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One Sixty Metre Crossband Radio

    Strange as it seems it is quicker to just put audio up on youtube
  2. The Dismissal
    Mr Mumbles was at Parliament House in Canberra in 1975
    and saw Mr Whitlem dismissed and also he met Bob Hawk on the plane.
  3. Prime Minsters
    More Australian history and a lot of other stuff with Mr Mumbles.(who was this Mr Mumbles?)
  4. Original Henry Tapes
    Henry set up the first radio network for the Fire Brigade
    in the 1930's and VKN8 was broadcast all around Melbourne on 1655Khz.
    When he retired he came on 160 meters. Unfortunately some teenagers used to listen in and cause all sorts of trouble.
  5. Evens Cord
    Mr Bek and Stu playing around with a home made disc recording cut on a Presto machine of off air recordings of ABC breakfast man Peter Evens.
  6. Chicko Rolls
    Mr Branch deciding what to eat from the fridge.
  7. Justus On Light
    Justus on lightbeamish coms (sounds like a carbon telephone to me)with the Stu and Bek. 1976
  8. Bernard
    Mr Bernard with the Egg and Branch. 1975ish
  9. Plan B
    From around 1978 with the Branch,Bek,Mr Head, Markovitch and Liz.
  10. Extra G
    interesting effects caused by eating breakfast cereal.
  11. Pulse Part OB the Uninvited
    This is an attempted outside broadcast from an exclusive Party that we were NOT invited to. (66min 33meg)
  12. Pirate Tales 2
    A few weeks latter a sequel to Pirate Tales was broadcast. This is IN STEREO so have both speakers working. i have lost the original WAV file so down converting the mp3 and monoising it looses quality. (76min 71meg)
  13. Pirate Tales
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  14. BBBill Ceivers
    Hear the real BBBill ceivers
    the man who made his own valve (7mins 1meg)
  15. Can You Speek
    Short Missions with the Branch, Mr Stu and Egg from 1975(6.5 mins 2.6meg)
  16. Beks Trip To Sydney
    A trip To Sydney for young Mr Bek, at the start bit
    of a time warp back 40 years (70 years now) from 1976 (85mins 36meg)
  17. You're So Vain
    The title says it all (1h2m 26meg)
  18. Sick Of Missions
    Played this recently on air and i have not heard it for a while but it is in the classic class,stu moaning about being sick of the missions after being
    on for 4 years.I think this would date back to about 1979. Quality is not the best as it is an of air recording and
    we thought it was not being loged but maybe that is why it is as good as it is.
    (1h 24min 35meg)
  19. Veronica
    Branch,Bek,and Stu missions from mid 70's. Bit of a rip off of Ms V White from the department (19min 8meg)
  20. Sunset Boulevard
    Toms Interesting experiences in LA, among other things (121min 50meg)
  21. Crummy Sisters
    Another hot sumer night hospital missions bit like "Ken in a box" but with some
    live reaction from the ward (43min 18meg)
  22. Bottle Beacon
    Early Stu Bek missions from 1975 discussing amongst other things the beacon on the
    mouth of the Elwood canal (It used to transmit on the 160 band and sounded like a bottle pouring) (27 min 11meg)
  23. Babbagebocp
    While doing a BOCP of the air the Mr k gets talking about Babbage and early putors
    (29 min 12meg)
  24. The Real Second Last Branch Missions 29/10/04
    While going through my discs i found this missions that i had forgot about and it is the first
    time the Branch came on via Skype. It goes for quite a while and has some good bits.
    Who knows we might even find some more. (1HR 30 min 57meg)
  25. The Last Branch Missions 19/11/04
    This is the last Branch missions, i am sad to say there will be no more as he died in June 2006.
