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doctor who review today

  1. EPISODE 153 - Review of Kill The Moon and Mummy on the Orient Exp.SPOILERS!2014/10/17
  2. EPISODE 152 - Review of The Caretaker SPOILERS!!!2014/10/04
    ALSO my time on Doctor Who Podshock.
  3. EPISODE 151 Review of Time Heist SPOILERS!!!2014/09/25
  4. EPISODE 150 Review of Listen SPOILERS!!!!2014/09/18
  5. EPISODE 149-Review of Robot of Sherwood SPOILERS!!!2014/09/07
  6. EPISODE 148- Review of Into The Dalek SPOILERS!!!2014/09/02
  7. Episode 147- Review of Deep Breath SPOILERS!!!2014/08/24
    A review of DEEP BREATH.SPOILERS!!!
  8. EPISODE 146 -DWRT Monthly for Jan Review of Day and Time of the Doctor2014/01/27
    Review of 50th Anniversary Episode and Matt Smith last Story.Maybe time permitting talk about An Adventure in Time and Space.SPOILERS!!! DATES AND TIME MAY CHANGE.
  9. EPISODE 145 - DW Monthly for Oct.Review of The Reign of Terror2013/10/01
    we go back to a William Hartnell story.The last story in his first season as the doctor.
  10. EPISODE 144.5 - The New Doctor IS..........(spoilers)2013/08/05
    Who is the new who find out here.Remember SPOILERS.
  11. EPISODE 144 -DW Monthly for July :Review of The Greatest Show in the Galaxy2013/07/29
    We finish up reviewing Sylvester McCoy with The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.
  12. EPISODE 143 - DW Monthly for June: Review of Planet Of Giants2013/06/27
  13. EPISODE142 - DW Monthly for May: Review of Nightmare in Sliver plus 7b2013/05/29
    Review of Nightmare in Silver,and the rest of 7b.SPOILERS!!!
  14. EPISODE 141 Review of The Name of the Doctor SPOILERS!!2013/05/21
  15. EPISODE 140 - Review of The Crimson Horror SPOILERS2013/05/09
  16. EPISODE 139 Review of Journey to the Centre of the Tardis SPOILERS!!2013/04/30
  17. EPISODE138 - DW Monthly for April Review of Series 7B so far.SPOILERS!!!2013/04/25
    Review of the Current episodes so far.
  18. EPISODE 137 - Review of Hide SPOILERS!!!2013/04/22
    DO NOT LISTEN UNTIL YOU SEEN THE EPISODE SPOILERS.Also a little fun with the Ghostbusters music at the opening of show
  19. EPISODE 136 - Review of Cold War SPOILERS!!2013/04/16
  20. EPISODE 135 - Review of The Rings of Akhaten SPOILER WARNNING !!2013/04/09
  21. EPISODE 134 review of The Bells of Saint John SPOILER WARNNING!!!2013/04/03
    studio show reviewing The Bells of Saint John DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU DID NOT WATCH IT SPOILERS. listen to it later.
  22. EPISODE 133 - DW Monthly for March Review of The Ambassadors of Death2013/03/28
  23. EPISODE 132 - DW Monthly for Feb /Studio show Review of Shada box set2013/02/28
    I will be looking at the unfinished story Shada by Douglas Adams
  24. EPISODE131 - DW Monthly for Jan. Review of Nightmare of Eden2013/01/30
    Join myself and Chuck as we talk sex, drugs and Rock N Roll.Well maybe the Drug part. Also check this link out www.imdb.com/title/tt0436992/fullcredits#cast
  25. EPISODE 130 -DWRT Monthly for Dec. Review of The Snowmen SPOILERS!!!2012/12/31
    Doctor Who meets Jack Frost the horror movie with less gore ,and blood. SPOILERS!!DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU DID NOT SEE THIS .LISTEN TO THIS AFTER YOU HAVE SEEN THIS.
