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  1. DreamStation.cc Show - Episode 1002011/10/30
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  2. DreamStation.cc Show - Episode 992009/04/19
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  3. DreamStation.cc Show - Episode 982008/08/05
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  4. DreamStation.cc Show - Episode 972008/06/21
    Yo, bro mans (and ladies)! We are back with another righteous episode of the DreamStation.cc Show and we think the show totally rocks! Dudes, in this episode we talk about the following totally awesome video game topics that are like woaaaah. We don’t take on any jellies in this episode, but we still think [...]
  5. DreamStation.cc Show - Episode 962008/06/01
    Episode 96 of the DreamStation.cc Show comes in at just under two hours long since we haven’t had a show in a few weeks. In this episode we discussed the following video game topics and more:

    Doritos The Quest Game and Contest
    Driving While Drowsy
    How Important Is Music and Sound Effects In Games?
    Sony Teases Us With [...]
  6. DreamStation.cc Show - Episode 952008/05/09
    Episode 95 of the DreamStation.cc Show is now in the books. This episode we discussed the following topics and more:

    Wii Fit to Launch At $89.99 in North America
    We Ski for Wii Works with the Balance Board
    Mötley Crüe to Debut Single on Rock Band Downloadable Content
    We Cheer Announced Exclusively For Wii
    The Sims 2 DreamStation.cc Adventures
    Gran Turismo [...]
  7. DreamStation.cc Show - Episode 942008/04/17
    Mike Pepe, Brand Manager of Hudson Entertainment was willing to join us on Episode 94 of the DreamStation.cc Show to talk about Deca Sports, Deca Sports 2, Hudson Entertainment, and how to get started in the video game industry. On top of this exclusive interview with Hudson Entertainment we also talked about the following [...]
  8. DreamStation.cc Show - Episode 932008/04/09
    The DreamStation.cc Show has made it to Episode 93 and on this show we discuss our interpretation of why DUALSHOCK 3 is written in all capital letters, Uwe Boll movies, and Bananas in Pajamas, plus all the other topics listed below:

    Pepsi Stuff Points Contest Winners
    GTA IV to Feature Downloadable Music Service Provided by Amazon.com
    Madden NFL [...]
  9. DreamStation.cc Show - Episode 922008/03/29
    The 92nd DreamStation.cc Show episode is now available with 200% more Pokélovin’. We went over our time limit again this week and once again are providing you with almost an hour and a half of video game industry coverage.
    The topics covered in this video game audio podcast are as follows:

    Pepsi Stuff Points Contest
    Lost in [...]
  10. DreamStation.cc Show - Episode 912008/03/19
    Episode 91 of the DreamStation.cc Show has arrived and we went way over our time limit this week. So, in this episode you get almost an hour and a half of video game coverage from us that includes the following:

    Pepsi Stuff Points Contest
    SEGA Ships House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return for Wii
    Final [...]
DreamStation.cc » Podcast
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