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  1. Episode 566: Regret - The Good, Bad, Ugly2020/05/14
    We know there's a bad side to regret, but what about the good side? How can you get over it? Dr. Noelle Nelson weighs in on all things regret.
  2. Episode 564: Avoiding Divorce After Lockdown2020/04/30
    Should we expect a spike in divorce after the lockdown ends? Is it ok to think about it? What can couples do? Dr. Karen Sherman shares advice.
  3. Episode 563: Does Sexual Enjoyment Translate to Happy Marriage?2020/04/23
    A new study looks at the relationship momentary sexual enjoyment and marital satisfaction. Dr. Karen Sherman joins to break down the results.
  4. Episode 562: Can Watching Romance Movies Substitute for Therapy?2020/04/16
    A new study suggests that watching romance movies and then having a discussion afterward showed the same effectiveness as other early marriage relationship interventions like counseling.
  5. Episode 561: Coupling During Covid-192020/04/08
    Stress is beginning to mount as the days of self-isolating have tallied. Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice; and for those in need of extreme assistance a helpline: National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-SAFE (7233).
  6. Episode 560: Covid Questions - For Parents and Couples2020/03/27
    What do you tell your kids if they're scared? How to handle an economic pinch? Dr. Karen Sherman answers your Covid-19 related questions.
  7. Episode 559: How Couples Can Thrive During Covid-19 (Coronavirus)2020/03/18
    We're living in a strange new normal. Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice on how couples can not just survive, but thrive during this trying time.
  8. Episode 558: Does Marriage Help Fight Crime?2020/03/12
    A new study shows that men who get married and have kids dramatically reduce the likelihood of being involved in a crime. Dr. Karen Sherman discusses.
  9. Episode 557: Marriage Meetings: Annoying or Fruitful?2020/03/04
    In order to build a better or happier marriage you need to communicate effectively. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how meetings can help.
  10. Episode 556: Can a Husband's Perception of Wife's Weight Impacts Relationship?2020/02/27
    Penn State researchers found that a husband's perception of their wife's weight impacted marital satisfaction. Dr. Karen Sherman discusses.
  11. Episode 555: Is Marriage Bad for Firefighters (or Other Dangerous/High Stress Professions)?2020/02/12
    A new study found that firefighters who had loving stable marriages at home were more stressed at work than those who didn’t. Huh? Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in.
  12. Episode 554: Are Open Marriages Doomed?2020/01/30
    Researchers looked at two independent longitudinal studies to gauge the marital satisfaction at the beginning of the marriage and over time. The answer isn't so simple and Dr. Karen Sherman says we need to look at attachment styles, among other things.
  13. Episode 553: Men and Women View Household Chores Differently2020/01/22
    A new study shows cohabitating men and women see housework differently. Essentially women do more, men do less where men spend more time in professional and academic work. Men think this is fair and women don't. Dr. Karen Sherman addresses this difference.
  14. Episode 552: How Happy Couples Argue2020/01/15
    A new study reveals how happy couples argue, taking a solution-oriented approach to conflict. Dr. Karen Sherman explain what that means and how that can impact your marriage.
  15. Episode 551: Why is the Longevity Gap for Marrieds Growing?2020/01/08
    A new study found that not only are married people living longer than any other arrangement, but the gap is growing! Dr. Karen Sherman joins to explain the various factors.
  16. Episode 550: Marital Satisfaction Linked to Sexual Desire2019/12/11
    A new study found that, on average, women’s levels of sexual desire were not only lower than men’s at the beginning of their marriages, but much more variable than men’s. Dr. Karen Sherman discusses why and how couples can navigate this issue.
  17. Episode 549: Financial Deception and the Harm to Your Marriage2019/12/04
    A new survey on financial deception reveals the damage it can cause a marriage. Dr. Karen Sherman dives into what that means, why it's happening and what to do about it.
  18. Episode 548: Married People Less Likely to Experience Dimentia2019/11/21
    Researchers found a link that married people don't expiernce dimentia as much as other groups, but they're not sure why. Dr. Karen Sherman shares her thoughts on why these finding are encouraging.
  19. Episode 547: The Benefits and Downsides of Worry in Marriage2019/11/14
    Worrying is a natural part of the human emotion and of relationships. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how you can navigate these feelings and form a more secure relationship as a result.