  26. EPISODE 129.5 Bonus show -Talking Twilight Zone Review of To Serve Man2012/11/25
    Reviewing To Serve Man .Please check out Talking Twilight Zone call id 68228 on Talkshoe.com.Thanks
  27. EPISODE F-Just Talking/Talking Twilight Zone2012/11/19
    An interview with Linn and Bobby from Talking Twilight Zone .call id 68228 on takeshoe.com
  28. EPISODE 129 -DWRT Monthly for Nov. Review of Dragonfire2012/11/08
  29. EPISODE128.5 Bonus show Talking twilight zone The Commentary2012/10/28
    Commentary on It's A Good Life.Check out Talking Twilight Zone show Id 68228 here on talkshoe.
  30. EPISODE 128 -Review of The Angels Take Manhattan SPOILERS!!!2012/10/07
  31. EPISODE 127 - DWRT Monthly for SEPT.Review of The Happiness Patrol2012/09/26
    Get Happy we review The Happiness Patrol and a short talk about the new episodes.
  32. EPISODE 126-Mercy and The Power of Three SPOILERS!!!2012/09/23
    Review of A Town Called Mercy and The Power of Three.Warning SPOILERS !!! IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE EPISODES DO NOT LISTEN UNTIL YOU DO SO .Thanks.
  33. EPISODE 125 -Review of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship SPOILERS!!!2012/09/09
  34. EPISODE124 Review of Asylum of the Daleks SPOILERS!!!2012/09/02
  35. EPISODE123 - DWRT Monthly for July Review of The Krotons2012/07/26
  36. EPISODE 122 DWRT Monthly for June Review of The Daemons2012/06/28
  37. EPISODE121 - DWRT Monthly for APRIL/MAY Review of The Face of Evil2012/05/29
    Review of The Face of Evil.
  38. EPISODE 120 DWRT Monthly for March Review of The Sensorites2012/03/28
    Warning spoilers in DVD and News part of podcast.
  39. EPISODE 119 - DWRT Monthly for the month of Feb. Review of Colony In Space2012/02/27
  40. EPISODE 118 - DWRT Monthly for Jan. Review of The Android Invasion2012/01/25
  41. EPISODE 117 - Review of Invasion of the Dinosaurs unedited2012/01/20
    Join myself,Darth and Chuck on a review of Invasion of the Dinosaurs.
  42. EPISODE 116- DWRT Monthly for Dec. The Doctor,The Widow and The Wardrobe2011/12/27
    Christmas Show UNEDITED
  43. EPISODE 115 - Review of Day of The Daleks Unedited2011/12/24
    Darth and Chuck join me for a review of Day Of the Daleks.UNEDITED
  44. EPISODE114 - DWRT Monthly for Nov.Review of The Gunfighters unedited2011/11/30
    Review of The Gunfighters unedited.
  45. EPISODE 113.5 - DWPA SPECIALS FROM 20112011/11/25
    Time 5 Convention Interviews,Richard Dinnick Big Finish Interview and Dan Freeman Minister of Chance Interview.
  46. EPISODE 113 - Review of Paradise Towers and The Man who Never Was2011/11/20
    Now where did i misplaced the swimming pool.Yes it's that time the review of Paradise Towers and the last SJA review of The Man who Never Was.With guests Darth Skeptical and Chuck (the 3rd doctor ) Dotson.
  47. EPISODE112 - DWRT Monthly for Oct. Review of Time and The Rani & Torchwood2011/10/31
    Look out for the bats hanging down or is that the 7th Doctor.We will be reviewing Time and The Rani.Also the rest of Torchwood Season/Series 4.UNEDITED
  48. EPISODE111- Review of Snakedance & The Curse of Clyde Langer UNEDITED2011/10/28
    I will finish reviewing the 5th Doctor with the story Snakedance and The Sarah Jane Adv. The Curse of Clyde Langer.By the way what is his name SAY IT,SAY IT.UNEDITED
  49. EPISODE110 - Review of The Wedding of River Song & Sky2011/10/14
    Reviewing The Wedding of River Song & The Sarah jane Adv. Sky parts 1&2. With Darth Skeptical and Chuck (the 3rd doctor) Dotson.