    Mr Branch was last on air from his Park St station in 1980,
    Occasionally he could be convinced to come on a live crossband and this is the last time it happened in November 2004. The Branch was on via
    Skype and the wik on Eccolink.(65 min 27meg)
  26. 2nd Last Branch Missions
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  27. 3rd Last Branch Missions
    Last in the 1998 series from September that year, a Branch, Stu, Egg missions(71 min 29meg)
  28. 4th Last Branch Missions
    Another from the 1998 series (48 min 20meg)
  29. 5th Last Branch Missions
    The first of the New Branch series from 1998 via a UHF link but it did
    not gain his interest as there was only three missions and we had to
    wait till 2003 till the next apperence. 1998 (77min 32meg)
  30. Last Park St Simplex
    The last simplex with Mr Head and others from the Park St station 1980. (34 min 14meg)
  31. Last Park St Xband
    The last real Branch missions from the Park St studios in
    1980 featuring Mr K and the Stu talking about the Newport power station. (58 min 24meg)
  32. TV Cabinets
    Very funny missions, First the Bek is worried about walking
    home from the stu's in the middle of the night due to harassment from the constabulary
    then the rest of the time is taken up with the Egg and Stu discussing the art of
    TV cabinet watching. 1975 (90 min 38 meg)
  33. Mud Houses
    Mr Branch and Mike among other things talking about building
    mud houses and design and architecture, quite an interesting and sober session. 1978 (47 min 19meg)
  34. Part 2 of Mud Houses
    Gets on to more general topics than pt 1 1978 (80 min 33 meg)
  35. Bonnie Back Yard
    A hot summer night means Bonnie and Mr Branch have go to outside to the yard
    to escape the heat during a "hospital hour" with the Wick. 1976 (69 min 29 meg)
  36. Fish Shop
    Bek Stu Missions about various subjects including the buzzing electric clock
    at the local fish shop. 1976 (95 min 40 meg)
  37. Concrete
    One of the best "scripted" crossbands. While talking to the Branch Mr Speedie
    finds a saw a cutting through his floor. A mass of concrete then fills the room. 1977
    (1hr55 min 48 meg)
  38. 84 Floors
    The most requested missions ever. This time Speedie finds a steel trapdoor in
    the garden and goes down to investigate, he finds a massive industrial complex extending
    down and down and the secret lies on the last level..... 84. 1977 (2hr6 min 53 meg)
  39. First Light Tests
    The first modulated light beem coms from the stu's upstairs window and
    the Beks balcony conecting Sth Caulfield and Glenhuntly also features the
    Branch and the person we are not alowed to name. (5 min 2 meg)
  40. Life of Herb
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  41. Byers
    The Egg and his Byer tape recorders (7 min 3 meg)
  42. BTR90"s
    More with the Egg and ancient tape machines 1976 (8 min 3 meg)
  43. Bad Bek Mitters
    Not a bad Bek Stu missions but the Beks mitters keeps wrecking 1976 (45 min 18 meg)
  44. Codgutating with Egg pt1
    Rather straight but not un interesting missions between Branch and the Egg 1976
    (52 min 22 meg)
  45. Codgutating with Egg pt2
    Goes for a while, good for a long train trip and i pod 1976 (1hr 52 min 47 meg)
  46. Flash Away
    Stu and Bek with the help of Peter Evens and Flash on the phone
    via an acatate recording. (57 min 24 meg)
  47. Kimptons
    A bit of a mess this one but quite a laugh, Egg Stu Bek and harry rings
    up a bit latter on. 1976 (45 min 23 meg)
  48. Xmas Xband
    Not Much to do with xmas except it was recorded on xmas 1976. The Head talks about his trip to Alice Springs,and the Stu goes walking about the house with the radio mic, latter the Bek comes on via a tandy phone.(55 min 24Meg)
  49. 1975 Silvers Xmas Broadcast
    This is the broadcast transmitted on xmas eve 1975. It resulted in a raid by the Silvers and a penalty into the bargin.
  50. Noah's Ark
    The Branch gets a little mixed up
    when he tries to explain how the flood might have occured due
    to physical laws. (103min 30Meg)
  51. Telescope
    Another clasic Bek Stu missions from 1975,
    the Bek sounds quite fi on this one. (115min 46Meg)
  52. Neese Straunts
    A bit of a guide about finding good food places in
    St.kilda and Melbourne in general in the late 1970's. Branch Tom and others. (34min 14Meg)
  53. Battery Valve 80 metre xband
    Some interesting topics like the 3DB traffic plane crash
    come up on this 160/80 metre xband. The 80 metre end is from a battery valve
    set in Sth Gippsland, amazing how well it comes through.(46min 19Meg)
  54. Grantly Dee
    Branch and Bek talking about 1960's radio programing. Stax of wax and all that. (14min 6Meg)
  55. Nosey Vacume
    More recent from early this century.Mr Nosey decides to vacume his
    room while on air(63min 26Meg)
  56. Charlies Wheel
    Rather serious disscussion from the Bek and Branch,has some stuff on old TV programs
    From 1976 (113min 46Meg)
  57. Squidly
    Stu and Bek on the bad state of telecine operation 1985(16min 6Meg)
  58. Answer Tom
    One of the best. A very funny rip off of the answer tom column in the