  20. Episode 546: You, Your Ego and the Health of Your Marriage2019/11/06
    What does having an ego in marriage mean? How can ego help your marriage? Dr. Noelle Nelson explains.
  21. Episode 545: Should You Treat Your Spouse Like a Best Friend?2019/10/30
    A new study suggests that couples who consider their spouse their best friend are happier. Dr. Karen Sherman disucsses these results.
  22. Episode 544: Can Marital Status Effect a Breast Cancer Diagnosis?2019/10/23
    Researchers looked at nearly 300,000 patients who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and found that only those who were married had better prognosis' than those who were single. Why? Dr. Karen Sherman joins to explain.
  23. Episode 543: Appreciation in Marriage2019/09/25
    When you show appreciation toward your spouse, you'll be amazed at how you will set yourself up for success in your marriage. These aren't just words either. Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses.
  24. Episode 542: How Does Society Effect Marriage?2019/09/18
    Marriage rates, divorce rates and a variety of other factors around marriage fluctuate throughout time. How does societal impact play a role? Dr. Karen Sherman shares her thoughts.
  25. Episode 541: How to Mess Up a Relationship With Subterranean Sabotage2019/09/12
    Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how responding to non-verbal or thoughtless bits of communication can undermine your marriage.
  26. Episode 540: Why Do People Maintain Their Car Better Than Their Relationships?2019/08/29
    Dr. Frankie Bashan joins the podcast to explore how the metaphor of taking care of your car translates to your relationship... and some people actually do take better care of their car.
  27. Episode 539: The Decline of Sex2019/08/21
    A new study out explores the decline of sex in our society. Dr. Karen Sherman discusses what that means and if we should be worried?
  28. Episode 538: How to Avoid Divorce and Avoid the Most Common Traps2019/07/24
    What are some common causes of divorce and how can couples be proactive to avoid the path that might lead them to a courthouse. Robin Graine, JD is a Certified Divorce Mediator, a former divorce lawyer and family court hearing officer offers her advice. You can get more information at her website: www.grainemediation.com
  29. Episode 537: How Our Happy Chemicals Flow Through the Brain2019/07/10
    The happy chemicals in our brain are designed for particular jobs and randomly flow for no reason. Loretta Breuning, PhD, founder of The Inner Mammal Institute explains what these neurochemicals are and how they impact our relationships.
  30. Episode 536: New Research Suggests Trophy Wives and Wealthy Husbands Create Stronger Marriages2019/06/26
    Researchers call these couples "maximizers." What does that mean? Why would that create a successful relationship. Dr. Karen Sherman provides insight on this research.
  31. Episode 535: Becoming The Partner You Want Your Partner to Be2019/06/19
    What you do in your relationship will have a direct impact on how your partner reciprocates. Psychotherapist, Deva Joy Gouss, explains how if we want change we need to change ourselves.
  32. Episode 534: Does a Happy Spouse Help You Live Longer?2019/06/12
    A new study shows that having a happy spouse not only help your marriage last, but your life too!
  33. Episode 533: How Does Marriage Happiness Change Over Time?2019/06/05
    A new longitudinal study on marriage happiness shows that married couples get happier over time... but not without some hiccups. Dr. Karen Sherman shares her insight.
  34. Episode 532: How to Agree to Disagree?2019/05/29
    You and your spouse are two different people with different motivations and sometimes goals. Dr. Noelle Nelson shares how you and your spouse can agree to disagree on big and little things.
  35. Episode 531: Are We Genetically Predisposed to a Happy Marriage2019/05/22
    If you naturally produce more oxytocin than others, does that mean your marriage is on easy street? A new study explores this question and Dr. Karen Sherman discusses.
  36. Episode 530: The Sexless Marriage2019/05/15
    What exactly is a sexless marriage? Is there a frequency or ratio couples can look to? Dr. Karen Sherman offers insight.
  37. Episode 529: Preparing for Post Marriage2019/05/08
    The average age of a widow in the U.S. is 59. This seems shocklingly low, but it's also a jolt to the system that we might not be logistically prepared to tackle the world when death does us part. How should we prepare? Dr. Karen Sherman shares her advice.
  38. Episode 528: 5 Common Marriage Problems2019/05/01
    A lot of marriages deal with a lot of the same problems. Some have simple solutions and some require bespoke resolutions. Dr. Karen Sherman explores the problems and the fixes.