  50. EPISODE109 - DWRT Monthly for Sept. Review of The Sun Makers & Closing Time2011/09/28
    Myself and Graeme along With guests DaveAC & Chuck (the 3rd doctor) Dotson. UNEDITED
  51. EPISODE108 - Review of The Girl Who Waited & The God Complex unedited2011/09/23
    Review of The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex. With guest Chuck (the 3rd doctor) Dotson.UNEDITED
  52. EPISODE107- Review of Let's kill Hitler & Night Terrors Unedited2011/09/09
    Join me and Chuck (3rd doctor) Dotson on the reviews of Let's Kill Hitler and Night Terrors.Unedited
  53. EPISODE106- DWRT Monthly for August Review of Torchwood series/season 1-42011/08/29
    Myself and Graeme will be reviewing all of Torchwood from series 1-4 .Be sure to grab a sandwich and drink.This is going to be a long one but fun.Review of Series/Season 1-4 ending at Season 4 episode 7.With guest Chuck (the 3rd doctor) Dotson unedited.Spoilers!!!
  54. EPISODE105 - Review of Kinda2011/08/26
    Oh wow man what's with all the lights and that snake.It's the 5th doctor and the review of Kinda.With guest Darth Skeptical.
  55. EPISODE104- Review of The Awakening2011/08/13
    What is that face in the church and war games it's the 5th doctor 2 part story. Also a talk about Torchwood. With guests Darth Skeptical and Chuck (the 3rd doctor) Dotson.
  56. EPISODE103- Review of Frontios2011/07/29
    There is something buggy going on with the Doctor(the 5th) and his TARDIS.find out in the review of Frontios Check out www.dwad.net for doctor who audios.with guests Darth Skeptical and Chuck(the 3rd doctor)Dotson.
  57. EPISODE102 - DWRT Monthly for July Review of Planet of the Spiders2011/07/21
    Last story of the 3rd Doctor.with guests Dave AC and Chuck (the 3rd doctor)Dotson.
  58. EPISODE 101 - Review of Terror Of The Autons2011/07/08
    Who is that man dressed in black? no its not Eric Roberts it's Roger Delgado in his first story for Doctor Who.Also intro for Jo Grant.With guests Darth Skeptical and Chuck "the 3rd doctor" Dotson.
  59. EPISODE 100 !!- DWRT Monthly for June Review of Doctor Who The TV Movie2011/06/28
    EDITED-Review of Doctor Who the TV Movie from 1996. The first and only time the eighth Doctor was on TV.Thanks to everybody that made episode 100 great.
  60. EPISODE 99.5 - Review of A Good Man goes to War2011/06/17
    EDITED.So how goes the war.Check out this lastest episode.feedback doctorwhoreview@gmail.com
  61. EPISODE 99 - Review of The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People- studio show2011/06/03
    A feel of old who with this one.Missed the live show for this one so this will be a studio show.Also DWPA interview
  62. EPISODE 98 - DWRT Monthly for May Review of SEE NOTE2011/05/31
  63. EPISODE 97.5 - Review of The Curse of the Black Spot & DWPA Special2011/05/20
    YO,HO,HO Join myself and Darth on the high seas for this episode.also DWPA Professor How easter special at the end of the podcast.
  64. EPISODE 97 -Review of The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon2011/05/06
    NEW episode and Darth Skeptical drops by to review.Feedback:doctorwhoreview@gmail.com
  65. EPISODE 96.5- DWRT Monthly for April Remembering Elisabeth Sladen Part 22011/04/22
    Part 2 of EPISODE 96 Goodbye Sarah jane smith we will miss you.THANKS to Graeme,Dave Cooper,and Merlin for coming on.
  66. EPISODE 96 - DWRT Monthly for April Review of The Ark Part 12011/04/21
    Update: It's a sad day with the passing of Elisabeth Sladen.In the first half We will be reviewing the Ark,and then remembering Elisabeth Sladen.Part 1
  67. EPISODE 95 -Review of The Seeds of Doom2011/04/16
    Has your plant been getting bigger,Well listen to the review of The Seeds of Doom.E-mail doctorwhoreview@gmail.com
  68. EPISODE 94 - Review of Resurrection of the Daleks and DWPA Studio show2011/04/15
    Time to review the pepper pots with the 5th doctor in Resurrection of the Daleks.Also the DWPA at Valiant 2 and at Oxford.Goodbye Tegan.
