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Sacred Dub Podcast

  1. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0632010/01/31
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  2. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0622010/01/11
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  3. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0612009/11/27

    01 - Illyah - Out in the Desert
    02 - Point B - Detritus
    03 - Dov - Earth Bleed (Original)
    04 - Dub Rucka - Born Ready
    05 - Lloop - Immovable
    06 - Black Lung - Armies of Oil
    07 - Balkansky - A Cross
    08 - Portishead - Over
    09 - Burial - South London Boroughs
    10 - Marino 69 - Future Trip
    11 - T.O.B. - Phrygian Mode
    12 - Boxcutter - Fieldtrip
  4. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0602009/10/17
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  5. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0592009/09/26
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  6. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0582009/08/16
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  7. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0572009/07/26
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  8. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0562009/07/12
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  9. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0552009/06/24
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  10. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0542009/06/15

    01 - UltraBlack - BassBlock
    02 - AN-TEN-NAE - Childlike
    03 - ID - Akustaive
    04 - Scorn - Worried
    05 - Cex - Suffocating Champion
    06 - Sub Version - Soul Jah Boogie
    07 - Pin - Libel (The Lost Book mix)
    08 - Saviour - Darkness Fall
    09 - Radiate - Witchcraft
    10 - Pete Namlook - Bedouin Love
  11. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0532009/05/25
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  12. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0522009/05/14

    01 - DJ Shadow - GDMFSOB (UNKLE Uncensored)
    02 - Ital Tek - Red Sky
    03 - Marino 69 - Plazmative (Original Mix)
    04 - LayerZ - Spit Wods Part 2
    05 - Dusk + Blackdown - dis/East
    06 - Lassigue Bendthaus - Molecular Modelling
    07 - Uzul Prod - Mostar
    08 - Nagual Sound Experiment - Grainface
    09 - Newt - Testone
    10 - Blue Sky Black Death - A Private Death
  13. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0512009/04/04
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  14. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0502009/03/22
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  15. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0492009/01/25

    01 - Booka Shade - Outskirts (Trentemoller Remix)
    02 - Pitch Black - South of the Line
    03 - Beat Pharmacy - Strangers
    04 - Lukid - Pianono
    05 - Jazzsteppa - Five
    06 - Juno Reactor - Tokyo Dub
    07 - Capsula - Ride the Wave
    08 - Teleseen - Xion Gate
    09 - Burial - Etched Headplate
    10 - Bill Laswell and Pete Namlook - Mind Over Energy
  16. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0482009/01/11
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  17. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0472008/12/13

    01 - Soma - Alchemical Nuptial
    02 - Blackfilm - Interference
    03 - Scorn - As If
    04 - MKS - Sound From Around
    05 - Waldeck - Wake Up (Mushroom Dive Remix)
    06 - Snakestyle - Neutral Buoyancy
    07 - Architect - Pastgate
    08 - Random - Dubmage
    09 - Black Lung & Xingu Hill - Crimson Skies and Vapour Trails
    10 - Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook - Telepathy
  18. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0462008/11/15
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  19. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0452008/10/24
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  20. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0442008/10/12
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  21. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0432008/09/30

    01 - Implant - Slowly Mutating
    02 - Andrea Parker - Going Nowhere
    03 - Haujobb - Cross Fade
    04 - Janner and Snoman - Jah Wednesday
    05 - Sub Dub - Dawa Zangpo
    06 - Blackfilm - Sonar
    07 - Mick Harris - Dippers
    08 - Leftfield - Release The Pressure (Release Four)
    09 - All India Radio - Morning Drops Ambient
    10 - Martin Wheeler and Rhys Chatham - Altesse
  22. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0422008/08/13

    01 - Xingu Hill - Core Illness
    02 - Kloke - Scanner
    03 - Stenchman - Fat Bloated Idiot
    04 - Odori - Winter of Artifice I
    05 - Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers (Instrumental Remix)
    06 - Gaz - Aftersun
    07 - Dub11 - Misunderstood
    08 - Kansas City Prophets - Rota Type
    09 - D. Batistatos - Drifting Memories
    10 - Dryft - FMW (KSP Remix)
  23. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0412008/07/13