  39. Episode 527: The Power of Love2019/04/11
    There is a lot of research that shows love is a powerful drug that does wonders for your health. Dr. Karen Sherman explains what some of those benefits are. You can read more here.
  40. Episode 526: The State of Marriage in 20192019/03/28
    The Pew Research Center put together some facts about marriage based on the latest data. Dr. Karen Sherman explains what it says.
  41. Episode 525: Study - What Benefits Couples More... Painting or Board Games?2019/03/21
    We often think that marriage is one thing or another, but in reality it changes over time. Good new is that it gets better. Dr. Karen Sherman explains.
  42. Episode 524: Conversations to Have After 'Leaving Neverland' Documentary2019/03/13
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  43. Episode 523: Marriage Get Happier Over Time2019/03/06
    We often think that marriage is one thing or another, but in reality it changes over time. Good new is that it gets better. Dr. Karen Sherman explains.
  44. Episode 522: Habits That Will Help Your Marriage2019/02/27
    What are the little things couples can do to boost their marriage? What are the staples of healthy habits? Dr. Karen Sherman explains.
  45. Episode 521: Does Being Married Make You More Social?2019/02/21
    Dutch researchers analyzed 24 studies and to review the social and societal impact of being married. Dr. Karen Sherman examines what they found.
  46. Episode 520: Is Cohabitating Before the Wedding Good or Bad for Marriage?2019/02/14
    One study suggests cohabitating is beneficial for relationships and another says it will lead to doom down the line. So what's happening with these different studies? How can we make sense of them? Dr. Karen Sherman breaks things down.
  47. Episode 519: The Relationship Between Money and... Relationships2019/02/06
    A new CNBC artictle dives into a money study and the relationship it has with how well couples do (or not). Dr. Karen Sherman shares her insight.
  48. Episode 518: The Impact of Friends on Divorce2019/01/23
    A new study suggests that depening on your friends and your race! might have an impact on your liklihood of divorce. Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in.
  49. Episode 517: Tips for Your Second Marriage2019/01/17
    Divorce coach Laura Bonarrigo joins us to discuss how couples can learn from previous relationships and thrive in their second (or third marriages).
  50. Episode 516: Study Reveals Married Men Make More Money 2019/01/09
    A new study shows that married men make more money compared to women, but also more than single men. Dr. Karen Sherman discusses why that might be.
  51. Episode 515: Benjamin Franklin's Virtues - Part 22018/12/12
    What do Ben Franklin's virtues have to do with relationships and how can they help couples navigate their future? Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how this all ties together. In part 2 of our conversation.
  52. Episode 514: Dealing with Holiday Stress2018/12/06
    A recent survey showed that 1 in 3 Americans say they are burned out from the holidays before Christman. Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice on how to accept stress and deal with it in a healthy manner.
  53. Episode 513: Benjamin Franklin's Virtues - Part 12018/11/28
    What do Ben Franklin's virtues have to do with relationships and how can they help couples navigate their future? Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how this all ties together.
  54. Episode 512: How to Handle Grief During the Holidays2018/11/21
    The holidays are a time of year that when we generate a lot of memories, which makes celebrating them especially difficult when we've suffered a loss. Grief specialist Gary Roe guides listeners on what to expect and how to use the holiday season to grieve well.
  55. Episode 511: Honoring the Decision-Making Process2018/11/14
    We all have different ways of making decisions and the process in reaching conclusions can vary. Dr. Tomi Bryan explains how she and her husband honor their different processes and how they got there.
  56. Episode 510: Keys to a Fulfilling Marriage2018/11/07
    New guest on the show Brigitte Cutshall is a Solutions Consultant and Health Advocate. She is also a two-time breast cancer survivor and living with a benign brain tumor. Today she shares her keys to fulfilling marriage.
  57. Episode 509: Perception Vs. Testoterone2018/10/31
    A new study shows that a man's testoterone spikes if he believes his wife is opposing him, regardless if she actually is. Dr. Karen Sherman shares her insights.
  58. Episode 508: Study Links Marriage to Nutrition2018/10/24
    A new study found that people who are married or widowed are less likely to suffer from malnutrition. What the heck does that mean... and why? Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in.
  59. Episode 507: How to Support Your Spouse Through Grief2018/10/18
    Grief specialist Gary Roe explains how each of us grieves differently and how we can help a spouse going through the process.
  60. Episode 506: How to Stay Close When You're Apart for Extended Time2018/10/11
    When one partner is away there are considerations for the person away and the person staying home. Dr. Noelle Nelson breaks it down.