  69. EPISODE 93 - DWRT Monthly for March Review of The Chase2011/03/24
    Review of The Chase with guest Dave AC.
  70. EPISODE 92.5 - Review of The Space Museum Part 22011/03/23
    Part 2 The review of the Space Museum is on this part.With Darth Skeptical.
  71. EPISODE 92 - Review of the Space Museum and a talk about U.N.I.T. PART 12011/03/18
    Reviewing the first part of The Space Museum/The Chase box set.The Chase will be reviewed on DWRT Monthly for March.also a talk about U.N.I.T.Part 1 The review of the Space Museum is on episode 92.5 part 2.
  72. EPISODE 91 - Review of the Mutants2011/03/04
    What is that in the corner IT'S A MUTANT. feedback at doctorwhoreview@gmail.com
  73. EPISODE 90 -DWRT Monthly for Feb. Review of The Dominators 1 year ann. show2011/02/22
    DWRT Monthly is 1 year old.Please join us for the review of OH NOOOOOOOOOO a black and white video The Dominators.I know one person who enjoyed it, find out who.
  74. EPISODE 89 - Review of The Visitation2011/02/11
    Review of the 5th Doctor story.The Doctor is STILLLLLLLL trying to get Tegan back to Heathrow Airport,but land in 1666 and the plague.Anything with the numbers 666 isn't great.Send feedback to doctorwhoreview @gmail.com Also Darth Skeptical stops by to review this as well.
  75. EPISODE 88.5 - DWRT Monthly for Jan A Chirstmas Carol part 22011/01/26
    We pick up where we last left off with the second part of our review of A Christmas Carol warning SPOILERS!!!.
  76. EPISODE 88- DWRT Monthly for Jan. Review of Revelation & A Christmas Carol2011/01/26
    We bring in the new year with a close to the Colin Baker reviews with the Review of Revelation of the Daleks and the new series review of A Christmas Carol(on part 2 episode 88.5) This is PART 1
  77. EPISODE 87 - Review of Meglos2011/01/21
    Now that series 18 is done on DVD ,I will be looking at Meglos the 2nd aired story of Tom Baker's last season.Please join me.Also the STTNG episode is from Cause and Effect Season 5.
  78. EPISODE 86 - Review of Silver Nemesis2011/01/07
    Part 2 of the Cybermen box set.Feedback to doctorwhoreview@gmail.com
  79. EPISODE 85 - Review of Revenge of the Cybermen2010/12/18
    Review of part 1 of the Cybermen box set.Clip at begining of show from the Tom Baker website at www.tom-baker.co.uk
  80. EPISODE 84- Review of The Monster of Peladon and Sarah Jane (Studio)2010/12/10
    Review of The Peladon box set Part 2 and The Sarah Jane Adv.Studio show Also DWPA at Chicago Tardis.
  81. EPISODE 83 - DWRT Monthly for Dec. Review of Timelash Holiday show2010/12/08
    Ho Ho Ho Happy Holidays We Review Timelash,and Dava AC pays us a visit.Also the trailer for A CHRISTMAS CAROL the doctor who story at the end of show.
  82. EPISODE 82- DWRT Monthly for Nov. Review of Vengeance on Varos & Sarah Jane2010/11/30
    Reviewing Vengeance on Varos & The Sarah Jane Adv. Lost in Time.Dave AC drops by to join us.
  83. EPISODE 81- Review of The Curse of Peladon and the Sarah Jane Adv.2010/11/12
    Review of the Peladon box set part 1 and The Sarah Jane Adv.Darth Skeptical stops by as well.
  84. EPISODE 80 - Review of Creature from the Pit and Sarah Jane Adv. (Studio)2010/10/29
    I will be gone so this is a studio show.I will also be talking about The Sarah Jane Adv. as well.
  85. EPISODE 79 Review of Planet of Fire2010/10/15
    Darth Skeptical stops by to review Planet of Fire.
