadigina Padamu, in the raaga Mukhari.
  58. Episode 23: Featured Composer -- Sri. Tallapaka Annamacharya2008/12/19
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  59. Episode 22: Graha Bhedam Illustration2008/12/04
    We finish the discussion on Graha Bhedam with an illustration. Vidya discusses a graha bhedam performed by her guru Shri. Lalgudi Jayaraman in a Nattaikurinji raaga alapana to bring out the flavor of Neelambari raaga.
  60. Episode 21: Carnatic Music Terms Defined -- Shruti Bhedam or Graha Bhedam2008/11/28
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  61. Episode 20: Rasikas' Voice -- Your Letters and Questions2008/11/13
    In this episode, we would like to share some of the feedback we have been getting so far. Thanks a lot for all your comments and enthusiastic support. We really appreciate it!
  62. Episode 19: Featured Instruments -- Shruti Box and Tambura2008/11/05

    In this segment, we showcase three related instruments: shruti box, electronic tambura, and a traditional tambura. We also discuss the main differences between each of them. Finally, we talk about the role of the traditional tambura artiste in the Carnatic music platform.
  63. Episode 18: Carnatic Music Terms -- Shruti2008/10/27

    We discuss another important term: Shruti or pitch. We also explain the relative nature of this concept in Carnatic music- and how a singer identifies the pitch that is best suited to his or her voice. Finally, we showcase a couple of snippets by Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna who is well known, among numerous other things, for his exemplary capacity to easily sing across several octaves.
  64. Episode 17: Carnatic Music Terms -- Naada2008/10/20
    Starting with this episode, we would like to dedicate a few segments to explaining some common terms used in Carnatic music. The first among these terms is Naada. We also showcase a couple of very popular Thygaraja compositions where he describes Naada and mentions the divine origin of the Saptaswaras or the 7 basic musical notes.
  65. Episode 16 -- Featured Compositions in Sivaranjani2008/10/13
    In this episode, we feature a couple of immensely popular tillanas. The first is composed by Maharajapuram Sri Santhanam and the second tillana is a composition by Lalgudi Sri Jayaraman. We discuss the additional inclusion of the Antara Gandharam to make the Misrasivaranjani variant of the raaga and also describe tillanas in general.
  66. Episode 15: Featured Raaga -- Sivaranjani2008/09/30
    In the previous episode, we heard a snippet sung by Smt. M.L. Vasanthakumari in the audava (pentatonic) raaga: Sivaranjani. In this episode, we discuss this distinctive raaga known for its melancholic character. We then compare and contrast it to a relatively upbeat audava raaga: Mohanam.
  67. Episode 14: Purandara Dasa Compositions2008/09/22
    We continue our discussion from the previous episode and talk about Purandara Dasa's compositions. We talk about Purandara Dasa’s influence on later composers, especially Thyagaraja, and also mention some musicians who have popularized his compositions on the concert platform.
  68. Episode 13: Featured Person -- Purandara Dasa2008/09/15
    We feature one of the most prominent Carnatic musicians during the time of the Vijayanagara kings: Purandara Dasa. Purandara Dasa is known as the Sangeeta Pitamaha or the Father of Carnatic music. We discuss some of his extraordinary contributions to Carnatic music and how his framework for music instruction is still followed today.
  69. Episode 12: Featured Place -- Hampi2008/09/07
    A few episodes ago, we talked about Chennai and its relevance to Carnatic music. In this episode, we trace the history of Carnatic music and take you back 600 years to discuss the Vijayanagara kingdom. We feature its capital: Vijayanagara, which is near modern day Hampi in Karnataka, India.
  70. Episode 11: Rasikas' Voice -- Your Letters and Questions2008/08/31
    In this episode, we share some of the emails we have received from you so far and answer some of the questions we got from you. Thank you for joining us at Raaga Rasika and listening to our podcasts. Please continue writing to us -- we value your feedback!
  71. Episode 10: A Discussion on Gamakams2008/08/24
    We continue our discussion from the last episode on Kalyani and Mohanakalyani, and discuss the role gamakams play when raagas are rendered.
  72. Episode 9: Featured Raagas -- Kalyani and Mohanakalyani2008/08/17

    In this week's episode, Vidya provides the answer to last week's quiz. The odd-man out song is in Mohanakalyani. Vidya highlights some of the key differences between Kalyani and Mohanakalyani and illustrates the role of gamakams in bringing out differences between allied ragas using the three songs in the quiz.
  73. Episode 8: Raaga Quiz -- Kalyani2008/08/10
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  74. Episode 7: Featured Composition -- Navarasa Navaraga Varnam2008/08/03
    We continue last episode's focus on Padmabhushan Lalgudi Jayaraman and turn our attention to his compositions. We feature his set of compositions included in Jaya Jaya Devi, a dance drama on Mother Goddess (Devi). Specifically, we focus on the Navarasa Varnam, a raagamalika that showcases the nine emotions (navarasas), and also discuss raagamalikas in general.
  75. Episode 6: Featured Person – Padmabhushan Lalgudi G. Jayaraman2008/07/27
    Just as in any other performing art, Carnatic Music -- especially if you want to perform -- takes several years of learning and practice. And in Carnatic Music, the guru has a very special and almost sacred place in your life. In this episode, we talk about Vidya's guru: Lalgudi Jayaraman. We also discuss his unique style, the Lalgudi Bani.
  76. Episode 5: Featured Place -- Chennai2008/07/20
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  77. Episode 4: The Art of Listening2008/07/13
    We start of this episode by learning a bit more about Vidya. Then, we discuss how you can begin your journey to understand and appreciate Carnatic Music better. Vidya's tip is pretty straightforward yet profound: keep listening to a lot of Carnatic Music and start looking for patterns.
  78. Episode 3: Raaga Discussion -- Naattai2008/07/06
    We continue the discussion from the last episode. We discuss the raaga Naattai, the raaga in which Maha Ganapathim is composed.
  79. Episode 2: Featured Song -- Maha Ganapathim2008/06/29
    One of the best ways to appreciate Carnatic Music better is to listen to songs. In that spirit, we will be regularly featuring certain songs and talk about them. This week, our featured song is Maha Ganapatim.
  80. Episode 1: Welcome to Raaga Rasika2008/06/23
    Here's the first podcast in the series. In this episode, we discuss what Raaga Rasika is, what you should expect from this program, and why we are doing this. This is going to be an exciting journey and we hope you join us!
Raaga Rasika: Exploring the World of Carnatic Music

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