    old Radio Television And Hobbies mag (76min 36Meg)
  59. Scruffy Nalities
    Not an uninteresting missions from the mid 80's, quite good in fact apart from the
    first bit maybe.(103min 43Meg)
  60. Boots Racecourse
    Mr Boots kite flying tests cause some troubles with air 490, The police chopper(44min 869376Meg)
  61. Russion Missions pt 1
    Mr Soak goes behind the iron curtian, Travelogue on trip to Russia in 1970.s(113min 47Meg)
  62. Russian Missions pt2
    Part 2 of above(68min 28Meg)
  63. Telegalore
    A big night with lots of talkback calls. 1975 (18min 7Meg)
  64. Jim Payne
    An afternoon crossband with the Branch and Agr.A listener drops in to find out how it all works. (67min 12Meg)
  65. More callback from Mr Wetsdale
    Callbacks on social issues and Mr Wets as well (26min 11Meg)
  66. Soak Cape York
    Mr Soak talks about his travels around Australia(37min 15Meg)
  67. Father John
    The Maize takes some serious calls (20min 9Meg)
  68. D Cells
    During an electricty strike when it is illegal to use more than two light bulbs and a toaster in each house, Mr Branch runs the missions off d cells (10min 4Meg)
  69. History Of Glenhuntly
    Very early Stu Bek missions and a difinitive description of Glenhuntly in 1975(62min 11Meg)
  70. 1975 Political
    Well would you belive it is 30 years since the dismissal?. This was recorded the night before the following election that was the product that event and things get quite heated(103mins 43Meg) 1975
  71. Branch Tower Climb
    A nice tour around the Branch shack and a climb up the unsafe tower(54min 22Meg)
  72. First Egg Stu crossband
    My First big power crossband missions with the egg.(23mins 9Meg) 1975
  73. Matters Report
    Another rather juvenile early Stu Bek missions(60mins 25Meg) 1975
  74. Heads Party Night
    We all went over to the normaly conservitive Dr Head and this very bad missions eventuated.(51mins 21Meg) 1980
  75. History Of Branch Mitters
    Mr Branch giving a description of the evolving nature of the transmission facilities.(12mins 5Meg)
  76. Egg Plants
    The Egg has some trouble with wandering egg plants, sounds like triffid trouble.(63mins 25Meg) 1976
  77. Ken In A Box
    Ken does get out of the box after bit of a struggle, from one of the Bonnie missions hospital hours.(68mins 28Meg) 1976
  78. Telephone Olympics
    Useing the old black phones a competition on throwing the handset on to the hook. (6mins 5Meg) 1975
  79. Big Ideas
    Mr Branch after a bit of politics describes all the grand ideas he had when he was younger(28mins 11Meg) 1976
  80. Visit from Syd
    Syd a friend of the fish makes a visit during a crossband and gets a description of whats going on(19mins 7Meg) 1976
  81. Flinders ABC
    The Flinders talks about his time when employed at the Australian Broadcasting Commission during the early 1970's(19mins 7Meg) 1976
  82. Alligators
    Classic Bek Stu missions from the naive period(92mins 38Meg) 1975
  83. Mazie Phone Screams
    Mr Maize is very good at playing with the
    off normal contacts and producing nice screams on the old step by step system(10 min 3 Meg) 1986
  84. peg Phones
    early Bek Stu Xband Find out why the peg phone got smashed.(1hour 4mins 33Meg) 1975
  85. Mock Ra
    The Branch, Flinders and with the help of a few others have got control of the multi megawatt transmitters of Radio Australia and are troubled by the fact that when they put them on the lights around the state dim. (1 hour 15mins, 40 meg) From 1976
  86. Wetsdale Rings
    Poor Mr Wetsdale has trouble getting through on the phone
  87. Kilts Monitor Station
    The Kilt designed and built a super monitoring station in one of the earths quiet zones.(42 mins 17Meg) from 1977
  88. Life And Times Of Jack Ferry
    This Guy was only around for a while but quite amazing to listen to.(2hours 31 mins 68Meg) 1977
  89. Traffic 1
    Some interesting log tapes from the much used vk3ase trunking system of the early 1980's(1hour32mins 44Meg)
  90. Mud Island
    Comments on Beks trip to the isle of mud.(18mins 11Meg) 1988
  91. wartime in huntly
    Stu and Bek discuss how wartime would have been like in down town Glenhuntly.(10mins 4Meg) 1976
  92. Easter Storm
    Recorded during a big storm some easter decades ago. Quite funny and has a spoken id at start.
  93. The Night The Sky Fell In
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  94. Gerrymanda
    Funny discussion on Quensland politcs of the 1970's, quite timely as "Joh" has just left us.
  95. Daylight Savings
    Every time the daylight savings changeover happend we would try to
    ring the time service and hear the Gordon Gow glass disc announcement change
  96. Cig Packets
    Warning Smoking is a health hazard
  97. Early Hams
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One Sixty Metre Crossband Radio
An insight into a small group of Radio Hams in Melbourne who (since the 1970's) have conducted rambling and inane conversations until the early hours of the morning via complex multiplex radio connections that even the Oz Govt Radio Authorities have yet to figure out.

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