  61. Episode 505: Is Student Debt to Blame for Divorce?2018/10/04
    A new study came out where respondents were more than happy to blame their student debt for their divorce. Dr. Karen Sherman explains why that might not be accurate.
  62. Episode 504: Are Our Expectations of Marriage Too High?2018/09/27
    From a sociological perspective we live in radically different times and therefore we could have radically different expectations of marriage. Dr. Karen Sherman and host Steve Cooper discuss. Referring link: www.npr.org/marriage.
  63. Episode 503: Marriage May Lower Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes2018/09/19
    Researchers analyized the results of many different studies and found married couples had lower risk of heart attacks and strokes. Dr. Karen Sherman explains why this might be.
  64. Episode 502: Friends Who are Divorcing2018/09/12
    What's an appropriate way to respond when you hear your good friends are getting a divorce? Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in.
  65. Episode 501: The Demand Withdraw Pattern2018/08/29
    What the heck is a demand withdraw pattern, what does it mean and... oh it's the most common pattern of conlict in marriage. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains.
  66. Episode 500: You Can See Arguments In Our Blood2018/08/22
    Researchers at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center looked at the blood before and after couples got into a fight and found markers in the blood changed. Dr. Karen Sherman discusses the psychosomatic powers of the body and what that means for marriage.
  67. Episode 499: Can Too Much Affection Be a Problem?2018/08/15
    New reseearch indicates that overly affectionate couples early in their marriage are more likely to have troubles later in their marriage. But what is too much affection? What about the honeymoon? Dr. Karen Sherman explains.
  68. Episode 498: Protecting Your Privacy Online from Family2018/07/25
    People are starting to pay attention to their online privacy, but how do you handle your privacy when others post things about you? Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in.
  69. Episode 497: What Is an Excellent Marriage?2018/07/18
    We frequently talk about having a good marriage, but what does that mean? Dr. Karen Sherman and editor Steve Cooper attempt to define in concrete terms what an excellent marriage looks like.
  70. Episode 496: Dealing With a Boring Marriage2018/07/11
    How dangerous is a boring marriage? How common is a boring marriage? What can you do about a boring marriage? Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice. Dr. Karen Sherman breaks it down.
  71. Episode 495: Marriage, the First 20 Years Are the Hardest2018/06/27
    A new study suggests couples married for 20 years are happier than newlyweds. Dr. Karen Sherman breaks it down.
  72. Episode 494: Should You Worry About Your Love of Video Games?2018/06/20
    Video games can be addictive according to a new report from the World Health Organization. So what does that mean and how is that different than other passionate, fun hobbies? Dr. Karen Sherman explains.
  73. Episode 493: Dealing With a Miscarriage2018/06/06
    A couple going through a miscarriage can be emotionally traumatizing. Dr. Karen Sherman shares advice for couples who are dealing with the loss.
  74. Episode 492: The Importance of Vacation2018/05/30
    We live in a busy, hectic world and taking vacation breaks are extremely important and Dr. Karen Sherman explains why.
  75. Episode 491: What Is An Excellent Marriage? How Can You Have One?2018/05/24
    We often talk about wanting to have a great marriage, but what does that mean? Dr. Karen Sherman shares her thoughts with advice on how to get there.
  76. Episode 490: Avoiding Ultimatums2018/05/16
    How can you avoid and get through an ultimatum in marriage? Dr. Noelle Nelson explores the issue and offers advice.
  77. Episode 489: The Difference Between Verbal and Emotional Abuse2018/05/09
    There doesn't seem to be much distance between the two, but there are big differences. Dr. Karen Sherman breaks it down.
  78. Episode 488: Making Lemonade Out of Relationship Lemons2018/05/02
    When your marriage is hit with unfortunate circumstances or actions, how do you move forward? Dr. Noelle Nelson offers advice.
  79. Episode 487: Talking to Your Kids About Online Responsibility2018/04/18
    What should parents know and understand about online citizenship? Dr. Karen Sherman explains.
  80. Episode 486: How Sleeping Next to Your Spouse Can Effects Your Health2018/04/11
    Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how and why sleeping next to your partner could be imparing your health.
  81. Episode 485: How to Make Your Spouse Happy with 2 Easy Steps2018/03/29
    Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how a couple of habits can put a smile on your spouse's face.