  86. EPISODE 78.5 DWRT Monthly Review of Ghost Light Halloween show Part 22010/10/13
    HALLOWEEN SHOW PART 2.Also a little treat at the end of the show.To check out the songs used for background music go to www.aolradioblog.com
  87. EPISODE 78 DWRT Monthly for OCT. Halloween show Review of Ghost light PT 12010/10/13
  88. EPISODE 77- Review of The Kings Demons (studio show)2010/10/01
    Review of the Kamelion Tales boxset.Please send your artwork in for the new logo contest and get pick to win a free DVD.Send to doctorwhoreview@gmail.com
  89. EPISODE 76 - DWRT Monthly for SEP.Review of The Mark of the Rani2010/09/22
    Myself and Graeme review The Mark of the Rani with our guest DaveAC. Also there is some background noise off and on.Art contest is still going on please send it to doctorwhoreview@gmail.com
  90. EPISODE 75- Review of Underworld/DWPA podcast whooverville 22010/09/17
    The quest is the quest.The logo contest is still going on win a free DVD.Send in your art work to doctorwhoreview@gmail.com
    After the show there is a DWPA podcast of whooverville 2 podcaster panel.
  91. EPISODE 74- Review of The Time Monster2010/09/03
    Well,Well,Well what is the master up to now .Find out in this review of this Jon Pertwee story.Darth Skeptical stops by to review,and break music with John Barrowman.
  92. EPISODE 73- Review of The Horns of Nimon2010/08/27
    Join me for the"Tom Baker comedy Hour".Just kidding Darth skeptical drops by to talk about The Horns of Nimon.
  93. EPISODE 72 - DWRT Monthly for the month of Aug. Review of Rem of the Daleks2010/08/10
    Tdrury (tim) joins us for Remembrance of the Daleks review.
  94. EPISODE 71 - Review of The Pandorica Opens & The Big Bang (live)2010/08/07
    carefull SPOILERS!!! IF YOU DID'NT SEE EP 12 & 13.save for later.
  95. EPISODE 70.5 - Bonus show A Talk About Adric / DWPA signing2010/08/05
    Clips from past shows and the DWPA Matthew Waterhouse signing.Enjoy!!!
  96. EPISODE 70 - DWRT Monthly for July Review of The Twin Dilmma2010/07/28
  97. EPISODE 69 - Review of The Masque of Mandragora and The Lodger2010/07/23
    Darth Skeptical stops by and talks The Masque of Mandragora and the Lodger.Also Bear Fan Ron drops by.
  98. EPISODE 68 - Review of Planet of the Daleks and Vincent and the Doctor2010/07/09
    Finishing the review of Dalek War box set and review of 5.10 of the new series.
  99. EPISODE 67- Review of Amy Choice2010/06/26
    Review of story 5.7
  100. EPISODE 66B-Interview with Anthony & Jessica DWRT Monthly for June part 22010/06/22
    We talk with Anthony S Burdge and Jessica Burke about their part in writing The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who. 1hr 15 mins,
  101. EPISODE 66 - DWRT Monthly For June Review of Warriors of the Deep Part 12010/06/16
    Join us for the review of Warriors of the Deep and The Hungry Earth,Cold Blood.Part 1 5.8 & 5.9 of the new series
  102. EPISODE 65 - Review of Frontier in Space and Vampires of Venice2010/06/11
    Review of Dalek War box set also Review of story 5.6 of the new series.
  103. EPISODE 64- Review of The Leisure Hive and Time of Angels/Flesh in stone2010/05/28
    Back to tom baker's doctor.and review of 5.4 & 5.5 of the new series.(studio show)
  104. EPISODE 63.5 - DWRT Monthly for May Review of An unearthly Child part 22010/05/25
    For info see Episode 63 with guest DaveAC. Also the DWPA Nick Briggs signing.
  105. EPISODE 63 - DWRT Monthly for May Review of An Unearthly child Part 12010/05/19
    Robert and Graeme will review the beginning box set,picking up from friday's show. With guest DaveAC joining us.
  106. EPISODE 62- Review of The Daleks and Victory of the Daleks2010/05/14
    Reviewing the 2nd story of the first doctor and new series 5.3 with Matt Smith.Part 1 of the beginning box set.
