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  1. mgsPodcast 20062006/01/06
    Happy New Year from the mgsPodcast team. This one has taken FOREVER to get out, but such is life in a busy secondary school. What ways are there to fit this kind of entertainment podcasting into the life of a...
  2. New mgsPodcast COMING SOON!2005/10/05
    Thanks to all the support from readers of this week's Guardian newspaper article, Podcasts Offer the Audience Pupils Crave, featuring all the mgsPodcasters. We are currently getting back into the swing of school and will bring an mgsPodcast (number SIX)...
  3. mgsPodcast 5 - Boogie and Grant Interview2005/07/04
    On this special summer holiday edition: More from the Gig on the Grass in an exclusive interview with Grant and Boogie from Forth 1 FM. What's it really like to be a pro DJ? A review of last night's BBC...
  4. mgsPodcast 4 - Live from Gig on the Grass - 10th Commandment Special2005/06/30
    Here is the second part to today's special mgsPodcast: Listen now: mgsPodcast 10 Commandments Special Subscribe so you never miss a show. Copy this link into your podcatcher or gol to iTunes podfinder.
  5. mgsPodcast 3 - LIVE!!! - almost - from the Gig on the Grass2005/06/30
    Here it is! The first of two shows from the MGS Gig on the Grass. The weather came out well in the end and visitors from Forth FM, Boogie and Grant, feature on this sunny episode of the mgsPodcast. Listen...
  6. Gig on the Grass Podcasts2005/06/29
    It's arrived - the Gig on the Grass is here. Unfortunately this morning it's not clear whether the sunshine has arrived, too. Nevertheless, the mgsPodcasters will be launching at least two podcasts today kind of live from the Gig. The...
  7. Apple Malaysia interested in the mgsPodcast2005/06/25
    For some unknown reason Apple, the people who make the computers on which we produce the podcasts, have published news of the pupils' achievements on their Malaysian News site. If you have any idea how or why, do let us...
  8. mgsPodcast on BBC Newsround2005/06/25
    The mgsPodcasters featured on Thursday's BBC Newsround programme, and three were chosen to be the 'Press Pack', giving the report to camera. The crew were in the school for THREE hours filming the slot, which lasted around 2 minutes in...
  9. MacWorld and Google news2005/06/20
    If you had your eye on Google news and MacWorld today you will have seen that mgsPodcast's NSNM Award has grabbed some headlines: MacWorld article on mgsPodcasters' achievements
  10. mgsPodcast - SHORTLISTED for New Media Award2005/06/16
    The New Statesman, Britain’s leading political magazine, in association with Atos Origin, the leading IT services company, announces the short listing of the mgsPodcast in their New Media Awards in the category of Innovation. The key themes of this year’s...
The UK's first regular schools podcast, from pupils and staff at Musselburgh Grammar School, comprehensive in East Lothian, Scotland.

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