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Dr. Alan Rubin's Healthcast

  1. Healthcast #46: Smoking: The Saddest Addiction (6 Nov 2006)2006/11/06
    Healthcast #46 - Length 5 minutes. Young cigarette smokers never think it will happen to them but they are destined to suffer severe disease and early death.
  2. Healthcast #45: Inhaled Insulin (4 Oct 2006)2006/10/04
    Healthcast #45 - Length 8 minutes. This healthcast will introduce you to a major advance in diabetes care,
    inhaled insulin. You will learn: * How to take insulin without shots * Who should and should not use this treatment * The effects and side effects of inhaling insulin.
  3. Healthcast #44: Byetta (25 Sep 2006)2006/09/25
    Healthcast #44 - Length 8 minutes. In this healthcast you will learn: * The uses of a great new drug for type 2 diabetes called Byetta * The kinds of patients who should not use it * The properties of the drug that make it so valuable
  4. Healthcast #43: Corn Is Killing Us (19 Jun 2006)2006/06/19
    Healthcast #43 - Length 6 minutes. This healthcast will tell you: * The probable reason for our current epidemic of obesity and diabetes * How we got into this mess in the first place * What we can do to get ourselves out of the mess
  5. Healthcast #42: Trans Fats (13 Jun 2006)2006/06/13
    Healthcast #42 - Length 8 minutes. This healthcast will explain: * What trans fats are and why they are bad for you * Which foods contain trans fats * Why fat is needed and which ones to choose
  6. Healthcast #41: Fat In Fish (02 Jun 2006)2006/06/02
    Healthcast #41 - Length 4 minutes. You will learn: * Why fish is good for you * Which fish are the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which prevent heart disease * Who should avoid which fish because of the mercury content
  7. Healthcast #40: Insomnia (23 May 2006)2006/05/23
    Healthcast #40 - Length 8 minutes. In this healthcast you will discover: * How you define insomnia * The different kinds of insomnia * What you can do to get a good night's sleep
  8. Healthcast #39: Depression Part Two (27 April 2006)2006/04/27
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  9. Healthcast #38: Depression Part One (04 April 2006)2006/04/04
    Healthcast #38 - Length 8 minutes. In this healthcast you will learn: * How to define depression so you can tell if you or a loved one suffers from it * Special features of depression in children and the elderly * What your doctor needs to know to treat it properly. Music provided by Monica Herzig (acmerecords.com/garageband.com)
  10. Healthcast #37: Anorexia Nervosa(16 March 2006)2006/03/16
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  11. Healthcast #36: Alzheimer's Disease (09 March 2006)2006/03/09
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  12. Healthcast #35: Ethics In Science (23 February 2006)2006/02/23
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  13. Healthcast #34: Lasik Eye Surgery (01 February 2006)2006/02/01
    Healthcast #34 - Length 7 minutes. This healthcast will introduce you to LASIK surgery for improving your vision and eliminating your lenses or glasses. You will learn * Who can and can't have LASIK surgery * What problems may arise from LASIK * How the surgery is done and what to expect from it. Music provided by Monica Herzig (acmerecords.com/garageband.com)
  14. Healthcast #33: Osteoporosis (24 January 2006)2006/01/24
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  15. Healthcast #32: Thyroid Disease and the Elderly (18 January 2006)2006/01/18
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  16. Healthcast #31: Using Aspirin To Prevent Heart Attacks (29 December 2005)2005/12/29
    Healthcast #31 - Length 10 minutes. In this healthcast you will discover whether you should take aspirin to protect yourself from a heart attack. You will: *Hear the evidence for and against using aspirin every day. *Learn how much aspirin is necessary to protect yourself. *Discover how to calculate your risk for a heart attack in the next 5 years.Monica Herzig (acmerecords.com/garageband.com)
  17. Healthcast #30: New Tools For Diabetes Management (21 November 2005)2005/11/21
    Healthcast #30 - Length 9 minutes. Monica Herzig (acmerecords.com/garageband.com)
  18. Healthcast #29: Screening For Prostate Cancer (14 November 2005)2005/11/14
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  19. Healthcast #28: Influenza Part Two (07 November 2005)2005/11/07
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  20. Healthcast #27: Influenza Part One (31 October 2005)2005/10/31
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  21. Healthcast #26: Medicare Part D: The New Medicare Drug Plan (24 October 2005)2005/10/24
    Healthcast #26 - Length 14 minutes. In this healthcast, you will learn the basics of the new drug plan offered by Medicare to reduce the cost of your medications. You will discover: *How to figure the cost of your medications under the plan *Whether to sign up and how *How to determine which plan is the one for you. Music provided by Monica Herzig (acmerecords.com/garageband.com)
  22. Healthcast #25: High Blood Pressure and Pregnancy (17 October 2005)2005/10/17
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  23. Healthcast #24: Salt and High Blood Pressure (10 October 2005)2005/10/10