    01 - Waldeck - Floater
    02 - Method of Defiance - Aether
    03 - Sussan Deyhim & Bill Laswell - Daylaman (Remix)
    04 - Bass Science - Transmissions from Planet Dub
    05 - Death Cube K - Maggot Dream
    06 - Cex - Gooby Says
    07 - Fanu & Bill Laswell - Orh
    08 - 2562 - Moog Dub
    09 - Omen - Frontline
    10 - Tosca - Wien In E
    11 - Solar Fields - Jeezlh
  24. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0402008/07/06
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  25. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0392008/06/09
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  26. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0382008/05/08
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  27. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0372008/04/21
    This sly mix ranges the gamut of techy breaks, deep dub echoes and sweet female vocals. New material from Booka Shade and Portishead break up a mix composed of Andrea Parker, Bill Laswell, Scorn, Amon Tobin, Chaotik Ramses, Skye and more. Full tracklist here: www.sacreddub.com/podcast/transmission-037
  28. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0362008/04/01
    This mix teeters like a seesaw between the psychadelic ramblings of Tripswitch and Capsula and the hard dub of Bill Laswell, Bass Science and Tosca. Inbetween are some nice ambient moments, with a final prayer by the masters Steve Roach and Robert Rich. Full tracklist here: www.sacreddub.com/podcast/transmission-036
  29. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0352008/03/18
    This is a ramshackle mix mashing together some fresh releases from Martin Buttrich, LV and Bitcrush along with some classics from Laswell, Portishead and others.
  30. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0342008/02/16
    This shadowy mix of scrapey dub step and darker downtempo pursues the artistry of DJ Spooky, Peter Kruder, DJ Pinch, Black Lung & Xingu Hill, Morcheeba, Jah Wobble and more. The beats are hard, the noise can be piercing, and the tracks are fresh. Tracklisting here: www.sacreddub.com/podcast/transmission-034
  31. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0332008/02/02
    This is a dark mix that teeters between dupstep and psychadelic dub, weaving between the likes of Pinch and Kode 9 alongside Shpongle and Ashtech. Laswell, Tosca, Cex, Deadbeat and others round out the low end.
  32. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0322007/12/19
    This mix stretches between light and dark, quiet and noisy, dancefllor and experimental. The ambient tones of Dryft mix with some classic downtempo, which takes a dark turn down some fresh dubstep from Burial, Scorn and others. The Laswell/Wobble collaboration keeps the bass driving, but the mix eventualy ends with the blissful tones of Yagya into the quiet space from which it came.
  33. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0312007/12/08
    This low-key dub mix starts with the acid jazz era of Laswell, then descends into a mellow trip through Alexkid, Stendeck, A Perfect Circle, Sub Dub, Tosca and others before winding down on a cut from Pitch Black's new album.
  34. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0302007/11/06
    Another grindy, dark mix. Heavy dub stylings of Dryft, Scorn, Dub Trees, Almamegretta, Kickbong and more round out a dismal jouney through crunchy, urban sounds.
  35. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0292007/10/26
    Beginning with the celetial ambient of Namlook and Laswell, the mix spins down into down dark dub with the like of Burial, Century of Aeroplanes, High Tone, and Spectre before riding the lighter side of Capsula, Tosca and Laswell to the end.
  36. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0282007/10/12
    A cut-and-paste mish-mash of broken hip hop, glitchy dub and electro. Coldcut, Cex, DJ Krush, Meat Beat Manifesto, Burial and more supply the beats between the cold ambience of DJ Spooky, Cypher 7 and others.
  37. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0272007/07/15
    A dark, grindy beatfest with the work of Black Lung & Xingu Hill, Scorn, DJ Shadow and Krush, Veve, Digital Mystikz, Future Sound of London and more.
  38. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0262007/06/12
    A disparate mix of all types of sinister downtempo. Spooky, NIN, Dryft, Black Lung, Kaltesglas, Laswell and more all make the cut.
  39. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0252007/05/27
    A psychadelic downtempo journey starts with the trancey starts on a lighter note with Ishq and Pitch Black before getting lost down the wrong alley of Spectre, Polmo Polpo and Scorn. So36 and Bluetech finish the mix on a lighter, ambient note.
  40. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0242007/05/15
    A lazy ethnic vide permeates this mix, from the psychedelic noodling of Shpongle to the beat insanity of Tabla Beat Science, and from the Japanese rhythms of Kodo to the fusion electronica of Karsh Kale. Inbetween are some usual and not so usual suspects.
  41. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0232007/05/04
    A massively dynamic mix of dark beats and grinding dub flavors. A full arsenal of artists is represented, starting with Sub Dub, and moving through DJ Krush, Download, Scorn, Monk and Canatella, Laswell and many more.
  42. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0222007/04/25