  82. Episode 484: The Science of Kissing2018/03/21
    A lot happens to our body when we kiss. Dr. Karen Sherman breaks down the science.
  83. Episode 483: Don't Make Your One and Only Your All and Only2018/03/07
    Making your spouse your everything can be detrimental to your marriage. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains why.
  84. Episode 482: Questions That Can Boost Your Marriage2018/02/28
    The New York Times ran a story with 36 Questions that can boost your love. Dr. Karen Sherman explores a few of those questions and what they might reveal about your love and marriage.
  85. Episode 481: Give Your Spouse the Benefit of the Doubt2018/02/21
    It's sometimes difficult to reconcile, but our spouse is on our side and isn't trying to be vindictive in their actions. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how to give them the benefit of the doubt and how that will improve your marriage.
  86. Episode 480: Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts in a Marriage2018/02/14
    More men now die from suicide than women do from breast cancer. Dr. Karen Sherman breaks down what to look out for and how couples can be proactive when there are warning signs.
  87. Episode 479: Advantages of Being in a Blended Family2018/02/07
    A lot gets discussed about kids in a blended family, but Dr. Karen Sherman dives in on how this effects the relationship.
  88. Episode 478: Prescriptive Remedies for a Great Marriage2018/01/25
    Dr. Karen Sherman writes the listeners five prescriptive nuggets that will improve your marriage. Read the referenced article here.
  89. Episode 477: 4 Critical Ways You Might Be Draining the Happiness Out of Your Marriage2018/01/17
    These things aren't intentional, but they can and do begin to sap the happiness out of relationships. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains.
  90. Episode 476: Holiday Hangover - You And Your Spouse Aren't Happy With Each Other2018/01/10
    Since we're so comfortable with our spouse it's easy to take them for granted. During the holidays when we're stressed it's more important than ever that we're not taking them for granted. Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips.
  91. Episode 475: Showing Appreciation to Your Spouse During the Holidays2017/12/14
    Since we're so comfortable with our spouse it's easy to take them for granted. During the holidays when we're stressed it's more important than ever that we're not taking them for granted. Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips.
  92. Episode 474: What Do You Do if You Think Your Husband Acts Inappropriately Around Other Women?2017/12/06
    Some men are behaving badly and perhaps the closest person on the planet to them can get through to them... maybe not. Dr. Karen Sherman shares her thoughts.
  93. Episode 473: Looking at the Negative Side of Marriage2017/11/15
    The negative of your marriage isn't a bad thing, it's simply the part you might not be paying attention to. Dr. Karen Sherman explains.
  94. Episode 472: The Great Divide2017/11/08
    What do you do when you and your spouse are on completely opposite sides of an issue where you don't see a middle ground. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers her tips.
  95. Episode 471: How to Rejuvinate Your Marriage2017/11/01
    Just as you need to rejuvinate yourself in anything that has lasting power, you need to keep lighting that spark in your marriage too. Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips.
  96. Episode 470: Taking Information Out of Context2017/10/18
    It's not uncommon for a piece of information about marriage to get taken out of context in order to construct an argument whether it's true or not. Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in on a few of these out-of-context arguments.
  97. Episode 469: How to Effectively Express Hurt in Your Marriage2017/09/20
    There are many reasons why you hold back from expressing your hurt to your spouse, but Dr. Noelle Nelson explains why that is and how to overcome those reservations.
  98. Episode 468: Alternative Thinking For Your Marriage2017/09/13
    Sometimes to make progress you need to flip your thinking on an issue. This week, Dr. Karen Sherman does just that.
  99. Episode 467: Thoughts on How Families Can Deal With Hurricane Harvey and Other Major Life-Altering Disasters2017/09/08
    Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice on how couples and families can come together during a crisis and avoid fracturing their relationship while they try to recover.
  100. Episode 466: Accepting Disagreement in Marriage2017/08/24
    If you and your spouse agree on everything that's not normal. Dr. Karen Sherman explains why it's healthy to accept disagreement in marriage.
  101. Episode 465: Balancing a Mariage and Child With Special Needs2017/08/17
    Parents of a child with special needs face additional stress that shift responsibilities, time and attention. Dr. Karen Sherman shares advice on how to seek balance and expectation.
  102. Episode 464: A Marriage Summer School Refresher2017/08/10
    We have a lot of resources around us to enhance our marriages. Dr. Karen Sherman shares ideas on how you can get more out of your marriage.