    Healthcast #24 - Length 9 minutes. This healthcast concerns the major role that salt plays in raising your blood pressure. You will learn: *Who makes the most salt and consumes the most salt *How much salt is needed and how it gets into your diet *How to get rid of the salt and your high blood pressure. Music provided by Monica Herzig (acmerecords.com/garageband.com)
  24. Healthcast #23: How To Find A Good Doctor (03 October 2005)2005/10/03
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  25. Healthcast #22: The Unrestrained American Drug Industry (26 September 2005)2005/09/26
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  26. Healthcast #21: High Blood Pressure Drug Treatment (19 September 2005)2005/09/19
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  27. Healthcast #20: Special Program- Hurricane Katrina Medical Aftermath (12 September 2005)2005/09/12
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  28. Healthcast #19: Exercise and High Blood Pressure (05 September 2005)2005/09/05
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  29. Healthcast #18: High Blood Pressure Nutritional Treatment (29 August 2005)2005/08/29
    Healthcast #18 - Length 13 minutes. This healthcast is about using diet to control your blood pressure. More detailed information will be found in my book, "High Blood Pressure For Dummies". You will learn: *To use the DASH diet *To lower your blood pressure by reducing salt *The place of weight loss in controlling blood pressure. Music provided by Monica Herzig (acmerecords.com/garageband.com)
  30. Healthcast #17: Introduction to High Blood Pressure (22 August 2005)2005/08/22
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  31. Healthcast #16: Ten Commandments for Excellent Diabetes Care (15 August 2005)2005/08/15
    Healthcast #16 - Length 13 minutes. Taken from my book, "Diabetes For Dummies", these "commandments" are the basis for excellent blood glucose control and avoiding complications of diabetes. Among them you will find: *Enthusiastic exercise *Major monitoring *Tenacious testing. Music provided by Monica Herzig (acmerecords.com/garageband.com)
  32. Healthcast #15: How To Quit Smoking (08 August 2005)2005/08/08
    Healthcast #15 - Length 24 minutes. In this healthcast you will learn the various ways that people have successfully kicked the habit. You will know: *How people stop "cold turkey" *How people use nicotine patches and gum to replace cigarettes *How other drugs are used. Music provided by Monica Herzig (acmerecords.com/garageband.com)
  33. Healthcast #14: Why You Should Quit Smoking (01 August 2005)2005/08/01
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  34. Healthcast #13: Large Thyroid Glands (25 July 2005)2005/07/25
    Healthcast #13 Large Thyroid Glands - Length: 10 minutes. This Healthcast is all about large thyroid glands, whatever the cause. You will discover: *The causes of a large gland or a bump on the thyroid called a nodule *How to tell if your gland is large and whether it should concern you *What you and your doctor should do about it. Music provided by Monica Herzig (acmerecords.com/garageband.com)
  35. Healthcast #12: Introduction to Hyperthyroidism (18 July 2005)2005/07/18
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  36. Healthcast #11: Introduction to Hypothyroidism (11 July 2005)2005/07/11
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  37. Healthcast #10: Introduction to the Thryoid (04 July 2005)2005/07/04
    Healthcast #10: - Length: 11 minutes. Introduction to the Thyroid will tell you what you need to know about this important but rarely appreciated gland: *How to locate it, what it looks like and how large it is *How your body controls its function *What it does generally and in every organ of your body. Music provided by Monica Herzig (acmerecords.com/garageband.com)
  38. Healthcast #9: Metabolic Syndrome (27 June 2005)2005/06/27
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  39. Healthcast #8: Preventing Disease, Injury, and Death (Age 65 and on) (20 June 2005)2005/06/20
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  40. Healthcast #7: Preventing Disease, Injury, and Death (Age 25-64) (13 June 2005)2005/06/13
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  41. Healthcast #6: Preventing Disease, Injury, and Death (Age 11-24) (06 June 2005)2005/06/06
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  42. Healthcast #5: Preventing Disease, Injury, and Death (Birth to Age 10) (30 May 2005)2005/05/30
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  43. Healthcast #4: Introduction to Diabetes (23 May 2005)2005/05/23
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  44. Healthcast #3: Weight Loss and Diet2005/05/16
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  45. Healthcast #2: Exercise Is Essential (09 May 2005)2005/05/09
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  46. Healthcast #1: Aging Well (02 May 2005)2005/05/02
    Healthcast #1 In his very first podcast, Dr. Rubin discusses what you need to do earlier in life to ensure good health later in life.
Dr. Alan Rubin's Healthcast
Dr. Alan Rubin's Healthcast will tell you what you need to know to live a long, quality life. Each program will add days to your life and life to your days. The emphasis will be on diabetes and thyroid disease but everyone can benefit from listening. Dr. Rubin is the author of Diabetes For Dummies, Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies, High Blood Pressure For Dummies, and Thyroid For Dummies.

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