    A softer, psychedelic mix this time around. Starting with the lush ambience of Orchid, the mix cascades through the Orb, DJ Krush, Entheogenic and more, with the intense atmospheres of Robert Rich and Alio Die to wash away any bad karma you had left.
  43. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0212007/04/15
    Back with a quiet, dubby mix of some perennial favorites. Laswell, Pitch Black, Divination, Jah Wobble, Almamegretta and more all make an appearance.
  44. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0202006/11/26
    An aggressive mix of slow and disturbing dub and dark drum'n'bass, all wrapped in a heavy blanket of beats and bass. Featured is the track "Doctored Intelligence" from the new Laswell/Submerged release on Karl Records.
  45. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0192006/10/24
    The mix starts rolling with the distorted dub of High Tone before delving into a cut from Jah Wobble's latest, some classic cuts from Mad Professor and Roots Radics and the grinding finish of Painkiller.
  46. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0182006/10/02
    The mellow ethnic jazz of Laswell gives way to more esoteric passages by DJ Spooky, The Orb, Karsh Kale, Brian Eno and more.
  47. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0172006/09/13
    An electro trip down drum machine lane ... the beats come a little harder this time, with some drum'n'bass dub courtesy of Laswell, The Orb and Jamie Myserson and finishing with some abstract electronics by Massacre and Psychic TV
  48. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0162006/09/09
    A classic electro dub mix featuring the dark and mellow sounds of Laswell, Kid606, Scorn, High Tone, Jah Wobble and DJ Rupture.
  49. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0152006/08/29
    Taking a distinctly more ethnic and world tone, we deeply explore ethereal voices and the tabla with Ekova, DJ Krush, Laswell, Tabla Beat Science, Karsh Kale and more.
  50. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0142006/08/17
    A deep dub and ambient excusion, featuring some subsonic bass movements from Laswell, the rich synths of Brian Eno and Robert Rich and the dark beats of Dub Trees and School of Emotional Engineering.
  51. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0132006/08/10
    The ominous guitar of Morcheeba opens the mix before retreating into the sublime dub hits of Laswell, High Tone and more. Vocalist Nicole Blackman appears twice, first with the Golden Palominos, then again on "Hashish Poem."
  52. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0122006/08/03
    This dub-heavy journey starts off with the unsettling avante garde sounds of Painkiller and Nine Inch Nails before diving into some rough beats from DJ Spooky, Sub Dub, Peace Bureau and Scotty Hard.
  53. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0112006/07/26
    Opening with the quiet drones of Insect Funeral, this mix delves deep into dub with Laswell, Scorn and Piratedub, along with some more experimental stuff from Bluetech and the vocal stylings of Gigi.
  54. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0102006/07/19
    This week's show includes all dub tracks with a heavy emphasis on bass. So turn the amp to eleven and enjoy the soothing dub of Laswell, High Tone, Dub Syndicate, Mistake Theory, Liftoff, Slack Baba and Dub Trees.
  55. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0092006/07/10
    Sandwiched between two long Laswell ambient dub trips comes the low key and off key sounds of School of Emotional Engineering, Pitch Black, Sub Dub, Willow, Kit Clayton and more. Expect ambience, sinister bass and some experimentation.
  56. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0082006/07/03
    Starting with the emotionally draining synths of Namlook and Schulze, the mix moves into dark, unsettling grooves with Haujobb, Possession, Axiom Ambient and Weakener, finishing with the experimental soundscapes of Kamiyama/Laswell and Mum.
  57. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0072006/06/27
    An otherworldly excursion into the nether rhythms with Nicky Skopelitis, Newt, new Kingdom, Namlook, Psilonaut, Cypher 7, Bob Marley, Deep Stuff, Tabla Beat Science and Laswell.
  58. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0062006/06/21
    A psychedelic trip down the watery path of Laswell, Psychic TV, Entheogenic, Calamalka, Scarab, Peter Brotzmann and the ambient dub of Divination.
  59. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0052006/06/14
    A more organic trip, featuring Laswell, Namlook, Tosca, Cage Decay, Pitch Black and the amazing vocal talents of Gigi.
  60. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0042006/06/06
    An exceptional dub mix with contributions from Laswell (in the form of Automaton and Material), Angelo Badalamenti, Jah Division, Ganga, DJ Shadow and Massive Attack.
  61. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0032006/05/29
    Dub heaviness with Laswell, Scorn, TCH, Biosphere and more.
  62. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0022006/05/24
    Bill Laswell, Pete Namlook, the Gorillaz and the Golden Palominos are part of the mix.
  63. Sacred Dub: Transmission 0012006/05/17
    Tracks from Bill Laswell, Tosca, Tabla Beat Science, Dub Trees, Pete Namlook and Children of Dub
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