  103. Episode 463: What to do When Bumped Off Track2017/08/03
    A couple can create an amazing plan for their future, but unexpected things can (and many times will) happen. Dr. Karen Sherman shares advice on how couples can regroup and move forward.
  104. Episode 462: Questions to Spark Conversation in Your Marriage2017/07/27
    A fascinating study that provides a set of questions that foster closeness. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains the study and shares some of the questions. Here is a link to the article discussed, which links to the study.
  105. Episode 461: The Art of Clear Communication2017/07/20
    We have more communication tools at our disposal than at any time in history. Dr. Karen Sherman explains how we can best communicate in a modern marriage.
  106. Episode 460: Enabling vs. Helping... Can Enabling Be Positive?2017/07/06
    What role does the a spouse have in enabling or helping their husband or wife? Is there a difference? Dr. Karen Sherman discusses.
  107. Episode 459: Should You Celebrate Your Anniversary2017/06/28
    Dr. Karen Sherman explores the reasons you should celebrate and the level of celebration that is appropriate.
  108. Episode 458: Choosing a Different Response In Your Marriage Story2017/06/22
    When you know who you are and what your story is, you can shape how you respond to your spouse and the world. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains tips on how to make this happen.
  109. Episode 457: Dealing with Anxiety from the Outside World2017/06/15
    We live in uncertain times where the future looks uncertain. How can couples move through the world without the weight of questions pulls them down?
  110. Episode 456: Getting Stuck on the Same Issue(s) Throughout Your Marriage2017/06/07
    How can you overcome the small issues that creep up in marriage that bothers you, but you want to break the cycle and resolve the issue.
  111. Episode 455: How Does Body Language Impact Marriage?2017/05/31
  112. Episode 454: What To Do When Love In Your Marriage Is In the Background?2017/05/24
  113. Episode 453: How Do Inform Family Members of an Abuser Within the Family?2017/05/17
  114. Episode 452: Dealing With Resentment in Marriage2017/05/10
  115. Episode 451: Does Sex Once a Week Boost Happiness?2017/05/04
  116. Episode 450: Personality Changes in Your Marriage2017/04/19
  117. Episode 449: Managing Time and Your Marriage2017/04/12
  118. Episode 448: How to Improve Your Marriage With Technology2017/04/05
  119. Episode 447: The Magic of Expectations2017/03/30
  120. Episode 446: How to Make Your Marriage Arguments Healthy for Marriage2017/03/23
  121. Episode 445: Small Daily Habits That Will Improve Your Marriage2017/03/15
  122. Episode 444: Diane Gottsman Talks About Her New Book on Etiquette2017/03/08
  123. Episode 443: Emotional Endurance2017/02/22
  124. Episode 442: Dealing With Setbacks in Life2017/02/15
  125. Episode 441: Dealing With the Bad Seed in the Family2017/02/08
  126. Episode 440: Having Marriage Perspective2017/02/01
  127. Episode 439: Planning for Death2017/01/25
  128. Episode 438: Saying Something You Regret, How to Recover2017/01/18
  129. Episode 437: Why We Rehash Arguments and Why We Shouldn't2017/01/11
  130. Episode 436: Improve Your Marriage With Optimism2017/01/04
  131. Episode 435: Marriage Resolutions for the New Year2016/12/28
  132. Episode 434: Is Social Media Ruining Your Marriage?2016/12/21
  133. Episode 433: Procrastination 2016/12/15
  134. Episode 432: A Free Holiday Gift Guide for Couples2016/12/07
  135. Episode 431: 5 Holiday Sanity Tips2016/11/30
  136. Episode 430: Don't Let Not Good Enough-itis Ruin Your Marriage2016/11/23
  137. Episode 429: Understanding and Healing After the Presidential Election2016/11/16
  138. Episode 428: How Mental Health Can Help Our Physical Health2016/11/09
  139. Episode 427: How to Move Forward When You Lose2016/11/02
  140. Episode 426: How to Have a Progressive Argument2016/10/26
  141. Episode 425: Study - Is It Bad for Men to Be the Breadwinner?2016/10/19