  107. EPISODE E -Just Talking2010/05/05
  108. EPISODE 61- Review of the Claws of Axos and The Beast Below2010/04/30
    The Third doctor and the master oh my also review of new series 5-2 .
  109. EPISODE D Just Talking2010/04/23
  110. EPISODE 60 - DWRT Monthly for April live: See Info.2010/04/21
    Review of the box set of the complete specials with co-host Graeme.
  111. EPISODE 59.5 - Flashback top 20 sample of Episode 3 see info. (music)2010/04/20
  112. EPISODE 59 - Review of The The Keys Of Marinus and The 11th Hour2010/04/16
  113. EPISODE C- Just Talking2010/04/16
  114. EPISODE B - just talking2010/04/09
  115. EPISODE 58.5 - Bonus show DWPA COLIN BAKER SIGNING2010/04/03
  116. EPISODE 58- Review of The Black Guardian Trilogy last story (live)2010/04/02
  117. EPISODE A - Just talking (edited)2010/03/27
  118. EPISODE 57.5Bonus Reairing of Episode42 Attack of the Cybermen for the DWPA2010/03/20
  119. EPISODE 57 Review of The Black Guardian Trilogy2010/03/19
  120. EPISODE 56 DWRT Monthly for March Review of Four To Doomsday (live)2010/03/17
  121. EPISODE 55 - Review of The Black Guardian Trilogy (live)2010/03/05
  122. DWRT Monthly for Feb EPISODE 54.5 Bonus show Reviewing Castrovalva (edited)2010/02/24
  123. EPISODE 54 - Review of The Key to Time Box Set2010/02/19
  124. EPISODE 53.5 - Review of the Key to Time Box Set part 2 of 22010/02/07
  125. EPISODE 53- Review of The Key to Time Box Set part 1 of 22010/02/05
  126. EPISODE 52 - Review of the Key to Time Box Set2010/01/22
  127. EPISODE 51.5 Review of Robot and The End Of Time Part 2 of show2010/01/17
  128. EPISODE 51 -Review of Robot and The End of Time part 1 of show2010/01/09
  129. EPISODE 50.5- Happy Holidays2009/12/24
  130. EPISODE 50 !!! - Christmas show Review of the War Games &The Next Doctor2009/12/19
  131. EPISODE 49.5 - Interview with Professor How and his Christmas special2009/12/16
  132. EPISODE 49 - Review of Image of the Fendahl and Sarah Jane2009/12/05
  133. EPISODE 48-Review of Delta and the Bannermen & The Waters of Mars- Redited2009/11/21
  134. EPISODE 47 - Review of The Deadly Assassin & Sarah jane (the Doctor)2009/11/07
  135. EPISODE46 Halloween show-Review of The Talons Of Weng-Chiang2009/10/24
  136. EPISODE45 - The Seeds of Death & Scream of The Shalka2009/10/10
  137. EPISODE 44.5- Review of the Stolen Earth and Journey"s End part 22009/10/02
  138. EPISODE 44 -Review of Carnival of Monsters part 1 of 22009/09/26
  139. EPISODE 43.5- Review of Aliens of London & World War III part 2 of 22009/09/12
  140. EPISODE43 - The Ark ln Space & Aliens of London and part one of two2009/09/12
  141. EPISODE 42 -Review of Attack of the Cybermen and Army of Ghosts & pt 22009/08/29
  142. EPISODE 41 - Review of The Rescue & The Romans2009/08/15
  143. EPISODE 40 - Review of City Of Death and Silence In The Library and part 22009/08/01
  144. EPISODE 39 - Review of The Box Set of Full Circle Part2 & The Doctor Dances2009/07/18
  145. EPISODE 38 - Review of the Box set of Full Circle Part 1 &The Empty Child2009/07/04
  146. EPISODE 37.5- Review of Battlefield and the Satan Pit Part 22009/06/28
  147. EPISODE 37- Review of Battlefield Part 12009/06/27
  148. EPISODE 36.5 - Missing Episodes and Review of The Impossible Planet Pt 22009/06/14