  142. Episode 424: Chana Levitan discusses her new book, 'That's Why I Married You'2016/10/12
  143. Episode 423: Reconnecting After Baby2016/10/05
  144. Episode 422: Dealing With Anxiety2016/09/28
  145. Episode 421: Dealing With Depression in Marriage2016/09/21
  146. Episode 420: What to Do If Spouse Too Close to Parent?2016/09/14
  147. Episode 419: How Mindfulness Can Help Improve Your Marriage2016/09/07
  148. Episode 418: Keeping Your Marriage Strong During the School Year2016/08/31
  149. Episode 417: How to Boost Your Friendship in Marriage2016/08/24
  150. Episode 416: What is Empathy2016/08/17
  151. Episode 415: Study On Whether Married Find Singles or Other Marrieds Attractive2016/08/10
  152. Episode 414: Travel Tips for Couples2016/08/03
  153. Episode 413: How Do You Rebuild Trust After an Affair2016/07/27
  154. Episode 412: Spouse is Having Inappropriate Communication With Old Friend2016/07/20
  155. Episode 411: Why Do We Make the Wrong Choices2016/07/13
  156. Episode 410: Happy Healthy Dead2016/07/06
  157. Episode 409: Rising Strong Together2016/06/29
  158. Episode 408: Dealing With a Crush When Married2016/06/22
  159. Episode 407: Talking About Your Marriage Problems With Others2016/06/15
  160. Episode 406: A Conversation with Dr. Sue Johnson about Adult Bonding and More2016/06/08
  161. Episode 405: Gender Differences in Sexual Health2016/06/01
  162. Episode 404: The Power of Gratitude in Marriage (It's Science)2016/05/25
  163. Episode 403: Planning and Thriving During Your Retirement Years2016/05/18
  164. Episode 402: How to Give a Positive, Effective Apology2016/05/11
  165. Episode 401: A Conversation of Mental Health in America2016/05/04
  166. Episode 400: Why Low Expectations Don't Make for a Better Marriage2016/04/27
  167. Episode 399: How to Compromise in Your Marriage2016/04/20
  168. Episode 398: How to Effectively Set Goals In Your Marriage2016/04/13
  169. Episode 397: What New Parents Need to Know2016/04/06
  170. Episode 396: Conflict Management2016/03/30
  171. Episode 395: Learn How to Speak Your Mind in Marriage2016/03/23
  172. Episode 394: How Effective are Tech Tools to Communicate In Marriage?2016/03/16
  173. Episode 393: Positive Texting Turns to Communication Breakdown When Face to Face2016/03/09
  174. Episode 392: Working On a Project Together With Your Spouse2016/03/02
  175. Episode 391: Dealing With Post-Valentine's Day Blues2016/02/24
  176. Episode 390: Listener Wants to Know How to Get Wife to Have More Sex2016/02/17
  177. Episode 389: Nice Guys Finish First2016/02/10
  178. Episode 388: How to Admit to a Mistake2016/02/03
  179. Episode 387: Roles in Marriage, Can They Change?2016/01/27
  180. Episode 386: How to Keep That Love and Feeling Alive2016/01/20
  181. Episode 385: Getting your Marriage on Track... When Nothing is Wrong2016/01/13
  182. Episode 384: The Benefits of a Happy Marriage and How to Get There2016/01/06
  183. Episode 383: How To Be Happily Married2015/12/16
  184. Episode 382: How to Support Your Spouse When They Need to Lean on You2015/12/09
  185. Episode 381: The Differences of Introverts and Extroverts in Relationships2015/12/02
  186. Episode 380: Overcoming Small Mistakes in Relationships2015/11/25
  187. Episode 379: Football Metaphors and Your Marriage2015/11/18
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  552. Episode 14: Single vs. Married Woman Sex2007/10/08
  553. Episode 13: How Much Sex is Normal?2007/09/24
  554. Episode 12: Dinner Dilemma2007/09/17
  555. Episode 11: Disciplining Kids2007/09/03
  556. Episode 10: Baby Boy2007/08/20
  557. Episode 9: Want Children?2007/08/06
  558. Episode 8: Selecting A Guardian2007/07/23
  559. Episode 7: Fighting Over the TV2007/07/09
  560. Episode 6: I Need Space2007/06/25
  561. Episode 5: Bad Eating Habits of Your Kids2007/06/11
  562. Episode 4: Saying One Thing, Doing Another2007/05/28
  563. Episode 3: Vacation Preparation2007/05/14
  564. Episode 2: Security2007/04/29
  565. Episode 1: Spring Cleaning2007/04/15
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