  149. EPISODE 36 - Missing Episodes Pt. 12009/06/13
  150. EPISODE35.5 - Review of the Aztecs and Father's Day Part 22009/06/09
  151. EPISODE 35 - Review of The Aztecs and Father's Day Part 12009/06/06
  152. EPISODE 34.5- Review of The Ark Of Infinity and Utopia part 22009/06/01
  153. EPISODE 34 - Review of The Arc of Infinity and Utopia Pt 12009/05/23
  154. EPISODE 33 -K9 The Invisible Enemy and The Long Game2009/05/09
  155. EPISODE 32.5- Review of The Two Doctors and Partners in Crime pt 22009/04/28
  156. EPISODE 32 - Review of The Two Doctors and Partners in Crime part 12009/04/25
  157. Episode 31 -Review of Spearhead From Space and Planet of The Dead2009/04/18
  158. EPISODE 30- Review of The Three Doctors and The Shakespeare Code2009/04/04
  159. EPISODE 29 -Review of The Brain of Morbius & Gridlock2009/03/21
  160. EPISODE 28 - Review of The Trial of a Timelord Part 2 & The Family of Blood2009/03/07
  161. EPISODE 27 - Review of The Trial of a Timelord Part 1 and Human Nature2009/02/21
  162. EPISODE 26.5- doctor who review today bonus show2009/02/06
  163. EPISODE 26 - Review of The War Machines and Boom Town2009/01/31
  164. EPISODE 25- Review of Earthshock and The Doctors Daughter2009/01/24
  165. EPISODE 24- Review of The Invasion of Time and The Lazarus Experiment2009/01/17
  166. EPISODE 23.5 In Passing Montaiban & McGoohan2009/01/15
  167. EPISODE 23- Review of Inferno and The End of the World2009/01/10
  168. EPISODE 22.5- Happy Holidays2008/12/21
  169. EPISODE 22 - Christmas shows & Review of The Unquiet Dead2008/12/20
  170. EPISODE 21.5 In Passing Majel Barrett-Roddenberry2008/12/19
  171. EPISODE 21- Review of The Black Orchid and The Unicorn and the Wasp2008/12/13
  172. EPISODE 20 - Review of the Infinite Quest and Smith and Jones2008/12/06
  173. EPISODE 19 - doctor who review today Mystery show II2008/11/18
  174. EPISODE 18- The Caves of Androzani and The Fires of Pompeii2008/11/15
  175. EPISODE 17 - The Five Doctors 25th Dvd and The Girl in The Fireplace2008/11/08
  176. EPISODE 16- doctor who and the Silurians and Turn Left2008/11/01
  177. EPISODE15 Halloween show Horror of Fang Rock and Blink2008/10/25
  178. EPISODE14.5 - 1938 broadcast of The War of The Worlds 1hr. 02 min.2008/10/22
  179. EPISODE14 - The Green Death & 422008/10/18
  180. EPISODE 13 -Review of Survival and New Earth (Cat day)2008/10/11
  181. EPISODE12 - Review of The Web Planet and The Keeper Of Traken2008/10/04
  182. EPISODE11 -The Invasion Part 22008/09/27
  183. EPISODE10-The Tomb of the Cybermen Part 12008/09/27
  184. EPISODE 9 doctor who review Mystery show2008/09/13
  185. EPISODE 8 Robots of Death & Pyramids of Mars2008/09/13
  186. EPISODE 7 - The Master Part 22008/09/07
  187. EPISODE 6 - The Master Part 12008/09/06
  188. EPISODE 5.5 -Genesis of the Daleks and Destiny of the Daleks pt 22008/08/30
  189. EPISODE 5- Review of Genesis of the Daleks and Destiny of the Daleks pt 12008/08/30
  190. EPISODE4 - review of Time Meddler and the Mind Robber2008/08/23
  191. EPISODE3 - A review of Sarah Jane Smith -Time Warrior & Hand of fear2008/08/16
  192. EPISODE1 - Curse of Fenric & Planet of Evil review and review of Rose2008/08/09
  193. EPISODE 0 -promos doctor who review today(updated 2/7/09)2008/08/01
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